How to Start Your First Business (and make it a success!)
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How to Start Your First Business (and make it a success!)

Learn how to start a business which is successful and sustainable.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
542 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Analyse the business environment so that you can assess if your business will work
  • Conduct comprehensive market research to ensure that you are selling a product or service that people actually want to buy
  • Assess your Business Owner skills and identify areas that you need to improve
  • Determine whether the business will meet your financial needs
  • Create a personal budget that will enable you to manage your personal finances
  • Create a Sales and Cash Flow Forecast for your own business
  • Calculate the break-even point for your business
  • Calculate your profit margins and add mark ups to your products or services
  • Decide whether your business idea is feasible and whether you want to start the business
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  • You will need to have an idea of what you would like to do for a business (although, it is likely that this idea will develop through the course).

If you're thinking about starting a business, but are worried it won't work, then this new program will guarantee to take you through the entire process to test whether your idea will be viable, so you won't need to take any risks until you are confident your business will succeed.

By the end of this course, you will have analysed your business so thoroughly that if you decide to proceed, you can be confident and excited that it will be a success!

I have started two businesses and so can personally guarantee that assessing the feasibility of your business is essential. I have also coaching and trained over 300 people who have worked to start a business and those who have been most successful are those who have thoroughly assessed their business idea using the concepts in this course. I have applied coaching techniques to this program to ensure that you are able to progress faster and learn more than you would from training alone.

This is really important because every business is different and everyone has a completely different set of skills, experiences and values. So you will want to test whether YOUR dream can become a reality.

When you're thinking about starting a business, it can be really daunting. You're worried about whether people will want to buy your product or service, whether you will earn enough money to cover your bills. You'll worry about whether you have the skills to start up and run it and whether you have the confidence to leave your comfortable employed position. It's a scary decision and you can feel quite overwhelmed when trying to make the decision.

And it is sensible to be cautious. 8 out of 10 businesses fail when starting up: The two main reasons are not assessing the business enough prior to starting and mis-managing the financial side of the business.

And that is where this course will really help. Through this course, you will be taught what you need to know before you start the business so that you can ensure it will be successful.

However, you will also learn how to undertake this research and assess your own business so that you can ensure that you feel confident with your business idea before spending any money, quitting your job or taking any risks.

Research shows that business owners who get training and support to assess their business idea before they launch their business, are much more likely to succeed.

This program takes you through the process of assessing your business feasibility step by step. You will look at the different areas which you will need to assess including the market, the external environment, the financial aspects and your skills. This will help you to assess your business comprehensively which means that you can be assured that if you decide to proceed, you can be confident you will succeed.

In addition to the course material, you will also have workbooks to fill out for each module. This means that you can apply all the information to your own business idea and really delve deeply into your own values and beliefs. You will be more successful if you start a business which is in line with your values and these workbooks will enable you to do this so that you still love your business in 5, 10, or 20 years time.

Plus, the support you'll receive in the private groups will be paramount to your success. You may find that your family and friends don't always understand or fully support your venture and so surrounding yourself with others in the same situation as you will enable you to seek advice and guidance, bounce ideas around and generally have lots of fun exploring your idea.

The price of this course is usually £149, but for this month it is available for ONLY £24, so grab it now whilst you can!

In addition to all this, there will also be additional webinars included in the programme, in themselves worth over £150. These will involve having experts in various areas such as finance, marketing and sales and it will be your chance to ask specific questions related to your own business and get some really valuable advice and support.

Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee so if you're not completely happy, you can get a full refund.

So pick up the course today for £24 by clicking below. At the end of this month, the course will go up and the additional webinars will be available as additional programmes worth £49 each, so don't delay.

There are hundreds of people starting businesses every day and the reality is that those who don't get appropriate training and support to assess the feasibility of their business are much more likely to fail. If your dream is to run your own business and live a life the life you deserve, then let's get started. I look forward to seeing you in the support group!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for someone with a rough business idea who would like to assess it's feasibility.
  • This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of business.
  • This course is designed for students who want to learn and apply the knowledge to their business idea.
  • This course is designed for those who are willing to put the work in to develop their idea into a robust, sustainable business idea.
  • This course is comprehensive and in depth and therefore not suitable who wants to start without analyzing their idea in detail.
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Curriculum For This Course
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1 Lecture 18:57
Starting a Business Webinar
4 Lectures 42:54
How to Start a Business Webinar - Intro

How to Start a Business Webinar - Phase 2 - Feasibility

How to Start a Business Webinar - Phase 3 - Practicalities
3 Lectures 00:09
This checklist will help keep you on track when starting your business and will make sure you don't miss anything!
Start-Up Checklist
6 pages

This book will go through the steps that you need to take to start-up your business.

