Building Successful Online Sales Funnels

Selling Trust Instead of Products - The New Art of Social Media Marketing
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About This Course

Published 3/2016 English

Course Description

The concept of the sales funnel is that you are focusing your energies on bringing people to your website so that you can provide them with some information to gain initial trust. This being achieved, you try to capture their e-mail addresses thus giving you a way to contact them in return. Once connected, they can then get to know you over time, begin to trust you further, and then they may buy from you once at least but hopefully more than once. If they really like you, they will also then begin to help promote or evangelize you to others thus helping you grow your business.

In the real world of today, this singular funnel concept depiction does not fully reflect what is now possible on the Internet and how the actual sales funnel concept truly works in implementation.

In this course, I will introduce you to the concept of multiple focal points for online leads capture and numerous sales paths driving to sales down multiple sales channels. You can have many of them in your online business. In fact, the more focal points you can create out there, the more sales channels you create, the more your social presence increases online, the more organic search engines such as Google will find you, the more opportunities will arise for you to cross sell, the more contacts with people you will make, the more sales you will obtain and the more revenue you will ultimately generate. That’s how it really works.

Through these lectures, you will learn a number of strategies to build your “sales funnels” – plural. They may have different focal points and different paths to achieving results, but they do all lead to the same point in the end; and that is getting customers to subscribe to you, to then purchase your products and to then become your evangelists helping you to promote your business and products.

So join me as I show you how you can make money online through the multiple sales funnels you will be creating in your business.

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have some familiarity with social media networking sites
  • Students should be wanting to sell products and/or services online
  • Students should have at least a basic understanding of how YouTube works and how to upload a video to it

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Obtain more subscribers and prospects for their online business ventures
  • Be more effective at growing an online business and earning more revenue from it
  • Use new methods online to attract more prospects and close deals with them
  • Learn how to make money online cost-effectively - even without having to build a website
  • learn how to get maximum value out of e-mail and auto-responder systems
  • Learn how to use podcasts effectively as a Lead Capture tool and how to increase sales through the use of webinars
  • Learn how building online training courses can earn you additional business revenue and also quickly expand your prospect base

Who is the target audience?

  • If you are desiring to make money online from some form of entrepreneurial venture, this course will be useful to you
  • if you wish to learn new strategies and tips to gaining subscribers and/or prospects online, take this course
  • If you want to learn how to close business online with people who have expressed an initial interest in you, take this course

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Top of the Funnel - Where Are the People We Wish to Attract?

This lecture introduces and provides an overview to the course and also to my qualifications with respect to delivering this course to you. I hoe you enjoy and get good value from it. Best wishes, - Dan


This lecture in addition to teaching the basic concepts of the sales funnel business model, also teaches the realities of how they are physically deployed to generate revenues online today. The conceptual model is simple, but today's physical implementations of it online due to the opportunities or "focal points" you now have available to you to sell on the Internet, distort the conceptual model somewhat. Watch the lecture to fully understand the new business paradigms that are causing new opportunities and changes to the sales funnel model on deployment.


This lecture discusses some business realities with respect to trends in the behavior of consumers and why traditional advertising methods used by corporations are showing reduced levels of success. It goes further to document where people really are, what they are watching and consuming, and my thoughts on how corporations need to modify their advertising strategies in order to reach the new consumer. It also discusses for the investor, tips on what to look for for in a corporation and how to look for it when thinking about investing in a corporation. Well worth the view for all serious investors and online marketers...


Traditional advertising is no longer giving corporations the same bang for the buck that it used to.This lecture discusses the changes that are occurring in the advertising industry and the coming to the fore of social media and online personalities becoming more the center piece for corporate advertising strategies.

Once you get your business into full operation, you will be building some form of a sales funnel for your enterprise that works to both attract people to you, and to turn them into customers and repeat customers. Here is an important set of tips for you to keep in mind as you build out this component of your new business venture.
Section 2: Sales Funnel 1: Using YouTube to Connect With Prospects

YouTube has become a great and economical advertising tool for corporations through to an individual's home business. Not using YouTube to do some of your advertising is often a large mistake - there are lots of worse ways to spend your advertising dollar!


You have started putting content out on YouTube now you are trying to get people interested in seeing it. This lecture provides you with a number of hints and tricks that you can utilize to get your content found and viewed.


This lecture provides you with a number of implementable strategies and ideas that will serve to help you attract traffic to your online sites - both paid and organic.


YouTube in and of itself does not earn you any money - they do not send you any payments at all as you put content on their platform. However, indirectly, you can make a lot of money online because of this content. This lecture discusses where and how YouTube videos can actually lead you to receive significant online incomes.


This lecture provides tips on how to complete the YouTube monetization process, how to operationally make the best use of your day, how to integrate your business systems with a goal of increasing your process automation so you have more free time to create more content, and how to build your online business relationships.


Did you know that the YouTube “Creator Studio” contains a very large library of royalty free music that you can create for your content creation projects?  In addition to this library, if you have a song you wish to use of your own, you can check it against the Google /YouTube song inventory to find out what rights you can obtain to use the music you desire as part of your content creation project.  It will let you know if you can use the music for a commercial video or for an un-monetized video only and what countries you can use it in – along with other relevant restrictions that may be relevant to your use of that music.

