Bitcoin For Beginners
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Bitcoin For Beginners

Learn Bitcoin with these easy videos from Bitcoin Investor, Journalist & Digital Currency Council Member Evander Smart.
3.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
38 students enrolled
Created by Evander Smart
Last updated 1/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • "Bitcoin for Beginners" will take you from a total rookie to a Bitcoin veteran, ready to invest with confidence! And it’s in simple language anyone can understand. If you understand this presentation, you’ll understand Bitcoin! What will you learn in “Bitcoin Bonanza”? Things like….. Who made Bitcoin, and why? Where does Bitcoin get it’s value? How is Bitcoin safe and secure? Is it really like a U.S. Dollar? Is it better? What REALLY happened at Mt. Gox? What Bitcoin businesses you can start from home? The Top 10 Bitcoin Myths, and the truth behind the lies. Did it really gain 1000% in value in just six months? Why? Where you can buy Bitcoin for as little as $10! Is it just an investment? What else can it do? What will Bitcoin be five years from now? And much more is revealed inside of “Bitcoin Bonanza”! Ok, so I “wrote the book” on Bitcoin. But then I thought “What do people really like to do to learn new things?” Watch videos! YouTube is the 3rd biggest website in the world because we all love watching videos about anything. It’s fun! So to make it super easy to understand, I made a 20 Video Bitcoin Training Series just for you! 20 videos, with over two hours of training that works with the “Bitcoin Bonanza” eBook, and even adds new information. YOU'LL RECEIVE ALMOST 3 HOURS OF VIDEO TRAINING ON BITCOIN!! Learn the following in the 20 Video Bitcoin Training Series: Why Bitcoin is set to replace PayPal! Why weren't you taught about how money was made in school? What can a Bitcoin do that a dollar cannot, now and in the future? How you can shop at all your favorite retailers like Nike, Whole Foods, and Amazon with Bitcoin! Why the media and the government are hiding the truth about Bitcoin from you Two videos just on how Bitcoin is so safe and secure, much more so than paper money! How you can save up to 5% on EVERY Bitcoin purchase? 5 Reasons why Bitcoin value MUST rise in the future, and how you’ll benefit every time!
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“Bitcoin for Beginners" is the new Udemy Video Training Series designed to help anyone who wants to know more about “The Future of Money", but needs someone to show them how it works in the real world, and do it in simple language anyone can understand. Whether it is used as a store of value, an investment, for sending money worldwide for virtually nothing, or for those just looking to experience the latest in global financial technology, Bitcoin has something for everyone. This will take soemone who has no knowledge of Bitcoin and bring them a solid understanding of what it is and why it is here to stay, and a worthwhile investment in your future.

Included is the "Bitcoin Bonanza" eBook, the 20-Video Bitcoin Training Series, which provides the latest information on Bitcoin with 3 hours of content. And I've included some extra bonus material with 3 extra Bitcoin videos and Volume One of the "Bitcoin Bonanza Newsletter", giving you an international perspective on the global phenomenon that is Bitcoin. With two PDFs, 23 videos, and hours of training videos, you will have everything you need to invest in Bitcoin with confidence!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for beginners only, and does not go into more advanced subjects like mining, which only heavily-backed corporations are making money with right now. Altcoins, such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, are also excluded, as I will make a separate Udemy course for those interested in Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, etc. This course is for people who are brand new to Bitcoin, or for people who own Bitcoin and want a deeper understanding of it's origins, abilities and why it is a solid investment in your financial future.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
"Bitcoin for Beginners" 20-Video Training Course
20 Lectures 02:55:42

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Video #1 introduces you to your Bitcoin trainer and host, Evander Smart. Here you will learn the following about his background:

  • What he was doing before Bitcoin entered his life
  • Why he stopped doing it and where Bitcoin became his passion
  • Why Bitcoin changed everything for Evander Smart, and how it can do the same for you
Preview 12:11

An Introduction to Money on a global scale is found here. As a former Wall Street banker, Evander learned of the importance of the U.S. Dollar's global strength. Here you will see signs of erosion, and a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Introduction to Money - What They Never Tell You

    This video gives you a solid working understanding of Bitcoin. Leaving out the technical aspects of it's creation, this video reveals:

  1. What Bitcoin's history is and what the Bitcoin "Blockchain" is for
  2. How Bitcoins are created. What a Bitcoin "miner" does.
  3. Is there a limit on Bitcoins? What does the future of Bitcoin production have in store?
  4. How "The Byzantine General's Rule" was key to Bitcoin's creation, and the problem Bitcoin solved
  5. How Bitcoin's digital security is the key to it's strength, and how you have been using it for years
  6. Proof of it's underlying security spans decades
Chapter 1 - Bitcoin Security

"Creation of The Dollar" is a very important video to understand. There is a very important reason you were never taught in school why and how money is created, and this video unlocks many of the mysteries. You will clearly see the differences between fiat (paper) money creation and digital currency creation, which was reviewed in Video #3.

Chapter 1 - Creation of the Dollar

Maybe the most important video to watch, and the title says it all. Learn why Bitcoin is strongest where the US Dollar, or any fiat currency, are at their weakest. These differences will become more important in the coming years.

Chapter 2 - 5 Reasons a Bitcoin beats a Dollar

Learn how the top corporations in the world are starting to see "The Future of Money", and are integrating Bitcoin into their business as we speak. Many websites and companies you use everyday are Bitcoin supporters, and see the value. Also, learn ways how you can use Bitcoin at retailers who don't accept Bitcoin directly!

Chapter 2 - Using Bitcoin

"Shopping With Bitcoin" goes deeper into Bitcoin's use at retailers, and shows it's inherent security over today's antiquated and easily compromised payment methods. Learn how weaknesses in debit cards and credit cards lead to millions of cases of identity theft, and how this can be a thing of the past with Bitcoin!

