Powerpoint 2013 2016 - Master powerpoint presentation
4.5 (669 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,494 students enrolled
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Powerpoint 2013 2016 - Master powerpoint presentation

Complete Powerpoint Design Masterclass - 20+ powerpoint presentation slides. Powerpoint from beginner to pro
4.5 (669 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,494 students enrolled
Created by Andrzej Pach
Last updated 7/2017
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  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 4 Articles
  • 4 Supplemental Resources
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Create a fully animated & transition filled Business presentation
  • Rapidly improve Your office workflow & design skills
  • Minimize text quantity on presentations by smart usage of graphs and images
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  • PowerPoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016
  • PowerPoint 2011 MAC of course aswell (it has only a few functions less)
  • Determination and will to improve and learn easy to follow design practices


  • Do you want to learn how to use MASTER SLIDES to create Templates?
  • Do you struggle to create EYE-CATCHING, well designed presentations?
  • Do you want to SAVE TIME each time working in PowerPoint & be more efficient?
  • Make the DESIGN of Your presentation go in tact with Your speaking skills!

This course solves these problems and teaches you valuable Powerpoint tricks beyond that.


The course is divided in 4 comprehensive chapters to make it easy to follow:

  1. ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE - Teaching best presentation practices and usefull powerpoint tricks. Basic presentation knowledge which you might not be aware of.
  2. SLIDE DESIGN - Slide-by-slide process of designing your own presentation. Each subsequent lesson will be devoted to tackling a slide - one at a time. Follow along and create your own masterpiece just like the one in the preview. Powerpoint 2010 and powerpoint 2011 MAC tricks also apply.
  3. MASTER SLIDES - Learn how to set up, prepare and create templates in the PowerPoint Slide Master window to create high quality presentations for companies, clients and for sale!
  4. ADVANCED TRICKS - A dozen of high quality lessons teaching you important powerpoint tricks like setting up music, video backgrounds, global changes and more.


With help of this course you will:

  • Increase Your powerpoint knowledge
  • Improve Your workflow & design skills
  • Learn to setup custom Layouts with slide master and placeholders
  • Get a new 14-slide powerpoint 2013 / 2016 / 365 presentation template to use
  • Shorten the time you need to complete a high quality presentation
  • Learn powerpoint 2016 or the older versions in one, comprehensive course
  • Be able to brand and build templates for you, your company or your clients!


The main focus of this course is the design process + template creation. I will take you by hand through the creation process of an outstanding presentation. We will design powerpoint, no matter if you use powerpoint 2010 or powerpoint 2016 to make infographics, world maps, graphs, charts, features, processes, about us slides for our presentation, introductions and many more important to a well prepared presentation slides. Whether you're looking to give a monthly report or wow prospective clients with powerpoint design, learning the shortcuts and how to build unique themes is essential for crafting engaging & informative presentations.


Stop waiting days to get the presentation back from a designer or Your co-worker. Take it into your own hands with this PowerPoint 2013 and powerpoint 2016 course. Don't wait to sign up. ENROLL NOW!

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to save time and enhance their PowerPoint skills
  • Entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, students or designers wanting to create outstanding slides
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to properly animate and build engaging presentations & templates
  • If you wish to create, sell or promote with help of animated presentations and videos
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Curriculum For This Course
77 Lectures
Introduction (brief welcome)
3 Lectures 07:32

Let me show you an overview about microsoft powerpoint - master powerpoint presentation. I will touch on a few things specific to only this course and why you should stick with it to the end!

Preview 04:03

Look what will you be able to accomplish after the course & how is this course different than any other on the market. Get aware of all the insider PowerPoint knowledge and prepare to learn more.

Preview 03:17

This is the presentation itself which You can download as a resource and use it as you would like. Please press on the download button to download the PPTX PowerPoint 2013 presentation file itself.

Resources for download
Essential Knowledge (hints before you start)
11 Lectures 43:48

With this introductionary lesson I would like to share a few thoughts I have about upcomming design trends and what they also mean for presentation design.

Preview 04:34

With this lecture I would like to actually show you how it is to work along with me by designing your first slide that we just watched previously. Let's roll!

Preview 05:32

With this lecture I want to show you my most used and favorite powerpoint tool - namely the Format Painter and Animation Painter in powerpoint. These fellas allow you to copy any given design and replicate it onto another object. You can for example create a yellow transparent circle, and then copy that "style" onto another shape - awesome!

My favorite tool - Format Painter

Try to minimize the amount of text on a presentation - always.

