Body 4 Believers Weight loss

No pills, no potions, no shots, no surgeries, just eating real foods in a way to remove unwanted fat from the body.
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About This Course

Published 10/2014 English

Course Description

Body 4 Believers is a nutrition program that instructs how to eat normal everyday foods in a way that removes fat from the body. Great benefits are accomplished in the implementation of the disciplines we instruct. Over the last 70 years we have compromised our nutrient input by replacing fiber with refined carbohydrates. This has caused a epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes. We instruct a healthy balance of nutrients for feeding the body properly. This results of feeding our body well is fat loss and new-found energy. It is amazing how our health can return. I have personally witness the rebound of health and energy of hundreds that I have instructed in the implementation of these disciplines. We don't need more gimmicks just to learn how to eat normal everyday foods.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need to be able to open a PDF file and preferable be able to print it.
  • You will need to go to our web page and grade your test.
  • You will need a calculator for figuring the percent fat of your protein and the macro-nutrient ratio of your snack.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Remove fat by eating normal foods the right way, while staying satisfied.
  • Keep your blood sugar in a normal range by combining your carbs and protein to eliminate fat storage.
  • Feed your body all the required macro-nutrients; protein, carbs and fat, to provide a healthy nutrient balance.
  • Learn how your body stores fat, and you can win the fight against fat in an intelligent way.
  • Improve your metabolism by reviving the organ responsible for metabolizing fat.
  • Increase your energy level by replacing empty calories with nutrient dense products.
  • Enjoy cheat days strategically without hindering your fat burn results.
  • Remove fat the most efficient way possible simply by eating correctly.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone needing to remove any amount of fat from their body.
  • Anyone diagnosed with diabetes or experiencing pre diabetic symptoms.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy in our refined carb culture.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Body 4 Believers Introduction
During this video you will be given a brief overview of the entire course. Life changing nutritional information will be introduced to you. This will help you organize the flow of information.
Section 2: The Basics; A wise Plan
There are some simple standards that were used in the design of this lifestyle. These standards are explained in this video and used as a foundation to build our wise plan.
This video is an introduction to the macro-nutrients.It is very important to achieve a healthy balance of macros while losing fat in order to remain healthy.
Two key nutritional principles are explained in this video, both were life changing for me personally. First, all nutritional information is goal specific and that is why so much nutritional information seems to conflict. Second, is the method that our body stores fat. Once I learned what is instructed in this video, I was able to have long term success.
Section 3: The Basics; Worthwhile Purpose
When we learn and apply the disciplines taught in this course the primary result is fat loss. Other great benefits are achieved in the implementation of these disciplines; our energy increases, we get off medications and we become the person God created us to be. These benefits are discussed in this video.
Section 4: The Basics; Workable Procedure
In this video we discuss a procedure that allows for the bad eating days (cold days) that we all experience. This practical method allows us to enjoy bad eating days without guilt or sabotaging our results.
Section 5: How to Have a Hot Day
We are now learning the disciplines that result in fat burn days (hot days). This video deals with the first of the hot day disciplines, portions. We instruct you how to portion control your meals so that your body will be able to metabolize the entire meal while providing adequate macro-nutrients.
Timing, the second fat burn discipline is taught in this video. It is important to space our meals in a way so that we are never conserving calories or storing fat. Consistently implementing the timing rules that we instruct in this video will transition our bodies into fat burning machines.
The third hot day discipline is water. In this video we instruct how much to drink and why to drink it. This will greatly improve your metabolism.
There are seven approved fat burn meal options that are introduced in this video. We refer to these approved meals as combinations. We combine our meals stratigically to keep our blood sugar in a normal range and feed our body its required nutrients.
This video explains the first combination, lean proteins. They can be eaten alone. Several examples of this meal are provided.
This combination pairs a lean protein with a fibrous carb. Several examples are given of this fat burn meal option.
This video covers the other meal option using a lean protein. Here we combine a lean protein, fibrous carb and natural carb. Examples are given of this meal option.
Here we introduce another protein source, fatty protein. This protein source combined with a fibrous carb is another approved meal. Several examples of this meal are given.
In this video you are introduced to the concept of a balanced prepackaged meal. This is an acceptable fat burn combination. Several examples of balanced foods are given.
This video instructs pairing a balanced food with a fibrous carb as an approved meal option. We give several examples of this meal.
This video introduces you to our last approved meal combination, believer approved. This combination is for administration approved products outside our normal instruction. A couple examples of believer approved meals are provided.
Section 6: Categorizing Macro-Nutrients
This video explains how we separate our proteins into the three different categories according to their fat percentage. Once we know how to figure the fat percentage, we can properly combine it.
This video discusses another of our essential macro nutrients, fat. We are also given options for frying in a healthy way that will not cause fat storage.
This video will teach you how to qualify a fibrous carb. We also instruct the benefits of fiber and how we strategically use high fiber foods to regulate our blood sugar and burn fat.
In this video we are continuing to categorize our carbohydrates. Here we take an in-depth look at natural carbs which are a great source of sugar. We also take a look at the logic behind our combinations and how they are designed to avoid fat storage.
This video identifies the product that causes us to to store fat. We explain how the drastic increase of this product has caused an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. In this video we also introduce you to efficient fat burn.
Section 7: Qualifying Balanced Food and Snacks
This video teaches you how to determine if a prepackaged meal is macro-nutrient balanced.
This video teaches you how to qualify a snack. Knowing how to qualify a snack will allow you to find many in your local grocery store. Severl examples of good snacks are provided.
Section 8: The Good Stuff
We use condiments to add flavor to our meals. In this video you will learn how to regulate, and select the best condiments.
This video will define and list a number of extra foods that we can eat. These do not count as a meal or a snack and will be beneficial for killing those cravings that often cause poor choices.
Here we instruct a method of utilizing hot days and cold days strategically to maximize our efforts. Achieving great results quickly will help you stay motivated.
This lecture is about using prayer as a great asset. Through prayer we can realize discipline and determination for taking back of our health and energy.
This video introduces you to some products that will help you in this lifestyle. We also give you some ways to stay connected to the community of believers implementing these disciplines. Staying connected will be important for updates, changes and new approved products.
Section 9: Get a New Body
This video explains the process of preparing our soul for eternity. All who go to Heaven must have a new body. This video will instruct you how to get that new body.

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Instructor Biography

Greg Locklear, Program Founder

After losing 100 lbs in 6 Months and and dropping my cholesterol 100 points I designed the Body 4 Believers nutrition program. We have since traveled the Southeast and instructed thousands these nutritional principles and witnessed remarkable results from participants wherever we travel. There are many basic nutritional principles we instruct that everyone needing to lose weight should know, like how we store fat. Considering we have a epidemic of type 2 diabetes and obesity in our culture, everyone should know this information and it is my mission to teach it to the masses. This information is life changing!

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