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Boost Your Self-Worth, Get Respect by Having Good Boundaries

Master boundaries-a proven formula for creating great relationships, success in business and achieving personal freedom.
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What Will I Learn?
You will learn how to set healthy boundaries in any area of your life, work or relationships
You will be able to determine when to make a rule and when to set a boundary
You will acquire the skills to maintain the boundaries you set with ease
You will learn how to confront people who ignore or overstep your boundaries in a firm and assertive way while keeping the relationship intact
You will enjoy happier realtionships with your co-workers, children, friends and family
You will experience less negative conflict between yourself and others
You will be able to delegate easily and effectively hold people accountable
You will stop taking responsibility for other peoples' lives and get back to running your own life
You will discover that you have more time to attend to your personal responsibilities, dreams and needs
Upon mastering the art of boundaries you will achieve higher success in your work, relationships and life
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  • You should have a notebook and pen with you where you can write down your thoughts and insights that you have along the way.
  • The book "Boundaries:Where You End and I Begin" by Anne Katherine, M.A is highly recommended as a companion to this course. Although it is not compulsory reading, it will give you a deeper look into boundaries when read in conjunction witht he course.
  • The book "Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No" by Henry Cloud is an additional resource for people who would like a Christian viewpoint on boundaries.

Boundary issues present a multitude of problems for people in the workplace, in the family and in relationships. Poorly managed or non-existent boundaries cause resentment and disagreement between people, are a leading cause of poor productivity in a workplace and contribute to elevated stress levels. People who struggle with boundaries find themselves saying Yes when they really want to say No, find themselves unable to protect themselves from unwanted intrusions by co-workers, friends and family. Unable to hold their own and other people's boundaries, these people find themselves doing other people's work instead of their own, taking responsibility for things that they shouldn't and often in trouble for falling behind in their own areas of responsibility. They often feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated and disrespected with little to show for their efforts. Communication becomes vague or evasive which leads to misunderstandings and mistrust.

Simply put, healthy boundaries are a necessity for anybody who wants to lead a healthy, happy, productive and successful existence in all areas of life. This course will bring you to a point where you feel confidently able to set and hold a boundary for yourself or others by examining the nature of boundaries, exposing the reasons for our struggles with boundaries and ultimately providing techniques for you to set and manage your and other people's boundaries.

Learn and master the art of setting and holding healthy boundaries with this course

  • Set healthy boundaries in any area of your life, work or relationships
  • Say No when you when you should and Yes only when it's healthy
  • Know when to make a rule or set a boundary
  • Maintain the boundaries you set with ease and grace
  • Assertively confront people who ignore or overstep your boundaries while keeping the relationship intact
  • Delegate easily and hold people accountable effectively
  • Manage others who resist or resent your newly found strength and boundary setting

Mastering boundaries for greater success in life, work and relationships

A boundary is nothing more than a container designed to maintain the integrity of what's inside, be that your health, sanity, money, family or job responsibilities. The tools and techniques taught in this course provide a gentle, non-threatening approach that will ensure choosing, setting and holding a boundary becomes possible for even the most timid person, in the most difficult situations. By overcoming your own reactions to boundaries, you will acquire the insight and wisdom that boundaries are not punitive or selfish, rather they are the most respectful, generous and empowering way to relate to the world at large.

Parents, people in leadership roles, employees, or people in any form of relationship with others will benefit from the experience of seeing their own relationship to boundaries, and learning new ways to manage what historically would have been difficult conversations to have and spaces to be in.

This course is perfect for any person who feels that they could achieve much more if they were not constantly side-tracked by other people's interruptions and requests, or who feels overwhelmed by the business of managing other people's responsibilities because saying yes is just less trouble than saying no.

Contents and Overview

In the over 3 hours of content including 30 lectures, 5 quizzes as well as supplemental materials, this course covers the theory of boundaries as well as the practical tools you need in order to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

This course covers the importance of boundaries, the definition of boundaries, the reasons the boundaries present a challenge to so many people. It examines the relationship between boundaries and rules as well as ways to determine whether a boundary or a rule needs to be set. Students will learn how to communicate a boundary assertively and techniques to manage other people reactions to a boundary being set or saying No.

Students will also have the opportunity to examine their own relationship to boundaries, both those that they would like to set and those imposed upon them, including the reasons for their struggle with boundaries.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for you if you find yourself saying yes to requests when you know you should say no.
  • If your children or spouse walk all over you
  • If you feel like people take advantage of your good nature and it is impacting your ability to be successful
  • If you find that you end up doing your colleagues work for them rather than holding them accountable for it
  • If you find delegating difficult or impossible
  • If you feel unheard when you set limits or ask for people to respect your space
  • If you are a parent, an employee, or in a relationship with other people
  • If you are in a leadership role
  • This course is probably NOT for you if you always delegate well, feel heard when you set limits or if you are able to say no effectively
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 02:48:32
Introduction and Overview
2 Lectures 07:49

This lecture will provide and introduction to the topic Boundaries as well as an overview of the course structure, what you can expect to learn and what will be required of you the student during the course.

Preview 05:15

In this lecture you will have the opportunity to choose your personal goals for the course and make some commitments to yourself in terms of your engagement with the material

Creating the context
4 Lectures 22:11

This lecture will give you a high level understanding of boundaries and how they function in the world

Preview 05:21

This lecture provides a summary of the reasons why healthy boundaries are critical to your success in life, work and realtionships

What is so important about boundaries?