PowerPoint 2013 & PowerPoint 2016 has great options to use animations, graphics and other visual oriented items inside a powerpoint presentation so you don't always have to add much text. Additionally please take a brief journey through design trends with me for 2015,2016,2017 and so on :)

Preview 03:27

In this lesson I am going to explain how to smart use the presenter view to read text directly from Your screen, when the viewer sees only the slide on the presentation screen. Other usefull tips as making your presentation more engaging and interactive with a laser pointer or zooming-in and out of it are also explained. Valuable PowerPoint 2013 lessons!

Preview 03:07

You know this website but You might not visit it too often. If you want to present like a boss start to gain inspiration from the bosses, simple right ? Do what's possible with powerpoint and konw your limits by taking a look at other presentations.

The #1 Place for inspiration & ideas

In this lesson I want to show you how a professional powerpoint presentation can be made with use of vector files!

As you see this creates a great opportunity for use to leverage all possible tools of powerpoint to master the software.

Using vector files in PowerPoint - WOW!

Enough of talking, you would like to start designing something in powerpoint right? Let's head over to powerpoint and design this cool slide right away!

Powerpoint design warm-up!

In this lesson I want to address the possible font choices you may make and if you do need to use custom fonts.

Fonts were always important in everything possible and the same goes for presetations in powerpint.

Chosing the typography (fonts)

After you have finished the presentation, what coloristic and overall feeling would you like to achieve...do you know that ? We can either define colors inside of powerpoint or search colors and pick them out right form around the web.

Chosing the color scheme (concept)

This awesome websites will shortcut your designing time by huge amounts! Get a background etc.

Use those resources and tools to work even easier and quicker in powerpoint 2013 and all previous versions.

Tools & resources, ones you really use

Please fill out this simple 3 questions quiz to ensure that you are ready to enter the design section!

Quick Roundup. Do you remember?
3 questions
Slide Design (14 slides to create)
17 Lectures 01:27:31

Let me tell you about the basics on how we will approach the creation - process of this section and get you a bit fired up about for the upcomming lessons! :) Before we get to the point that we are PowerPoint ninjas and start to rock all presentations out of the socks we need to get the right mindset!

Preview 02:39

In this lecture we will create the first slide of our How To Prepare awesome PowerPoint 2013 presentations course by following me as I create it along with You! The first slide will be the TITLE of the presentation we want to quickly create and animate afterwards. A title of a powerpoint presentation can make or break it, like any introducitonary sequence would, no matter what type of content you are throwing at Your audience.

Preview 04:41

In this lesson of our PowerPoint 2013 course we will address the "About Us" page slide. We will use an image to prepare a good looking animated slide and start to build our presentation.

Preview 07:43

Since the first few slides are most intensive and require the most work on our side I divided it into 2 lessons to let you take a break while learning! We want to utilize all the best and most usefull powerpoint features in this slide so we are not holding back on animations!

Preview 03:25

In this lecture we prepare a slide showcasing 6 features of our brand, company or simply any device, topic or thing you might present about in a nice, colorable and clean style. Powerpoint 2013 allows us to create slides like that with help of nice icons.

Slide 3. Features - Design

A good slide is no good until he is proper animated! Let's make everything look & work smoothly by adding nice animations! As you already saw in the previous lesson it is super easy to edit and add animations in powerpoint presentations.

Slide 3. Features - Animation

In this lesson we are creating a 4 steps process flow slide usable in any type of presentation, wether it's about gaming, a business presentation, a corporate style presentation or any other type of data that may be shown in a step-by-step process. This can be one of the most usefull slides in a powerpoint presentation because you can deliver any message in a ordered and fashionable manner.

Slide 4. 4 Steps

A few PowerPoint 2010/2013 tricks allow us to create amazing timeline slides, which can present any data that is changing over time, days, months, years in an organized manner. This trend goes on in 2015 and it will most probably continue to be considered a masterpiece of usefullness in presentations. We all have to show and present timelined scnenarios wether it's our career development on a resumee or simply the path of development of a company.

Slide 5 & 6. Timeline

By smart usage of the PowerPoint animations we can achieve an interesting effect as if the timeline slides would be connected together, really awesome knowledge to grab from here! PPT will be so happy we used that :)

Slide 5 & 6. Connecting Them!

Our Vector placing skills will finally come to use! With this lesson I want to teach you how to use vector World Map images inside of PowerPoint to present global statistics or data in a very clear & transparent way. Normally people do not use vectors on powerpoint presentations which is the one most important factor why YOU should! Be creative, innovative and original.

