Hip Hop Dance Foundation - Breakdancing

Master the Basics of Breakdancing (Learn at your own pace or with the 30 Days Breakdance Challenge)
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Instructed by Kit Pang Health & Fitness / Dance
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  • Lectures 32
  • Length 1 hour
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 1/2015 English

Course Description

Don't be a Bboy or Bgirl wannabe anymore! Hip Hop Foundation | Breakdancing will teach you the core foundations of breakdancing to help you become the dancer you always wanted to be. The foundations of breakdancing are Toprocking, Go Downs, Footwork, Freezes and Powermoves. This course will teach you 19 Breakdancing Moves with 29 easy-to-follow videos that includes instructions, drills and routines.

Learn At Your Own Pace or Take the 30 Days Challenge: Mastering Breakdancing Basics

Here's How It Works: Learning at Your Own Pace:

1) Moves are broken down into mini steps so that you can fully grasp the movement.

2) Drills are then introduced for you to follow with the instructor as you perfect the moves with music.

3) Learn a routine and put your skills to the test: Toprock Routine and Footwork Routine.

30 Day Challenge: Mastering Breakdancing Basics

Do you think you have what it takes to learn how to breakdance? Mastery of a subject cannot be done in one day or even let alone in a life-time. Challenge yourself in 2015 to learn breakdancing basics and beyond.

Day 1: Watch Welcome/Introduction video + three additional YouTube videos on breakdancing to get a sense of the movements, music and culture.

Day 2: Learn Toprocking: Front/Back Cross (Lectures 2, 3 and 4)

Day 3: Practice Front and Back Cross (Lecture 4) + Learn Footwork: Six Step (Lecture 16)

Day 4: Learn Toprocking: Side Steps (Lectures 5, 6 and 7)

Day 5: Practice Side Steps (Lecture 7) + Learn Footwork: 12 Step (Lecture 17)

Day 6: Learn Go Downs (Lecture 14 and 15) + Practice Front/Back Cross and Side Step (Lectures 4 and 7)

Day 7: Learn Freezes: Basic Stab and Baby Freeze (Lectures 25 and 26)

Day 8: Learn Top Rocking: Indian Step and Swivel (Lectures 8 and 9)

Day 9: Learn Top Rocking: Brooklyn Top Rock (Lecture 10) + Toprock exercise (Lectures 11 and 12)

Day 10: REVIEW: Toprock Exercises (Lecture 4, 7 and 12) + Footwork: Six Step and Twelve Step

Day 11: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Freezes Review: Basic Stab and Baby Freeze

Day 12: Learn Footwork: 3 Step, Threading and CCs (Lectures, 18, 19 and 20)

Day 13: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13)+Go Downs Review: Cork Screw and Knee Drop + Learn Footwork: Helicopter and VKick/Kick Outs (Lectures 21 and 22)

Day 14: Learn Freezes: Shoulder Freeze and Chair Freeze (Lectures 27 and 28) + Watch Footwork Drills (Lecture 23)

Day 15: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Footwork Drills (Lecture 23)

Day 16: REVIEW: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Go Downs (Lectures 14 and 15) + Footwork Drills(Lecture 23)

Day 17: Freezes: Practice Basic Stab and Watch Windmill Tutorial (Lecture 29)

Day 18: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Learn Footwork Routine (Lecture 24)

Day 19: Footwork Routine (Lecture 24) + Learn Windmill (Lecture 29)

Day 20: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Footwork Routine (Lecture 24)

Day 21: Freezes: Review all freezes (Lectures 25,26,27 and 28)

Day 22: Record Yourself and send it to me for feedback! (Toprock Routine and Footwork Routine)

Day 23: Windmill Day (Lecture 29)

Day 24: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) and Review All Freezes (Lectures 25-28)

Day 25: Footwork Drills (Lecture 23) + Basic Stab Freeze

Day 26: Toprock Routine + Footwork Routine + Windmill

Day 27: Footwork Drills + All Freezes

Day 28: Toprock Routine + Footwork Drills + Footwork Routine + Windmill

Day 29: All Freezes and Windmill

Day 30: Record Yourself: Toprock Routine, Footwork Routine, All Freezes and Windmill!

Feel free to send me an email for private feedback or guidance: ypang07@gmail.com


What are the requirements?

  • No prior dance experience necessary! Comfortable exercises wear and sneakers suggested.
  • Use an open space such as a mutli-purpose room or a living room that can give you ample space to move.
  • Mirrors are suggested but not necessary.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • master basic breakdancing by learning at your own pace or with the 30 Day Challenge: Mastering Breakdancing Basics
  • Understand and combine basic dance steps in the core foundation of breakdancing which consists of Toprocking, Go Downs, Footwork, Freezes and Powermoves.
  • Perform a Toprocking Routine and Footwork Routine that incorporates the core foundational moves of breakdancing.
  • Feel like a breakdancer!

