Black Belt Communication: Verbal Skills for a Bolder New You
4.2 (72 ratings)
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956 students enrolled
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Black Belt Communication: Verbal Skills for a Bolder New You

High-Impact Strategies. Unique Breakthrough Exercises. Confidence-packed Content. Learn to Get What you Want, Easier.
4.2 (72 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
956 students enrolled
Created by Eugene Vassilas
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build your Confidence in your Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Bolster your Boldness Quotient
  • Learn to Make your Words Work For You
  • Manage Negative Criticism with Ease and Grace
  • Attract Better, Happier People
  • Be nicer to yourself and others
  • Grow as a person
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  • Open-mindedness+ Desire to change+ Willingness to follow through = Success in this course

WARNING: This Course May Not be for You...

...unless you are part of the select group of people who want world-class communication strategies that can apply to business, up your sales, help you get more of what you want— and give you deeper, lasting change.

But be forewarned: I move quickly. I repeat ideas of which you may have heard but needed to be reminded.  I invite you to reconsider the things (sometimes uncomfortable) which will help you grow your communication strategies the most.

But I do it all in a simple, fun and entertaining way.

Know that this course is unconventional; it is part strategy, part coaching, part inspirational story, and part self-development. All that follows is inspired by experience, backed by research and now waiting for you.

Still, if you are interested in remaining normal in your communications, sales, business relationships or entrepreneurial venture, go elsewhere; this is not a band-aid course. If, on the other hand, you are interested in becoming the exception— i.e, exceptional and bold—then this is a good place to start.

As Robert Frost says, “Freedom lies in being bold”.

Note: Included you will find a balanced mix of video, audio, picture voiceovers, on-screen text videos and engaging pdf exercises to do on your own.

Who is the target audience?
  • Frustrated communicators, who consider their methods outdated or ineffective, or....
  • You are open-minded or young-at-heart and willing to try new possibilities when engaging yourself and others
  • You enjoy stories and being entertained while on your way to improvement
  • You can be committed and patient with yourself as you improve in unexpected ways
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
Welcome to the Communication Game
5 Lectures 07:15

Welcome to Black Belt Communication. This introduction will briefly familiarize students with the course and prompt them to begin reflecting on their current communication skills and strategies.

This video also emphasizes the important role of communication in personal and professional development, improving relationships, business success, becoming confident, dealing with criticism, stopping verbal abuse and taking your life to a whole new level.

Note: The frameworks and resources of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) are leveraged behind-the-scenes (and less-so manifestly) throughout this communication course.

Preview 03:24

Whether you are running a business, running a family, chasing your life goals, etc—sometimes it is useful to stop and see where you really are. Communication assessment and clarification of your current strategies will help you think about how you use your words and body to get what you want— or change so that you may improve.

Eventual side effects include more control over your life and time, more freedom and increased productivity, amongst others.

Exercise: The Ideal Communicator
2 pages

In this video, students will be exposed to the three principles of Play—simple ideas which can have a lasting impact on harnessing the power of self-confidence in your communications. These principles will also help in dramatically reducing the amount of stress you put on yourself.

The fundamental attitudes of Play are those in which children and adults learn best. It is with this attitude that we aim to move forward in the course—a proven strategy used by talented leaders across the globe to achieve personal success.

The Power of Play

This two page assessment questionnaire draws on the genius behind NLP to get you thinking about positive emotions, powerful states and how to replicate them. The IDEA model is presented, which can help you communicate better with others and live a more satisfying life yourself.

This downloadable assessment contains a set of simple questions which may remind you that how you look at the world influences what you see… and how you communicate with others thereafter. Use your brain and leverage these strategies for success.

Exercise: Your Communication Evolution
1 page

Students will have a chance to test their new knowledge with this fun and brief quiz.

The Communication Game Quiz
7 questions

A brief welcome to the course, along with other important details to keep in mind throughout your learning journey.

Welcome to Blackbelt Communication Read-me
1 page
Communication with Yourself: Assessment Coaching
9 Lectures 32:49

This video introduces the Assessment Coaching Section which is aimed at gently provoking some self-reflection for you in the area of communication.

