Flexibility matters: 3 skills every 21st century employee should have

ElastigirlFixed work hours and detailed job descriptions are relics of the past. Today, companies are often looking for fewer yet more productive workers. The 21st century employee needs to be flexible and talented enough in not one but many areas.

Mr. or Ms. Elastic is hardly going to come out of college or their previous job with super powers. Skills are acquired through formal and informal internal training, so smart companies take charge of creating the workforce they need.

What are these magical 21st century skills, and how can you teach them to your team?

Writing skills

According to 120 corporations surveyed by the College Board, a third of all employees have unsatisfactory writing skills. The same survey showed that writing is part of the daily job of over two-thirds of all workers. Generating relevant, clear content (like on blogs, hello!) is on the to-do list for virtually every organization.

How can you use writing skills?

  • Emails

  • Reports

  • Presentations

  • Blogs

  • Hmm…Everything!

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Computer and technology skills

To communicate effectively with coworkers, clients, and the media every employee needs to be familiar with tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Docs, and Powerpoint.

How can you use technology skills?

  • Data analysis (welcome to a world where everyone is a data scientist)

  • Create graphs

  • Presentations

  • Generating documents and reports

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Design skills

Whether you work with sales, marketing, product, IT, finance, management, you name it, you will likely – and by likely I mean definitely – benefit from knowing Abode design products like Photoshop, Indesign, or Illustrator. By learning some basic design skills, you will never again have to bother that busy designer or creative services team who will take 4 days to return your email.

How can you use design skills?

  • Create and edit images

  • Improve look, feel, and presentation of documents

  • Spice up your Powerpoint slides

  • Work faster!

Teach your team online

Providing training on these 3 fundamental skills will bring your company to the 21st century, saving precious time and increasing productivity of everyone in the office.

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