The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom with Dividends
4.7 (83 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
573 students enrolled
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The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom with Dividends

Achieve Financial Freedom with this Step-by-Step Guide Every Beginner Can Follow. Requires Only 1-2 hours/week.
Best Seller
4.7 (83 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
573 students enrolled
Created by David Solyomi
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the differences between trading and investing.
  • Identify top quality companies by using simple filtering criteria.
  • Examine the safety of the dividend.
  • Determine whether the stocks on your shortlist are attractively valued.
  • Make your OWN shortlist of top quality dividend payers available at fair or lower prices by following the steps outlined in the videos.
  • Avoid the deadliest mistakes most dividend investors make.
  • Overcome fear and procrastination after understanding the psychological background.
  • Build a diversified portfolio of attractively valued stocks that pay increasing dividends, providing reliable and growing passive income.
  • Monitor the performance of your stocks in just 1-2 hours/week by focusing on the key factors.
  • Learn when to sell a dividend stock.
  • Plan your journey to financial freedom.
  • Take action! You will have everything to start investing.
  • Lifetime access to all the Lectures.
  • Dedicated support. I’m here to help you, don’t hesitate to ask!
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  • Desire to learn and achieve financial freedom.
  • No fundamental or technical knowledge required to take this course.
  • I designed this course to be easily understood by absolute beginners yet I am sure it benefits the experienced investors as well.
  • Are you from the U.S.? Fine. But even international investors can build a passive income dividend portfolio that makes them financially free. I’m the living PROOF of this, from Hungary.
  • ANYONE can use the system you can learn in this course.

Have you ever felt that you are not getting ahead no matter how hard you work? Do you feel working 9 to 5 is not what your life should be about? To get out of the rat race and live a meaningful life you must save and invest. This is no news, yet most people do not even try, or the ones who do, give up when the first difficulties present themselves.

The reason for failure is tantalizingly simple: you are taught to earn money but the school system didn’t arm you with the knowledge of putting your money to good use: investing it to produce Reliable and Growing Passive Income.

This is exactly what you will learn in this course! Forget gambling with your hard earned cash, the stock exchange can be your wealth building platform if you follow a recipe that has been working well for centuries. Do you think the richest people in history were all just lucky when it came to investing? Absolutely not, and many of them used the approach you can learn here.

"Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in." - John D. Rockefeller

See for yourself in one of the FREE preview videos that Rockefeller knew what he was talking about: Dividends explain almost 90% of the profits you can make in the stock market, yet very few investors give them the due respect when it comes to picking stocks for their portfolios.

After this course you will not make this deadly mistake, since the knowledge included in these videos have the power to change your life by taking CONTROL of your financial future.

Why taking this course is a no-brainer?

  • Learn the investment system I built after reading more than 30 books, subscribing to the most expensive newsletters and asking the available experts tons of questions. What took me years of hard work and a lot of money can be yours for a bargain basement price.
  • You can learn this investment approach in about 2 days (even if you are totally new to stock market investing) and using this simple system will only take 1-2 hours per week.
  • This course is all about “learning by doing”. By the end of it, you will have your OWN shortlist of top quality stocks available at fair or lower prices. So your successful start is virtually guaranteed.
  • Dividend investing is not a flash in the pan. This approach has been working well for centuries and I am sure that even your CHILDREN will use the knowledge you can get from this course. After all, this is about intergenerational wealth building.
  • Dividend investing is a proven approach that produces outstanding returns. See the PROOF in one of the FREE preview videos and get ready to learn how to invest for passive income the right way!
  • By focusing on dividends, you can track your PROGRESS towards your ultimate goal and as the world’s number one peak performance coach, Tony Robbins says: “Progress equals happiness.” Progress is guaranteed if you follow the 12 Easy Steps outlined in the Lectures.
  • This course is entertaining and enjoyable besides being useful. I love teaching and this comes across, making your learning experience FUN!
  • I am here to answer all your questions and HELP you start your journey towards financial freedom.
  • I provide FREE preview videos to make your decision easier. Writing a course description that sells is definitely easier than providing real value in the course lectures. Feel free to check out the quality of my videos!
  • I’m so confident you will like what you learn here that if you are not 100% happy with this course I do not want to keep your money. It is not only my personal promise, but Udemy gives you a 30-DAY TOTAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so give yourself the chance to learn with zero risk! (This is like an investment that has no downside risk, so there is no rational reason to pass it up.)