After all, the roads leading to personal and professional transformation start with understanding where you are and clarifying what you will need to work on. This way, as you begin to master your communication you will also be closer to mastering your mind.

Clearing and Organizing Your Head: Introduction

This video lecture is focused on the honest self-analysis necessary to become a champion communicator. Lecture content will urge students to consider their unique, personal and often overlooked strengths—those things which allow them to influence others and influence themselves.

After all, knowing what you are good at when it comes to communication—speaking, listening, non-verbal communication, being humorous, etc — is as important as knowing your weaker spots as well.

Deciding on the Best Version of You

In order to wield massive influence in all of your communications, you have to control your state. The communicators who can successfully create wonderful, abundant states—and do it effortlessly and easily—are usually rewarded with productive, healthy relationships.

This video exercise—whose roots are inspired from NLP— will help you flood your mind and body with helpful, positive thoughts by reconnecting you to a time where you already had them.

Not to mention, when practiced, this content has the potential to help you adjust your communication style to superstar levels.

Creating Your Pyramid of Power

Are you tired of not performing at your best or using your potential? Here is a quick story about a time when I used the genius behind the Pyramid of Power Exercise in my own life to perform with ease and relaxation.

This story is a reminder that unstoppable communicators usually have gone through struggle, sought new techniques and then enjoyed a renewed sense of possibility in life and their interactions with others.

Storytime Audio: My Pyramid of Power Surprise

Simply put: the relaxed, conscious communicator goes farther. But in order to start making progress faster than you imagined, you have to get in touch with a profound sense of confidence and calm—and by using the exercise in this video, you may just realize how easy that can be. As any ancient Samurai might attest, it all starts with your focus.

An Ancient Technique for Ultimate Presence

This audio lecture is a prelude to the Video Exercise which will follow. Both of the these are suggestive of the duality of the human being: the huge potential and (sometimes) the huge limitations that need to be overcome.

Listen to this for suggestions of relaxed change. You will stop beating your head against the wall as you recognize your strengths and own up to your weaknesses—in many ways creating a new self image for yourself. This stronger image will help move you forward at racing speeds, while feeling lighter.

Audio Introduction to Your Good and Bad Self

This instructional video lecture shows you and a partner how to stop wasting your time with illusions and baggage and instead own up to the fullness of who you are.

Whether you want to achieve financial independence, motivate yourself, become a better negotiator, etc—this exercise works on deep levels to direct you towards success based on your own roadmap, taking into considerations personal challenges and boons.

Preview 02:50

The Four Faces of Every Speaker

Despite a series of difficult teen years, Sallie developed complete clarity about what she wanted and overcame challenging circumstances. This led to her earning the title of “One of the Most Powerful Women on Wallstreet.”

The following video story reminds us that no matter how hopeless a situation initially may seem, there is always another side to the coin and action that can be taken to get what you really want.

How a Nerd Becomes one of the Most Influential Women around
Communication with Others: Improve your Skillset
10 Lectures 35:01

Communication happens in the blink of an eye, whether or not we’re using words. The research in this animation lecture will help remind you of some of the unseen things that are happening during your communications with others.

These are things you can’t really control, but by knowing about them, you can instead prepare yourself with strategies and work around them.

Preview 01:51

This fun and fast-paced animation lecture describes the power of the primacy effect and underscores how important communication behavior is at early stages. By being mindful of this one thing, you can be more effective in getting what you ultimately want from your communication interactions.

Quick Test: Who Would You Rather Marry?

Every human being has been met with some challenge on their path to success—whether it’s at work, at home or in between. The fact is, that the magnitude of these challenges is often influenced by how much people like you, and are thereby willing to accommodate you as they too, strive for what they deem is theirs.

The animation lecture will highlight a few things to keep in mind—that you may or may not have been aware of—while on your path to success.

Getting People to Like you, Fast!

Would you say “yes, please” to someone who offered you key ideas on how to make your communication interactions with other people easier? Would you take their strategies and consider how they might fit in your plan, as you are an indirect architect of your future?