Start-Up E-book
30 pages

Additional Support
2 Lectures 12:16

This lecture will give you an overview of the 'How to Start Your First Business (And make it a success!)' program and explain what you can expect from the course and how to get started. Make sure you request access to the support group for additional support:

Preview 02:34
Personal and Business Awareness
9 Lectures 46:07

This lecture will introduce you to what you will learn in this section which includes completing a skills and experiences assessment, exploring the barriers and benefits to starting a business, to investigate the market in which you will be operating and to complete an external environment analysis.

Introduction to Personal and Business Awareness

The internal environment is YOU! The first step for you as a potential Business Owner is to get a really good understanding of your skills and experiences. This information will be used later in the course so make sure you hold onto it!

Internal Environment

In this lecture you will think deeply about WHY you want to start a business? How is this business going to benefit you? What is going to be great about starting this business? But it's also about being realistic - what could potentially stop you?

Barriers and Benefits

We look in more detail about the barriers and benefits to starting a business.

Barriers and Benefits Part 2

The External Environment is everything that is outside of your control that could affect your business. You will learn how to assess the external environment to see what could affect YOUR business.

External Analysis

Is your market growing or shrinking? How do your customers like to buy? Are there lots of competitors in this industry? In this lecture you will learn how to analyse the operating market.

Operating Market

How to Start a Business Webinar 1 Part 1

How to Start a Business Webinar 1 Part 2

You've already starting thinking a lot about your business so we will now recap of the module and complete the end of module questions.

Market Research
6 Lectures 22:03
In this section you will learn all about Market Research! What it is, why it is CRUCIAL for your business and how to undertake market research. There is a comprehensive workbook to accompany this section which guides you through the entire process.

Introduction to Market Research

In this lecture you'll start thinking about what you actually need to know know about your customers and competitors? It's a lot! And the more you know, the more that you can make sure your business will be successful.

Customers and Competitors

The more that you know about your customers, the more that you can ensure that you sell a product or service that THEY WANT TO BUY! And this is going to be crucial for your business!


You will want to know your industry inside out before starting your business and this includes knowing as much as you possibly can about your competitors. In this section you will start thinking about what information will be useful for your business.


Now you now WHAT you need to find, next you need to know HOW to find it out. You will learn about the different methods available to you when starting your market research. And once you have learned these skills, you can use them in the future to assess additional product lines, or check that what you're offering is still appropriate. Market Research never ends!!!

Market Research Methods

You've thought about what you need to find out about your customers and competitors, what a customer profile is and how to put it together. You've also now started conducting your market research - yay!

Market Research Recap

Test your knowledge about market research

Market Research
3 questions
Business Owner Skills
6 Lectures 16:40
A lot of Business Owners find that they need to work on their own personal development and mindset as much as their business. In this business you are going to start thinking about success and what it means to you and to start raising awareness of your values and beliefs so that you can make sure your business is in line with them.

Introduction to Business Owner Skills

You will start thinking about what is success and what success really means to you


You will really start understanding what is important to you and what might hold you back. Once you know this, you can then make sure that you can start working on it.

Values and Beliefs

Now that you've considered success and your values and beliefs, it's time to define YOUR definition of success.


Planning and time management is a crucial skill for a Business Owner to have both before you start your business and once it's up and running. In this lecture you will introduced to some planning tools which you can apply to your own business to hopefully make starting-up and running it much smoother and more controlled...!

Planning and Time Management

You have done a lot of self reflection about your values and beliefs in this module and you've considered your definition of success. You've also learned about some time management and planning tools.

Business Owner Skills Recap
Financial Considerations
8 Lectures 16:42
When people start a business, they can sometimes discover that they have some serious money blocks that can stop them charging enough to make their business successful. So in this section you will start to uncover your beliefs and habits about money. You will put together a personal budget so that you can work out exactly how much you need to earn from your business and you will start researching what equipment and materials you will need to start up your business.

Financial Considerations Introduction

In this lecture, you're going to start considering what your beliefs are about money and how they can help, or hinder your business progress.

Beliefs about Money

Understanding where your money is coming from and going to in your business is crucial, so where best to start than with your own finances! You're going to assess what you do well and where you could improve.

Spending Patterns

Setting goals in business is essential for business success and part of this will be setting your financial goals. In this section you will learn how to set workable goals to give you the best chance of achieving them

Financial Goals

There is a difference between personal and business borrowing and this lecture encourages you to think about borrowing from a different perspective.


