Break into IT - How to Land Your Dream Job in IT
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Break into IT - How to Land Your Dream Job in IT

Trying to get a cool role in IT but getting nowhere? I know how you feel but I found out how to land your dream job.
5.0 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
152 students enrolled
Created by Paul Browning
Published 8/2012
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" To anyone who wants to enjoy a career in IT"

My name is Paul Browning and I worked as a police officer in the UK from 1988 to 2000. While I enjoyed the job immensely I felt I wanted to take on a new challenge, I already had an interest in computers. I had attended an course on PC assembly and learned a little bit about computer networking.

I started to study for some Microsoft exams and began to apply for jobs in the IT industry. I landed a helpdesk job but as you can imagine, I quickly became bored doing password resets. I studied hard and passed some more exams and then got a role doing network support for Cisco systems in the UK.

I later left to start my own IT company offering training and consulting services to companies both in the UK and internationally. I sold the company in 2008 and now run an online Cisco training company.

During the time I trained students I helped many hundreds of them get their break into a career in IT. I watched them move from helpdesk roles into networking and often into freelance consulting contracts or even their own companies. I’ve also worked with hundreds of IT managers who have shared with me the things they look for when looking to hire IT staff for their companies. I’ve even been through the process myself when I was looking to get out of the police force.

I see people making the same mistakes time and time again when they are trying to get a job in IT:

  • Sending resumes out and hoping for the best
  • Waiting for jobs to appear online before applying
  • Sending generic resumes which will never be read
  • Failing to prepare properly for technical interviews
  • Not presenting themselves professionally to companies
  • and many more common mistakes

Break Into IT has been devised with people like you in mind. It is a one stop training resource to help you plan, prepare and execute your plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • How to find the best jobs before they appear online
  • How to tap into vast networks of people willing to help you
  • The secrets to getting your resume read
  • How to get called for interviews
  • How to ace technical interviews
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • How to bridge the lack of experience problem
  • How to negotiate your salary and benefits
  • How to get advancement once you get in
  • and much more

These tips will help you if you want to apply for any IT roles including:

Networking Desktop support Helpdesk Programming Web design Project management and support Most people are doing it all wrong and never get called for interviews. They wonder why but because they don't know how the system works they will be forever in the dark. These principles have been used my thousands of my students to break into IT. I hope you enjoy applying them to land your dream job. I hope you enjoy the course. Post a question if you need any help.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to make a career change into IT
  • Anyone stuck in a support role and wants a promotion
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
Here's What's In Store for You
1 Lecture 05:31

 This is me and this is what you are going to learn in your course.

Grab a cup of coffee and have fun.

Paul Browning

Preview 05:31
14 Lectures 01:00:51

 Let's set the foundation for where we are and where we are going. We have lots to do before we start applying for our dream job.

Preview 08:23

Nothing affects our results more than our attitude. Why is it that some people seem to get ahead at work and in life while others seem to struggle? Could it be that our attitude is our most important asset?

Watch the below videos to find out more. Please also download the worksheets.

Attitude Part 1

 More of the good stuff.

Attitude Part 2

 No goal equals no results. Simple as that. Here's why and how to do it the right way.

Setting Goals Part 1

 More juicy goal goodness.

Goals Part 2

 Mind map for attitude presentation.

Attitude Is Everything MM
1 page

Do you need an attitude makeover?
How Would You Describe Your General Attitude
1 page

Mind map of the goals presentation.
1 page

Everything You Need to Know About Goals
Pauls Ultimate Goal Setting Guide
6 pages

 Oh. The old planning story. If it's that old, where is your plan?


Mind map for planning.
1 page

Plan out actions to get the job.
Job Planner
1 page

Bonus Webinar - Get Into IT PowerPoint Slides
52 pages

Bonus Webinar - Bridge the Gap PowerPoint Slides
24 pages
Module 1
14 Lectures 01:25:49

 It's all in the wrapping. Do you look like a gourmet burger or more like a big mac?

Packaging Yourself

Packaging Mind Map
1 page

 Yes. Appearances count for everything. Make yours count.

Grooming for Men

A few notes for you.
Grooming Guide For Men
3 pages

 How to avoid yours being thrown in the trash.

Resume Tips

 My top tips for a resume that gets you the interview.