Slide 7. World Map

The same things we used for a world map can be grabbed, swapped and adjusted to grab and visualize local or domestic data of any country we would like.

Slide 8. Country Map

After the design I believe we deserve a break! Let me show you some techniques how to prepare a proper "Pause break" slide to be consistend with our color scheme and usefull for the entire presentation. Who doesn't need a break from presenting? You can design a simple and soothing powerpoint slide and use it as a "take 5" placeholder.

Slide 9. Coffe Break

PowerPoint is all about visualizing data. Graphs can be one of the most effective ways of presenting complex and important values in a clear and informative way. In this lesson we will address how to utilize the basic graph options build into the program to prepare good looking and easy readable informations.

As one student already said some of the most important and interesting informations are to find in this particular lecture about powerpoint graphs.

Slide 10. Graph like a boss

PowerPoint is all about visualizing data. Graphs can be one of the most effective ways of presenting complex and important values in a clear and informative way. In this lesson we are continuing to explan various possibilities of graph usage in Powerpoint 2010 / 2013.

Slide 11. Different Chart

It's time to place our company on the map! Take a screenshot form Google Maps and use it as the basis of our contact page slide. Use powerpoints objects to distinguish certain elements of possibilities to contact you after the presentation.

Slide 12. Contact Us

It is fair, polite, nice and overall a good practice to list all the resources, tools and informations you have gathered and properly credit the authors for their contribution and making the work you do easier. Powerpoint 2013 slide including different sources we used to gather information for this presentation.

Slide 13. Used Sources

Everything good comes to and end...but this doesn't mean we can't end it with a bang! Even our powerpoint presentation has to get some closure around and we want to address this topic right now. We earned it !

Slide 14. Exit

A few quick questions so you can truly and honestly say to yourself that you remember important things from the lessons and you will benefit from the knowledge in this course.

Do You recall?
3 questions
Slide Master (creating & setting up templates)
8 Lectures 35:50

A brief introduction to what awaits you in the Slide Master section!

Introduction to this section

With this slide I would like to explain you what actually master slides are and how are they used within microsoft powerpoint 2013, 2016 and any newer version.

What are Master Slides

You need to learn what adding objects to Master Slides and adding objects to Layouts does. It's important to know exactly what layouts are

How do Master Slides and Layouts operate

What are THMX files and extensions, where do Designs come from and how can we save themes for re-use for others in PPT? All that is answered in this lesson!

What are themes, designs and thmx files

This lesson is there to show you the potential struggle you can have while working within both the Slide Master and the regular PowerPoint design window. A few issues , but also benefits for setting up templates better!

Real Life Example - Benefits and Disatvantages

With this lesson I would finally want to go forward and show you a real life example of how new slides, templates, and custom shapes are added within our slide master view. This allows us to create advanced presentations and slides!

Advanced Template Creation

This will be the most mature lesson within this module. Learn how to effectively use the Slide Master and create two, advanced, very useful Layouts and slides for our example template.

How To Design Slides within Templates

A brief summary for what master slides are used and for what master slides aren't used! Important information to know more about setting up presentations and making it easier to work with for us.

When and why to use or not to use Master Slides
Slide Design #2 (14 more slide ideas)
15 Lectures 01:31:00

Here you can download images to work on your new slides if you haven't any on your PC and also the new presentation with custom slides to use and work along with me!

Resources for Download

This is the first slide you learn to design in 2016, where I show you how to work with images in Powerpoint, how to chop them and fill out shapes with them so they start to create an interesting composition on it's own. Learn powerpoint quick & efficient thanks to new on-trend designs.

Preview 06:55

With this slide I want to expand your picture editing knowledge by teaching you how to subtract in powerpoint, how to cut out equal pieces out of pictures, this all applies to powerpoint 2016, powerpoint 2013, powerpoint 2011, and powerpoint 2010!

Preview 07:32

With this powerpoint slide design I want to teach you what makes a good presentation. You can switch between two colors much smoother if you make one slide to feature / fill in the color that will come next. The viewer will see what approaches him and will be more prepared to recieve the content.

Preview 04:33

In this powerpoint presentation tutorial I will teach you how to design a slide with custom shapes and how to make a gradient, colorful border around any object in PowerPoint, even photographs!

Slide 18: Custom Colorful Icons & Image Border

In this slide I want to show you two powerpoint design & presentation techniques which include bulletpoints! You can customize the look and output of bulletpoints themselves, and add animations which will greatly improve the recieved message from people viewing the actual presentation. You can dim out points that were already explained!

