Business Startup Essentials - Supercharge Your Business
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Business Startup Essentials - Supercharge Your Business

Entrepreneurial Blueprint - Proven business startup strategies to help you build and grow your business.
4.6 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
563 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Identify a target market and find ways to eliminate competition
  • Hire the right people by knowing their strengths/talents and putting them in the proper positions
  • Create marketing material that actually attracts potential leads and converts them into customers. You'll learn what not to do in marketing to save thousands of dollars
  • Find a niche market that only you can serve or be the best at
  • Discover ways you can make your product or service "remarkable" and have loyal customers talk about you and generate leads for you
  • Find a niche market that only you can serve or be the best at and find ways to deliver that message effectively to potential customers/clients
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  • This course is relevant to anyone who is looking to start their own business or who own one now
  • No prior business experience or business related courses is required
  • Available and applicable to all businesses at all levels

New Entrepreneurs & Overworked Business Owners. If You Want To Transform Your Business And Build A Successful Enterprise That Runs On Cruise Control, Then You've Found the Right Course.

That's because you are about to discover a surefire system to have a successful business that can run on its own without you having to put in endless hours of grunt work.

Imagine what it would be like if you could just jump off the merry-go-round that is your business. Just think of what it would be like to go through an entire day or week without having to put out fires. What if you could wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you?

Best of all, think of what your life would be like if you weren't overwhelmed with a task list that seems to never end.

And best of all, imagine what it would feel like to be in 100% control, satisfied and proud of what you have built and accomplished.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, for most people, it is. And that's because they are not really running a business, they are self-employed. And that is the wrong way to run a business.

And that is also because what you probably know about business is completely wrong and holding you back from being successful.

Imagine if you could turn that all around, simply by taking one course.

I am going to teach you about some of the greatest systems, models and business concepts ever created. They have all been used effectively to jump-start sales and profits. I'm not only going to teach you about them, I'm going to show you how you can effectively use them in your business right away.

I have spent years putting the data, research and ideas into practice. I have spent countless hours in dozens of boardrooms ironing out the details and best practices for all of the concepts contained in this course. I have also charged upwards of $3,000 for boot camps and seminars teaching business owners how to build a successful business model and put it into play.

I am now making this course available online for a fraction of that cost. The content is identical. The only difference is the lack of networking and interaction at live events.

Here is what you'll get out of the course

Remember, this is all practical instruction and advice to help you create a real business. All the information was curated from successful entrepreneurs, business owners and some of the most successful organizations in the world. All, in one course, focused on small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and new start-ups.

Learn the most effective strategies you need to start implementing and thinking about right away:

Forget the nonsense of “mission statements” and meaningless slogans. Those mean absolutely nothing to the people that matter most, your customers. Start putting in place the only strategies that have proven to be effective at building successful businesses.

Discover how to monopolize your market and have competitors refer business to you:

Stop trying to beat the competition. Develop your own market and not worry about dealing with any competition. Competing on price is the biggest killer of any business.

Discover the best way to hire the right employees for the right positions:

Forget resumes. They are nothing more than a one-page contact card that is probably filled with lies. I'll give you a tool that will make sure you know exactly who you are hiring and that they are perfect for the job. You can even use this tool on your current team to help make sure people are in the positions that help them become high-performing superstars.

Learn how to market effectively and not blow money away on useless advertising:

I'll show you the difference between advertising and real marketing and why traditional advertising is a money pit. I'll teach you tried and tested strategies that will make the phone ring off the hook and email inbox full with messages from ideal customers and leads.

Implement fool-proof back-office operations so you don't have to monitor everyone:

Once you have the ideal client, the perfect marketing plan and the right people at the helm of your ship, I'll show you how to set up your back office and training systems so that you don't have to spend countless hours training new staff or dealing with day-to-day issues.

