"Built To Thrive" Maintaining a Fit Body In a Busy World
4.7 (5 ratings)
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123 students enrolled
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"Built To Thrive" Maintaining a Fit Body In a Busy World

Create a body & life that you love. No longer allow the ups & downs of life to rob you of your health & wellbeing.
4.7 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
123 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to create and actually implement a diet and exercise routine that works for your busy life. You will have all of the tools to execute it effortlessly for a lifetime.
  • Discover hidden psychological and physical obstacles that hinder us from taking action consistently around some things like we know we should. Uncover how to overcome them as well.
  • Participants will be able to start just about any eating regimen or exercise program and finally stick to it for the longhaul. Participants will discover what it takes to make fitness and nutrition a fun struggle free part of life.
  • Consistently overcome procrastination and take continuous progressive action in areas of life that have been historically challenging.
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  • Bring a pen and pad to each session
  • Bring an open mind & be ready to expand your personal knoledgebase
  • Make sure to do the action sheets they change information to action. Action creates results!
  • Patience with yourself and the process.

Most of us are pretty smart and successful people in life. We read, we work hard, and strive to make progress in our lives as we see fit. With all of that being true for whatever reason we simply can't stick to implementing a healthy exercise and nutrition plan for any extended length of time. There are just so many starts and stops that it is demoralizing. 65% of the population in America is over fat. More than half of that number is obese. We pay the price of being busy and ambitious with our waistlines. We settle for not enjoying the level of fitness & health that we desire. We have less energy, foggy thinking, lower vitality, and have become open to so many chronic physical ailments and diseases.

Many of us lose motivation after a few days or weeks around fitness? You start out with the best intentions and then you get busy with life and before you even know it you have fallen off of the exercise bandwagon. You are back to eating whatever junk is convenient and the pounds are packed back on. The worst part of all is that once again we are a few pounds heavier and softer than before? Your energy is not as high as it should be? The mirror is not showing you the reflection that you want to see and you know that if you could just master consistency with your fitness efforts you you would be a lot closer to being that better version of you that you know deep down is inside. You'd be a better human, a better father or mother, better employee or CEO, you'd just feel better period know that you are realizing a higher potential. You are smart enough to know that a healthier body and mind favorably impacts all that you do.

"Built To Thrive Maintaining a Fit Body In Busy World" is the right course for you If you want to discover why fitness is an area of struggle for yourself or for so many others around the globe. It teaches people how to unlock the inner ability laying dormant in us all to make fitness and other areas of struggle that yield great reward stick as a priority that gets done consistently.

This course outlines the practical and psychological steps that can be quickly learned and implemented (in a matter of 5 weeks or less.) toward mastering internal motivation that us humans need in order to eat & exercise the way that we know that we should. "Built To Thrive" bridges that gap between knowing what to do and actually getting it done. There is a focus on who we are becoming on the inside both in our hearts and in between our heads.

"Built To Thrive" uniquely teaches students on a deeper level. This course uncovers the thinking, doing and being that makes some people able to exercise & eat healthily without fail. It also uncovers why others struggle and how to rewire the brain for fitness success. Simultaneous fitness/nutrition instruction are paired with personal development tools seamlessly in short videos. They are combined with action modules at the end of each module for you to physically implement what was taught. The smart approach of training the mind, adding knowledge, and working the body simultaneously is what makes this work.

Let's face it we all intellectually know what to do when it comes to fitness. Staying the course and maintaining the motivation is the most common problem. Making fitness a priority is the underlining problem that makes us fail with fitness efforts. "Built To Thrive" was designed by Andre Farnell to de mystify how people take charge of their fitness and nutrition in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable.

Fitness is the tangible form of personal development & is marketed and perceived in a way that sets so many up for failure . We are programmed to believe that we are one diet away or one cool exercise program away from realizing our best bodies in the mirror and adding to the quality of our lives. It is time for us all to see past the charade. We believe that "If we can just find the time", or if "I just get myself together and..." or "If I could just get this food thing under control" "If I had a personal trainer I would be fine". In the meantime pounds are being packed on & energy is drained.

The course starts with a simple call to action to get things going.

* We uncover the true source of fitness motivation.

* We take a look at what is really stopping most humans from enjoying fitness success.

* We teach how to discard the old stories about fitness and failure the spark new motivation.

* Create a great plan of action that fits life and is very implementable and fluid.

* We uncover how to keep it going, no matter what happens in life.

"Built To Thrive" prepares you for embracing fitness & maintaining your best body when the demands of life hit you. You'll embrace fitness & nutrition in a way that the majority in the fitness industry won't teach you. With this course I may be putting myself out of a job. You will have the power to see success & results with just about any exercise or nutrition program that you decide to follow. Learn it, live it, & realize success.

By mastering the psychology, mindset & the physical mechanics of fitness and nutrition simultaneously you'll not only be able to get you or anyone into the best shape of life but the principals in this course transfer to all areas of life. Many of the principals that are outlined in this course I have used personally to evolve myself from an unwanted foster child bouncing from home to home & being abused while raising my younger brother, to becoming an internationally recognized and award winning fitness expert that has helped multiple thousands of people to transform their lives.

