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  • Beginners Ruby Programming Training - No Experience Required by Infinite Skills

    147 Reviews
    A Ruby Programming Course Training Video. Learn Real-World Programming Techniques At Your Own Pace.

    What You'll Get:

    In this Ruby training course, Infinite Skills teaches you the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language. Ruby was designed to be more powerful that Perl, and more object-oriented than Python, and has gained in popularity due to its power and ease of use. Mike will show you the basic functions and features of Ruby, and how to put them together to create powerful programs.

    You will start with lessons for installing Ruby on either your Mac or PC, and how to run simple programs. This Ruby training video is designed for the absolute beginner, and no prior programming experience is necessary. Some of the topics the course covers in this video training are; working with data and variables, operators and expressions, decision making (if and case statements), loops, methods and functions and object-oriented programming. You will also learn about exception handling, reading and writing files, and working with the Ruby debugger.

    In completing this computer based training course for Ruby programming, you will have a solid foundation to allow you to start creating programs using Ruby. From this starting point, you can move on to work with Ruby on Rails, or continue to hand-code your Ruby programs, but either way you will have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language. Working files are included for both courses, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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  • HTML Tutorial: HTML & CSS for Beginners by LearnToProgram, Inc.

    224 Reviews
    Learn HTML and CSS (with HTML5) from master trainer, Mark Lassoff - No experience required. Certification Available.

    What You'll Get:

    This course includes over 83 lectures and 8 hours of content!

    There isn't a web site out there-- whether it be WhiteHouse.gov, IBM.com or the site for your local high school-- that isn't written in HTML. If you do any level of web development-- from editing pages on a Wordpress site to designing original pages from scratch, understanding and being able to code in HTML and CSS can give you a level of control, and power over your designs that you've never experienced before. This course helps you learn the html and css you need to know now (versions 4.01 and XHTML) as well as prepares you for the future with coverage of HTML5.

    In this course, designed, authored and hosted by master trainer Mark Lassoff, you will learn HTML and CSS, including everything you need to create a creative, quality and sound web site. Almost four hours of video instruction in punctuated lab exercises where you apply the very skills taught in the course. With an instructor available to answer your questions, and course with both wide coverage of HTML and CSS topics and deep discussion of those topics, there is no better or faster way to learn HTML and CSS for Beginners!

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  • Learn Python, it's CAKE (Beginners) by Jay Elbourne

    786 Reviews
    Python training for beginners who would like to write programs but don't have a clue how to write python code.

    What You'll Get:

    This course has over 42 lectures and 7 hours of content!

    Computer Programming is Hard!

    Or Is IT?

    Learn Python In Under 10 Hours of Video Time

    Today I am releasing the SECRETS. This python training course makes learning Python Programming CAKE. No Stiff Professor speaking to you from a carefully typed up script. This course is real, relevant, and the truth. The everyday person teaching the everyday person. Just like long time friends working together. Beginners will find this python course to be easy to get along with!

    We will cover the important stuff with RECORDED Videos and we will work as a team with the Live Streaming Work Sessions!

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  • Learning MySQL5 - An Easy Way To Master MySQL by Infinite Skills

    68 Reviews
    Learn MySQL 5 With This Hands-On Tutorial Course. Comes Complete With Verifiable Certification of Completion

    What You'll Get:

    This course has over 91 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!

    A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.

    MySQL is the world's most popular relational database solution used in businesses and independent projects, with thousands of new developers and users coming on board every day. Because it continues to evolve and integrate into the biggest technologies on the web, there has never been a better time to learn, and this hands-on MySQL 5 tutorial course makes it easy. With a step-by-step approach tailored for beginners, course author Jason Gilmore introduces the fundamental concepts underlying relational databases and helps you learn how to build your own functional database and manage it using standard techniques and tools. You'll get 91 lessons taking you from MySQL installation and configuration through learning and using different data types, retrieving and filtering data, working with functions, performing backup and security tasks and more. No prior experience is needed. Matching work files are included so that you can follow the course point by point through the development process.

    What You Will Learn

    - The basic building blocks of relational databases and how they apply, including strings, numerical data types, primary and foreign keys, functions and queries.
    - How to install and set up a usable MySQL server on Windows.
    - How to access, modify and manage your data within a MySQL database.
    - How to use relational databases to solve problems in business and software or web development.

    Who Should Take This Course

    - Anyone who wants to learn to create functional, flexible databases for archival, organization or software development purposes.
    - Users moving from software-centered solutions such as Microsoft Access or FileMaker looking for a greater degree of control.
    - Anyone who wants to increase their employment or promotion prospects by learning a current, relevant technology standard.

