Limitless Health Using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
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Limitless Health Using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Losing weight only to have it find you again? Break this cycle and more by using your subconscious mind to work for you.
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
20 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Reduce anxiety instantly
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Identify bad heart programs
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  • You will need a computer with video playing capabilites
  • You will need a good attitude
  • You will need to give yourself permission to change

Course Description

*learn how to stop sabotaging these areas:

- health and weight

- relationships

- your job and success

Note: health, fitness, and an improved life does not start in the gym. It starts with your heart-programming. Weight loss is an inevitable benefit of this course, yet the focus is bigger than just weight loss. You are going to get much more. Weight loss and a sexier body is the easy part.

*Get a Free Copy of the book Breaking Normal before normal breaks you

*Do You Suffer From...

- losing weight only to have it come right back?

- wrecking relationships before they get too serious?

- constantly finding abusive relationships?

- depression or sadness?

- constantly being irritable?

- chronic anxiety or fear?

- wanting the next level but never feeling able to get there?

- feeling insecure in how you look?

- wanting to meet new people but feeling to scared to introduce yourself?

- single and want to change that?

*If you are suffering from any or all of these symptoms, you are most likely experiencing the results of poor heart-programming.

You may be thinking that how you see yourself isn't that big of an issue...but it's more than just an issue, it's your entire life.


- increased body fat

- stress induced diseases

- insomnia

- insecurity

- social phobias

- romantic loss

- relational loss

- financial loss

- and much more

***don't let poor heart programming wreck your quality of life and end your life sooner. Poor heart programming is a common condition that is easily corrected, takes very little effort and time, and anyone can do it.

***note: it doesn't matter how old you are, what your previous experiences have been, or where you currently are in life. You can begin right now where you are to begin positive healthy transformation.

About this course

- Over 50 videos of high quality information

- No previous experience required to benefit from the teachings

- Full lifetime access

- Massive discounts on future courses

- Free copy of the book Breaking Normal before normal breaks you

By enrolling in this course, you can start transforming every area of your life with techniques you can apply right now!

Here are just a few of the many benefits to reprogramming your heart to a positive program...

- Increase energy levels as you start making healthy dietary changes

- Elevate confidence as you identify who you REALLY are and what you're capable of

- Sleep better knowing you're living life to the fullest

- Make more money as your elevated confidence empowers you to step out

- Have better sex...nuff said

- Be with the one you want to be with as you become the person you want to be

- Improve relationships

- Lose weight and keep it off

- Build muscle

- Live longer

- Stop the cycle of self sabotage

- Enjoy life for once

In this course you are going to learn...

- how to identify what is causing you stress

- how to replace that stress with confidence and peace

- how to identify limiting beliefs

- how to recognize the internal "voices" and which ones you should trust

- exactly why you've been wrecking relationships

- why you haven't gotten the promotion at work

- how to get what you want

- how to stop the "yoyo effect" of weight loss

- how to get the best relationship ever

- and plenty more

Don't let something like poor heart programming ruin your quality of life and end your life earlier.

Heart Programs affect every area of life. They determine how much money you make, who you marry, how long you stay married, what your body looks like, even what kinds of vacations you go on IF YOU EVEN GO ON ANY.

For example:

I was a relationship saboteur. Maybe you can relate. I was in a 2 year relationship that ended up being the worst two years of my life, and NOT because of her.

Ever since I was sixteen I would date a girl and the first 30 days would be fine. On the 31st day, I would then swell up with anxiety and stress and would start "hearing voices" like;

- you're making a mistake

- you're going to marry the wrong girl

- she's too good for you

- you're not good enough for her

- you're a loser

- maybe when you look better

- maybe if you lost some weight

- she's not interested

- and many more

have you ever said any of these to yourself at any time?

Thinking these "voices" were true, I would break up with the girl. Not feeling any better, I would regret it and come back to her.

If she took me back, the cycle would repeat and THIS HAPPENED FOR 10 YEARS!!!

During that time I was a successful personal trainer, award winning amateur body builder, and I had a very large circle of friends and social achievements. Yet these accomplishments did not solve the struggles within me. It was when I discovered what heart-programs are and how they work is when dramatic transformation took place in my life. IT IS BECAUSE NOTHING YOU DO EXTERNALLY WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEMS HAPPENING INTERNALLY. Heart-programs must be changed from within. Heart-programs will express themselves through you, whether they are helping you or hurting you. It is your responsibility to determine what they say.

What do all these have in common?