This course arms you with the Knowledge and Confidence to start investing. Take the first step and ENROLL NOW!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to create a passive income source you have found the course that really helps.
  • If you are totally new to stock market investing you are lucky to bump into this course before making the typical mistakes.
  • If you want to use a wealth building system that is easy to understand and takes you closer to your goals you are at the right place.
  • If you love shortcuts you’ve just found one! What took me years to compile, you can learn in 3-4 hours.
  • This course is for YOU if you want to get a reliable and growing passive income.
Students Who Viewed This Course Also Viewed
Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
Getting Started
2 Lectures 07:26

An introduction and PROOF that I have skin in the game: you can see how much dividends I got in 2015.

Preview 02:54

A quick overview on what this course covers and what you can expect from it. 

Learn Warren Buffett's recipe for success: "I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down."

Preview 04:32
The Stock Market Demystified
4 Lectures 15:03

You will discover the differences between trading and investing. The stock market is easy to understand if you look at it as a global webshop full of bargains and not a casino you want to beat.

Forget the casino, shop for the bargains!

Understand the connection between the cash generating ability of a company and its dividend payments. 

Earnings and cash flow can be totally different.

Get a glimpse of the 5 steps towards financial freedom.

Where does the dividend come from?

See how a group of wonderful companies put money into my pocket and get motivated to learn how you can achieve the same.

Preview 02:32

A quick summary of the most important points you have learned so far.

  • Stocks represent ownership in real companies. They are not lottery tickets.
  • Invest for the long-run and do not speculate on short-term price movements.
  • Focus on companies that produce free cash flow and pay out a part of it as dividends.
  • Build a portfolio of stocks that are increasing their dividends regularly.
  • Diversify and keep the stock selection process simple.

It's all about Buffett's recipe: find the top quality stocks and buy them when they are marked down.

Our road to freedom

Test your knowledge
3 questions
Targets Locked: Which Are These Companies?
6 Lectures 19:53

A quick summary of your initial filtering criteria, which narrows down the field of investable stocks.

  • Long and uninterrupted dividend paying streaks.
  • No dividend cuts.
  • Regular dividend raises.

Such stocks can provide Reliable and Growing Passive Income.

What EXACTLY are we looking for?

Get to know the free database of quality dividend payers. Learn what the following categories mean:

  • Dividend Champion
  • Dividend Contender
  • Dividend Challenger
Here are they! Not a shopping list, but almost...

Hide all the columns in the spreadsheet that are not needed so that you can have an easy-to-use database of dividend payers.

Simplify: a wise first step

See the compelling evidence that you'd better focus on U.S. stocks as a dividend investor.

  • Results of my mini study revealed.
  • The example of oil companies illustrates the difference of dividend policies.
  • Buffett says: "We like increasing dividends..."

As dividends are not legally guaranteed you should make some necessary steps.

Why US companies?

Here is what you should do (before investing!) if you bump into an exciting story.

Learn how to check a company's dividend history in the quick and easy way.

What if you find an "interesting stock"?

Focusing on quality dividend payers results in a manageable shortlist of companies and makes life easier.

The World Bank statistics include more than 40.000 listed companies, while our shortlist only includes a few hundred. And we are yet to apply our quality filters!

A manageable bunch of targets

Test your knowledge
5 questions
Under the Hood: Identify the Top Quality Stocks!
8 Lectures 01:14:14

Get to know the 4 parameters of quality filtering and set the minimum length of dividend raising streak you require.

I give you a "normal" and a "very conservative" recommendation. 

The point is to make sure that the companies you are interested in are willing and eager to pay a dividend.

Targets are not created equal! The 4 parameters of quality

Learn the difference between the TTM and forward yield. The step-by-step guide helps you to do the calculations.

