Success Blueprint: Transform Your Life Via Mastermind Groups

Skyrocket Your Business Success, Motivation & Confidence Levels By Creating & Nurturing Your Own Powerful Mastermind
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About This Course

Published 10/2015 English

Course Description

  • Top Udemy Instructors with a combined Student base of 12,000, 12 Courses and over 450 Five Star Reviews
  • Course Launched October '15

They say you're the average of the first 10 people you surround yourself with. What if, during the past year, when talking about those 10 friends you could say that:

-4 members from the close group have launched Udemy businesses with one achieving 6-figures per year

-Another member quit their corporate career to launch an successful online business

-And outside of business, 2 members quit smoking and we've had dozens of conversations, some serious and some fun over a few drinks, that have taken us to new heights mentally that cannot be quantified.

These are just a few of the results that our Mastermind Group has had over the past year.

The Concept

A 'Mastermind' is a term created by Napoleon Hill upon analysing what hundreds of successful people had in common and realising that they all had specialists behind them which elevated their performance to the next level. It's comprised of a bunch of individuals who share the same values, objectives & vision and who work together in order for each to progress and reach their aspirations.

What about this course?

Having existed for over 3 years and throughout 5 events, this Mastermind Group has seen a lot of different situations. We'll take you from A to Z on how to create your very own Mastermind. It doesn't necessarily have to be business related - it can be about anything (relationships, hobbies, sports) as long as you all share the same values & core objectives.

Find out exactly how to:

  • Create & organise the Mastermind Group including how to add new members, deal with passive ones, communicate, set goals, find accountability buddies & much more
  • Prepare for the Mastermind Event, generate excitement around it, plan the activities & prepare life-changing workshops that will provide every member with immense value
  • Conduct the actual event flawlessly, learn from your mistakes & develop a better plan for the following event

Many more aspects are present, including the following bonuses:

  • Our mastermind email templates to immediately kickstart your mastermind creation process
  • Our mastermind schedule, Excel & PowerPoint templates so you can copy & paste the structure of our mind blowing events
  • Case Studies about the impact of our Group on our lives, Success stories and failures

The Guarantee

This course has a 30-day Money-back guarantee, but we're confident that you won't even consider it because of the tremendous value it offers. If you're not satisfied with the content, I'll jump on a 30 minute Skype call with you to assess your Mastermind Group perspectives or give you advice on how to organise your Group.

Take Action!

Being in a successful & engaging Mastermind has changed our lives for the better. We truly hope this course inspires you to take action & achieve your goals with the help of your tight-knit community. If that sounds like you, then take this course now and join us in the virtual classroom!

What are the requirements?

  • No Prior Knowledge Required, But A Thirst For Personal Development & Growth Is Preferable

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Join A Mastermind Group That Shares Their Values & Accelerate Their Success In Any Life-Related Aspect
  • Create A Mastermind Group Formed With Their Community Of 1 Percenters (1 Out Of 100 Connections That Will Take Them To The Next Level)
  • Plan An Entire Mastermind Event With The Group Members In A Remote Location Which Will Serve For Intense Personal Development And Relationships Creation
  • Flawlessly Execute The Event By Accounting For Anything That Can Go Wrong
  • Plan The Next Event In Due Time For Perfect Organisation
  • Communicate Effectively & On Different Channels Within The Group
  • Know How To Introduce New Members & How To Proceed With Passive Ones
  • Assigning Leadership Duties For Optimal Functioning Of The Group
  • Brainstorm & Select A Location For The Mastermind Event
  • How To Send The Group Emails So As To Ensure Maximum Excitement & Commitment
  • Prepare for & Conduct High-Quality Presentations During The Event Which Will Develop Each Member Of The Group
  • Ensure Proper Sharing Of Materials Used For The Event

Who is the target audience?