Slide 19: Proper Bulletpoint Usage

In this tutorial we will search together for a nice image and populate our slide with content until we have everything we need to catch our viewers attention. We will both present a lot of text and well prepared design. The viewer will not notice how much text there is if we draw his attention to nice things...like an image :)

Slide 20: Great slide in Powerpoint no matter how much text

Design is all about capturing the viewers attention while still conveying all the information you want to get through in it. With this slide I want to show you a simple yet effective slide design which can be used to prepare a clean and powerful powerpoint presentation. If you are looking for good tips on how to make a nice powerpoint template and start off your presentation then I am inviting you to this tutorial! Check out how I created this slide.

Slide 21: Clean calm slide template

This tutorial will teach you how to create custom icons in powerpoint and make an infographic out of them. I will teach you how you can prepare a slide to present infographical elements within powerpoint using only our native tools. You can also download icons from over the web but it can be just as well done by hand. Learn this nice slide design and up your game in powerpoint :)

Slide 22: Simple Infographic slide tutorial in Powepoint

This tutorial will show you how images can be put into any shape. I will teach you how to properly prepare, crop and manage images to be able to create any slide you want. Sometimes we have unconventional ideas for our slide layout and powerpoint may seem as it has limitations in that regard. Some limitations can be however overcome and we can design a good powerpoint slide template for our presentations with master slides and adding placeholders.

Preview 06:17

In this tutorial I want to show you a way of creating slides with an image border. We will use an image as the background, the crop it around and overlay with a box so it looks as the image would be the border of the slides. The canvas becomes smaller thus more focused!

Preview 06:16

In this tutorial we will prepare a four blocks slide design template. This will teach you how to use custom shapes and objects to prepare an universal design suitable for any kind of presentation where you have to explain a few separate points, one by one. 

Slide 25. Four blocks with icons and text

With this tutorial I want to show you how you can experiment with images and custom borders to make it appear as if this powerpoint template would alllow you to put an image behind borders on one side, and before them on the other side. This is a very distinguished effect which will help you make amazing powerpoint templates and presentations!

Slide 26. Creative Image Template

In this tutorial I would like for once to work with charts and show you an easy design which you can execute for your pie charts and overall chart slides. Charts can be very effective if we tune them a little bit from the stadard powerpoint design into more interesting charts. Hope you will like this tutorial!

Slide 27. Powerpoint pie chart - how to work with charts

This was a student question and request on how to present / design / work with an organigramme within PowerPoint. In that tutorial I tried to show an interesting approach about morphing transitions which we could use to explain certain parts of our organigramme!

Slide 28. How to present an organigramme with Morph Transitions
Slide Design #3 (more incomming!)
2 Lectures 07:48

Let me introduce you to the content of this section, you can also download the presentation resources here.

Introduction to this section

With this tutorial I would like to teach you a complete workflow of preparing, analyzing, designing and finally animating a flow chart in powerpoint! Powerpoint gives us a lot of tools to create shape based objects and text boxes, so it's a perfect design space to utilize our workflows, alghoritms, diagrams and flow charts.

Design and Animate a Flow Chart
Polishing Presentations (important touches)
6 Lectures 18:47

In this lesson I would like to show you how to find good music and implement it into Your Powerpoint presentation with a simple few clicks! Use music to enrich your PPT2013 presentation.

Adding Subtle Music

Edit the theme colors and mater slides to achieve a custom effect across all the slides. There are so many usefull and interesting powerpoint tricks you can always learn, so watch this lesson to get more out of this course.

3 Sneaky tricks! Global Changes

Adding slide numbers to the presentation, sections, adjusting the color of the coffe break and maybe adding the presentation title into it.

Overall adjustments to polish our presentation and be sure that we did everything that was in our powerpoint 2013 might.

Adjustments to the presentation

A great technique to polish your presentations with a vignette!

How to create a vignette in powerpoint

With this quick tip I want to show you how to properly save your entire presentation to a PDF file!

Save powerpoint presentation as a PDF

With this "tips & tricks" lecture I want to show you a simple technique how to add navigation menus to your presentation without hassle. They can be simple yet elevate the design of a presentation!

Navigation menu in PowerPoint
Advanced Tricks (rare & hidden knowledge)
10 Lectures 45:47

The basic PowerPoint 2007,2010, 2013 templates look pretty good but people have seen them so many times that they don't appear professional anymore!

