Best 3 In 1 Repair Course! Captivate, Infuse, and Skyrocket
3.9 (16 ratings)
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1,136 students enrolled
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Best 3 In 1 Repair Course! Captivate, Infuse, and Skyrocket

Cell phone repair course covering the Samsung i727, i897, and i997. Learn needed skills to start in the repair industry!
3.9 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,136 students enrolled
Created by Phone Fix 411
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Diagnose and repair the most common problems with the Samsung Captivate, Infuse, and Skyrocket phone models.
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  • There is no prior repair experience needed to take this course. However, you will need the replacement part for your specific repair and certain repair tools to get started. The basic repair tools consist of a phillips screwdriver (size 1.5), a slotted screwdriver (size 2.0), a pair of fine point tweezers, and an opening / pry tool such as a guitar pick.
  • More advanced repairs involve a soldering kit and high strength adhesive.

If the multi-billion dollar phone repair industry interests you then a must is knowing how to repair all phones, new and old. This course covers three of the most popular Samsung phones that kicked off the galaxy series line of phones. With the i897 Captivate, i997 Infuse, and i727 Skyrocket you will have an incredible grasp of the common repairs associated with cell phones. This course covers three cell phones and has 35 chapters which give you insight into the modular hardware replacement, diagnostics and troubleshooting, and soldering tips for a well-rounded understanding of true technical repairs. Using these videos to build a solid base in the cell phone repair industry is a must. Once completed, the skills you will learn can take an ordinary repair business to the next level. To become a competitive repair technician, one must understand all aspects of phone repair. This understanding ranges from troubleshooting to soldering and charging port replacement, all of which is covered in this detailed course.

There are 3 sections with 11 videos per section. Each section covers a specific phone and the repairs associated with that phone. Although the phones and repairs are similar they are not exactly the same. It is a must in the cell phone industry to see different phones and how they are built and assembled to have a firm grasp on how other phones may vary. We show each repair individually so you can see the specific repair you are interested in, without the need to watch unwanted videos. If all sections in the course are watched, there are over 2 hours of detailed course content. Once completed you will have an incredible understanding of the common repairs involved for the samsung captivate, infuse, and skyrocket.

Section 4 is a bonus. Everyone knows someone who has had a phone with some sort of liquid damage. It covers liquid damage detection, basic and advanced cleaning. This 2 chapter section will go from start to finish and give you a great insight into tackling phones which may have encountered swimming pools or the dreaded bathroom toilet.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for individuals who are needing or wanting to learn how to repair these specific Samsung cell phones. Take this course if you are comfortable with small and delicate phone parts, have patience and the ability to follow instructions. Do not take this course if you cannot handle small screws or delicate phone parts.
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Curriculum For This Course
35 Lectures
Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897
11 Lectures 01:08:30

To repair your phone properly, you must disassemble it properly. We show you all the steps to taking your Captivate apart and getting to the repair you need. You won’t miss a thing with our disassemble video.

Preview 06:58

When the sound becomes distorted or low and the vibe motor stops working on the phone, then fixing this module is what you need. We help troubleshoot and walk you through the repair.

Ringer / Vibe Module

If your phone is losing signal or has no signal then we show you how to troubleshoot your antenna issues and if needed, replace your antenna.


When the sim card reader fails, your phone becomes an expensive paperweight. If you find yourself in this situation either with the sim reader or the memory card reader, this video will help you get through the process of replacing your card readers.

Sim / SD Card Reader

If your power or volume switches do not work then the phone can become useless. With this video we show you how to replace the switches and get your phone working like new again.

Power and Volume Switches

With this repair if you are having problems hearing other callers, your headset jack is not working or the proximity sensor(backlight shutting off when the phone is up to your face) is not responding then watch and learn how to fix these problems.

Preview 02:49

When your phone doesn’t charge, you’re certainly stuck in a tough spot. With this video we show you how to troubleshoot and replace the charging port on your Samsung Captivate. Learn this repair, step by step.

Charging Port

If your camera is not working properly, discolored or simply broken then watch this video and learn the steps to replacing the camera.

Preview 01:00

This video covers your microphones and what to do if they are not working. If other callers can not hear you when you talk to them, either in a normal call or hands-free, watch this video and learn how to replace your microphones.


Sometimes the navigation buttons can become unresponsive on the touch screen. If this has happened then we show how to troubleshoot the issue and the steps needed to replace this cable.

Navigation Cable

If you have broken the LCD (liquid crystal display) or the touch (digitizer) is not working then this is your video. We carefully show you the steps to replacing the lcd unit to get your phone working like new again!

LCD / Digitizer
Samsung Galaxy 2 Infuse i997
11 Lectures 01:29:04

If you have a security code on your phone that you can’t remember, then this video will show you how to wipe the phone. It covers the necessary steps to resetting the phone and getting your phone back to the original factory settings, just like it was on day 1.