Once I give you all the pieces of the puzzle, we'll put it all together using an incredible tool that will help you build a direct roadmap to business success

Without a doubt the greatest discovery that I have come across in my research and studies is a tool that is so valuable, that it can single-handedly transform the way you do business. This tool alone is worth the price of the course and I will show you how to piece everything I have taught you up to that point into a single, one page action plan that will be more detailed and useful than any business plan you or an expert can write.

How do I know this? Because it has happened right before my eyes with my own clients. One group laughed when I told them what I wanted to do. I asked them to give me 45 minutes of their time over lunch in the boardroom. We didn't come out until 6:00 that evening and then went well into the next day.

Take the plunge and start building your successful turn-key business right away.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for current small business owners who may be frustrated with the lack of growth in their existing business
  • Individuals in the startup mode of their new business or enterprise
  • Existing professionals who are looking for a fresh perspective and outside the box approaches on running their business
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Curriculum For This Course
64 Lectures
Introduction - The Vision
4 Lectures 17:04

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you are your business. Successful business are turn-key operations that can run without the owner or founder being there.

If you want to build a company that you can ultimately sell, then you need to start running it like a franchise and not a sole proprietorship. Start building a company with value right from the start.

Preview 05:43

A summary of the approach taken in this course. We will be looking at action plans that you can implement in your business or startup immediately.

Preview 02:55

The course is presented in 5 Pillars - Strategy, Team, Customers & Market, Marketing and Operations. Each are vital elements to the success of a business enterprise.

Each will provide you with action steps to solidify your business in these areas

Preview 06:33
Pillar One - Strategy
9 Lectures 50:57

The 2 strategies examined are introduced. You will see a common theme between both these strategies. We begin our journey into making your competition irrelevant.

The 2 strategy tools - Create your Blue Ocean and Hedgehog Concept

Set sail for the tranquility of a blue ocean rather than a fiercely competitive red ocean. Why not build a company and serve a market that no one else is?

You don't have to create a brand new market or industry yourself, but you can specialize in an under-served area of your existing market.

Blue Ocean Strategy - Eliminate the competition by making them irrelevant

Cirque de Soleil created their own blue ocean by creating an entertainment extravaganza that had no rivals. Learn how they did it.

How Cirque de Soleil did it - Calm blue ocean vs bloody red ocean

Here we look at the theory and the strategy grid for Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean strategy. Notice the difference in approach and business strategy.

This grid should serve as your starting point throughout the rest of this course. However, you may wish to jot your ideas down in pencil, because they will be built upon and perhaps even changed completely by the end of the course.

How Cirque de Soleil created a Blue Ocean and eliminated any competition

The ERRC grid is a great tool that you should use to brainstorm different ideas on building a company, service and/or product that no one else has.

What can you do differently in your industry? What can you change completely because you are not stuck with the adage that :"it's always been done like this." Do not trap yourself in old ways of thinking because then you will just be doing what everyone else is doing and competing in a red ocean.

The E.R.R.C Grid - Gather around and brainstorm ideas

Let's look at how created a whole new line of shoe that no one else in the industry offered. We'll take a look at how their analysis of the elements in the ERRC grid helped them create a unique shoe and resulting brand.

This case study will give you great ideas and a framework

How Croc's created a whole new market - Can you do something similar?

A great concept and approach that can change the way you do business. What can you do better than anybody else in your industry?

Analyze the little black box to discover how to be successful

Many businesses try to be like foxes. Ideally, they should be more like the dowdy hedgehog. Knowing how to do one thing but being great at it.

An analysis of companies that went from Good to Great showed that they all came to the realization that they could be great at doing one thing. They were more like hedgehogs than foxes.

Be more like a hedgehog rather than a fox

What are you passionate about? What drives your economic engine? And finally, what can you be the best at?

Once you figure this out, out together your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and work towards it like a hedgehog.

Work like a hedgehog and find your niche
Pillar Two - Team
13 Lectures 57:52

You can't go about it all alone. At some point, you will need to put a team together to help build and grow your startup into an enterprise.