  • Especially Suitable For Anyone Who Is NOT Part Of An Organised Mastermind Group
  • Whoever Needs More Accountability, Motivation & Confidence, Whether It's In Business, Relationships Or Other Personal Life Aspects
  • Whoever Wants To Create A Framework With Their Friend/Connections That Will Accelerate Their Development In Their Chosen Areas Of Focus

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Introduction
Welcome To This Course!
Case Study: The History Of Our Semi-Annual Mastermind
Mastermind Roster - Your Instructors Introduction
Why You Should Strive For Paid 6-Figure Masterminds
Section 2: Building & Initiating Your Mastermind (MM) Group
Introduction To Building Your Mastermind Group
Building Your Community Of 1 Percenters
MM Inception: It All Starts With 2-4 Leaders
Mastermind Formality & Why It Matters
Understanding MM Attendee Profiles & Why They're Important
Getting Smart With Communication: Email Chains, WhatsApp And/Or Facebook?
Ensuring Active Participation Via Elimination Techniques
Action Time: Create Your Own Mastermind Group
Section 3: Active Participation & Growing Together
What To Consider When Inviting New Members
The Undesirables - How To Ensure Exclusivity
How To Set Goals & Establish A Vision
How To Get Accountability Buddies That Help You Achieve Your Goals
The Power Of Challenges
Ultimate MM Objective: Growing Together
Case Study: How This Mastermind Changed My Life
Action: Achieve Your Goals By Finding An Accountability Buddy
Section 4: Annual Event Preparation
Gathering Support From The Other Leaders
Ultimate Guide: Creating The Initial Email To Kickstart The MM Event
Email Samples For Mastermind Events
14 pages
How To Brainstorm A Location Of Inspiration
Quick Guide: Narrowing Down Location Suggestions
Warning: Don't Neglect This Important Aspect
Quick Guide - Significant Others: Should They Come Along?
Action Time: Organise Your Own MM Event
Section 5: Delivering Value & Making The Event Memorable
SuperCharge Your Mastermind With Presentation Sessions
5 Essential Steps To Creating The MM Presentations
Event Recording - What Technical Materials To Bring For Flawless Execution
Mastermind Highlights - The One Memorable Event
How To Share Guiding Materials Effectively
Section 6: Executing The Mastermind Event
Why Having Guest Speakers Can Supercharge Your Event
Stressing The Preparation Of Presenters & The #1 Rule - Timeliness
Start The Day Right - The Morning Dose Of Energy
Warning: Avoid Delays - Anything Can Go Wrong
Action Time: Ensure That Your Event Runs Perfectly
Section 7: Event Conclusion & Planning The Next One
Feedback & Debrief: When, Where & How?
Why You Should Start Planning The Next MM Event Straight Away
Important: Sharing Materials Post-Event
Success Stories - How This Mastermind Has Shaped All Of Us
Case Study: When Masterminds Can Fail, But Still Be A Valuable Experience
Concluding Thoughts

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Instructor Biography

Dragos Stefanescu, Founder at |15 Udemy Courses & 15,000+ Students

About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

  • Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job.
  • Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media
  • Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads
  • Conducted Workshops with Project Teams and Small Enterprises on the use of Twitter and LinkedIn
  • (2) Resume/CV & Interviewing

With 30+ Job applications, I have gained a deep understanding of the recruiting process

  • I have never failed to get an interview (phone or face-to-face) after submitting my Resume
  • Participated in over 20 Job Interviews & Assessment Centres
  • Worked for a leading Management Consulting firm in a highly competitive market
  • (3) Productivity
  • Heavy user of Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint. I completely rebuilt the spreadsheets inherited from one of my teams, reducing the monthly updating time by over half the time (a few business days)
  • Co-produced reports that were ultimately held by members of the Board of Directors in one of the Multinationals I worked in (using Excel & PowerPoint)
  • General productivity freak, I love technology and always look for ways to make it work for me

How I got here…

Until recently I never really envisioned myself starting my own business. In fact, it was quite the opposite - my dream was to work for a large Multinational/ Consulting company and enjoy the riches of the Corporate life…

I soon found myself in what I thought would be my "dream job" only to do work that wasn't at all fulfilling, spending hours every day commuting and paying enormous rent (almost half of my salary) in one of the largest cities in the world. I felt stuck, limited and didn't think much of my future prospects.

