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Chakra Healing

Clearing For Better Energy, Thinking. Clear out the garbage clogging up your Chakra energy systems quickly and easily.
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Your Chakras are the energy centers of your body, mind and soul. You can't see electricity and chances are you can't see your Chakras, bun we know the power of electricity. We don't always understand our own power system.

Chakra healing and clearing is like changing the oil in your car, washing the sheets of your bed. If you don't look after your car, what happens? it breaks down. When those warm sheets come out of the dryer, what do you feel? That tonight, you are going to sleep in a nice, warm, comfortable bed.

Clearing your Chakras is like that. Every day, we are bombarded with tragedies on the nightly news Our boss or co-workers upset us. That car cuts us off. We walk in an electromagnetic soup that our ancestors couldn't dream of. Our food and drink choices aren't the best. All the trappings of modern life pollute our subtle energies.

We end up tired, depressed, obese, angry and lost.

When you regularly clean your Chakras, you start reversing decades of abuse and begin tuning your body so it is a Lamborghini, instead of a 1960 Valiant, that hasn't had an oil change in 6 decades.

In this course, Jon will walk you through three sets of Chakra Healing exercises.

There are Seven Chakras:

  1. Crown
  2. Eye
  3. Throat
  4. Heart
  5. Solar
  6. Sacral
  7. Base

The exercises take short minutes and almost immediately, you will feel the blocked energies start to move in your body. Your friends and family will be asking you what you are doing as they will see the difference in you.

As you grow in knowledge and expertise through daily practice, you will tune into your body and start knowing which clearing and healing exercises you need right now.

Be one of the first in the world to get lifetime access when you take this course today! You can count on me to answer every single discussion you post in the course and to do my best to help you to get through the challenges you are facing today in keeping your Chakras happily humming when you take this course today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to feel their energy flow smoothly
  • Students who are curious about their energy system
  • Massage Therapists
  • Lightworkers
  • Yoga instructors
  • Therapists
  • Students who want to clear difficulties in their lives
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What Will I Learn?
Clear the Chakra energy centers in their bodies
Learn what the 7 Chakras are and what they do physically and emotionally
How to install more positive energy into them
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  • Need an open mind and a willingness to try new techniques
  • A quiet place
  • Keep electronics to minimum during the course
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 01:43:29
Introduction to your Chakras
2 Lectures 04:10

Welcome the course. Joan shares what the course is about and a little about energy in your body.

Preview 02:44

Your instructor introduces herself.

Preview 01:26
The Chakra Clearing
2 Lectures 03:40

Everything starts in your subtle energy. When your energy is off, you are susceptible to health, mental, spiritual and emotional issues

Preview 01:25

Joan talk about each Chakra and what each one does.

The Energy Body
Chakra Clearing via Breath
7 Lectures 20:57

Clear your Root Chakra via breath.

Preview 08:46

Balance your Sacral Chakra with your breath

Sacral Chakra Clearing

Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra via breath.

Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing

Balance your Heart Chakra via breath.
Heart Chakra Clearing

Clear your Throat Chakra via breath.
Throat Chakra Clearing

Balance your 3rd Eye Chakra via breath.

3rd Eye Chakra Clearing

Tune into your Crown Chakra and balance multiple layers of your Chakras.

Crown Chakra Clearing

Chakra Breathing
1 question
Chakra Cleansing via Lemurian Hand Clearing
8 Lectures 15:17

Joan teaches you the "Lemurian Hand Clearing" process.

Preview 01:43

Clear your Root Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing.

Root Chakra Clearing

Clear your Sacral Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

Sacral Chakra Clearing

Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing

Clear your Heart Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

Heart Chakra Clearing

Clear your Throat Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

Throat Chakra Clearing

Clear your 3rd Eye Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

3rd Eye Chakra Clearing

Clear your Crown Chakra via Lemurian Hand Clearing

Crown Chakra Clearing

Lemurian Hand Clearing
1 question
Chakra Cleansing via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques
8 Lectures 19:50

Learn how to clear your Chakras with a pendulum, using Joan's unique "Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Technique".

Preview 02:56

Clear your Root Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Root Chakra Clearing

Clear your Sacral Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Sacral Chakra Clearing

Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing

Clear your Heart Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Heart Chakra Clearing

Clear your Throat Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Throat Chakra Clearing

Clear your 3rd Eye Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

3rd Eye Chakra Clearing

Clear your Crown Chakra via Atlantean Pendulum Clearing Techniques

Crown Chakra Clearing

Atlantian Pendulum Clearing Techniques
1 question
3 Lectures 38:35

Joan discusses your next steps in your personal growth journey.

Next Steps

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Help Your Fellow Students
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Stephanie Eldringhoff, MA, TFTdx, is an Executive/Life Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology and Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher.She sees private clients in her Bellevue, WA office and works with others from all over the world over the phone and internet, in groups and individually.

She is a reader of energies and she can do that with folks in her physical presence but also from a distance as well. She is a lively and informative teacher of live workshops and teleconferences who loves to simplify complicated techniques so that they are immediately usable by anyone ages 5 to 100+ years.

She talks Chakras with Joan and Scott.

Bonus Lecture: Stephanie Elderinghoff
About the Instructor
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Scott Paton has been podcasting since the spring of 2005. His podcast "Weight Loss and The Mind" hit over 375,000 subscribers in its first year and over one million downloads. He has executive produced and/or co-hosted over 35 podcasts. An internationally renowned speaker, Scott has presented to audiences from London, England to Sydney, Australia, from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY, from LA to Rwanda. Thousands of entrepreneurs and NGO's have changed their public engagement strategies based on Scott's sharing. We hope you will, too!

Scott has over 48,500 students from 168 countries taking his courses.

Scott joined Udemy in 2013. In late 2014, one of his clients inspired him to make a video course on Podcasting. He revisited Udemy and got very excited at the potential. After his course went live, Scott told his clients and many decided to make courses but needed help, so he has become a co-instructor with them, while continuing to support and build his own courses. His co-topics all include areas of life-long learning by Scott, including Stock Option Trading, Alternative Health, EFT, and Relationships.

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After earning her B.A. in sociology and psychology from Muskingum College in Ohio, Joan began working as a real estate property manager. She pulled her hair more than ever and added compulsive checking to her list of OCD traits. She did not hide her pulling from her co-workers but was dismayed to think she was the only one who pulled and that no mental health professional knew how to help her. She had been to a psychiatrist and therapist who were unable to help her. This was before current medications and treatment methods were known.

Joan began pulling her hair at age 11 in 6th grade. Her pulled from her scalp for 25 years from age 11 to 36. In 1989, she read the book “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing” by Judith Rapoport, M.D. Upon reading her book, she discovered “Jackie P.”, a woman who pulled out every hair on her head and face. From her insistence, she would not be turned away by the NIMH study of OCD. From Jackie P’s courage to come forward, herself and millions of “pullers” now know they are not alone with Trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania is the inability to resist the urge to pull out hair resulting in noticeable hair loss. The act of pulling comforts, eases emotional pain, and is fun until the pulling episode is over. Then the puller experiences extreme shame, disgust, and anger over mutilating themselves and losing control. " I have been on both sides of this fence and have dedicated my life to helping people out of this cycle" Kaylor states.

From the studies at the National Institute of Mental Health … and because of the work of the Trichotillomania Learning Center and Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, millions of people now can recognize symptoms of trichotillomania and OCD.

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