Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
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Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of Blockchain and Bitcoin in this bestselling video course and accompanying PDF glossary.
Best Seller
4.7 (1,081 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,602 students enrolled
Created by George Levy
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have a strong understanding of what Blockchain technology is.
  • Understand what Bitcoin is and how it works.
  • Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations.
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  • There are no requirements needed to enroll beyond having a business interest in learning how Blockchain and Bitcoin work.

Newly expanded with even more video content!

Listening and acting upon valuable feedback from over 5,000 satisfied students worldwide who are currently enrolled in this course - we have added new video and valuable content including Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, DAOs, DACs and even a new video lecture on Bitcoin Cash - the new cryptocurrency born out of the August 1st, 2017 Hard Fork!

Don't waste any further time and quickly get the working knowledge you need in Blockchain and Bitcoin by enrolling now!

- Are you looking for a quick, highly-effective and easy way to understand Blockchain and Bitcoin?

- Do you want to get a firm grasp on what Blockchain and Bitcoin are all about? Even topics such as Smart Contracts and Digital Tokens?

- Do you need to learn the key concepts and vocabulary around Blockchain and Bitcoin?

This effective guide will help you understand Blockchain and Bitcoin, including more advanced topics such as smart contracts and digital tokens, and will set you well on your way to Blockchain and Bitcoin mastery. 

You'll learn the key aspects around Blockchain and Bitcoin, including:

  • What is a Blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What are smart contracts?
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • What are digital tokens?
  • How Blockchain and Bitcoin are related and why it's so important to know the relation.
  • Some common misconceptions about Blockchain and Bitcoin.
  • How to get started with Bitcoin

And more!


I have included a downloadable and printable PDF Glossary including over 100 of the most important Blockchain and Bitcoin terms so you can have the essential concepts and language available with you whenever you may need them.

This course will help you quickly master the most important ideas and topics in Blockchain and Bitcoin.

I look forward to seeing you inside!


George Levy

Who is the target audience?
  • The ideal student for this course is someone who wants to quickly understand and expand their knowledge of how Blockchain and Bitcoin work as well as how they are applied in business.
  • Business people who want to learn more about how Blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting the world of business.
  • This course does not include any code sampling elements, as such it is not meant as a course for developers who wish to learn how to program Blockchain applications.
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Your Blockchain and Bitcoin Journey Begins Here
1 Lecture 01:22

I describe what is covered in this course including which lessons are focused on Blockchain and which are based on Bitcoin, as well as how you can best take advantage of the contents.

Preview 01:22
Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
27 Lectures 02:02:32

An overview and description of what Blockchain technology is, including a detailed definition and explanation.

I have also included a FREE downloadable PDF glossary of key Blockchain and Bitcoin terms so you can have it available whenever you need to look up a term. 

What is a Blockchain?

Let's do a quick check to see what you have learned...

What is a Blockchain?
3 questions

A description of Bitcoin, what it is, how it works, and how Blockchain technology plays into Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Let's check what you have learned in this lesson with a few questions!

What is Bitcoin?
4 questions

Please watch this video. It has an important message about leaving a review for this course.

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If you've ever asked yourself where bitcoins come from and how they are placed into circulation, this video is for you. We will be discussing the concept of Bitcoin mining and a very special group of nodes on the network called "miners."

Bitcoin mining is how transactions are processed on the Bitcoin network, and how new blocks get added onto the Bitcoin blockchain.  It is also how new bitcoins are created and added into the system

The Role of Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrency.

Because of this, Bitcoin uses cryptography to control the creation of new units of bitcoin and to verify the transfer of bitcoins between parties.

In this video demo, I describe a SHA-256 hash function which is a type of cryptographic hash function that is used during the bitcoin mining process to sign, confirm and secure the blocks on the bitcoin blockchain.

I also include a link to the free, open source SHA-256 Hash generator I use in the video so you can go try it yourself!

Demo: Hash Functions

Now that you know about Cryptographic Hashi functions and learned what a SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash is, let's see how block hashing works and how hashes are used in a block that will be used in a blockchain.

Demo: Block Hashes

In this video demo, I describe how a Blockchain gets built and how it preserves its integrity by using Cryptographic hashes.

Earlier, we defined that "A Blockchain is a constantly growing ledger that keeps a permanent record of all the transactions that have taken place, in a secure, chronological and immutable way."

As you will see in this video, this chronological order and how Cryptography ties into the equation is what makes Blockchain such a powerful technology to keep Bitcoin secure.

Notice how a Blockchain links each new block to the previous block by using Hash Cryptography, and how changing a single block "breaks the chain."

Demo: How Block Hashes Work in a Blockchain

Time to see how much you understand the concept of cryptographic hashing.

Cryptographic Hashing
3 questions

There are four main components to Bitcoin which work together in order to enable Bitcoin to run.

