Bringing Your New Baby Home - 5 Steps To Success!
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Bringing Your New Baby Home - 5 Steps To Success!

Everything you practically and emotionally need to know about bringing your new baby home the first six weeks.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Jacqueline Coe
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • When you want to succeed at anything in life, you have to learn how! Moving through this programme is about learning and understanding all you practically and emotionally need to know about bringing your new baby home.
  • You will discover a clear pathway of information that will guide you through 5 vital steps towards parenting and family success.
  • Ensure you are doing everything right for you as a couple and baby too.
  • Free yourself from outdated myths, beliefs and guilt that can block your success.
  • Relieve any anxiety you may have around transitioning from being a couple into becoming a family.
  • Help you to be more prepared as individuals and as a couple in welcoming your new baby into the world.
  • Feel confident and empowered about the journey ahead.
  • If all the above is what you are looking for then this first foundational parenting programme is for you.
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  • Are you a couple expecting your first baby?
  • Are you anxious about what lies ahead?
  • Are you able to commit an hour a night for six nights and investing this time to listen and discuss your findings to create the future success of your new family to be?
  • 'Bringing Your New Baby Home' is a 5 step process designed to guide and support you through these first crucial six weeks, which is information you need to know and understand ahead of time!
  • I would recommend you stop and discuss at the end of each step to find the answers you feel and see will work best for you. Once you have clarity around each step, move on to the next.

If you are expecting your first baby, then as a couple you are about to embark on a huge journey of change and working through the following 5 step programme will set you on the right path to success.

My work with parents is about providing you with insights that will allow you to get ahead of what you need to know, rather than having to ‘work in the dark’, 'make things up as you are going along' and 'hoping things will turn out ok'!  If you would like to be working in a proactive way regarding your parenting and family life then I would like to welcome you to Intelligent Parenting®.

What you will learn in this programme is how to...

  • Feel confident and empowered about the journey ahead.
  • Relieve any anxiety you may have around this transition - evolving from being a couple into becoming a family.
  • Acquire solutions that are on task and relevant to you as a couple.
  • Walk through a clear defined pathway of information, specifically designed to guide you seamlessly through this huge change that is happening in your life.
  • Free yourself from outdated myths, beliefs and guilt that will block your success.
  • Acquire new and unique parenting skills, knowledge and understanding that is able to support you within the pace & pressure of life today.
  • Ensure you do everything right for you as a couple and for your new baby too.

Who is the target audience?
  • This parenting programme, Bringing Your New Baby Home - The First Six Weeks - 5 Steps To Success is for couples expecting their first baby, who would like to have a clearer understanding of their new parenting role and would like to develop in their own mind, clear answers to questions they have regarding bringing their new baby home.
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Welcome To The Intelligent Parenting® Academy - Bringing Your New Baby Home
1 Lecture 02:50

Intelligent Parenting® is about welcoming you to a new and unique 21st Century way of parenting, with an aim and intention of moving you towards parenting and family success from the very first day!

Preview 02:50
2 Lectures 14:33

Intelligent Parenting® is not about teaching you how to be a parent, it's about inspiring and empowering you to be the best that you can be.  It's about moving you beyond outdated myths and beliefs into a new way of parenting, with new skills, knowledge and understanding that is able to support you through the speed and pressure of life today, a pressure and stress that all parents are having to face and deal with.

My work with parents is about moving you away from the pressure of having to work in the dark, make things up as you go along and hoping things will turn out ok, by mapping out what you need to know - every step of the way.

'Bringing Your New Baby Home' is a 5 step process designed to guide and support you through these first crucial six weeks, which is information you need to know and understand ahead of time!

Preview 12:49

As you embark on this journey of change, from being a couple into becoming a family, it can be a very emotional time for everyone.

This is a bonus programme I am giving you with your purchase of 'Bringing Your New Baby Home - 5 Steps To Success' because it is designed to help you see, understand and master the emotions that can get in the way of your parenting success!

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Mastering Emotion
1 Lecture 17:36

Bringing your new baby home can be a very emotional time for everyone.  This free bonus programme is about helping you understand how to quickly master your emotions though this challenging time.

This programme contains vital information you need to be aware of and know as you embark on this new parenting journey together.

As new parents I want you to be clear, confident and aligned throughout the whole of your parenting journey and this will only be achieved by you being clear, confident and in control of where you are, every step of the way.

The first six weeks is a huge transition for you all and I want you to be entering into this feeling joyful and confident, and this will only be achieved by understanding what you need to know ahead of time!

Mastering Emotion - Bonus Programme
The Training
8 Lectures 01:48:45


The information I am going share here is a balanced view around this topic, so as a couple you can have a clear understanding of what lies ahead, so between you, you are able to discuss the clear choices and options you have regarding what will work best for you.

As your parenting coach and mentor, I will present the information to you and then together you can decide the best way forward for you individually, as a couple and baby too, and it is this same structure and process that exists throughout all of my parenting programmes. 

Step 1.  Breast Feeding or Formula?

In this first step the discussion and understanding is around becoming clear regarding feeding your baby and getting it right for you.        