Resume Construction
7 pages

Resume Mind Map
1 page

Resume Tips
4 pages

 Search and destroy. Your mission is to find that dream job.

Job Hunting

Pesky job agents. Here is how to deal with them.
Dealing With Agents
4 pages

Job Hunting Mind Map
1 page

How to use this great job hunting resource.
Using Job Boards
9 pages

No experience? No problem.

In this module we look at how you can bridge any gaps you have in your hands on experience. We look at how to tap into your network of contacts, establish links with local companies and training companies and even how to make yourself look like an authority in your chosen field.

Getting Experience

Getting Valuable Hands On Experience

Getting Experience Mind Map
1 page
Module 2
4 Lectures 42:28

In order to land the right job you need to do your homework first.

Check out the company to ensure it is financially secure. Find out what they do, where they do it and how long they have been doing it for.

After you do that, work out what you will be doing there and if there is room for you to progress. If it is mundane work for a small company you will find yourself quickly bored and looking for another job
Do Your Homework

Homework Mind Map
1 page

Have you ever heard anyone complain that they have applied for lots of jobs and never heard a thing back? The reason is probably that they never took the time to plan and prepare their job application campaign.

You need to PLAN – PREPARE – EXECUTE in that order if you want to be successful. When you do this you can work wonders, even with only 30 minutes per day. Learn how here.

Planning and Preparation

Plan and Prepare Mind Map
1 page
Module 3
15 Lectures 01:07:46

The dreaded technical interview.

This is where you are quizzed over the phone or in person to test the skills you say you have on your resume and the skills you will need for your job. But with proper preparation and planning you will be able to use this as an opportunity to shine and take you to the next stage, the final interview


Technical Interviews

Tech Interview Tips
4 pages

Tech Interviews Mind Map
1 page

Make a great show of yourself by preparing for interviews - the RIGHT way.

Doing Well in Interviews

Interviews Mind Map
1 page

Answering Tough Interview Questions
5 pages

My best interview tips.
On Interviews
6 pages

Don’t just walk out of the interview and pray the phone will ring with a job offer.

You need to work out your tactics. Ways to improve your interview technique as well as continue to apply for other jobs until you have an offer from the company you want to work with.
Follow Up

Follow Up Mind Map
1 page

Everything is negotiable. Salary, holiday, benefits, car, home working.

You just need to understand that you can negotiate, how to create leverage and how to make a counter offer. If you follow these proven steps then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Pauls Negotiating Guide
11 pages

Negotiating Mind Map
1 page

It’s never personal!

Losing is part of winning so get whatever feedback you can and keep going.

More details in the video and workbook below.


Dealing With Rejection

Rejection Mind Map
1 page

On Rejection
3 pages
Module 4
6 Lectures 42:13

So you’ve got the job.

Now isn’t the time to relax and kick back. You need to redouble your efforts so you can progress quickly within the company and therefore become indespensible. Yon can then seek promotion, internal projects or plan your exit. If you do decide to leave you will have a glowing reference.


Starting Work

Starting Work Mind Map
1 page

Don’t let the dust gather under your feet. If you haven’t added new qualifications and achievements to your resume after six months at your new job then you are half way to being unemployable already.

Plan your progress and prepare yourself for your next role.

Keep Learning

Keep Learning Mind Map
1 page

You need to keep your skills sharp and your resume fresh so every 12-24 months it is time to consider moving onto pastures new.

This video will give you some tips and suggestions on how best to prepare and execute.
Moving On

Moving On Mind Map
1 page
Bonus Manual
1 Lecture 00:00
150 pages of everything you need to know to break into IT.
Break Into IT - Full Manual
150 pages
About the Instructor
Paul Browning
4.5 Average rating
1,572 Reviews
58,186 Students
10 Courses
Cisco Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur

I worked in the police in the UK for 12 years as a patrol officer and detective. While I was in the job I helped teach the new e-mail system to other officers. I took a few IT exams and then left for a career in IT in June 2000.

I took a few more exams with vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft and got a job working for Cisco for two years. I then started an IT training company teaching Cisco and computer networking courses. I built the business until it had several offices in the UK and then sold it.

I now run a publishing business and several websites teaching IT related subjects. I've learned how to build a successful company and how to make it in the world of IT. I hope what I've learned helps you too.

Paul Browning - December 2014