If you want to create a professional marketing presentation and be able to have it viewed by video, this lecture shows you how you can create this professional video using Microsoft PowerPoint. It will view with audio and any "animations" you wish to include. Just upload it to YouTube for viewing, send it to your customers or clients in an e-mail or use it in front of a client or prospect on a screen when presenting to him/her. Whatever your need, this strategy can add another level of professionalism and smoothness to your business.
Section 3: Sales Funnel 2: Using Udemy to Build Prospects and to Generate Sales Revenue

Another method of building prospects at the top of your sales funnel is through creating a free or cheap online course that will attract people. This can become your Lead page give-away gift and it can ultimately also be a revenue generating source for your business as well. Watch this lecture to see how this strategy can benefit you.


Everyone is marketing products and content on YouTube these days. Here is a strategy that will allow you to both capture leads for your messaging platform and auto-responder programs and at the same time, get you Udemy students that you can market to as well from within the Udemy platform.


The Udemy training platform does restrict the course instructor from marketing your other Internet assets (such as external site resident products and services). However, they do still allow you some latitude in getting the word out about your external sites. This lecture give the student more insights as to what can and can't be done to promote your external product and service offerings.


Udemy will do a lot of your course advertising for you but they then take a 50% cut of the price paid by the student. If you promote and get the student to purchase the course from your efforts though, you keep 97% of the sale amount - so this lecture is produced to give you some tips and strategies you can use to promote the courses yourself to increase your revenue share of your course sales.

Section 4: Using Lead Magnets, Lead Boxes and E-Mail Capture Pages to Capture Contacts
This lecture describes the various aspects contained within a messaging platform that you would build for your business and what their purposes would be. This includes sending e-mails, tracking opens and other relating message distribution statistics, managing messaging campaigns, and companies that should be looked at if you are looking to build in a messaging platform for your business.
Auto-Responders are critical for a successful business. Without them, you just won't have enough time in the day to get out the full range of correspondence you should be issuing to customers and potential customers so as to keep them happy and comfortable with their relationship with you. Auto-responders will help to ensure that correspondence gets out when it should and that your followers are regularly hearing from you so as to keep you in mind - which helps you to eventually sell products and services to them. Don't miss this one!
This is a very important lecture to get through. It provides the viewer with a large list of methods by which you can rapidly grow your e-mail subscribers. There are many ways to get subscribers online to become potential customers of your business and this lecture discusses some very good strategies in this regard that you can employ.

Many have heard about using Lead Capture pages to obtain e-mail subscribers. This lecture goes beyond that to provide actual tips and strategies for their effective use.

Section 5: In the Middle of the Funnel - Building and Maintaining Relationships

Audio podcasts are a great idea for building brand awareness but it is difficult to tie them into your other Internet assets to generate sales. This lecture shows you how you can improve the integration of your podcasts with your other assets so they can be used actively as Lead Capture mechanisms as well.


Customer retention is what it is all about. Learn how even you as a home based business can implement solid Customer Relationship Management techniques and strategies to maximize the retention of your viewers and followers so that when they are ready to buy something, they will still be there waiting to buy from you!


Webinars are a great way to bring people together and to generate sales of your products and services. View this video to learn which vendors provide the best Webinar products and also to get ideas as to how to find and attract participants to webinars you want to run.

Section 6: Closing Sales and Building Evangelists - The Art of Sustainability and Growth

This lecture describes things you can do to keep your customer close to you after the sale in the hope that they will purchase from you again or become evangelists for the the products and services you sell - to bring even more customers your way.


A good way to stabilize your baseline monthly income is through the use of a subscription model. This is also a great way to gain long-term customers and increase monthly online incomes. View this lecture to see if this strategy could work for your business as well.


A simple message yet powerful. Watch this video to get your motivational high for the day - it worked for me...

2 pages

Here are two pages of downloadable ideas for making money online. Use this as a checklist and implement what works for you and your business - there is some good food for thought in here - might even end up giving you a substantial income!

Bonus Lecture - Available Coupons for My Courses!

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Instructor Biography

Dan Grijzenhout, 35+ Years of Consulting and Entrepreneurial Expertise!

About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, Dan has been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. Dan has founded, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; he has been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for his work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and now works at writing and building training programs to share his years of experience with others interested in online entrepreneurship.

Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Authorship: During the past few years, Dan has focused nearly all his time and energy on designing and building online marketing systems and social media marketing platforms. In fact, Dan recently completed a two year project as the project manager and chief architect to build a marketing system used by several major airlines, travel agencies and Fortune Level manufacturing corporations. Dan has written, self-published and self-marketed five books now being sold through Amazon Kindle and Create Space; he has written and published over 40 published social media related training/learning articles, and has created over 100 training videos and knowledge enhancing video podcasts.

He has gained expertise in many online content creation tool-sets including the full suite of Adobe Creative tools and Adobe Dreamweaver for website development; video and audio editing software; 3rd party social media related website services and content creation partners; and most main-stream social communication platforms including Facebook and Facebook business pages, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, LinkedIn, Ezine Articles Publishing, Amazon-Kindle Book Publishing, Amazon Create Space and more. On these social media platforms, Dan has now amassed over 15,000 followers and subscribers and more are following him daily.

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