The contents of this animation lecture will help you, help others feel better while interacting with you — so much so that they want to do it again and again— in 7 easy ways.

7 Easy Ways to Build Rapport

Did you know that in some ways, each an every one of us has the toughest job in the world; getting other people to understand us and agree to what we want. And although we try to do it each and everyday, it is not usually to our to the desired level of ability, is it?

This insightful animation video will remind you of some of the things you may be overlooking in your daily communications. As you’ll soon realize, you don’t have to work harder to get what you want, but just be mindful and now avoid some of these key mistakes.

Common Communication Mistakes: Part 1

The sequel to a two-part video animation series aimed at helping you become more efficient and effective in your communications with others (by knowing what to watch out for).

Common Communication Mistakes: Part 2

Oftentimes, the difference between an attention-grabbing speech that arouses excitement and interest in the person listening, and a mediocre talk — is not necessarily the content. Sometimes—and this hardly be a surprise to some people—it's the delivery. What but do you do to make sure that you can increase you chances at captivating any audience?

This one trick was distilled from some of the greatest speakers around and will teach you that sometimes it’s better to start slow.

Your 3 Secret Communication Tricks: Tip 1

The following lecture is an example of the communication trick introduced in the previous video containing the Charisma Pattern. This should better familiarize students with the concept.

Your 3 Secret Communication Tricks: Tip 1 Example

Getting the attention of someone is one thing— but keeping it is another. This animation video will introduce students to the 4MAT system and explain how it can be leveraged in your daily dialogues for more tailored communications.

Ultimately, people may unwittingly come to fancy the way you deliver information to them, and be open to helping you achieve your goals more quickly.

Your 3 Secret Communication Tricks: Tip 2

This simple communication secret can be used when talking with anyone. It takes but a moment of presence and suddenly you may notice your communication taking a new direction, one that you very much like.

Your 3 Secret Communication Tricks: Tip 3
When Communication Goes Wrong: Tips
6 Lectures 23:50

Do you remember the last time you really enjoyed a conversation with someone? What went right in that situation?

Because it's probably not a stretch to say that, for every conversation we have that goes well, there are usually numerous others that are so-so or some that even go sour.

This video will introduce the following section— which is dedicated to managing communication when it goes wrong.

Desperate, Dangerous Times

What do you when you encounter someone stressed, agitated or even fuming? This video demonstrates a trick that was discovered when surveying the best customer service reps worldwide. Most of them, as it turned out, used some variation of the trick that’s coming up when engaging and diffusing angry customers.

Watch the video and try out this displacement technique for yourself.

How To Trick Angry People into Giving You your Way

Some people were never taught how to give feedback constructively, and are quick to give you an unsolicited, harsh opinion whenever they deem necessary.

The following section delineates 9 strategies for dealing with this type of people at work, home or in virtually any setting. Learn and implement the strategies, and you may just get about 9 steps closers to living a life you love.

9 Techniques to Transform Criticism

Dealing with conflict and argument is not always avoidable, but rather inevitable. The following lecture will teach you 6 steps to deal respectfully and easily with any argument which may come your way.

Remember, as communication guru Les Brown says, sometimes you have to avoid the ego space of the person with whom you are arguing and forget the 100% win if you want to be victorious in the long run.

How to Win Arguments Effortlessly in 6 Steps

Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, employee, man, woman or child— you are human. Being human means dealing with different moods, both in yourself and those of others.

This video will teach you a powerful strategy to change your mood in real time in 6 easy steps, so that you can go on living your life while feeling as good as you want. And it all uses the power of your brain to do it.

6 Steps to Getting the Mood You Want

Muhammad Ali has been called one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. He didn't, however, reach that status overnight or by training as everyone else did.

This video exposes the a simple mental trick he used while to enhance his ability to outperform his opponent.

How Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali Beat His Opponents
What to Do When You're Stuck: Utilization Tricks
4 Lectures 07:30

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know what to say in a certain situation? As a result, maybe you felt uncomfortable or limited? This video helps demonstrate an option you always have available— and it's one which has the potential to make you a thriving and confident communicator overnight, if implemented properly.

Remember, the clues are always there, even when people are not speaking.