    What People Are Saying

    "I thought MySQL was over my head...the books I'd bought didn't help but these videos have already made a huge difference in what I can do."
    - Darrel Nixa

    "Jason is awesome as a teacher, and I can't say enough how helpful having the files were in following along."- Rachel Black

    "The section on optimization is where it really came together for me...there's some serious power here if you've got a lot of data to work with."
    - Tom Leippi

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  • PHP Punch in the Face by Jesse Boyer

    92 Reviews
    Get punched in the face with PHP. Cover the basics, create a re-usable database class, and build your first application!

    What You'll Get:

    This course has over 53 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!

    So you don't know PHP but want to? This Learn PHP Online course takes you from a complete newbieto an intermediate programmer. I'll walk you through the language basics and teach you to the most obvious thing you'll want to do: Build a Database Driven Project. This Learn PHP Online course should take no more than 2 weeks to finish.

    You should take this PHP For Absolute Beginners course because one language can open the door to opportunity, hobbies, and new languages. Studying programming was one of the best choices I made in life.

    Take this ultimate PHP For Absolute Beginners course right now and learn PHP online.

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  • AJAX Development by LearnToProgram, Inc.

    88 Reviews
    Create Elegant, Powerful Web and Mobile Applications Using AJAX.

    What You'll Get:

    This course includes over 41 lectures and 5 hours of content!

    You learned a little Javascript,  but you still look at sites with slick, smooth elegant user interfaces and wonder:  How DO they do that.  Here's a secret-- The answer is AJAX.  Asynchronous Javascript and XML.  If you want to make pages on your web application respond quickly, and with a minimum of screen refreshes, this IS the technology to learn.

    With a little Javascript knowlege you can use AJAX to take database information and store, alter, sort and conditionally format it all on the client side.  This minimizes the load on your sever and makes your applications respond quickly and without reloading the HTML page.  AJAX comminicates wth the server behind the scenes while your user continues to use your web site, accessing the information they want.

    In this course master trainer Mark Lassoff takes you through the basics of AJAX righ to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services.  This couse is recommended for all web developers who want to improve their client side skills, and make killer responsive web applications.

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  • Servlets and JSPs Tutorial: Learn Web Applications With Java by John Purcell

    581 Reviews
    Learn how to create dynamic websites using the Java programming language with this java web application tutorial

    What You'll Get:

    This course includes over 63 lectures and 10 hours of content!

    Learn how to create dynamic websites using the Java programming language with this java web application tutorial. In this Java web application tutorial I'll show you how to create dynamic websites using the core technologies of Java web programming. If you want to create your own interactive websites, if you know some Java and you want to take your skills to the next level, or if you want hot skills for the job marketplace, this Java web application tutorial course is for you.

    In this Java web application tutorial course you'll learn how to:

    • Leverage the power of Java to create dynamic websites
    • Deploy your applications for free on the Internet
    • Use and understand core server-side Java web technologies

    I'll show you how to take your basic Java knowledge and use it to create websites using the same technologies (servlets, JSPs and JSTL) that everyone from self-employed web developers to huge corporations use to create modern interactive web sites.

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  • Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django, and More. by Justin Mitchel

    509 Reviews
    A Programming Class for Non-Technical Founder(s). Learn Django- the #1 Python Frameworks, APIs, HTML, CSS, + Payments.

    What You'll Get:

    This course has over 82 lectures and 7 hours of content!

    "Only if I could program..." It's a story a lot of us tell, I know I did. You've decided you want to learn and you got some advice from a friend on where to start. Instead of picking a technology you jumped around maybe choosing PHP or Javascript or Ruby or iOS or JQuery or Java or C++ or C# or R or... 

    Fact is, you need just need to understand one language. So pick one and move forward with it.  

    This class you will learn DjangoPythonHTML , & CSS.   

    Python is AWESOME for beginners because it resembles English. Python uses special characters very sparingly... characters like ....  ; * & % @ 

    How this class works: Project-Based Learning

    That means, I build it for real, you copy what I do to build it for real a long side of me and your classmates. Very little theoryFor Real? For real means a ready to roll, live project, that can be actually used in real life. For real. 

    You will learn the basics better by seeing them in action in a real project. The point of this class is to teach you real projects that you can actually use in real life. 

    Project #1: Building an eCommerce site. This project will take you at least 4 hours to watch with me... but it won't stop there. You will use these videos as reference when you actually build it yourself. 

    Project #2: Launch a Landing Page for your project. In this project you will learn how to build a landing page from scratch so you can collect DATA through a FORM. You will deploy this to a live server, and be ready to test REAL ideas once you're done. 

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