- being overweight

- can't find a date

- consistently dating the wrong person

- never offered a promotion at work

- dreams never fulfilled

- struggles in relationships

- chronic fear

- chronic boredom

The answer is: heart programs. The poor heart-programs you have might not be your fault, but they are your responsibility now. You have to trust me and all the other top gurus of self improvement in the world when I say the only person in this world that can fix your problems is YOU. If you are continually seeking for someone else to make everything better, you're going to be waiting a long time and this course is not for you. But this is the good news! Because that means you can start transformation now. You can learn how to program your heart with the programs you actually want!

Here's what I'm not saying

- that you can't do it on your own

- that you're going to do it all on your own

- that I'm not going to help you

- that others can't help you

Here's what I am saying

- you are able now

- you are ready now

- you have what it takes now

- you are a creative being that can customize your own life NOW

As someone whose learned the hard way, I can show you how to get there and how it works, quicker than what it took me to find the way.

By the end of this course you will have a higher self confidence, your body fat percentage will be down, you'll feel better about yourself, you'll possess a higher sense of courage, and if you're zealous enough you might even have a date with that cute person you've always wanted to talk too!

You might be saying, "how can this one course affect my weight, relationships, AND finances?" Let me explain, this is not a course about weight, relationships, and finances. It's about YOU, and YOU are the common denominator in every area of your life. If YOU improve, your life improves with it. All these areas of your life WILL IMPROVE DRAMATICALLY because success

is based on certain principles, and the principles I will be sharing with you work every time.

*Get These Added Bonuses When you Sign up Today

- My book Breaking Normal before normal breaks you E-book

- Fundamentals of Creating a Workout Plan Template

- Eating Strategy for Losing Weight and Staying Thin

- Eating Strategy Menu

One note in closing...

*As a personal trainer, I can help you lose weight.

As a leadership coach, I can help you become more productive.

But as a personal trainer and leadership coach, I can't force you to apply any of the secrets I'll be sharing. Only you can apply what you learn and THAT is where transformation comes from. Not in the gaining of facts, but in the application of them. Every minute you hesitate to start re-programming for success, you are stepping further, and further away from the body, relationships, and life you deserve. The body and life you've always wanted. The reality is, you are much closer now than you even know.

There is a better way to lose weight and gain success than what you've seen on the infomercials and in magazines. If you are looking at this course right now, you know something needs to change in your life.

*Please, don't put your health off any longer. Start to lose weight and improve life now, and potentially change everything forever...

This course is going to give you everything that you need to lose weight, improve results, and keep it all FOR LIFE.

Think about this: For the price of this course you would ONLY be able to afford 2 coaching sessions with me, and then they would be gone. *That doesn't include the hundreds of dollars you would spend on my eating strategies, exercise plans, or fitness consultations.

Remember that this is a risk free way to make that change. If you aren't happy in 30 days, you have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Click "take this course" and lose weight while building the body of your dreams now.

I can't wait to see and hear about your results.

Your friend;

-Brian James

Who is the target audience?
  • For those who suffer from anxiety
  • For those who suffer from fear
  • For those who sabotage relationships
  • For those who cant seem to lose weight
  • For those who have low self esteem
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Curriculum For This Course
98 Lectures
Getting Started
1 Lecture 06:28
Course Description
Meet the Trainers
3 Lectures 00:00

Meet our personal trainer

Preview 1 page

Meet our model

Preview 1 page

Meet our coach

Brian James
1 page
Heart Architect
23 Lectures 01:17:16

In a world that seems to be stuck on repeat, we find ourselves living the same cycles over and over again... that is until something breaks the cycle. Meet Coach Vinny as he re-enacts what so many of us go through, only this time, he learns something special.

Intro the Heart Programs

Discover what takes an instant to create, a life time to regret, and only a moment to change for the better.

Preview 07:56

The strategy behind diving into the subconscious mind is to be aware of your emotions. Your subconscious mind is a very emotional based entity. Tap into your emotions, and you begin to unlock the potential of the subconscious mind.

How Do I Feel Chart
1 page

Take a moment to describe in your own words what a heart program is, and then make a short list of a few experiences that made you feel absolutely amazing.

What was happening?

Who was there?

What were you doing?

How were you feeling?

Eventually you will start to feel the same emotions you did in that moment. Get familiar with how thoughts and feelings affect your body. Remember, when you take an E_______ and mix it with an E_________, it gets chemically burnt onto your brain.