Hint - Try not to use the basic templates

In this powerpoint tutorial I will go over how you can potentially design a powerpoint template. A clean design with one custom object which will allow us to make more consistent and cohesive slides which work well with each other! #powerpoint #design #template

How to design a powerpoint template

This will be the second lecture on how to design, brainstorm and prepare yourself for template design within powerpoint!

Preview 08:54

In this quick Powerpoint lesson I want to show you how you can embed fonts inside a presentation so when you share your design project the person who will recieve it will also be able to edit it :)

How To Embed Fonts Into a Presentation

With this tutorial I want to show you how easy it is to edit and adjust images so they fit a slide properly.

How To Even out pictures

Adding a video in the background can give a really unique touch & feel to a powerpoint presentation. But how to manage that, does powerpoint allow us to insert videos on slides that will play during we speak? Let's find out in that tutorial!

How To Add Playing Video Backgrounds

You can structurize Your presentation before you design it - this WILL save You time! Powerpoint has a few build-in tools to manage the pace and way we sort our presentation into pieces.

How To Structurize Your presentation

Since we covered everything about sections let me also explain what the ZOOM option is all about and how it is and will be utilized in PowerPoint in the future. Right now it tries to make the presentations a little bit smoother and more intuitive like Prezi does, but until now only Office 365 Subscribers have access to this option.

The new "ZOOM" option in Powerpoint 2016 (365 Subscribers)

With this tutorial I want to show you how to design those viral image quotes that people share on Instagram, Snapchat,  facebook, twitter and other social media. Design a simple quote poster in powerpoint which you can share across all media with ease.

Image quote poster for social media in Powerpoint

Design a people icon in powerpoint
[?] Video-answers to student questions [?]
2 Lectures 06:47

In this lesson I will teach you how you eventually can lockdown layers and stop accidentaly clicking on them!

Avoid accidentaly clicking on objects

This lesson will teach you and answer a question about recording yourself in PowerPoint presentations.

How to Record Yourself Speak in PowerPoint
Summary (finishing up the content)
3 Lectures 04:28

Let's watch what we have created! I hope even Bill Gates would be proud of the powerpoint presentation we were able to sew and produce together, it was a lot of work but also fun along the way. Now watch it as a whole complete sequence.

Cool off and watch what we've done!

Thank you for beeing in this course and congratulations! I love using powerpoint as a design, editor, graphic and video tool and I think you should too, there are many ways to save time using this program.

Congratulate Yourself - 3 steps

In this bonus lesson I want to share coupon codes for all my After Effects & Powerpoint courses in case you are interested to continue learning with me! Just click the links, preview the course and if you feel that this is the right content for you jump in :)

Bonus Lecture: Continue to learn!
About the Instructor
Andrzej Pach
4.5 Average rating
3,937 Reviews
45,795 Students
18 Courses
Engaged and Passionate PowerPoint & After Effects instructor

Hi! My name is Andrzej Pach, more known as "Nigel" and I spend my time with graphic design, motion & animaiton, typography, video editing and online teaching on a daily basis. The majority of my work is done in Adobe After Effects & Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 / 2016 - naturally this is the software I want to teach about and share my experience with you. I have completed well over 3000 graphic projects (On Fiverr alone more than 2500 reviews) for clients, mostly including video animations like intros, outros and transitions for various Youtube channels & marketers. I would like to share the knowledge I was able to "stack up" during the process. I am always willing to help people out by enhancing their brand and Internet media.

Who am I ?

I am a 27 y.o (born 1989) and a University Graduate (July 2014). A few years back after shifting from one hobby to another after getting hired to prepare a website and business card for a local business in my area I finally "felt it". Since then (2011) I was expanding my skillset in this area completing various graphic related projects. Places like the WarriorForum, freelancing websites or graphic contests across the web caught me in its own snare and never let me go.

What is the next step?

After having several years of experience as a freelancer with a keen focus on creativity handling various projects ranging as work for very small businesses to websites and Youtube channels with over 300k subscribers I am looking forward to share my knowledge wrapped up in exciting courses easy to follow and most important - USEFUL for you! I am looking to work with forward-thinking people who wish to create something original, that will reinforce their brand and follow their vibe. I am always committed to provide value while giving away random tips to make your workflow easier.

Did you really create something?

How far would bring me lying and any sort of scam? Nowhere. I do believe in making the Web Business and Internet Marketing world a better place, because my actions will affect my fellowers, friends, family and future children. Since I live in a small village where people work in agriculture or do physical labor work I set the goal for me to be a sort of pioneer in the web-based business field growing myself as a designer every single day.

You can always contact me as I don't mind talking to anyone and sharing how could I help your business or what course I might record if you like my teaching style!