Five Video Tips to Help You Shine On Camera

By now you have realized the power of video to share your expertise with the world. Good for you!  Whether you are contemplating creating a course, developing an additional one or looking to hone your skills as an instructor, one of the most powerful tools for you to consider is your on-camera presence.

Lets face it.  Would you want to watch someone who is stiff, awkward or dull?  Probably not.  They might have brilliant expertise to teach, but if they are not engaging, then the viewer will likely tune out.

The good news is that there are simple guidelines to follow to make your videos compelling, charismatic and entertaining all at the same time.

But before you can hit that red record button, you must consider the most important aspect to your video… your audience.  Most people are so concerned about what they look like on-camera, if they are going to remember what they want to say and whether or not the technical aspects of the recording are ok, that they forget entirely about the person on the other side of the lens.  When you are committed to helping your student, you turn your attention away from you, and on to them.

Here are five training videos that walk you though some of my best practices I use every time.

1. Know Your Viewer:

Remember, you are speaking to a person, not a lens.  Make sure you connect to that viewer in your mind before you open your mouth.

2. Love the Lens:

Want to know a quick secret to reminding yourself that your viewer is listening?  Turn a post-it into your ideal student!

3. Short and Sweet:

Get to the point, people!  Who doesn’t love concise content?  I know I do.

4. Calls to Action:

Great educational videos are not merely for entertainment purposes, they can be transform people if you inspire your viewer to take action.  Don’t let them guess, what to do…tell them instead.

5. The Power of Practice:

If you really want to shine, you simply need to keep practicing.  By being gentle with yourself, you fuel your ability to get more comfortable every time you turn on the camera.  Try it and see for yourself.

There is no need to be intimidated by creating great videos.  You were born to shine.  If you need a little guidance along them way, feel free to pick up my course:  Web Video 101 (Get it for 50% OFF!)  Your audience is dying to meet you.

About Alexa:

There’s nothing like a 1,000 Watt Presence to ignite and inspire everyone you meet. In case you have lost touch with your own star qualities, Alexa Fischer knows how to bring out your inner light. She has transformed normal civilians into confident, dynamic speakers. The results? Less Fear. More FUN. And maybe some fame if you’re a really dedicated student! Alexa is a graduate of Northwestern University, B.S. in Speech, and The Yale School of Drama, M.F.A. in Acting. She has appeared on countless episodes of hit television shows and national commercials. Beyond the television, her audiences include entrepreneurs, non-profits, corporations and teens.


  1. Olivia Faith Simpson says:

    Love you're videos!!!!x you have helped me so much!!! Looking to make my own short films soon!!! You have inspired me to just get up and do it!!! I know you have like 10 million fans!! And you get comments like this everyday! But I just want to say thank you!!!x

  2. Thank you! I so appreciate your comment. The hardest part is getting started, but once you give yourself permission to PLAY, producing videos becomes FUN… and very effective for your business. Go for it! The world needs some of your wonderful energy. Good luck!

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