Heart Program Quiz
4 questions

Ever heard it said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit? What if I could show you how to do that in 21 seconds? Check this out.

Preview 04:10

Subconscious Mind pt.2

In order to fully appreciate how the subconscious works, we need to understand a little bit of physics. Don't worry. We're only going as far back to Grade 8 science class. Nothing too in depth, but this description really helps put the lesson into a picture for you.

The Law of Vibration
2 pages

Knowledge is becoming aware of the facts. Wisdom is the application of the knowledge. These videos give you knowledge, these quizzes help turn that into wisdom.

Subconscious Mind Quiz
6 questions

Do not be conformed to the patter of this world (sick, broke, depressed, angry, jealous, etc.), but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Here's where this begins.

Intro to Heart Chart

Before you do this make sure you slot out enough time to sit and complete it. This is not mean to be rushed through, though in time, you will get faster at it. So go use the washroom, get a snack, do some stretching... whatever you need to do to get all distractions out of the way. Then grab yourself a pen and paper and enjoy.

Do the Heart Chart

This is something you are able to do ON THE SPOT for the rest of your life. It could be the only thing that rescues you when there's nothing else in sight.

After the Heart Chart

Pick from this list a description of what you are currently feeling.

List of Positive Feelings
1 page

Pick from this list a description of what you are currently feeling. Remember to keep these ONLY in the feelings column.

List of Negative Feelings
1 page

Heart Chart Quiz
4 questions

Heart Chart With Examples
1 page

Heart Chart Clean
1 page

The first stage of sabatage. This is often a real struggle for us because we're naturally inclined to want to stay comfortable. However, DEATH is in the comfort zone, and growth is just on the other side. Some times it feels like death having to leave this nice and warm comfort zone, but really we wind up being like the frog that was put in the pot: If you throw a frog into boiling water it'll jump out right away. But if you put it in cold water and turn up the heat ever so slightly, the frog will stay. You do this enough times, the frog won't notice the increase of the heat and will even stay in that pot until it eventually gets boiled to death without even knowing it. DON'T BE THE FROG.

Comfort Zone

Death is in the contemplation zone. Ever heard of analysis paralysis? Sometimes we can think things to death before we even get started. This video describes what happens in the second stage of sabatoge.

Preview 03:25

Ever let fear, stress, worry, anxiety, anger, or any other negative feeling get in the way of doing something amazing? This video explains why.

Conflict Zone

Let's see if you've been listening.

Zone Quiz
8 questions

The secret solution to all your problems. I bet you never thought it could be so easy.

Champion Zone

Stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear.... all of these are bumps in the road of life. Where are the bumps in your road? Check this video out, it'll help you find them and then fix them.

Balance Wheel

Questions for Balance Wheel
2 pages

Before we build a masterpiece, we have to come up with a blueprint. To design our life we have to define our life. We all think in pictures, so develop a picture of what you want. Then we can begin to create.

Defining What You Really Want
1 page

5 questions

The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. This will help you determine how the journey is going to look.

Macro vs Micro

The easiest way you've ever seen to plan out your goals and achieve them. All in a 5 step easy to remember process.

Macro and Micro Explained
3 pages

Macro and Micro Exercise
What's the proof?
4 Lectures 05:02

In these pictures I had put on about 10-15lbs. I was eating high carb foods, taking naps immediately after, and pretty much just enjoying life like I was king of Cuba. Actually, I WAS in Cuba when I put on that weight. I was being fed the most delicious roast pork, succulent combinations of rice and beans, the finest of deep fried... whatever they were. And then immediately after, while I was offering to help clean the dishes, they said "no no, just go and relax." So.. I did. This was my life for pretty much two weeks. And this was the result. I'll explain how I got rid of it in the following articles.

Preview 00:04

Disclaimer: what I'm showing you in the following is predominantly the effects of carb cycling and how to take fat off. In saying that, I have a back ground as "fit person" so I've already established some muscle. Don't be fooled by all the weight-loss supplement adds out there where a person just gets on some fad diet, loses a bunch of weight, and all of a sudden has a toned muscular body. It's actually much easier to take off fat than it is to put on muscle.

Don't worry, we provide the means for putting on muscle as well. It's just going to take a bit longer to put on muscle than it does to take off fat. Continue to use the carb cycle, but follow my directions for putting on muscle in the following articles.


Don't be confused or offended as to how easily I claim this can be. The truth is, IT IS. Your body is a machine that runs off formulas. If you put in the right formula, you get the result you want. Do keep in mind however that this is for an average healthy bodied person. If you have special conditions such as chemical imbalances or other details in the body that need to be addressed first, please consider your needs and participate with a specialist.

