C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 Recipes
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C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 Recipes

Catch up with the latest improvements in C# and .NET Core
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
16 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the fundamentals of C#
  • Understand the new features of C# 7, why they are needed and how to make the best use of them
  • You will learn how to develop fast, scalable web applications with C# 7 and ASP .NET Core 2.0
  • Use the Entity Framework to make working with databases seem like a walk in the park
  • Introduced to delegates & lambda expressions
  • Explore an alternative way of working with large collections
  • You will extend .NET built-in types with Extension methods
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  • This course is for developers with prior programming knowledge who want to work with C# and .NET Core.

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language providing support for software engineering principles such as strong type checking, array bound checking, automatic garbage collection, and more. C# 7 comes with a host of new features to build powerful cross-platform applications. Also, the ASP.NET is the web application framework through which you can develop web applications.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to start developing applications using the newest features that come with C# 7 as well as the newest version of the .NET Core. The course will start with a quick introduction to C# and .NET that will prepare you for what comes next. You will then learn about the new features of C# 7. Following that, you will get in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET Core along with the new version of the Entity Framework. Next, we will discuss some more advanced concepts of C# like delegates, lambda expressions, and LINQ.

From this course, you’ll learn newest features of C# and ASP.NET. You’ll be developing the web applications with ASP.NET. Also, learn the advanced C# programming concepts.

About the Author :

Dimitris Loukas is a software engineer currently writing Single Page Applications and APIs using Aurelia, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework for a trading software firm. He is also finishing his Computer Science studies at the University of Athens. He has worked for two startups in the past, he is active in the open source community and loves taking up small side projects. He is fascinated by modern JavaScript, C# and the .NET Core.

Who is the target audience?
  • It's also for experienced C# developers who want to get up-to-speed with the latest changes in C# and ASP .NET Core and/or want to get more in-depth knowledge of advanced C# concepts.
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
C# and the .NET Core
4 Lectures 20:58

This video provides an overview of the entire course.

Preview 04:00

This video must deal with the viewer’s confusion of what C#, .NET Core, EF Core and the .NET ecosystem are. We must make a brief but clear introduction to the aforementioned technologies and prepare the user for the following videos.
Introduction to C# and .NET Core

In this Video, the viewers need to setup their development environment and know what they need to keep up with the course.
Getting Your Environment Setup

This video, It’s time for the user to write some code in C#.
Creating a Command Line Application in C# 7
Getting Started with .NET Core
4 Lectures 29:28

The second video of the previous section demonstrated the clean installation of Visual Studio and .NET Core. What if the viewer already has Visual Studio installed and wants to start working with .NET Core?

Preview 03:27

This video the process of installing .NET Core on a Mac is a lot different than on Windows. Visual Studio is different too and offers less features on the Mac.

Installing .NET Core on Mac

This video things are very different in Linux. Visual Studio does not support Linux. We haven’t guided Linux users well enough yet.

Installing .NET Core on Linux

This video the viewer does not know how a web app looks like or runs.

Building a Sample Web Application in .NET Core
Introduction to C#
11 Lectures 01:30:02
This video we must start from scratch and introduce the basics to viewers that have not used C#.
Preview 12:31

This video we must guide the viewer through everything they need to know to create methods in the Program class.
Creating Methods in C#

This video the viewer has not created any classes yet. Only worked with methods in the pre-defined Program class.

Creating Classes in C#

This video after learning about classes the viewer must learn about inheritance.
Inheritance in C#

This video the viewer now knows about inheritance. Knowing only about inheritance may lead the viewer to inheritance overuse so it's time to introduce interfaces and composition.
Interfaces in C#

This video, after talking about hard topics like inheritance and composition the viewer needs something simpler. Describe enums.
Creating Enums

This video, structs are different from classes. That difference must be stressed.
Structs in C#

This video, we haven't used collections yet. Also the viewer does not know what generics are yet. So in this video we must describe generics and generic collections.

Working with Generics in C#

This video, we need to introduce the 'is' and 'as' keywords, especially the 'is' operator because we will use it again in the next section.
Type Checking in C#

This video, theoretical introduction to C#'s garbage collector.
Garbage Collection in C#

This video, time to read and write files in C# using the StreamReader and StreamWriter classes.

Working with Files in C#
Exploring the New Features of C# 7
9 Lectures 45:05

This video, Tuples is one of the new features. In the past C# contained a poor implementation of Tuples.

Preview 06:33

This video, Patterns are the most important addition to C#. They're also an entirely new concept in C#.

Pattern Matching in C#

This video, methods can now return references.
Ref Locals and Returns

This video out variables can be initialized when calling the method.

Inline out Variables

This video, functions can now be defined within a method and used locally, inside that method.

Local Functions

This video Some C# 7 one-line operations can now be inline expression bodied members.

Expression Bodied Members

This video, exceptions can be thrown in a single line with a fat arrow.
Throw Expressions

This video, Before C# 7, Async methods used to return void, Task or Task<T>. C# 7 Async methods can return anything.

Generalized Async Return Types

This video, working with large numbers gets a lot easier with digit separators.
Digit Separators
Exploring the New Features of ASP.NET Core 2.0
8 Lectures 01:19:59
This video, existing users need an overview of the new features. New users need an introduction.
Preview 05:48

This video, the viewer needs to know how to configure their app.

Application Startup

This video, Middleware plays an important role in ASP.NET Core.

This video there are several ways to define routes in ASP.NET Core 2.0. In templating engine, Razor is used.
Routing and Views

This video Inversion of Control is a very important topic that is also built in ASP.NET Core 2.0. So it is imperative for the viewer to understand it.

Dependency Injection

This video ASP.NET Core provides state of the art validation for forms and models.
Model Validation

This video most web apps need a way to register and login users.

In this video, entirely new feature of ASP.NET Core 2.0 so even experienced viewers won’t know how to use it.
Razor Pages
Exploring Entity Framework Core
4 Lectures 38:26

The Entity Framework Core is an O\RM. The viewer may not know what an O\RM is?

Preview 05:17

This video, knowing what the Database context is, is essential to working with the Entity Framework.
The Database Context

This video migrations provide the easiest way to manipulate the structure of a database through code.


This video introduce the viewer to the concept of the service layer and show them how to inject the AppDbContext class of the previous video.
Creating a CRUD Service
Advanced Programming with C# 7
4 Lectures 40:11
This video we need to present delegates and a fast way to write callbacks.
Preview 09:10

This video the viewers have only worked with async/await so far. We need to introduce them to multithreading details.
Threads and Parallelism

This video introduce the viewers to LINQ and how they can use it on generic collections.

This video show how we can extend a class without sub-classing it.
Extension Methods
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