Live Stream and Video, Techniques for Presentation Success
4.4 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
627 students enrolled
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Live Stream and Video, Techniques for Presentation Success

Learn how to be conversational, captivate and compel the audience in live stream and video
4.4 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
627 students enrolled
Created by Tracy Goodwin
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Teach key techniques in overall look and feel to enhance your brand in your videos.
  • Teach valuable writing and organization of content that will help the audience follow your content with ease so you can keep them engaged.
  • Create dynamic delivery through voice technique that will make people want to buy from you and stay engaged with you.
  • Deliver content with a relaxed body that reflects confidence.
  • Know how to use expression in the face and gestures to be captivating and not distracting.
  • Learn how to writen, use and deliver using notes that work for you, where to keep notes and look on camera without creating a distraction.
  • Learn key techniques that will add so much more value to your on camera work in videos, sales videos, tele-conferences, webainrs, anything you do in front of the camera
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  • The requirements for Captive the Room are simple. First, students need to have the ability to watch each of the videos. Students will also want to be able to download the documents and do the exercises. In addition, students will need to have an idea in mind of what type of video/topic they want to make so as they go through the exercises, they can practice and apply the techniques they are learning. Most importantly, students need to have the desire to learn techniques that will help to make them more engaging and captivating on camera.

Finding the courage to get on video and live stream can be hard, but it's so important to get on camera now! This is a great course for anyone in business, entrepreneurs, MLM marketers, anyone that wants to increase revenue and business through by creating dynamic videos and live stream, sales videos, webinars, tele-courses, Facebook video ads or other videos.

The time has come! With platforms like Facebook live and You Tube if you don't get on video now, your business will get left behind!

Join the other students who are making a big impact with their new "on camera and live streaming" skills and techniques.

What others are saying:

  • by Nathan Kamusher, Captivating course Clearly structured, Easy to follow, Many "real life" examples. Lecture 4 provides a useful QuickList to follow when organizing lectures.

  • by Rod Adkins, Confidently connecting, captivating, engaging & building the relationship As you progress through the course you realize that Tracey grows on you, in terms of the way she interacts onscreen, you see her character and attitude show through as she teaches with encouragement how to win in front of the video camera for any purpose. She has a warm and caring approach and engages with her audience, demonstrating to show us how to perform. This works well and completing this course means you have no excuse but to get in front of a video camera and go for it, with confidence, knowing that you have a step by step process behind you to cover the vocal, delivery and presentation aspects as well as many other points that could make or break your presentation. Recommended.
  • by Anneke Camstra, excellent course!

Want to make your videos stronger, more dynamic?

First, we have to get you past your fear and give you some concrete technique that will give you the anchors you need to get started in front of the lens. Once you've got the anchors, the confidence will come and you'll be well on your way.

If you are falling flat with your voice or sounding artificial rather than engaging, then this is a great course for you.

Unsure about what to do with your hands? Where to look? What about a script and where to put that? I will teach you the exact steps to follow to have a flawless video that will keep your audience engaged to the end, which is really want you want!

This course is comprised of video, audio and pdf documents that will cover numerous ways to deliver more captivating videos in the areas of content, movement, voice. For a variety of legitimate reasons far to many people don't execute their best in front of the camera. It's actually easy to fix some of the most common mistakes that can be found in few key techniques in writing-by truly guiding the listener in a clear and dynamic way, with vocal technique that will enhance and create a dynamic delivery that is fully engaging and will help your sales and in movement and camera technique, because, what your doing in front of the camera can make a dramatic difference videos.

Become a Dynamic and Engaging Presenter in Video will give you the foundation of technique you need to be more engaging and dynamic than every before.

Many people are nervous when they film their videos, that is a natural response, others struggle with a flat voice, not knowing what to do with their hands or their scripts. Many individuals that have never filmed before or had any on camera training, don't know how to deliver content with notes and end up reading their scripts which is not engaging. Captivate the Room on Camera will teach you everything you need to be engaging from start to finish. This course covers content, creating it and making it dynamic and easy to follow as well as incredible voice techniques, movement techniques and delivery musts.

The course curriculum includes:

Overall Look, which covers your videos look and feel according to your brand and how no matter what your look, confidence is key.