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone can learn how to dance and look good doing it. It's not a matter of "not being able to do it", it's a matter of "just not yet".
  • This course is for beginners who have little to no knowledge in breakdancing.
  • This course consists of floor movements and balancing techniques with your body, please be cautious or consult a doctor if you have had any past injuries.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Do You Have What It Takes?
Welcome and Introduction
Section 2: Toprocking

The Front and Back Cross is one of the main basic steps in Toprocking.

Tip: Remember to put your weight on the foot that is stepping forward so that you are not leaning back!


Learn the Top Rock Exercise with no music. In the next video, we will jam it out.

Here is the exercise:

Front and Back Cross:

-8 Times Forward + 8 Times Back (This continues with 6, 4 and 2)

-Pivot one full circle, then the other way

-Double it up



Get Ready, Get Set, Dance!


Add to your style with Side Steps.

Tip: Remember to push off the foot that you are using to step to the side when you come back to the middle. This will give you an explosiveness to your step.


Side Step Exercise instruction without music.

Here it is:

8 to each side (Then 6, 4 and 2)

8 to the front (Then 6, 4 and 2)

Push and pivot step around a circle (Then other side)



Get Ready, Get Set, Dance!


This is a fun and stylish move that you can add to your repertoire.

Tip: Use the hips to twist and have your chest facing forward.


One of my favorite moves! The Swivel Step.

Tip: Remember to 1st - Pivot then 2nd - Hop out. Make it smooth!


Instead of causing violence, The Brooklyn Toprock started as a way for Bboys/Bgirls to "battle it out"

Tip: Be creative and see how you can "attack" your opponent!


It's time to combine it all. Let's go and try it out without music first.


Ready..Get Set.. Dance!


Let's combine everything we learned about Toprocking and put it into a routine (from Front/Back Crosses to the Brooklyn Top Rock).

Section 3: Go Downs

Stylish way to spin down to the floor from your Toprock to Footwork.

Tip: Make sure you are spinning downwards as your twist down.


One of my favorite Get Downs! The Kneedrop.

Tip: Have the back foot touch the ground first and do not bang your knee on the floor!

Section 4: Footwork

One of the core footwork steps in breakdancing.

Tip: Keep your weight forward!


This step adds flare and uniqueness to your footwork

Tip: Use your hips and twist!


One of my favorite footwork steps - The 3 Step!

Tip: Keep you weight forward and think of being light on your feet as you hop from one move to another.


Great creative with some Threading. This lecture will teach you one of the basic threading moves.


The CCs is one of the Go-To moves for breakdancing. Learn how to execute CCs.

Tip: Just like the Indian Step, try to twist the hips while keeping your chest forward.


When you think of breakdancing, the Helicopter can be the first move that pops up in your mind.

Tip: There are only two steps to this move. Remember to change your weight from Step 1 to Step 2. While hopping over your leg, keep your weight on both your hands.)


This move combines athleticism and high energy as you kick out.

Tip: Make this move swift and clean. Kick out then come back.


Here are my favorite exercises to do during a breakdancing workout.

Try to incorporate at least three of these exercises when you practice.


Let's put it all together in a routine (from Six Step to Helicopters)

Section 5: Freezes

This is the core freeze that will help you with many other breakdancing freezes and power moves.

Tip: Stretch out your wrist. Get comfortable with putting your elbow to your belly button. Try doing it on the wall first. Eventually when you are ready, you can lift your legs in the air. Practice Daily.


The Baby Freeze is a side pose that you balance on with your head, and arms. There are two ways of doing this. The first way is with both of your arms to the side of your body and the second way is twisting from the basic freeze. Try to master both ways!

Tip: The baby freeze is not about power and strength. Play with your body's balance point.


This is a fun yet exciting pose to watch. Balance on your shoulders and side of your head while using your arm to help you keep balanced.

Tip: Remember to breath. Try to kick up so that you will fall over to the other side to find your balance point.


One of my favorite freezes! The Chair Freeze.

Tip: Master the baby freeze that starts from the basic stab. All you have to do is twist a little more so that your elbow reaches your back and you will have the chair freeze!

Section 6: Powermoves

The Windmill is one of the moves that everyone thinks of when they think of breakdancing. Learn how to spin on your back continuously with this video.

Section 7: Can't Get Enough? Make Sure You Check These Out!
1 page

As you progress through the course, be sure to check off the moves that you have learned.

1 page

Learn more and visit the top 3 breakdancing sites, attend a breakdancing event near your, find some breakdancing music and order some gear!

2 pages

Think you have what it takes? Take the 30 Days Breakdance Challenge!

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Instructor Biography

Kit Pang, Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer

Kit has taught and performed throughout Boston, New York and internationally, including Lithuania and Paris. Kit is the founder of Spotlight|The Choreographers’ Showcase, a dance showcase in Utica, NY where emerging and established choreographers showcase their original works. Kit recently returned to Boston from Utica, NY in June 2013 to further pursue his career with dance and arts administration.

Current dance faculty at The Jeannette Neill Dance Studio in Boston, MA.

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