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Cake Decorating For Fun and Profit

Cake Decorating Course from a National Award Winning baker with over 30 years of cake decorating experience!
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Created by Jodi Schweiss
Last updated 2/2013
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What Will I Learn?
The purpose of this fun course is to introduce you to the equipment, recipes, and basic techniques used in cake decorating.
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  • All you need is a strong desire to become an artistic cake decorator whose beautifully decorated cakes make friends and family say "WOW".


You may want to create a cake for a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation, or other special occasion, or maybe you would like to acquire the skills on which to build a new business. I have trained beginner and professional cake decorators alike for many years . . . my online cake decorating classes is in easy step-by-step segments.

It doesn't matter if you’re new to cake decorating or have been struggling with cake decorating for longer than you’d like to admit . . . not to worry!

My Cake Decorating course will help you to create a work of art on a buttercream canvas that will astonish your family and friends. Your cakes will be quite the talk, and you may soon be the official cake decorator of choice for all who have seen your delicious and colorful creations.

I will teach you the basic skills needed to do any cake from your own kitchen. Don’t pay those expensive bakery prices when you can create your own beautiful centerpieces at home.  Bakeries must incorporate all their overhead costs in creating their decorated cakes and pass those costs on to you. Cut out those extra costs, and let this course save you money and at the same time SIMPLIFY cake decorating . . . a more rewarding way to spend your time . . . and have fun doing it . . . let's play!


In this cake decorating course, you will learn how to get started . . .  the equipment you will need, where to buy special decorating tools and supplies and how to prepare the cakes that you will be decorating.

I will be your instructor. I have developed step-by-step lessons that will have you quickly decorating like a pro with minimum time and expense.

I am a National Award Winning, third generation, baker with over 30 years of decorating experience and has trained scores of professionals in the cake decorating industry.

My motto is "Simplify."  My methods of instruction make it very easy to learn, and my warm, friendly style makes even the most challenging tasks fun and easy.

This course provides the simple techniques needed to prepare a cake for decorating much like an artist would prepare a canvas on which to paint.

We will start with the Fundamentals to provide you with the background needed to create any of the special cakes presented in my step-by-step specialized cake decorating demonstration/lectures.

My Cake Decorating Course allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own kitchen. I demonstrate the creation of cakes often costing less than $10 to make that would sell for as much as $40 - $80 at a  high end bakery or grocery store.

Just imagine the response you will get when you offer your professional styled cake at the next family celebration.  You and your astonishing edible creation will be the talk of the party. You will soon be creating Princess Doll cakes, cute little Baby Bear cakes, seasonal holiday cakes, . . . watch each cake creation as a separate easy-to-follow demonstration.

This course is the first step into the exciting and rewarding world of cake decorating and design. .


As an enrolled student of this course, you will be notified of additional cake decorating demonstration/lectures as they are added. You will learn fresh ideas and techniques from these newly added demonstration/lectures at no additional cost to you.

Who is the target audience?
  • Cake Decorator / Designers of all levels will benefit from the professional cake decorating tips and secrets shared by Jodi.
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Curriculum For This Course
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11 Lectures 01:02:16

Baking The Cake . . .  Use your favorite cake recipe or favorite cake mix. The icing and filler you use will be important  in determining  the taste and texture of the cake. 

Be sure to generously grease and flour your baking pan so the cake does not stick to the pan.

Buttercream Icing . . . Buttercream is made from powdered sugar, shortening (the shortening WITH trans fats works best because, although trans fats are bad for your arteries, they are good for your icing and make the icing a lot less greasy),  butter flavor, vanilla, salt and water. Some bakeries use numoline or ”inverted sugar”  as a secret ingredient to perfect icing. All buttercream icing contains the same few ingredients. You should experiment until you find your favorite mix.

Preview 07:36

Removing Cakes from Pans . . . Allow baked cakes  to cool for a few minutes (three to five) in pan.   While your cake is still warm, cover with a floured cutting board, flip the cake, tap the pan on the bottom to remove the cake from the pan.   Allow the cake to cool on the cutting board.  This process will give you a perfectly level cake on both sides. 

Preview 01:49

Getting Started . . . In this lesson, I recommend an assortment of pans, spatulas and other equipment needed to begin your cake decorating endeavor. I reinforce my motto, “Simplify,” by suggesting that you begin with just a few basic tools and add to your collection of equipment as you take on more decorating projects and develop your decorating skills. In addition, in each of my lessons, I identify each piece of equipment needed to make the special cake covered in that lesson. 

In the supplemental pages for this lesson, I have listed a number of tools that may be included in a basic starter kit for cake decorating. They may be purchased at hobby or specialty stores as well as at some major discount stores. 

Preview 04:07

Filling The Decorator Bag . . .  There are three types of decorator bags available for cake decorating: canvas, plastic and paper.   In this lesson, I will show you how to fill and use them.
Decorator Bags

Folding A Parchment Bag

Decorator Tips . . .  A number of decorating tips are used to create plain and fancy borders, including grass and leaf designs. The rule of thumb to follow in creating successful borders is to be consistent in squeezing out the icing and to pull the icing border towards you with the tip just a fraction of an inch above the cake’s surface. And, as with any new skill you desire to master…Practice…Practice…Practice.