Content is a section that is chock full of fantastic information to help you structure content that is appropriate in length, makes sense, has a great flow and is easy for your audience to not only understand but to connect to, which is key for engagement.

The presentation section covers key technique for writing a script that works for you, dealing with nerves, and breathing for starters.

The on camera section is all about how you move in front of the camera, your face, gestures, where to look and how to present like the expert you are.

The voice section is where you will learn powerful techniques that are invaluable to create an engaging voice that not only captivates your audience but teaches and persuades.

All of the sections are delivered with teaching videos that are easy to follow and many sections include written supporting documents with very valuable content for your success. Some sections include exercises to help you process the material for your best delivery in front of the camera.

I update this course on a regular basis. I have already updated in November and December with a number of new videos and will continue to add more on a regular basis.

I also offer to review your work. As a part of this course you may submit a video of your work and I will give you a critique on the areas you should improve. I am more than happy to give you direct specifics on what you need to focus on to make your videos go from flat to fabulous! (And money makers too!)

Current price will be going up soon.

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on this course. While I have had many years of experience coaching voice, speaking and on camera technique, I realize that everyone has a learning style that they prefer. I have no doubt that you will benefit from this introductory course and because of that I will gladly offer a 30 day guarantee.

Who is the target audience?
  • Captivate the Room on Camera is the prefect course for anyone who is new to making videos or webinars, anyone who has a fear of making videos, anyone who has made videos in the past and is not satisfied with their outcome or believe they could be better presenters. In addition, this course is for any audience that wants to improve their content, deliver, movement, on camera technique and voice.
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Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
6 Lectures 30:23

Welcome to Captivate the Room on Camera! If you make videos of any kind, Youtube, Sales Videos, Tele-conferences, Webinars, then you are smart! The wave of selling in the future is in videos. Captivate the Room on Camera will teach you you to create and present great content. All the things that have kept you from doing videos before such as the sound of your voice or not knowing what to do/how to be in front of the camera, are all addressed in this course. After viewing the videos and doing the exercises, you will be able to engage and captivate your audience in all of your videos and training courses! Good luck!

Preview 03:13

So many people are afraid of getting on camera, or even speaking in general. In this video I talk about dealing with the fears and give concrete ways to get past it forever.

Dealing with the Fear of Getting on Camera

Someone out there needs to hear your message. It's very important that you share it. In this video I talk more about the why's and how's of sharing your message.

Your Message Needs to Be Heard

The people that are going to connect to you will connect to you. Those people, your people are not worried about what you look or sound like. I talk more about it in this lecture.

Preview 04:42

It's important to be authentic, that's what is in right now. But what does that mean exactly?

In this video, I'll show you exactly what it means to be authentic.

Authentically You and Why

Human Disclosure Phrase
Big Picture
5 Lectures 20:49

Now is the time! If you've not done video yet you best get to it. The time has come where most purchases will be done through video, or live streaming like Periscope or Blab. It's time to face your fears and get the technique you need to succeed.

Why Video and Live Stream

Creating a road map for your videos and live streaming is important. In this video I give you guidelines for doing just that.

Create a Roadmap

The overall look of your video is important, it should line up with your brand. In this video, you will l earn how to create a look that works for you.

The Look

Often times people are not sure what type of clothing to wear. It's true, sometimes the clothes do make the man. Colors, patterns and overall look are important on camera, in this video, I'll tell you more about what to wear and how to wear it.


One of the things I hear all the time is that people don't want to get in front of the camera because they don't like the way they look or sound. I've got some help for that in this video. It's time to get your message out to the world!

Getting Your Message Out
Great Content
10 Lectures 45:30
What to Talk About

Content is important and the structure of it even more important. Here is a guide for you to see how to organize your content so you don't miss any valuable information and don't over use stories and fillers in video content.

4 pages

I'm asked all of the time about length. Length and content go together and should be concise and cover your most important message. Learn about length of your videos in this clip.

Preview 03:53

Missing a clear introduction and conclusion can dramatically effect your "click off" rate in the beginning, your call to action in the end and the overall understanding of your material by your audience. Don't miss these important tips on introduction and conclusion.

Introduction and Conclusion

The first line of your introduction is perhaps the most important. Make sure you get it right, right out of the box.