This lecture introduces you to the distinction between boundaries and other types of limitations.

What are boundaries NOT?

In this lecture we will do some introspective work and you will learn the signs that indicate that you are not managing boundaries in areas your life in order that you can make a change

How to know if you have a boundary problem

Quiz Description

What's the big deal about boundaries anyway?
5 questions
Boundaries are not rules
4 Lectures 24:40

This lectures explores the look and feel of boundaries in different situations

Qualties of Boundaries

In this lecture we examine the look and feel of rules as distinct from boundaries

Qualities of Rules

Since we agree that boundaries are tough to master, this lecture will reveal to you the purpose of boundaries. Understanding their purpose will change your relationship with boundaries and make it easier to have them.

Purpose of Boundaries

Rules and boundaries both have distinct purposes. It is important to understand when to use one or the other. You will learn the distinction in this lecture.

Boundary or Rule? How to know which one to use when

Quiz Description
Boundary or Rule?
4 questions
Good Fences Make Good Neighbours
5 Lectures 29:36

In this lecture we are going to explore the famous poem "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost. By the end of the lecture you will have seen links in the poem to the concepts we discuss in the course and will have an opinion on whether in fact, good fences do make good neighbours

Mending Wall

This lecture will leave you with an understanding of how personal boundaries are created throughout our growing up years. You will have the opportunity to explore in your how your boundaries may or may not have developed

How Boundaries are Created

This exercise will assist you to identify the ways in which your childhood years informed your existing relationship with boundaries. This is an important foundational exercise to do before moving on to the section on building new boundaries.

Exercise: My Childhood Boundary Development

Boundaries are tough for nearly everyone. This lecture explores what makes our relationship with boundaries so problematic.

Why boundaries seem so difficult

The most successful people in life have mastered the art of boundaries. This lecture shows you how you will benefit from having healthy boundaries.

Benefits of maintaining healthy boundaries

Quiz Description

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours
4 questions
Boundaries in Practice
9 Lectures 45:06

In this lecture you will gain an understanding of the types of boundary issues that arise between friends.

Boundary Conflicts: Friends

In this lecture you will gain an understanding of the types of boundary issues that arise in marriages or long-term relationships

Boundary Conflicts: Spouse

In this lecture you will gain an understanding of the types of boundary issues that arise in families.

Boundary Conflicts: Family

In this lecture you will gain an understanding of the types of boundary issues that arise between parents, children and siblings.

Boundary Conflicts: Children

This lecture will explore some of the boundary conflicts that may occur in the workplace.

Boundary Conflicts: Workplace

In this lecture you will gain an understanding of the types of boundary issues that arise within ourselves.

Boundary Conflicts: Self

This is an exercise that will help you to see for yourself what your boundaries are.

Preview 09:59

During this lecture you will explore the boundaries in your own life. You will complete the lecture knowing whether you have boundaries, what they are and if they are healthy or unhealthy

Your current boundaries

Quiz Description
Boundaries in Practice
5 questions

This is a practical exercise which will help you to identify areas where you have fuzzy or non-existent boundaries. It is important to complete this exercise before moving on to the next section, it you will need the information from the exercise to move through the next section.

Exercise: My Boundary Conflicts
Building & Holding Boundaries
5 Lectures 29:21

Building and holding boundaries is not theoretical but rather a practical exercise. Since a boundary is a limit, we need to know ourselves before we can see the limits. This exercise will assist you to deepend your self concept and your awareness about your own limits.

Exercise: Who Am I?

In this lecture we discuss the mechanism of setting boundaries. You will learn how to communicate the boundary so that you are heard and the boundary is respected.

Building Healthy Boundaries

If it were a simple matter of saying no, there would be no need for this course! In this lecture you will learn how to enforce a boundary in such a way that relationship remains intact and even healthier.

Just say No! The Language of Boundary Setting

In this lecture we will explore ways to handle other people's resistance to your boundaries and take a look at your resistance to your own boundaries.

Handling External Resistance to your Boundaries

In this lecture we will take a look at your resistance to your own boundaries.

Handling Internal Resistance to your Boundaries

Holding Boundaries
3 questions
1 Lecture 07:23

How will you know that you have mastered boundaries? This lecture will take you through the results you can expect to see in your life that serve as indicators that you are now utilising and enforcing boundaries.

Taking your life back!
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A coach, author, facilitator and inspirational speaker, Tania has powerfully partnered with executives, entrepreneurs, teams, groups and private individuals to create business and personal results that reflect the highest potential of each client.

Tania is insightful and dynamic in her approach and is quickly able to connect with the essence of her clients and their individual requirements. By combining these qualities with her extensive management experience and her steadfast belief in people’s abilities to excel, with the correct support, Tania is successfully able to assist her clients to meet their objectives. She draws on her experiences of coaching, mentoring and managing staff at many levels to create unique coaching programs that are motivational, inspirational, effective and specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Tania is a co-author of A Coaches Story and a freelance contributor of self-help articles to publications such as Cosmopolitan, Shape, Destiny and Sarie magazines. She is an accomplished keynote and inspirational speaker for functions and events.

Tania graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg with a BComm and with an LLB from the University of South Africa (Unisa).In addition, she holds ICF/ACTP accredited qualifications of Professional Coach and Accredited Consciousness Coach® and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

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