  • Get to know several useful free data sources and see how I use them.
  • Learn the key dates of a dividend announcement.
  • Learn how to caluclate when the company pays a special dividend.
How to calculate the dividend yield?

Get to know the benchmark a stock's dividend yield can be compared to and set the yield goalposts, narrowing the field of investable stocks.

Learn about the thought process that can kill your portfolio.

Instead of focusing on the current yield, see the big picture and how the combination of our quality criteria can lead to better results than the "mindless yield chasing".

The most misunderstood factor

See how dividends contribute much more to your total return than you might have imagined. 

Understand the mechanism how dividend increases are reflected in stock prices.

The studies are really convincing and notice that one of them goes back to 1802! Dividend investing is a timeless approach not just a flash in the pan.

Understand the 2 sources of profits!

Learn to calculate the dividend growth rate and see how you should evaluate the current yield and the dividend growth rate together.

  • 3 ways to get the DGR
  • The comparison of Coca-Cola and AT&T
  • What's the problem with the Chowder rule?
What is a good growth rate?

A quick demonstration how I apply the first 4 quality filters.

11 Dividend Champions qualified for the last 2 rounds of filtering.

Look how I comb through the database!

Understand the difference between profit and cash flow. Learn how to evaluate the safety of the dividends.

  • An eye-opening example of cash flow vs. earnings
  • See where you can get the cash flow data you need (quickly and free)
  • Understand what free cash flow means
  • Draw the line! When is the dividend well covered?
  • The example of same raises, different stories

See how I apply this filter on the shortlist.

How safe is the dividend? Show me the money!

A quick summary of the quality criteria.

Understanding these you can be sure that only the "top quality merchandise" survived our filtering so we are done with the first part of Buffett's success recipe.

Never compromise on quality! The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

It's all about quality

Test your knowledge
7 questions
Grab Your Shopping List and Go Bargain Hunting!
4 Lectures 33:44

Get to know the indicator, which shows whether a quality stock is a good buy at the moment or not.

  • See how buying a top quality stock like Wal-Mart can lead to disastrous results if you overpay.
  • Avoid overpaying but do not go for perfect timing!
  • "Price is what you pay, value is what you get." (Buffett)

See how I apply this criteria on the shortlist of companies.

    The value thermometer

    See what selective contrarian investing means and learn about the psychological factors that can influence your investment results.

    • When do quality stocks go on sale?
    • The example of Altria and "The Death of Equities"
    • Being contrarian is just as dumb as following the herd if you are not selective
    Will you pull the trigger? Be an honest contrarian!

    Timing the market is not only impossible but it is not needed either for outstanding investment performance.

    • There is not a single successful "market timer" on Forbes' list of the richest people.
    • Schwab's study shows investing immediately and dollar cost averiging are the 2 possible ways to go.

    Preview 05:53

    Some convincing examples to illustrate where dividend growth investing can take you.

    • AT&T vs. Archer Daniels Midland
    • See how yield on cost climbs with every dividend increase
    • 30 years with Johnson & Johnson
    • Chevron: when disaster strikes, your outperformance is still there!
    • Berkshire vs. the best dividend stocks

    You can use the tools I show to create your own examples and more proof.

    Preview 09:36

    Test your knowledge
    4 questions
    Section6 - Before You Hit the BUY Button
    5 Lectures 37:08

    See why you should diversify and not try to become the next Warren Buffett.

    • Understand the difference between diversification and focus investing
    • Will you put in the same amount of work Buffett does?
    • Everything can be manipulated but dividend is paid in real cash.

    Preview 06:37

    A list of the most common mistakes dividend investors make.

    Death traps of dividend investing

    Learn how to monitor your stock positions and when to sell.

    • What to keep an eye on after you bought the stocks?
    • How to do it in less than 2 hours/week?
    • The number of stocks in your portfolio affects your monitoring process.
    • Passivity is key to investment success! (See Fidelity's study)
    When to sell a dividend stock?