"Built To Thrive" Maintaining a Fit Body In A Busy World creates better parents, employees, students, lovers, and people who once more fit and healthy enjoy peace of mind and an expanded quality of life. Learn to tap into being the very best version of you indefinitely this time. Leave a legacy worthy of you. Most fitness regimens don't address the kind of physical training, internal motivation, & mindset training that it takes to truly make fitness happen in the busy information overload climate. "Built To Thrive"Maintaining A Fit Body In A Busy World does.

Information has been pulled from working with the bodies and minds of thousands of clients, celebrities, executives, soldiers, athletes & every day people that have permanently changed their lives. Years of study around human ontology, behavioral science, exercise physiology, psychology,nutrition,& the personal experiences of an eighteen yr award winning fitness professional have also contributed to this course. Creating consistency & adherence to fitness goals is the core competency.

Before reaping the visible rewards in the mirror or lasting health and fitness results they must master consistency and intrinsic motivation around exercise & nutrition for the long haul. The mental foundation must be laid properly and linked to our purpose & "what truly moves us" before one can purposefully build the body, burn the fat, build the muscle, live healthier & abundantly enough to WIN!

"Fitness is not a lifestyle it is an integral part of living an amazing one."~Andre Farnell

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4 Weeks of activities 2+ hrs of content 5 downloadable powerful worksheets. Back pocket workout Access to Andre Farnell via discussion here & on social media Twitter: @AndreFarnell #BuiltToThrive Facebook: BetterBodyExpert FREE access to my "45 Healthy, Tasty and Rapid recipes" ebook on request.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for people who realize that they have had some issues with making fitness a continual habit.
  • This course is also meant for people who have gained and lost the same weight for an extended period of time. It will teach the basics of exercise nutrition and successfully making behavioral changes. This course is not for people who are looking for another new workout to do or diet to try out.
  • People interested in learning new information from an experienced expert, & those who invest in their own personal development will benefit greatly from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Getting REAL
5 Lectures 23:49

Andre speaks to the words placed after the words "I Am" and how they hinder consistency or enhance capabilities and energy.

Preview 04:41

Make sure to complete this action sheet!!

Doing What It Takes.

Action Challenge
Making A Fresh Start.
4 Lectures 20:36
The 50-30-20 Rule A Secret That The Fitness Industry Won't tell You

Coming Back Strong After You Fall Off Of The Wagon

The Real Roadblock To Fitness Success

This brings it all Home!

Section 2 Action Challenge
Secrets To Exercise Consistency... Exposed!
5 Lectures 30:30
Your Greatest Teachers Along The Way

Cutting Through The BS & Finding What Works.

The Fuel To Keep You Going

Make sure you do the attached Action sheet!

Never Being "too busy" To Exercise Again.

Action Challenge
Eating Smart & Feeling Great!
5 Lectures 39:44
The Recap

-Making Nutrition Work For You Not Against You

Nutritional Pitfalls To Avoid.

Diet Selection & Guidelines

This Can Hamper Your Results In The Mirror Even If You Eat & Exercise Properly.
The Secrets To Maintaining Lifelong Fitness Success
6 Lectures 38:57
Final Section intro

Talking The Best Physical Version Of You Into Existence.

Your 6 Mental Super Powers That Guard ALL Success

Staying the Course This TIme... For A Lifetime.

What Makes Consistent Fitness Efforts & Results Possible.

Make sure to download the summary here it has some awesome reminders.

10 Powerful Perceptions & Practices that make fitness stick.
About the Instructor
Designation Andre Farnell
4.7 Average rating
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123 Students
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Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur, Author/Speaker

Andre Farnell, CSCS, HFS is one of the leading health & fitness/ Personal development experts in the world with over 19 years of creating lasting personal fitness experiences and transformations for others. He is also an entrepreneur & lover of humanity. Andre is the owner of Better Body Expert LLC global fitness coaching & consulting company that specializes in helping busy and successful individuals and groups master the thinking, doing, & being of fitness. His company bridges the gap between knowing what to do to be fit & actually doing it consistently. He sees fitness as a powerful tool for personal discovery, development, & a self-mastery tool that can support all areas of life & business. Andre has worked with US Army troops (earning a Batallion Coin for physical training instruction), CEO's, executives, celebrities and everyday people across the globe. He is the expert at helping clients master the inner (thinking) game of fitness thus transforming it from a daunting chore to a productive lifetime habit. Andre has melded behavioral science, human ontology, psychology, exercise physiology, personal experiences, unique spiritual & physical exercise programming into the Better Body Method™. Andre has been able to take himself from foster child raising his younger brother bouncing from home to home to being regarded as one of the best fitness experts in the world. He is the innovator behind Better Body In A Box™ Workout card series. His ideas, philosophy & training methods have been featured in INC magazine, Women's Health Magazine, MSNBC , Shape Magazine, Livestrong & many fitness publications print & online. Andre has been awarded by the American Heart Association as a Heart Saver, featured on MTV, OPEN Channel 67, Black Enterprise TV, TV1, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Sine and in numerous blogs, he is also the owner of the Better Body Expert TV You Tube channel. Dre' has penned a Book titled "The Fitness Blueprint" currently available on Amazon and most major online book dealers and has competed his first full length book "F Fitness" which addresses the underlying reasons that most fail at sustaining fitness efforts and offers powerful guidance & distinctions that add purpose & power to all areas of life. He supports Make-A-Wish Foundation and speaks for schools to help positively impact children around fitness and empowerment and exceptional living.