The people in your business will be your most important asset. Just ask Walt Disney or the folks over at Google what they have to say about their people.

Introduction to team building

We begin by looking at you. Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Do you intend on leading or just offering your technical expertise?

Are you a leader or a boss - Evaluate yourself before taking the plunge

There are different levels of leaders in the business world. Without question, it has been shown that companies that have grown from good to great had a Level 5 leader at the helm.

Here we look at the characteristics of an effective leader. You may be surprised at what the research and real world has shown some of these traits to be. Do you possess any of them? Or more importantly, are you will to change and challenge yourself to be this type of leader?

Work towards being a Level 5 leader

Here is a simple test to determine the type of leader someone is (or the type of leader you would be). After watching this tutorial, look at leaders or owners/managers you may know and see what their approach is when they look in the mirror and out the window.

After watching this tutorial, you will learn a lot about some of the leaders you may know.

How to look in the mirror and out the window

Let's start building your team. Without a doubt one of the challenges I see a lot in the field relates to human resources and the team that companies have put together.

It's shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that those organizations that had a great team were much more successful than those that had 'people problems'

The importance of a great team and great culture

It's not just about having the right people on your team. It's also about making sure that they are in the right positions in your organization.

Hiring employees? Build culture by putting people in the right seats

When it comes to HR and people decisions, many organizations hesitate or take too long to make decisions. In this tutorial we look at some important people decisions that need to be made and acted upon.

Decision disciplines - Make people decisions instantly for improved performance

Are all the members of your team working within their strength zone? If not then you could be in some trouble.

People whose work emphasizes and zeros in on their strengths are more effective than those where weaknesses are tried to be improved.

Make sure everyone is working in their "strength zone"

How an employee was in the wrong seat - was moved, then thrived

How do I find someone strengths and talents? Doesn't that come after working with them for a long period of time? Fortunately, there is a tool and assessment that you can use with your existing team (or when hiring a new one) that gives you an accurate insight into the true strengths and talents of someone. Here we look at that tool.

How do I figure this all out? Is it even possible? ... Yes it is!

Why not make a day out of it? In this tutorial we look at an idea for team building and having everyone in your enterprise know their true strength and finding ways to build on them.

How to use the findings from the Strength Finder - Go on a retreat

It is amazing how accurate the Strength Finder assessment can be. In this tutorial I revisit a client example and show how the Strength Finder assessment pegged the strengths and hidden talents of a team member.

Strength Finder confirms the right bus seat

Completely change the way you conduct job interviews and make decisions regarding your next hire.

Use Strengths Finder in the hiring process to make the right people choices
Pillar Three - Customers & Market
14 Lectures 01:17:33

You now have an idea as to what your blue ocean strategy or hedgehog concept is. Now lets focus it down a little bit more and try to find your ideal customer and market. You may be surprised to see that amount of changes to your original ideas from Pillar 1.

As I send, it's best to write them down in pencil for this course until you have completed it.

Your Target Market & Ideal Customer

An example of a accountant who offered such a specialized niche that even his competitors were sending him business.

Target Market Example - Accountant for deceased taxpayers

Another example of a bookkeeper I helped grow her business into a specialized niche.

Target Market Example - Bookkeeper for contractors and tradespeople

Don't get caught making these mistakes and spending valuable time and resources trying to find something that you customers do not value.

Avoid these common mistakes that are meaningless to customers

Here we begin looking at a very important concept in the business realm ... the Unique Value Proposition. If you focus your efforts on created an effective UVP over meaningless slogans and mission statements, then you be more successful in the long run? Why? .. because this is what your customers/clients value.

Create your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Never focus on how great you are. Nobody cares ... most importantly your customers doesn't.

It's all about your customer. What does your company deliver that meets their needs? Solves their problem? That is where you focus should be.

Have it so customers brag about how great you are ... not you.

