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Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

An in-depth training of Excel for busy professionals who use Excel a lot at work.
4.2 (294 ratings)
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6,340 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2016
  • 10.5 hours on-demand video
  • 9 Supplemental Resources
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**** Important Notice *********************************

This course took me months to build and I used to charge as high as $250 for it. I am making it free for now because of issue with receiving my Udemy revenue (Paypal and bank issue). 

Ironically, the people who paid for the course gave higher rating than those who didn't pay. Unfortunately, Udemy penalises courses (makes them no longer show up in search results) that are free but rated below 4.1. This will deny people who will benefit from the course from accessing it. Please don't enroll for it if you don't need it and if you feel it's not for you or have suggestions, contact me rather than leaving damaging rating. You can also skip around to aspects that are of interest/value to you. Thanks.


Microsoft Excel is the world's most used and versatile business analysis, reporting and strategy software. Having a deep practical knowledge of Excel will turn you almost superhuman at work and increase your productivity. You will be seen as a very efficient, highly competent and indispensable partner in the organization's progress. And, hopefully, it will lead to a much greater career role and opportunity for you.

This training is going to focus on making you highly proficient in the use of Excel for business data analysis and reporting the professional way. And most of this would be achieved through lots of samples that will be similar to what you'll need at work.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed mainly for business professionals who use Excel a lot at work. It is built entirely out of my experience teaching over 500 business professionals over the course of two years on Excel, business data analysis and VBA. It focuses on giving you business productivity improving Excel skill and tips using practice files I built to mirror Excel consulting jobs I have done for companies. The course is best suited for people who currently used Excel at work and will benefit from improved Excel skills for reporting, presentation and analysis.
  • However, if you seldom use Excel and just want a certificate in Excel for CV purpose, you will find it hard to put in the commitment required to finish this training. You should consider the Microsoft MOS training as it is more ideal for CV building.
  • This course is also not for people who want to learn business data analysis but not with Excel. The entire course is Excel based.
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What Will I Learn?
Constantly being updated with new content and covering more areas of business data analysis.
Be more productive and creative in their use of Microsoft Excel for business and reporting
Become proficient in using PivotTables for analyzing a large data
Become proficient in the use of VLOOKUP, HLOOK, LOOKUP to get last item, INDEX and MATCH to make automated dynamic dashboarts/reports.
Learn how to use Sorting in more advanced ways: multi-level sorting, sorting left to right.
Learn how to create professional and great looking charts in Excel and understand when to use a particular chart type.
Learn creative uses of Excel and a lot of keyboard shortcuts that saves analysis time
Be introduced to Excel VBA, shown how to create a macro by clicking a particular button twice.
Make a sample Excel VBA userform that gets data from user and input into a table in Excel
Learn Power BI and other new interesting business data analysis tools by Microsoft
View Curriculum
  • The training is constantly being updated with new interesting content. The goal is to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date business data analysis with Excel course.
  • The training requires having Excel 2010 and above. Excel 2007 will also work but you won't be able to practice the PowerPivot example.
  • You also must be ready to practice every topic covered as there are companion practice along Excel files for every topic.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 52 Lectures Collapse All 52 Lectures 10:26:19
1 Lecture 06:49

This first lecture is an introduction to the course and also introduces me, the trainer.

Introducing the trainer and the course
Data Manipulation in Excel and setting the foundation.
7 Lectures 41:01

Excel recognizes only four data types. Anything you type into Excel will fall under one of these data types. In this lecture we will set some of the foundation knowledge you will need to work productively in Excel.

How Excel handles different data types

This builds up on the knowledge established in Lecture 2. Excel is different from the other software in the Microsoft Office suite and has its own special set of guidelines to make the most of it. We will be going into those general rules you need to master to be very proficient in the use of Excel for business purposes.

Data consistency, starting with the end in view

Almost everything you enter in Excel -- reports, raw data -- are in table format. However there are some special types that I refer to as datatable. In this lecture I will explain what they are and why they need to be handled differently.

Building Datasheets that can scale

I will introduce you to sorting in Excel. Talk about the recommended way to sort. Do examples that cover the usual top to bottom sorting, then the left to right sorting, and cascaded sorting.


I will show via a relevant example how to do filtering and the benefits.


I will cover removing duplicates, text-to-column, subtotal and data validation.

Data Cleaning

I'll show you how to use the "Format as Table" tool. Also how to set up your Excel sheet for printing. And finally how to put some of your analysis/report directly in the body of an email.

Data Formatting
1 Lecture 12:58

I'll show you the most commonly used charts. Explaining when to use each and how to create them. The main charts covered are Column chart, Bar chart, Pie Chart, Combo chart and Sparkline.

Creative Excel Use and Tips
6 Lectures 01:15:03

I'll show you some creative uses of Excel.