Forget What to Say? With This Utilization Trick You Won't!

Leveraging the technique of Nonverbal Utilization means you can glean tremendous amounts of useable data from people before they ever open their mouths (in addition to all that they give you when they communicate verbally.)

The case studies in this handout will attune you to some of the things to look for as you interact with others. You can later leverage this information to gain rapport faster and improve your overall communication outcomes.

Nonverbal Utilization: The Simple Clues to Look for when Communicating
2 pages

Do you want to start using your words in a way that propels you towards communication success? Then enjoy the story and message in the following video. You may recognize that sometimes the most important information is that which emerges from the other.

How often you redirect and feed back this information will be a strong predictor of how comfortable the other person feels with you. Begin to learn how now.

Verbal Utilization: How to get what you want using their words

This electronic handout will familiarize you with some extra examples of how/what to utilize during conversation.

Implement its contents for improvements in your business and relationships.

Verbal Utilization Case Studies
2 pages
The Billionaire Communication Exercise
3 Lectures 08:46

Simply put, the act of communication can be downright challenging. Not to mention, sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

The following video depicts a story about a billionaire and his girlfriend and about one of the subtle problems which may emerge in a relationship— even when there is talking and things seem okay on the surface.

Storytime: The Billionaire's Girlfriend

The technique included in this video exercise is one of the most powerful and simple ones contained in this program. It holds the power to influence the way you relate to other human beings, especially the ones you deem as important in your life.

The positive change that emerges from this exercise may leave you feeling more whole or at the very least, give you a new perspective on things. The effects can potentially be felt throughout every level of your life.

Preview 05:08

This video concludes the billionaire and his girlfriend story, offering closure to a parallel and larger story which may exist in all of us. At the very least, it's a happy ending.

End of Billionaire's Story: What You Can Learn
2 Lectures 04:08

It is said that within each person, there are numerous parts. The following story draws a parallel between an important part living within you (no matter how dormant or active)— and your friendly, reliable, neighborhood canine.

Keep in mind that the implications of this story may go on to affect you in ways you didn't expect, but come to fully appreciate. Or you may just see pictures of some cute puppies. Either way, you win.

Storytime: The Big Dog Story

If I haven't already made it clear in this video, I want to congratulate you on having completed the course and thank you again for your support. If you have enjoy this Program, feel free to recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Thank You
Bonus Section
5 Lectures 15:32

The lessons of Neuro-Linguistic Programming teach you how to interact with the world differently; The possible ways to use your brain power and solve problems begin to unfold easier than you could have formerly imagined.

But beware, as possible side effects include better relationships, better health and more abundance of all types. Watch this video to get a super-quick glimpse of the NLP model, as applied to the context of communication and then decide for yourself.

Preview 02:06

If you can't avoid a verbal fight, then leverage the techniques you'll discover in this audio lecture for a faster, more harmonious resolution.

Bonus Audio: How to Beat a Hostile Communicator

Sometimes the simplest solutions are hiding in plain sight. Metaphors, could fall into this category. Used widely in literature and in daily conversation, most people don’t think twice about them. But that’s exactly why you can begin to leverage the metaphors you use for better results in your communication outcomes. Watch the following animation lecture for a reminder of the power of this linguistic construction.

Bonus: Secret Communication Trick

Bonus Audio: How to Erase Mistakes Once You've Already Made Them

New Bonus: Embedded Commands
About the Instructor
Eugene Vassilas
4.2 Average rating
72 Reviews
1,009 Students
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Trainer, Integrative Coach & Polyglot

Eugenio Vassilas is a certified international trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), executive/integrative coach and polyglot (6 languages).

He has been educated internationally and holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management Studies from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and a Marketing degree from the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business (Honors program).

Eugenio is also certified and works with the following: Systemic Organizational Constellation Work, Systemic Familiar Constellation Work, Executive Coaching, Generative Coaching, Ouro Verde Consciência Transmutação Training, and Integrative Coaching.

He has coached executives of Amazon China and other firms internationally, and integrates various transformational models/toolsets to produce powerful results in area of personal and professional development.