We've covered them in different lectures of this course, now we tie them all together into one seamless flow.

The Four Components of Bitcoin

Join me on a "virtual fieldtrip" through two leading destinations in Bitcoin, and see the Bitcoin Blockchain hard at work processing hundreds of thousands of transactions!

BTW, the block hash I mention in the video is: 


In case you want to check it out for yourself. :-)

Virtual Field Trip: The Bitcoin Blockchain at Work!

An analysis of key concepts in Bitcoin which you need to know about as they are very commonly used in regular business conversations.

Key Concepts in Bitcoin

It's time for a quick review of what you have learned in the previous lesson!

Key Concepts in Bitcoin
3 questions

Where did Bitcoin come from? How did it all start? Let's explore the birth of Bitcoin.

The Birth of Bitcoin

What makes Blockchain so valuable and why is it regarded as such a revolutionary innovation.

Preview 02:51

A bitcoin is a type of digital asset called a "Cryptocurreny." In this lesson we explore what cryptocurrencies are and some of the most popular types of cryptocurrency.

The Value of Blockchain: Cryptocurrency

As you continue to learn more about the value of Blockchain, it's important that you learn about what a digital tokens (also known as Blockchain tokens) are, and how they are used.

The Value of Blockchain: Digital Tokens

You may have heard the term "Smart Contracts" before. In this lesson we explore what they are, how they work and why they are so important.

The Value of Blockchain: Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are a very hot topic in the context of Blockchain but the concept dates back well before Bitcoin was born. In this lesson, we take a look back at the birth of Smart Contracts and we talk about the "father" of the technology.

The Value of Blockchain: The Birth of Smart Contracts

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DAC) are a very exciting area in smart contracts and Blockchain technology. In this lesson we discuss what they are as well as why they are so important to know.

The Value of Blockchain: DAOs and DACs

Much is said about about the value and benefits of Blockchain, however it is important to note that there are also limitations to this technology.

In this lesson I cover some of the most evident and important limitations of Blockchain technology.

Limitations of Blockchain Technology

A list of common misconceptions about Blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

Preview 06:07

On August 1st, 2017 Bitcoin went through a "Hard Fork" which created a new cryptocurrency called "Bitcoin Cash."

In this lecture, I explain what Bitcoin Cash is and how it came to be, as well as how it relates to Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

In this video lesson I explain what Forks on a blockchain are, and I describe and compare the Hard Fork that created Bitcoin Cash with the Soft Fork used to activate Segregated Witness (SegWit).

I also explain Bitcoin Transactions, along with what SegWit is and how it works.

This is a very valuable lesson loaded with important information you should know!

On Forks and Segregated Witness (SegWit)

Only a limited number of Bitcoins will ever be available.... That means that at some point - there will not be any more bitcoins to mine. What will happen to the global network of miners?

On the future of Bitcoin mining

As you become more familiar with Bitcoin, there are several key dates in Bitcoin history which you should know about as they are very commonly discussed in various Bitcoin circles.

Important Dates in Bitcoin History

A few quick questions to see what you have learned so far...

Blockchain and Bitcoin Quick Knowledge Check
5 questions

What sets the price of a bitcoin?

This lesson is geared towards people who have never used Bitcoin and would like to know how they may be able to get started using Bitcoin.

Getting Started With Bitcoin

In this lesson, I will walk with you through the process of choosing a Bitcoin wallet and I present you with various alternatives along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Choose your Bitcoin wallet

Let's explore how you send and receive bitcoins by analyzing a sample transaction between Alice and Ben.

Sending and Receiving bitcoins
Review and Free Resources
1 Lecture 05:07

This lesson features a full review of what is covered in the course as well as links to valuable free resources.

Course Review and Valuable Free Resources
About the Instructor
George Levy
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Award-Winning, Certified Instructor on Blockchain & Bitcoin

I am on a mission to spread and grow the impact of Blockchain technology around the world. Through my lectures and courses along with my work with Blockchain Institute of Technology, I help developers and executives learn, develop and apply Blockchain technology.

We are changing the world #OneBlockchainataTime.

What would you like to learn?

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Would you like to be able to discuss Blockchain effectively in business situations?

Would you like to have a firm grasp of where Blockchain technology is headed and how you can leverage it?

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George Levy is Chief Learning Officer and a certified Instructor on Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), a leading professional training and certification organization specialized on Blockchain technology. He is also a co-founder of Bitsonline, a media portal for all things Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, FinTech and the technology that frames it all.

An award-winning digital entrepreneur with over 20 years of professional experience, George was a co-founder for Yupi, an Internet portal acquired by Microsoft corporation to become part of MSN. He is a former Regional Manager for Microsoft Corporation and Vice President of the World Business Forum (WOBI).