Creative Excel Features part 1

I'll show you some creative uses of Excel.

Creative Excel Features part 2

I'll show you more creative uses of Excel

Specials -- Creative Excel Use part 1

I'll show you more creative uses of Excel

Specials -- Creative Excel Use part 2

I'll show you my favourite Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Special Video -- Excel Keyboard Shortcuts part 1

Special Video -- Excel Keyboard Shortcuts part 2
Business Data Analysis
18 Lectures 04:01:35

I'll demystify the PivotTable for you with an interesting easy to follow example. I will also teach you how to insert a PivotChart and work with PowerPivot.

Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot

I'll show you how to use mail merge feature of Microsoft Word in conjuction with Excel and Outlook.

Mail Merge

This is one of the core lectures in the training course. It covers linking sheets, duplicating sheets, freezing panes, splitting windows and conditional formatting.

Business Data Analysis, part 1

Business Data Analysis, part 2

Business Data Analysis, part 3

This covers VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH. It is another core lecture in this training.

Business Data Analysis, part 4

I'll be showing you how to make sales (or any other metric) forecast using the new forecast tool in Excel 2016. Don't forget to download the practice along file.

Forecasting using Excel 2016 Forecast tool

This is a lecture to show you a creative use of PivotTable for a dynamic analysis.

Data Visualization - part 1

Data Visualization - part 2

I'll explain to you some important tips to remember in making business reports and presentation data from Excel.

Excel Reports And Presentation

I teach you the benefits and how to create a named range. I'll also cover Goal Seek and Scenario Manager.

NamedRange, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager - part 1

NamedRange, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager - part 2

I'll show you how to protect a worksheet, a workbook structure and the Excel file.


I'll show you a creative use of the Excel web query.

Excel Web Query

This is another core lecture. I'll cover the power Excel functions: IF, SUM, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, LEFT, RIGHT, MID and many others.

Power Excel Functions - part 1

Power Excel Functions - part 2

Power Excel Functions - part 3

Update to the Power Excel Function List. I've included SUMPRODUCT as it is a very powerful function and can be creatively used to set up a neat template.

I explained in-depth its use for simple calculations and complex calculations.

Power Excel Function - SUMPRODUCT
Live Session on Advanced Filtering, Custom List, Data Validation, Charts...
6 Lectures 01:21:35
Live Session - Part 1 Covering Advanced Filtering in-depth

Live Session - Part 2 Covering Custom Lists and Data Validation

Live Session - Part 3 Covering Dynamic Charts

Live Session - Part 4 Covering Conditional Formating and New Excel Formulas

Live Session - Part 5 Covering New Excel Charts and Intro to Infographics

Live Session - Part 6 Covering Questions and Answers
Power BI
3 Lectures 27:45

Setting up a Power BI account, installing the Power BI desktop and taking you through a sample interesting project.

Power BI part 1

Continuation of the sample project in part 1.

Power BI part 2

Power BI part 3
Excel VBA
3 Lectures 41:33

I'll introduce you to creating Excel macros just by pressing a button twice. Excel macros are that easy!

Excel Macros

We will dive in deeper into Excel Macros by creating an interactive form for a user to enter in data into a table in Excel. It's a very interesting example you will definitely find more use for.

Userform and more Macros - part 1

Userform and more Macros - part 2
Difference Between Data Analysis, Business Analysis, BI and Big Data
4 Lectures 43:25
Data Analysis vs Business Analysis vs Business Intelligence vs Big Data part_1

Data Analysis vs Business Analysis vs Business Intelligence vs Big Data part_2

Data Analysis vs Business Analysis vs Business Intelligence vs Big Data part_3

Data Analysis vs Business Analysis vs Business Intelligence vs Big Data part_4
Demonstration of Pivot Table vs Power Pivot vs Power BI
3 Lectures 54:35
Pivot Table vs Power Pivot vs Power BI part 1

Pivot Table vs Power Pivot vs Power BI part 2

Pivot Table vs Power Pivot vs Power BI part 3
About the Instructor
4.2 Average rating
290 Reviews
6,340 Students
1 Course
Microsoft Excel MVP & Business Data Analysis Consultant

Michael is the founder and lead consultant for UrBizEdge, a Microsoft Excel and business data analysis consulting firm. He began his professional career as a Radio Access (RA) Engineer for Nokia Siemens Networks, then as a Business Analyst and MIS Analyst for Comviva -- Airtel Africa CRBT operations in 10 countries, and finally as a Service Delivery Lead and Performance Analyst for 21st Century Technologies before resigning to build his own company.

He is addicted to Microsoft Excel, VBA programming and web app development. He loves blogging daily and loves helping people with their Microsoft Excel issues.

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