I look back now and find it funny how at our lowest points we make life-changing decisions. Since a few members of our Mastermind Group had launched online businesses, I decided I would give it a try. I made up my mind that whatever happened, I absolutely HAD to launch an online product before my birthday.

Within two months, I launched my first Udemy course.

One month later I decided to quit my job (to the utter amazement of my colleagues, managers, friends & family - they probably thought I was crazy) and never looked back since.

My Goal

What I aim for is simple: I want to get you real results in the fastest possible time. Whether it's improving your presence on Social Media, getting your dream job, improving your productivity or self-development, I want you to walk away from my courses with a sense of achievement.

The courses I create are structured in a step-by-step manner so that you can implement them straight away. They do require your effort & commitment, but if you do that I'm extremely confident you can get to the next level.

Ultimately, receiving a message from a satisfied student detailing how I've helped him or her is immensely gratifying, more so than any number of sales.

Get in touch!

If you're one of my students and you want to ask me a question, or you're just reading this now and think we might have something in common then post a discussion item on one of my courses - I'll be more than happy to answer & get to know you better!

Instructor Biography

Richard Korbut, Udemy Producer - Filming, Editing & Creative Direction

Richard Korbut owns a professional film & media company with a mission to transform the field of education through interactive learning based on engagement, step-by-step instruction and actionable material.

We work with passionate individuals seeking to add value to the world by:

  1. Creative Direction - Transforming boring content into captivating education
  2. Filming - Documenting the content in an engaging way
  3. Production - Top quality post-production to add pizazz to each course
  4. Marketing - Ensuring that the word is spread to the public & changes the lives of each and every student

We also serve clients ranging from filming & producing weddings & festivals to directing multi-location exotic documentaries.

Instructor Biography

Martin Georgiev, Entrepreneur, Rocket Scientist & Super-Connector

Martin is the person to whom people come in times of need. When they find problem with their life's vision, their motivation or their social connections.

Martin Georgiev is an Aerospace Engineer graduate from a World Top 100 university. Working in strategy consultancy with Booz&Co (now part of PwC) and his years of experiences in breakdance, kickboxing and travelling taught him what it takes to achieve real results.

Martin is here because his passion is to help people succeed, while having fun. For some of you that will be to achieve your personal & professional goals with an extra pinch of motivation. For others it might be connecting with that potential mentor who can bring you to another level. Or maybe you want explore the the basics of mindfulness and low-cost travelling.The one thing Martin can promise you is:

"I will over deliver and you will have fun while learning." - Martin

Furthermore, Martin's ability to effectively connect with successful people allowed him to always  mentored by the best. When he was breakdancing and kickboxing, his mentors were world champions. On udemy, he learned how to makeworld-class video courses under the guidance of Jimmy Naraine. If you want to be able to connect with successful people, Martin's strategies will help you. 

Instructor Biography

Samuel McCulloch, Professional Options Trader

I work as a professional options trader working for private clients. We use a short premium selling strategy selling Volatility.

I've been investigating what makes the world tick for my entire life. Money and philosophy are my two greatest passions. I've helped teach people around the world how to be successful in trading options and to take accountability with their life. I'm an avid reader of the classics, such as Plato, Aristotle, Nietzche and other major philosophers who have influenced modern though.

Instructor Biography

Tom Tarczy, Real Estate Professional | Musician | Traveler | Sportsman | Life Enthusiast

I am a Real Estate professional and investor based in London, with experience in both commercial and residential deals. Having previously worked in sales and consulting I seek to approach business from unconventional angles and I encourage all my partners to think outside of the box.

Knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the years have driven me to start helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.

Instructor Biography

Francisco Innecco, Commodity Markets and Import/Export

Francisco comes from a diverse multinational background and has always been professionally connected with the physicals commodities business. He is currently based in London working for a large trading house. He has a true passion for the commodities industry in general and, more specifically, his focus is in the oil and oil products industry.

Francisco is a passionate polyglot, musician, and world traveler who is always open about learning new things and enriching his knowledge in that which he is passionate about.

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