You'll want to consider what you will need to pay for before you start your business and so this lecture will help you to start finding this information out.

Start-Up Costs

It's also imperative to understand what costs you will incur when your business is up and running so you will start thinking about what these could be and how much they will cost.


This section can be a real eye opener so hopefully you have started to uncover your financial beliefs and worked out what you need to work on to ensure that managing your business finance is going to be successful. You've also now started researching what costs you will incur before you start and whilst running your business

Financial Considerations Recap
Business Finance
8 Lectures 36:30

In this module you will learn how to put together a Income/Expenditure sheet, a Sales and Cash Flow Forecast and a Profit and Loss account - plus understand what they all mean! You will learn how to work out your Break Even point and understand the difference between Margin and Mark-Up. Although this session can seem quite intense, it is vital for your business success.

Business Finance Introduction

In this session you will learn how to record your income and expenditure in a way that is easy and efficient.

Income and Expenditure

You will be introduced to the Sales and Cash Flow Forecast and why it is vital to create these reports for you business. As they say, 'Cash is King!'.

Sales and Cash Flow Forecast

You will be taken through the process of putting together a Cash Flow Forecast step by step. You can then use the template attached to this module to start putting in your own figures.

Cash Flow Forecast

A Profit and Loss Account, or Income Statement shows whether or not your business has made a profit or loss - pretty important for a business owner to know! This can be a forecast or actual and in this session you will learn how it is structured and how to put together your own P&L account.

Profit and Loss

You will want to know how many units or hours you need to sell each month to cover all your costs and this is where the Break-Even analysis comes in. Understanding how many units you need to sell will help with your goal setting so that you can ensure you have covered all your costs.


In your business you will want to know what your profit margins are so that you can monitor these regularly and investigate any changes in your profit levels - this is where profit margins come in. You will also learn how to calculate mark-ups which will be vital if you are adopting cost-plus pricing.

Margin and Mark-Up

There has been a lot of information to absorb in this module, so have a go at putting your own figures in and don't forget to get involved in the Facebook Group if you need any support!

Business Finance Recap

This quiz will test your finance terms!

Finance Terms Test
4 questions
11 Lectures 19:13
Now we're going to take all the work you have done so far to bring it together and start assessing whether or not your idea is going to be feasible. You will analyze your market research thus far and identify further market research to undertake. You will assess your own skills as a Business Owner and identify areas for improvement.
You will think about what could cause your business to fail and start thinking about contingency plans and assess the financial aspects of your business to ensure that you will make enough money! Finally you will start thinking about your Exit Strategy and understand why it is so important to consider this before you start your business.

Feasibility Introduction

First of all your will consider whether there is a market for what you want to sell?

Market Assessment

Next, you will start analysing your competitors in more detail - who are they and what did you find out about them?


In this lecture, you will start to analyse what you have learned about your market.

Market Analysis

You have started investigating what skills you have and now you can analyse what you need to work on to be an even better Business Owner!

Personal Analysis

Often Business Owners can become overwhelmed with the volume of tasks they need to complete, so this handy tool will teach you how to prioritise what to work on first.

Impact Analysis

In this lecture, you will learn how to analyze your business so that you can start to assess whether it will be a viable business.

Business Analysis

In this activity, you will start thinking about what could go wrong with the business and start putting into place some contingency plans.

Business Analysis Part 2

You have already put together your financial forecasts and now you will start to analyse those to see whether your business will be sustainable, even if things happen which are detrimental to the business.

Financial Analysis

In this lecture you will learn about what an 'Exit Strategy' is and why it is so important to consider this from the beginning of your business journey. This ties back in with your values and definitions of success that you worked on earlier in the course.

Exit Strategy

Hopefully now you are feeling that you have a much better idea of whether your business will be successful.

Feasibility Recap
4 More Sections
About the Instructor
Kristiina Woollard
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Kristiina has helped hundreds of people interested in starting a business over the past five years. She has delivered hundreds of workshops and one to one business coaching sessions. Her clients have ranged from tradespeople and shop owners, therapists and hairdressers, cafe owners and healthcare professionals to online and offline trainers and coaches. If you want to start a business, Kristiina has probably already helped someone starting a similar business.

Kristiina came from a background of Management but moved into Enterprise after she discovered how passionate and motivated these individuals were. Kristiina has started and grown one business and is in the process of starting her second business, so can appreciate first hand, the struggles and challenges which a business owner faces. Kristiina combines her training and coaching experience to help you overcome obstacles and learn the skills you need to start a successful business.