Introduction First Line

Introduction Credibility

The thesis statement in the introduction is one of the most important parts, where you tell us what your going to tell us.

Introduction Thesis Statement

Crucial for your listener to stay engaged. Transitional phrases are the guide posts that tell us where we are going next. But, they also can keep you grounded!

Transitional Phrases

The key to a great presentation lies somewhat in the notes or script that you've crafted to guide you while you in front of the camera. In this video, you'll learn how to craft a script that is just right for you.

Presentation Script

Connecting to the Message
A Smooth Presentation
7 Lectures 40:41

Many individuals get nervous when speaking, in front of the camera or live. In fact, nerves can keep people from creating videos. There are some great techniques to help you deal with nerves in this video.

Dealing with Nerves

Breathing is an essential part of not only dealing with nerves, but very important in helping you create an engaging voice. In this video you'll learn about breathing, it's value and a few tricks to help you with your own breathing.


A strong opening is essential in all of your presentations, but especially on video. In real life, often times people can't walk away, in video, they can just click you off. Learn how to start off with a strong opening in this video.

Strong Opening

The biggest complaint I hear from presenters and audience is about people reading slides and visual aids. Learn why it's a bad thing to read your visual aids and the proper way to work with them for success.

Managing Visual Aids

Far to often we say much more than our listener needs to hear, far to much. One of the most important skills you can learn is how to bottom line it, take just the core that will benefit your listener and deliver that. The stories and examples we have are great, but are they necessary?

Bottom Line It

Dealing with Um

Practice can make or break you in front of the camera. In this video, you'll learn some valuable practice tips.

Captivating Voice
9 Lectures 45:22

Everyone knows they need to articulate to be understood, well, most people do. But, often times, people don't know exactly what that means or how to do. In this video you'll learn all about articulation, how to execute it and why it's so essential.


Hands down the most important voice tool you can use to create engaging videos that get results. In this video you'll learn the how's and why's about stressing words.


In this audio I will give examples of what it sounds like when you stress certain words in your delivery and when you don't. Adding stress is essential for your listener to to be engaged.

Examples of Stressing Words

Overall Pace

Going to Slow

If anything, people usually over pause or under pause, meaning, they never pause. Pausing is a valuable power tool that can really set up great bits in your video that will increase your conversion rates and help you meet other goals. In this video you'll learn all about this technique and how to use it.


Vocal Energy

Transitional Phrases

Answering Questions on Live Stream
6 Lectures 17:24

It's essential that you know where to look when your presenting on camera and using a script. Often times, people don't know this and so they loose out on the engagement piece, building a relationship with their audience through eye contact, even on the other side of the screen. In this video, you'll learn the essentials of how to use your script and where to look.

Where to Look/Using Your Script

The camera adds 10 pounds, you've heard that, but it also magnifies all of your movements. It's essential that you know how to use your face and head and not over or under move. Learn the balance that will give you the best result right here in this video.

Head and Face Movements

Often times this can be a deal breaker in videos. I see countless individuals not know what to do with their hands or over do gestures to the point of distraction. This video will teach you the balance of using gestures and how to create gestures that are interesting and mean something.


One of the big pieces that people forget when they make their videos is to have fun and smile. I know you get so bogged down in getting right but a smile, a little fun and a lot of passion will go a long way.


Thank you for taking this course! All of the information found in the videos and activities will no doubt help you to create better videos that sell more, teach more, make more of an impact.

Remember, all of the tips and techniques will also work for live speaking engagements as well.

Good luck!

Final Wrap Up

Quick Tips for Getting on Camera NOW!
6 pages
About the Instructor
Tracy Goodwin
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Tracy Goodwin is known around the globe as the Red Sweater Lady for her extensive collection of communication and voice training videos. With over 20 plus years experience in voice, on camera and communication training, she is a master of her game. Tracy holds a BFA in Directing, an MA in Child Drama and an MA in Corporate Communications. Tracy has trained clients all over the world from professional actors to news personalities to C-Suite Executives. Tracy can teach you how to Captivate the Room by creating and delivering engaging content in a captivating and persuasive way. Tracy's methods are guaranteed to work and have been perfected over the years through education, training and consulting.