Example of companies that focus on what their customer values

In this tutorial I provide a simple formula that you can use to brainstorm and build your UVP. You'll notice that you will be putting yourself in your customer's shoes quite a bit for this tutorial and the rest of this course.

The UVP formula and offer construction

Are you doing the same thing everyone else in your industry is doing? Are you just a copy cat .. offering the same service, the same products and making the business killing mistake of competing on price?

Take a fresh look at your business. Now that you have the ideas of blue ocean, hedgehogs and your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) lets start looking at way you can make your product or service stand out. Let's make it "remarkable"

Don't be a copy cat, be a purple cow

If there is one thing I hate more than painting it's those dreaded paint cans. Let's look at how Dutch Boy was able to dig a little deeper into what their customers valued and created a "remarkable" paint can.

Dutch boy did and this is what they came up with

Here, we look at some great examples of UVP presented by companies on their websites. I can guarantee that after going through these examples, you may end up visiting these sites to find out more about their services ... and that's the point!

No slogans ... no missions statements .... just value.

Some great examples of UVP and Purple cow websites and businesses

It's time to start brainstorming and come up with your own products or services that you can serve your target customer with.

At this point, you may also wish to scroll down and watch the "Know Thy Customer" video tutorial in the Marketing Pillar module. That will provide you with some great insight into how to analyze your customer.

Brainstorm on some ideas to make your services & products "remarkable"

Let's look at how DollarShaveClub took a simple product like a razor blade and made it remarkable. Well, not the blade itself, but the service.

Also take note of the great marketing and copy in the company's website video commercial. You will understand what "copy" is in the next module.

How Dollar Shave Club took on the razor blade titans and won

You don't have to be a comedian to present your UVP. You can just be caring and genuine. Let's learn how Jenni created her own little artisan ice cream empire

You don't have to be funny, just genuine and offer something of value

I found this company in my city when my aging parents needed a new A/C during one of the worst heat waves in our city's history. I think you'll see why I chose this company and so many others make the same choice.

It doesn't have to be that difficult - A/C next day installation
Pillar Four - Marketing
10 Lectures 58:44

Don't make the mistake of settling for traditional advertising. Don't spend endless time and resources on logos and branding. Your customer doesn't care about these things.

Tap into the psychology of your target market with marketing strategies that been proven to work and effective.

Introduction to marketing and what we'll cover

If you master and abide by these 5 commandments, you will be a marketing master.

1. Know thy customer

2. Know thy calendar

3. Know thy competitors

4. Know thy partners

5. Know thy psychology

The 5 Commandments of marketing mastery

This could be the most valuable tutorial in this course. Don't make the mistake of thinking you know what your customer wants and values. Talk to them.

When you do have the opportunity to speak to them, ask them these four questions and watch/listen as they give you the blueprint for the perfect product or service.

Know your customer: Ask these questions to tap into your customers' psyche

Put your marketing on cruise control. Too many company's ignore marketing all together or cast it aside for what they feel is more important. If you prepare your marketing assets ahead of time, you won't have to fly by the seat of your pants in your marketing efforts.

Know your calendar: What to market and when

Not a lot of time is spent researching and getting to know what competitors in an industry have to offer. A lot of valuable insight and knowledge can be gained from this which can ultimately make your marketing more effective.

Know your competitors - What do they offer?

This marketing commandment alone can transform your business and the source of your referrals and leads. If you have laser-beam focus in your market, you will not only build a blue ocean and purple cow, but your competitors may send business your way as well.

Know your partners: Team up with competitors to skyrocket prospects and sales

Know thy psychology - Dig into their psyche and market directly to it

Now that you know what makes your potential customer tick, what they are looking for, what their pain and/or desires are, you need a system and way to market to them so that they buy your product or use your service. This tutorial shows you the common obstacles and hurdles that customers have when deciding to buy (or not to buy) products and services.