Step 1 - Part 1 - Feeding - Getting It Right For You

Step 1 - Part 2 - Feeding - Getting It Right For You


We need to visit this step to go through what I call a quick ‘Relationship Health Check’, because your relationship is something that can so easily be neglected during these first weeks and potentially beyond, so is a perfect place to connect with this now before your new baby arrives, so as a couple you are aware and prepared.

It is important to be aware of and looking at this now because when your new baby arrives it is natural to give priority to them rather than equally to you all.  It is so easy to neglect yourself and/or your relationship at this time,  when the truth is, it is your relationship with yourself and each other that sustains you and therefore needs to be protected and nurtured during this time so when your new baby arrives, you are continuing to grow individually and connecting as a couple too.

This second step ‘Coming Together as a Couple’ is where we work through the process of creating a lasting love, connection and communication between you all.

Step 2 - Part 1- Coming Together As A Couple - Regarding your new arrival

Step 2 - Part 2 - Coming Together As A Couple - Regarding your new arrival


By this point you have decided if you are going to breastfeed or bottle-feed and checked through the health of your relationship.  Now it’s time to work through understanding a bit more about the arrival of your new baby.

I know it can be a daunting time trying to understand how to be a parent and how your mind can certainly go into overdrive with this.  "We are about to have a baby and we have no idea about what needs to happen first"?  "How do we do this, what if we get it wrong"?  "We have no idea what it is we need to know and understand about being parents"?

In this unit of understanding these are the questions we will be starting to answer and most importantly to become aware of why feeding and sleeping routines are so important to get right from the very beginning!  To help you see and understand this clearly I need to take you a little deeper into the psychology of this for each of you and the situation as a whole, so you are able to truly connect with this.

There are 5 elements of awareness we are going to work through here:

  • Introducing your new baby into the world
  • Getting into the mind of your child – understanding how they tick
  • Feeding routine
  • Sleeping routine
  • Bringing it all together

Step 3 - Part 1 - The New Arrival - Feeding and Sleeping Routine

Step 3 - Part 2 - The New Arrival - Feeding and Sleeping Routine


At this point we need to look at the path you have taken to get to where you are today and the stages of your personal evolution in understanding the key components of the family unit itself and starting to move you towards a deeper understanding of parenting and family success!

  • Dependency  –  Evolving as a child
  • Independence  –  The single years
  • Interdependency  –  Transforming into becoming a couple and the foundation from which a family unit is born.

Step 4 - Evolving Into Becoming A Family - Serving All Your Needs


During this unit of study I would like you to print out a copy of your free download, ‘The First Six Weeks - A Calendar View’ so we are able to work through this together and also for you to have it to pin up somewhere in the home as a constant reminder and reassurance of where you are in the process if or when times get difficult.

Step 5 - What Next - A calendar view
About the Instructor
Jacqueline Coe
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Parenting Coach and Mentor

Hi I’m Jacqueline Coe – Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker, Transformational Parenting Coach and Mentor.

Parenting skill is generational with about a 26-year turnaround.  Go back a few generations and you are back in the Victorian age!  Would trying to cope with less than suitable parenting skills, within the speed and pressure of life today, be relevant to your needs?  With all the ready available bits of information out there, and you having to piece it all together yourself, be helpful to you when you are not even sure what you are looking for? 

I hear newly expectant parents say...

"We are about to have a baby and we have no idea what we are doing"!  "We are about to become parents and that feels like such a huge responsibility, when we haven't got a clue how to be parents"!

And more importantly, I hear seasoned parents who continue to say...

"It can be terrifying being a parent"!  "Having to make things up as you go along, hoping everything will turn out ok"!  "Sometimes it can feel like you are working in the dark and not really understanding what you are doing"!  "It's just difficult to know if you are doing the right thing"!

I want to say to new and seasoned parents alike, ok, let's get rid of the terror, let's get rid of the confusion, let's banish the unknown and help you to see and understand some guidelines towards getting it right! 

I believe it is time to introduce new and unique parenting skills, knowledge and understanding into the parenting world, so all the different areas of your life, career and family life are able to move forward together in harmony rather than through confusion, challenge or chaos.

I believe it's time to allow you to get your parenting skills, knowledge and understanding up to speed with the rest of your life.  At Intelligent Parenting® we aim to support you with this and to show you how.

Bringing Your New Baby Home - The First Six Weeks - 5 Steps To Success, is a new and unique foundational programme for newly expectant parents and the first steps towards achieving this balance and clarity in your parenting life.

My mission is to inspire and empower heart-centred, busy working parents to greater levels of achievement and success by helping you move away from old myths and beliefs towards acquiring new skills, knowledge and understanding, so that with enthusiasm and energy you are able to build a guilt-free, purposeful life, career and family life – and there are 4 key components to this transition:

  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Having access to new, unique, clear, balanced and aligned, well structured parenting information.
  • Having a clear knowledge and understanding of the Parenting Journey™.

All the Intelligent Parenting® programmes, modules and units of information are packaged in such a way, to flow from one level of understanding to the next - where the path to your parenting journey is laid out before you, so at every level, through these unique transformational stages, you are supported and can confidently decide how you would like your parenting experience to be!