Chapter 2 - Shopping with Bitcoin

You don't truly understand money of global economics until you understand "The Global Reserve Currency" status. This is something the U.S. Dollar claims, and is losing as we speak.

  • Learn how the U.S. Dollar gained this key status, and how it works
  • Learn why the U.S. Dollar gains strength from it, and how it's time is running out
  • Learn what can happen when, not if, the Dollar stops becoming the monetary standard, and what that will mean for currencies like Bitcoin as an investment
Chapter 2 - The Global Reserve Currency

Learn about the history of Bitcoin's value versus the U.S. Dollar, starting from it's humble beginnings of being worth less than a penny in 2009, to where it is today, as a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Chapter 3 - Bitcoin Value

Learn how the media and the government work together to keep you in the dark on how money, and other things, really work. If you have watched mainstream media report on Bitcoin, you have seen only what you are supposed to see. Learn more about why the media reports the way they do, and how that limits what you know about Bitcoin.

Chapter 3 - The Media, the Government, and Bitcoin

Part 1 of the Collpase of Mt Gox. here you will learn its history.

  • What the name means, and how Mt Gox became the leading Bitcoin exchange in the world
  • Learn about owner Mark Karpeles and how he ran into trouble managing Mt Gox in 2013
  • What went wrong, and why it was only a matter of time before Mt Gox Collpased
Chapter 4 - Mt Gox Part 1

Part 2 of the Collapse of Mt Gox goes into how Mt Gox is very similar to a bank collapse. Many people don't know that banks fail all the time, yet the Dollar, or any other paper currency isn't blamed when this happens. So why blame Bitcoin when an exchange fails? Learn how Bitcoin exchanges track recoerd is much better and more secure than your local bank over the last six years.

Chapter 4 - Mt Gox Part 2

This video ties-in Mt Gox and how it actually highlights Bitcoin 's security.

  • Review ways to protect your Bitcoin
  • Can you counterfeit or make a fake Bitcoin?
  • How constant issues with counterfeiting affect the US Dollar
  • Can you make copies of Bitcoins for security reasons?
Chapter 4 - Mt Gox & Bitcoin Security

This is the first of two videos on the Top 10 Bitcoin Myths. The first 5 myths are discussed here:

  1. Bitcoins are no different or better than any other digital currency
  2. Bitcoins don't do anything US Dollars or Gold can't already do. It's not a better form of money.
  3. Bitcoins aren't backed by anything of value, like Gold or Dollars
  4. Bitcoin does not have any "intrinsic value"
  5. Bitcoin uses "unproven" cryptology technology, and is therefore not a secure way to store value
Chapter 5 - Top 10 Bitcoin Myths - Part 1

This video covers the other five top Bitcoin myths

  1. 21 Millions Bitcoins is not enough for the world to use.
  2. Lost Bitcoins cannot be replaced
  3. Bitcoin is just a "pyramid" or a "Ponzi scheme"
  4. Anyone with enough computing power can just take over Bitcoin's Blockchain anytime!
  5. The Government will just shut Bitcoin down!
Chapter 5 - Top 10 Bitcoin Myths - Part 2

Learn five reasons why Bitcoin is a solid investment going forward. This is not for "day traders". If you want a high-yield investment for the next 5-10 years, you can look at BTC's track record, and other indicators, and make quite a return. Learn why here.

Chapter 6 - 5 Reasons Bitcoin Rises in Value

For the business-minded, maybe the currency is not for you as an investment, but you see a way to leverage it's ability to help others Use this video to learn more about opportunities in:

  • Bitcoin training
  • Bitcoin consulting
  • Bitcoin online stores
  • Cloud Mining and more
Chapter 7 - 5 Bitcoin Businesses You Can Start From Home

This is another key chapter for those who know understand what Bitcoin is and why it works, and are ready to get some right away! Here, you will learn:

  • What you need to begin
  • How and where to get your Bitcoin wallet
  • The best ways to get Bitcoin, how to easily learn the current pricing, and what exchanges to use.
Chapter 8 - How To Get Started With Bitcoin

The Conclusion videos provide my final thoughts,a nd a look into my Crystal Ball of "The Future of Money". I have dealt with US Dollars from inside the banking system, so I know how the current economy works, and where it is headed. And I own and earn Bitcoins every day, so I can show you both sides of the digital coin, if you will. See both sides through my eyes in this video.

Conclusion - Part 1 - Bitcoin's Future

Conclusion - Part 2
"What is Bitcoin" eBooks & PDFs
2 Lectures 00:00

The original eBook that started it all. No fluff, just action-packed with information and perspective on why Bitcoin was created, how it works in the real-world, and how anyone can benefit! You don't need to be a national citizen, have ID, a bank account, or even be 18 years old! Live anywhere without exchanging it for other currencies. Shop at over 100k merchants worldwide. The eBook "Bitcoin Bonanza - Why You Need to Get Bitcoin Now covers Bitcoin in an easy-to-follow, non-technical way that anyone can read and enjoy,


"Bitcoin Bonanza - Why You Need To Get Bitcoin Now!"
50 pages

PDF - Bitcoin Bonanza Monthly Newsletter - Volume 1
16 pages
About the Instructor
Evander Smart
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Former Wall Street banker Evander Smart trains you on how "The Future of Money" is set to change the world, and remove the bankers from total control. It is here to give money back to the people to control, on a peer-to-peer basis. Are you ready for a revolution?

Evander Smart is you Bitcoin host and trainer. Creator and Host of the "Bitcoin for Beginners" Video Training Series on Udemy.