Decorator TIps

Coloring The Buttercream Icing . . . Paste or gel  color kits are recommended because they are concentrated, last longer, render truer colors, and do not dilute the icing.  These color kits are available at your local craft store or cake decorating store. Purchase the primary colors, as well as black and brown. With this combination of paste colors, a variety of shades can be created.  If paste dries up, use glycerine to thin; do not use water.

Using a toothpick, dip into the color of choice and gently swirl into the buttecream icing. 

Using your spatula, blend the color into the icing until you obtain the desired color and consistency.  If the color is not the correct shade, use a fresh toothpick to add more color.  Keep in mind  the color intensity will increase a couple of hours after mixing.

Be sure to mix enough icing of a color to complete your project.  Matching colors with a new batch of icing can be difficult.

Coloring The Buttercream Icing

Borders . . . In this video, Jodi uses a number of decorating tips to create plain and fancy borders, including grass and leaf designs. The rule of thumb to follow in creating successful borders is to be consistent in squeezing out the icing and to pull the icing border towards you with the tip just a fraction of an inch above the cake’s surface. And, as with any new skill you desire to master…Practice…Practice…Practice.

Gerber Daisy Cake . . .  This video contains short segments of Jodi demonstrating an easy way to decorate a round cake that will look as elaborate as those from a high end bakery. She uses only two cake tips in this video: Tip #79 for the petals and Tip #233 for the center of the daisy.  Her method of instruction is setp-by-step, easy to follow, and allows the viewers to learn at their own speed. 
Gerber Daisy Demonstration

Fondant . . .  You have seen wedding cakes with smooth, almost perfect icing. That look is made possible with the use of a substance known as fondant.  Fondant can be rolled and draped over a cake or even poured over a cake as a liquid. It is fondant that gives a cake a smooth, professional appearance. Fondant keeps a cake moist longer and also gives the cake a distinctive flavor and texture.

It is possible to make fondant from scratch in your kitchen, but it is difficult to make correctly. Jodi, as well as most bakers, buys the pre-made fondant from a craft store or baking supply store. Most commonly, pre-made fondant comes ready to use in a sealed container.  When compared to home-made fondant,  ready-made fondant is cheap, quick, and easy to use.

Working With Fondant

Fundamentals - Full Lecture
Hat & Purse Cake
14 Lectures 34:25
Hat and Purse Cake Project

Covering The Board

Adding The Cake

Combing The Cake

Finishing The Hat

Applying The Ribbon

Making The Bow

Making The Purse

Making The Handle

Icing The Hat

Decorating The Purse

Finishing Touches

Applying The Handle

Hat & Purse Cake - Full Lecture
"I Love You" Heart Shaped Cake
8 Lectures 27:53
Heart 01

Heart 02

Heart 03

Heart 04

Heart 05

Heart 06

Heart 07

Heart Full Lecture
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece Cake
12 Lectures 28:54
Pumpkin Intro

Pumpkin 01

Pumpkin 02

Pumpkin 03

Pumpkin 04

Pumpkin 05

Pumpkin 06

Pumpkin 07

Pumpkin 08

Pumpkin 09

Pumpkin 10

Pumpkin Full Lecture
Holiday Season Wreath Cake
9 Lectures 16:59
Wreath Intro

Wreath 01

Wreath 02

Wreath 03

Wreath 04

Wreath 05

Wreath 06

Wreath 07

Wreath Full Lecture
Fondant Gift Cake
13 Lectures 44:16
Fondant Gift Cake 01

Fondant Gift Cake 02

Fondant Gift Cake 03

Fondant Gift Cake 04

Fondant Gift Cake 05

Fondant Gift Cake 06

Fondant Gift Cake 07

Fondant Gift Cake 08

Fondant Gift Cake 09

Fondant Gift Cake 10

Fondant Gift Cake 11

Fondant Gift Cake 12

Fondant Gift Cake Full Lecture
Floral Basket Cake
1 Lecture 16:58
Floral Basket Cake Project
Teddy Bear Cake
1 Lecture 08:37
Teddy Bear Cake Project
The Wedding Tier
2 Lectures 21:34
The Wedding Tier - Part 1

The Wedding Tier - Part 2
Quick Tips
6 Lectures 18:29
Smoothing The Icing

Folding a Parchment Bag


Sculpting The Icing Rose

Creating A Fondant Rose

Creating A Fondant Calility
About the Instructor
4.4 Average rating
59 Reviews
1,300 Students
1 Course
CakeArt By Jodi Co Founder

Jodi is the 2011 IDDBA National Award Winning  professional cake designer with 30 years cake decorating experience as lead designer for a major St. Louis bakery. Jodi has a passion for designing, decorating and teaching. For these reasons she co-founded CakeArtByJodi. She is a third generation baker who has the unique ability to convey her decorating skills in a manner that is easy to learn. Her motto is "Simplify"

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