Preview 02:51

Follow along as we show how to disassemble your Samsung Infuse. We show each and every step to make sure you don’t damage your phone while you take it apart.

Preview 09:31

If your phone isn’t ringing, no sound when music is playing, or you can’t hear anyone on handsfree then this video will show you how to replace the ringtone module. Also, if your having signal issues then this module should help to fix any antenna problems.

Ringtone / Antenna

If your microphones have gone out and you can’t talk to anyone, what’s the point of having a cell phone? We show you how to replace and fix your microphone issues so you can get back to your conversations faster than ever.


When you have to wiggle your charger to get your phone to charge then it’s time to fix your charging port. Watch and follow along as we guide you through the steps to replacing and repairing your charging port.

Charging Port

A broken screen can ruin any day. With our video we brighten your day by showing you the steps to fix a bad digitizer (touch), broken or while LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and cracked glass. Know that we will give you the knowledge to get your phone working like new.

LCD / Digitizer

If either of your cameras are giving you problems then watch this video. We walk you through both camera repairs to resolve any issues and help get your cameras working again.


This repair will take care of a multiple issues. Whether your phone is not vibrating, people can’t hear you on hands-free, your headset connector doesn’t work, or your ear speaker is damaged, this repair will show you how to take care of all of that. Follow along and repair your phone like a pro.

Ear Speaker Flex

The navigation cable is one of the most important functions on the Infuse. Without it you can’t escape out of any menus. We show the steps to troubleshooting and replacing this cable to get your phone working like new.

Navigation Flex

If your power or volume switches don’t respond when pushed, or they don’t recoil then this video is for you. We show how to replace and fix those annoying switches on your board. Watch and follow the steps to replace these switches.

Power / Volume Switches

Follow the steps in this video to get your Samsung Infuse back together again, properly. With our step by step instruction you’ll be sure to not miss a thing and reassemble your phone quickly and professionally.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket i727
11 Lectures 01:36:36

When it comes time to take your Skyrocket apart, know that we show you all the details and leave nothing to the imagination. We walk you through the disassemble process to ensure that no further damage is done to the phone before repairing the initial issue.


Whether your sim reader is damaged or your sd reader isn’t working, this video covers the issues associated with this module and the steps to fixing it. Watch the video and get your phone working again, quickly and easily.

Sim / SD Card Reader

This is one of the most common issues associated with cell phones. When you have dropped the phone and broken the glass, digitizer (touch), or the display, you want to make sure you repair it properly. With our video you can relax and follow along learning what to do and not do when replacing the lcd assembly.

LCD / Digitizer

This video will walk you through diagnosing and replacing the charging port. If you are having problems with the phone not charging or maybe charing intermittently then this video will get your phone working like it should.

Charging Port

When you can’t hear anyone talking or while listen to your music with headphones, then this is the repair you’ll want to follow. We cover the issues associated with the speaker or headset connector and show you how to replace the part, if necessary.

Speaker Flex Cable

When the person you're trying to talk to can’t hear you, it can become really frustrating. We cover the issues associated with faulty microphones and the remedy to fix them. Whether it is a quick fix or a complete repair, we show you everything you need to know.


This repair will show you how to fix your power or volume switches on the board, if they have stopped working or no longer recoil when pushed. The switches are the same for volume up / down and the power button so this one repair covers all 3 switches. Watch and see the steps to getting your power and volume buttons working again.

Power / Volume Switches

If the navigation buttons have stopped responding when touched, this repair will show how to resolve this issue. Once fixed, all of the nav buttons (home, menu, back and search) should get back to working order.

Preview 06:11

Whether your rear camera or portrait camera is not operating properly, watch and follow along as we show you how to diagnose, troubleshoot and replace either camera.


If you have any issues with the phone not vibrating, no sound or music playing, or the phone having signal issues then watch this video. We cover troubleshooting and fixing any (or all) of those issues associated with that module.

Ringtone / Vibe / Antenna Module

To fix your skyrocket is one thing, to properly reassemble it is another. Follow our video as we guide you through reassembling your phone and put it back together as if it was never taken apart.

Preview 09:03
Liquid Damage
2 Lectures 18:01
  • If your phone has any type of liquid damage watch this video. Although this details the iPhones, the process is the same for all phones. We show the steps to troubleshoot liquid damage and how to initially clean it if it is lightly damaged. This is Pt. 1 of 2 for liquid damage.
Liquid Damage Part 1

If your phone is more severely damaged then watch this video. Again, this details the iPhones but apply this concept to your specific phone. We show what to do when simply cleaning the phone doesn’t work. This is part 2 of the liquid damage and goes into the heavy artillery of liquid damage repair.

Liquid Damage Part 2
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