Psychology - You have to overcome obstacles and hurdles

Now that we know what your potential clients' objectives are, let's overcome those obstacles by putting together marketing material that directly helps answer those questions and overcome every possible objection. Let's look at the marketing assets you need to put together to formulate effective and actionable marketing campaigns.

Psychology - Results Oriented Marketing

Let's look at some ideas of copy and companies that didn't it right, and those that didn't. You'll see how Volkswagen's marketing in the 70's was more effective than it's modern day efforts.

Want to join a gym? You be the judge as to which ad grabs your attention.

How Volkswagen got it both right & wrong, and some other great examples
Pillar Five - Operations
11 Lectures 01:06:50
Operations are the key to a successful turn-key business

Operation manuals are the key to a turnkey operation, yet it is surprising to me how many businesses do without them. In this tutorial we examine the importance and usefulness

Never fly by the seat of your pants by having manuals and procedures

Let's bring our operations into the 21st century by using video and screen casting to put together awesome training material and a knowledge base.

Use screen casting and videos to build training resources

Why not put together a website for your employees that has everything they need to do their job (and a lot more) right at their fingertips. Save hours of time and thousands of dollars on training.

The benefits of creating a company intranet

There are huge benefits to finding a specialized niche over and above the important one of serving your target market. You will find that your operations will run more smoothly. It's much better to be a specialist to a few than a generalist to the many.

With a specialty, you can streamline your operations, hire and train staff quicker and easier and take a vacation whenever you want (I know you like that last one). From here on out, let's figure out how to do it.

The benefits to your operations of specializing in a niche

One of the best business books I ever read was one I purchased at an iconic bargain store in Toronto. It was written by the man who owned the store (and other successful businesses) himself.

Let's look at how Honest Ed formed a blue ocean, came to grips with his true hedgehog concept and made his restaurant a purple cow. You won't believe how he did it.

How a Canadian immigrant built an empire on an orange crate

How focused can you get? Just ask Honest Ed. Let's see how he fired a world famous chef and had his kitchen run by an 18 year old parking attendant instead.

Crazy? Yes.

Was he successful? Well, when you are packing a 2,600 seat restaurant every night to the tune of 1.2 million meals per year, you be the judge.

How focused can you get? Let's look at Ed's Warehouse to find out

What happens to your operations when you specialize? Well let's compare the job of Purchasing manager at Ed's Warehouse to a typical restaurant. There are valuable lessons to be learned here.

How Ed's specialized niche helped streamline his operations

When I discovered this tool formulated and created by Alexander Osterwalder, it changed the way I examined businesses forever. I think if you dig deep into it's methodology and incredible simplicity, it will do the same for your business.

Business plans are not effective. No one wants to work on a 30 page business plan, and not many people want to read one.

Business Model Canvas - 1 Page Operations Blueprint

The simplicity and elegance of the Business Model Canvas is astounding. It is divided into 9 components, all of which we have covered in this course.

Let's put it all together and focus on the operations side of the canvas for the remainder of this module.

The 9 Segments to the Business Model Canvas

Let's use our previous case study of Ed's Warehouse to see how the business model canvas comes together.

An example of the Business Model Canvas - Ed's Warehouse
Concluding remarks and advice
3 Lectures 12:24

I've given you the ingredients, now go out and prepare your master recipe for a great business.

You have all the ingredients - start building a better business plan

Now that we've competed the course content, let's help each other out! Why not help other students find ideas to build their enterprise ... help them find a blue ocean and build their UVP's?

Share your thoughts, questions, ideas and please, contribute to the forum and community. You never know, your "purple cow" can be out here somewhere. There is a potential gold mine in the minds of your fellow students.

I will pitch in as best I can.

Lets build a community of ideas. Let's all help each other out here!

Let's build a little community of ideas. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with the Udemy student community here. I'll jump in whenever I can with any ideas and guidance.

Thank You - Resources and further reading
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