How to Lose 10lbs in 20 days
In the Kitchen
15 Lectures 19:35

Do what Coach Vinny says, not what Coach Vinny does. The secret to an awesome body is mostly found in the kitchen. In the next couple videos I share with you a body building trade secret that will keep you and your family healthy and fit for life.

Preview 01:26

Intro to Your Eating Strategy Calendar

How Carb Cycling Works

How to Use the Menu with Fats

How to Use the Menu With Carbs

The Difference Between a Fat and a Carb
6 questions

The New Formula

New Formula Continued

This is if you are interested in getting serious about your strategy. I promise you that it takes a little bit of brain work but only in the beginning, Once you get your routines down, you're able to ride them out for a long time.

How to Calculate Calories Pt 1
2 pages

How to Calculate Calories Pt.2
2 pages

How to Calculate Calories Pt.3
3 pages

Put it to the Test

BONUS: Your Carb Cycle Schedule
1 page

BONUS: Your New Grocery List
1 page

BONUS: Mock Menu
1 page
Building Your Temple
37 Lectures 57:44

There are three fundamental body types. This video describes each one and helps you discover which you are. This is supremely important when creating your exercise plan. You don't want to be one body type while exercising like the other body type. That's only going to bring frustration.

Discovering Your Body Type

Just like getting serious about your food, putting together a plan for the gym is a must. It takes a little bit of brain effort in the beginning, but once you get it down, it's smooth sailing.

Creating Your Exercise Plan

This is what your card will look like when full (with your own exercises and numbers of course).

Work Out Card Filled
1 page

Bring this with you to the gym. No excuses and no winging it. Keep track of what you're doing.

Work Out Card Blank
1 page

There's a reason why two people can go to the gym for the same amount of time, have the same starting place, and yet wind up at completely different locations. This will help you determine how to get to the destination you want. In terms of how your body looks that is.

Strength Endurance Continuum

Strength/Endurance Continuum
3 questions

There is a strategy for both. This describes the difference and how to utilize those body formulas to get you what you're looking for.

Taking off Fat and Putting on Muscle
1 page

You've heard the saying "no pain no gain"? That's only the first type of pain. I introduce to you two others. It's important to be able to distinguish between the three or else you're going to wind up in a very bad place. Especially the second type of pain.

Preview 1 page

Exercise Quiz
7 questions

Quick notes:

- keep chore tight

- lift according to your goals and abilities (refer to strength endurance continuum and 3 types of pain if necessary)

- put your weights away.. it's polite

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Quick notes:

- keep chore tight

- squeeze glutes

- lift according to your goals and abilities (refer to strength endurance continuum and 3 types of pain if necessary)

- put your weights away.. it's polite

Shoulder Press

Quick notes:

- lift according to your goals and abilities (refer to strength endurance continuum and 3 types of pain if necessary)

- put your weights away.. it's polite

Seated Military Press

Quick notes:

- keep chore tight

- do not roll shoulders

- lift according to your goals and abilities (refer to strength endurance continuum and 3 types of pain if necessary)

- put your weights away.. it's polite


Quick notes:

- go only until you feel a good stretch in the pecs

- keep 90 degrees in the armpits

- slight bend in the elbows

- squeeze your chest on the way up and flex at the top of the movement (this means you might have to use a lower weight to get a good enough squeeze)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Pec Fly

Quick notes:

- go only until you feel a good stretch in the pecs

- keep 90 degrees in the armpits

- slight bend in the elbows

- squeeze your chest on the way up and flex at the top of the movement (this means you might have to use a lower weight to get a good enough squeeze)

- breath out on the push

Pec Dec

Quick notes:

- keep 90 degrees in the armpits

- 90 degrees in the elbows

- lower bar just to the bottom of your clavicles or until you feel a good enough stretch

- squeeze your chest on the way up and flex at the top of the movement (this means you might have to use a lower weight to get a good enough squeeze)

Incline Bench Press

Quick notes:

- lower bar just to nipple level or until you feel the stretch

- keep 90 degrees in the armpits

- 90 degrees in the elbows

- do not drop the bar to your chest if you have long arms, just go until you feel the stretch

- squeeze your chest on the way up and flex at the top of the movement (this means you might have to use a lower weight to get a good enough squeeze)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

Bonus Tip:

For more of a contraction, keep your toes pointed straight up to the ceiling during the entire lift and squeeze your quads.