    Flow-through entities like REITs, MLPs, BDCs represent a higher level of risk. See the reasons and learn the relevant dividend coverage metrics of these companies.

    • The Kinder Morgan surprise
    • The dark side of being in a tax advantaged position
    • Sources to learn about these companies
    All that glitters is not gold (REITs, MLPs, BDCs)

    Useful tools to help you put together a plan that takes you to your goal of financial freedom.

    • Possible phases of dividend portfolio building
    • Determine your number!
    • Plan with the 2 easy-to-use calculators
    Plan your journey to financial freedom NOW!

    Test your knowledge
    6 questions
    4 Lectures 16:59

    See how productive assets like dividend paying businesses can protect and increase your purchasing power.

    • The purchasing power of the USD is falling.
    • Assets thought to be safe (bonds, bank deposits) are the riskiest
    • Volatility is not risk!
    • See how McDonald's protected its investors against inflation
    Preview 05:47

    The whole stock selection process summarized in a step-by-step format to make your start easier.

    Follow this step-by-step guide to get started

    A useful list of questions and answers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you leave...

    Thank You
    About the Instructor
    David Solyomi
    4.7 Average rating
    83 Reviews
    573 Students
    1 Course
    investor, author, instructor

    I am not a “create trainings for money” type of guy.

    I had the childhood dream of achieving financial freedom at a young age, this is why I became an economist, worked as an equity analyst, got an MBA, established and sold companies and turned into a full-time investor by the age of 33.

    I always set challenging goals since I love the learning process that is required to get anywhere near them. I devote the time and effort to discover all the relevant solutions, all the roads that can possibly lead to my goals. I read everything and I am not afraid to keep asking the most reputable experts of the field I became interested in, until I manage to distill the acquired knowledge into an easy-to-use system. No matter if that particular goal is about money, health or anything else, my process of discovering and mastering the subject is nearly the same.

    After noticing that not all my friends put in the kind of hard work I do, yet they cherish the hope of achieving similar goals (like financial freedom, running marathons, becoming an ironman, travelling around the world etc.) I experimented with passing on my recipes for certain goals in a plain and entertaining format. I realized that I enjoy teaching very much and noticed that people really appreciated my easy-to-use systems, with which they could save much time and effort and jumpstart their way to their goals. It gives me pleasure to see how they are progressing.

    I only teach what I have firsthand experience with, the fields I have thoroughly studied and distilled the knowledge into my trademark “easy-to-use systems” that I have tested and succeeded with. This kind of credibility and the positive feedback I get from my students is very important for me. This latter is what drives me to keep on discovering, learning and passing on the “simply effective recipes” I put together.
    This is how it started

    Since my childhood dream was financial freedom, I discovered many ways to produce passive income along the way and fell in love with dividend investing. After having read more than 100 books on investing, subscribing to the most reputable (and expensive) investment newsletters, asking the authors and all the available experts tons of questions I managed to put together my own dividend investing system, which is easy to implement yet provides outstanding results.

    Armed with the positive experience I started teaching dividend investing in a personal training format and later created an online video training and I even wrote the first book on dividend investing in my home country (Hungary), which became a best-seller in its category. After seeing the success of my Hungarian students and encouraged by all their feedback I decided to open up to a much wider audience and make my system available on Udemy as well.

    I am teaching the exact approach I am using in practice. I have skin in the game as most of my passive income is produced by the world’s biggest companies in the form of dividends.

    I love setting challenging goals in every area of my life, this is why I am training for an ironman triathlon, plan to finance my round-the-world trip from passive income and want to pass on my knowledge to at least 1 million people who are ready to take control of their financial future. Hungary was a good place to start but it is a small country for this goal, so I “productized” my knowledge and now it’s available to you as well. If keeping things simple while going for the best possible results describes your preferred style of doing things, I am honored to help you with my courses.

    Quick facts:

    Born: 1982, Hungary
    Living: Budapest, Hungary
    Education: economist (specialized on corporate finance)
    Experience: equity analyst, financial journalist, serial entrepreneur, investor, author of a book on dividend investing, trainer
    Hobbies: travelling, triathlon, reading, investing