Leg Extension

Quick notes:

- keep bar on fleshy part of back and not the neck bone

- keep weight in the back of your heels and butt

- breath in on the way down, filling your stomach with air for pushing back up

- have a spotter if possible

Preview 01:48

Quick notes:

- push with the heels

- squeeze your glutes

- breath out on the push

Hack Squat

Quick notes:

- push with the heels

- squeeze your glutes

- breath out on the push

Leg Press

Seated Ham Curl

Standing Calf Raise

Quick notes:

- keep lower back straight at all times

- do not lift with a curved spine

Barbell Deadlift

Quick notes:

- squeeze shoulder blades together

- on the way up, let your shoulders rise up to your ears for a bigger stretch

Lat Pull

Cable Back Row

Quick notes:

- allow a great big stretch in between your shoulders to allow for a nice big squeeze on the way back

Barbell Row

Quick notes:

- keep elbows up

- drive with the back of your wrists and squeeze your back focusing on the shoulders

Rear Delt Fly

Quick notes:

- allow for a big stretch in between your shoulder blades

- keep back straight

Single Arm Row

Quick notes:

- keep chest pushed out into the chest pad

- allow for a big stretch in your back

- squeeze your shoulder blades together at final contraction

Seated Back Row

Quick notes:

- big stretch in the arms

- big squeeze at the end

- if you're noticing an unusual pain (one that doesn't feel like post-exercise pain), ice the spot and reduce the weight the next time you do this excercise

Military Curl

Bonus tip:

- at the bottom of the contraction, turn your thumbs forwards and outwards to tap into a deeper angle of the tricep head

Tricep Pulldown

Quick notes:

- breath out on the squeeze and flex your abs as hard as you can

- for the crossed knee raise, do a full extension of the legs outwards to engage more of your lower abs


Leg Raise

Quick notes:

- hold for 30 seconds

- breath out into the stretch to get a deeper stretch

- AVOID type 2 pain

- stretch 4-7 times a week

- first thing in the morning or after your work out is fine

BONUS: Upper Body Stretches

BONUS: Lower Body Stretches pt.1

BONUS: Lower Body Stretches pt.2

Stretch List
1 page

Work Out Card Blank
1 page
Life Architect
14 Lectures 35:49

Sometimes we can all feel a little crazy. Coach Vinny demonstrates the common battle within us.

Life Architect Intro

I was in Cuba and I had the honor of meeting a man who was over 100 years old and still spunky enough to chase his wife around (if you know what I'm saying). Obviously someone who has lived that long knows a thing or two. So I asked him, "what are your TOP 3 things that you've learned in all your years?" Here are the answers he gave me, and they were absolutely NOT what I was expecting.

Top 3 Lessons from a 100yr Old

Top 3 Lessons for Meditation

Day Inventory

The Not To Do List
4 pages

Time Management Gold

Time Management Gold
1 page

Law of Polarity

Polarity Chart
1 page

BONUS: Law of the Seed

How Do I Feel Chart
1 page

BONUS: Law of Transmutation of Radiant Energy

Balance Wheel Questions
2 pages

A quick recap of the laws

The Laws
4 questions

References and Additional Information
1 Lecture 00:00

The information provided within this program is for general information purposes only. We make no claims that would in any way hold us legally accountable to however one may use the information therein. We are sharing life principles derived from life experiences. We make no medical, scientific, or legal claims or guarantees. Upon purchasing this program you have accepted the fact you are implementing these life principles at your own discretion and relieve the owner of this product of any liabilities that might come from your own actions or the actions of others. You are acknowledging that you are in control of your actions, and should you need the help of professionals, are willing to seek that out by your own free will.

Enjoy :)

Disclaimer For This Course
1 page
About the Instructor
Brian James
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
20 Students
1 Course
Coach, Author, Life Architect

Brian James, Author, Speaker, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Personal Trainer, and friend to the hurting.

I love helping people transform their lives through positive changes both mentally and physically.

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Have you been depressed, exhausted, and irritable?

Have you noticed a significant decrease in your motivation and zeal?

Are you completely lost when it comes to how to get to the next level in life?

Have you been putting off exercise and changing your diet because there's never a good time to start?

Do you want to drop 10-20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks?

Is one of your biggest fears being seen in your bathing suit?

Do you struggle with meeting new people?

Do you want to finally be comfortable and confident in your own skin?

*Take my courses, and you'll change your body and your life forever.

When I was younger I was 5'4 and 180lbs, severely bullied, and completely miserable with the way I looked and felt. I had very little self esteem and I repeated to myself the nasty words others said of me. I wasn't a very good friend to myself. These experiences developed many poor heart-programs within me.

Desperate for change, I took to dieting and exercise but I went the completely wrong way about it. I looked at the magazines and online articles and was destined to have a body like them. However during the process, because I didn't understand the fundamentals of heart-programming, my old heart-programs of insecurity did lead me to lose weight! But with eating disorders, over exercise, and mental anguish.

During that time I eventually hired a personal trainer and learned the foundation of health and fitness and began seeing great results. I was able to lose weight effectively and properly and got much quicker benefits than I did without a coach. Later on, I became a personal trainer myself and even entered into a body building competition where I won an award! However, the heart-programs of insecurity were still in charge and were now affecting my romantic relationships.

I enrolled in the John Maxwell Leadership University and learned how the mind works in relation to our feelings and actions. It was there that I began understanding the relationship between what we see of ourselves and how we behave. Your self-image has EVERYTHING to do with what you have in your life. And that's what I now specialize in. As a fitness trainer, I helped my clients see results in their body. And as a coach, I also got to help them see results in their relationships, finances, and outlook on life.

*What is a nice body if you can't hold down a relationship? What is the point of abs if you're continually discouraged about life? These are the questions I specialize in.

Why You May Consider Taking My Courses

If you answered YES to any or all of the questions above, you've come to the right place. I've had training from some of the top coaches in the world on coaching and self-image setting. I've been training for more than a decade and have been doing so professionally for over half of that. I train for all ages and skill levels. No matter your level of experience with personal training or image consulting, my plans can be modified for anyone.

One of my favorite client stories is with my oldest client, a 60 year old female. Not only did she lose over 100lbs with me in one year, but she also did it with Fibromyalgia! She is now looking great, and enjoying her new life traveling the country with her new found boyfriend. Weight loss doesn't just affect your physical health, it affects your social and romantic health as well. All of this is stemmed from how you see yourself.

I've trained and coached with police applicants, fighters, singers, dancers, and even country leaders.

I've written the book Breaking Normal before normal breaks you, a journey of my own struggles and how I overcame them and how you can overcome yours.

I've traveled to over 7 countries around the world teaching various ages of people on leadership and self-image, and one of my most memorable adventures was traveling

to Guatemala City with John Maxwell and 170 other coaches from around the world to work with the President of Guatemala on their National Transformational Leadership Day. There we trained over 15,000 government officials and leaders from the media, education, and even religious community. All in only 3 days!!!

Don't hesitate any longer. It's another new year, new day, and new hour that you could start sculpting the new you. RIGHT NOW!

Lose fat, gain confidence, develop relationships, master your life, and become the best version of you by enrolling in any of my courses. Your body and life are priceless. Take care of them while you can.

Body Builder, Gym Owner Ty Quinn
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
20 Students
1 Course
Healthy is Balance

I am a pro natural Body Builder with the IDFA and have

been body building for just over 15 years.

In my experience, fitness doesn't have to dominate your life.

Just because you miss one meal or one workout doesn't mean

the world is over or that you have to jump off the “bandwagon."

I believe in flexibility and moderation. Live the lifestyle you

want and adapt for the body you desire. The two can go hand

in hand without you having to go insane. Trust me... I've got

the trophies to prove it.

Here is a short bio list:

– Over 15 years experience of body building

– Awarded 12 trophies and medals

– Continuous top 3 placement

– Owner and founder of Full Scene Athletics (gym and facility)

Actress, Model, Futurist Alyssa Wyspianski
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
20 Students
1 Course
Life is what you make of it... what are YOU making?

Health and fitness weren't always a passion of mine.

In fact, I even went through the “chubby" days.

It really played on my self confidence, especially

when people started attacking me for it. I went

through eating disorders, over exercising, and every

other unhealthy method of weight loss you could

think of. One day I had enough and decided to do

something about it and one thing lead to another.

Next thing I knew, I was competing in Beauty

Pageants and physique competitions.

Even more to my excitement, I started getting recognized.

It wasn't the awards that I was getting excited about

but rather my position to influence younger girls that

struggle just like I once did.

Here is a short bio list:

– Miss Teen Canada 2013

– Placed top 5 for bikini in MABBA 2014

– Provincials for bikini same year

– Face of Beauty International 2014

– Miss Universe contestant representing Canada

– Actress

– Nutritionist