Bitcoin Peer Investing: How To Generate Double Digit Returns
4.5 (57 ratings)
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Bitcoin Peer Investing: How To Generate Double Digit Returns

Become an active Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor, and achieve double digit percentage returns from your investments!
4.5 (57 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
481 students enrolled
Created by Ravinder Deol
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What Will I Learn?
  • Become an active Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor, understanding what makes the perfect P2P investment opportunity, all in the aim of allowing you to profit.
  • Know the exact vetting process you should be applying to every potential Bitcoin Peer-To-Peer investment opportunity, allowing you to invest with confidence.
  • Kickstart your Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investment fund with .001 Bitcoin, which you will receive by enrolling on, and completing this course as a paying student.
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  • You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how Bitcoin works in order to become an active P2P Bitcoin investor. As long as you know what Bitcoin is, that is enough.
  • Students must be aware that P2P investing is different in its nature to traditional investing, this is the reason why we’re going to be discussing my vetting process and more.
  • I want all potential students to be aware that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, this course shows you how to achieve double digit returns over a sustained period of time.

Looking to invest your Bitcoins and achieve a healthy return?

Having trouble predicting the rise and fall of Bitcoins value to profit?

Maybe you want to help others realize the potential of Bitcoin while profiting?

Whatever your motivation to become a Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor, you’ve come to right place to get started on your journey.

Bitcoin Peer Investing: How To Generate Double Digit Returns, is the most comprehensive Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investing course you’ll find on the internet.

It’s the one place with everything you need to start investing your Bitcoins on Peer-To-Peer marketplaces, and achieve a double digit percentage return on your investments!

This is an effective and practical course that take you from zero P2P Bitcoin investing skills, to an active P2P Bitcoin investor, with the know-how on vetting potential investment opportunities.

While there are plenty of theoretical investing courses on the web, it’s hard to find a specific and comprehensive P2P Bitcoin investing course like this one, which is for those who want to get started and achieve double digit returns as a Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor.

Nothing is a kept secret. I reveal everything about achieving double digit returns as a Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor. I will also be adding new lectures to this course constantly – at no extra cost!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become an active Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin investor, and achieve double digit returns. So if you’re a complete newbie, or someone who has been investing in Bitcoin but not specifically through P2P sites, you’re in the right place.

Who is the target audience?
  • The ideal student for this course is someone who is aware of Bitcoin, however you don’t need to understand it in-depth, because that isn’t needed to become a P2P Bitcoin investor.
  • Potential students should come to this course with an open mind, as I want you to be aware this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. However, healthy returns can and will be achieved.
  • As Bitcoin is a globally based currency, students can be from any country, of any age, and any ability to gain maximum value from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
42 Lectures
Let Me Explain How I’m Going To Get You Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Investing
5 Lectures 21:25

The aim of this course is simple. What I’m going to help you achieve is the following. So by the end of this very course, you will have taken part in your very first peer-to-peer Bitcoin investment. Not with your Bitcoins, but, with the Bitcoin I will give you at the end of this course. So you really have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain with the investment increasing and getting even more Bitcoins backs, which is yours to keep. Then of course you can rinse and repeat the process.

So simple as that, that’s the aim of this course, by the end you will have made your very first investment, and be on your way to getting your first profits as a Bitcoin peer-to-peer lender, or investor, however you like to say it. Personally, I’m going to stick with investing because we’re doing this to get a return and profit from giving out our Bitcoins.

[Please Note: The course image icon is made by Freepik from Flaticon and are licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.]

Preview 06:46

Trying new things is apart of life, and in this lecture I want to show you should be trying Bitcoin peer-to-peer investing, because it has huge potential to earn you generous passive income.

Preview 03:19

I want to explain to you, with proven facts and figures from the peer-to-peer site we’re going to be using what the potential with investing on this site. Now these are audited figures, and you’ll be able to verify their claims later in the course. But for now, I just want to go over them with you here. I’ve split it over three parts, so the return on investment investors can expect, the amount of Bitcoin loans provided in US Dollar value, and what area most the loans are in.

Preview 03:47

I wanted to include this lecture to ensure that you all are aware that this is an investment, and as with any investment, there is a risk that your return on investment is not as great as what you invested. This could of course be for several reasons, but I want to make them specific to peer-to-peer sites.

Preview 04:16

Remember that with trying anything new there is also a risk attached, especially when it comes to investing. But the good news is on this course I will be helping you to minize that rise.

Preview 03:17
This Is The Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Lending Site We’re Going To Be Focusing On
4 Lectures 16:04

In this lecture I want to highlight some of the key reasons why we’re going to be using BTC-Jam over all the other Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending websites. The reason for me is simple, it’s leader in the field of peer-to-peer Bitcoin investing. But why is it a leader in this? And why has that led me to specifically help you invest via BTC-Jam on this course? Well, let me explain that for you in this course further.

To start with as investors, especially on peer-to-peer lending sites we don’t, and generally can’t offer the entire loan to a borrower. First of all, it’s too risky, as we don’t ourselves too exposed to one investment, and secondly, we want to spread our capital over other investments. Now BTC-Jam has over 100,000 users, which of course helps good loans get funded a lot quicker, hence you can get involved and start getting a return sooner, rather than a loan taking a never-ending amount of time to fund.

Let Me Tell You The Reason Why We’re Going To Be Using This P2P Bitcoin Site

So here we are, on BTC-Jam. What we’re going to be doing in this lecture is simply creating your account on the site as an investor, then in the next lecture I’ll show you around the dashboard ready to start vetting potential investments in the following sections.

Here Is Your Walkthrough On Creating Your Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Investing Account

So here is the dashboard of the account once logged in I just created in the last lecture with you, this is a brand new account I’ve set up to show you, not my existing account, because I want you to see how it all ties together rather than showing you my current accounts, but for personal reasons I’d rather keep that separate. But like I said, once you’ve confirmed your BTC-Jam account and logged in you’ll be displayed with this dashboard.

Now in this lecture I’m just going to give you a run through of where everything is, so when we move onto following sections you can go straight to where I’m mentioning without getting caught up in the navigation of the BTC-Jam website.

I Want To Show You Around Your Dashboard So You Know Where Everything Is

Welcome to the very first assignment in this course. As it says, I simply want you to follow the lectures in this section, as I’ve shown you, and create your very own account on BTC-Jam.

COURSE ASSIGNMENT #1: It’s Time To Create Your P2P Bitcoin Investing Account
1 page
Let Me Show You How To Assess Whether A Borrower Is Worth Your Investment
9 Lectures 37:46

Before I delve into how to vet potential investments, so basically people or businesses you want to invest in for a return, I just want to go over in this lecture, why exactly we need to vet them. Now as you would have seen from the website, they do a pretty good job at showing you worthy borrowers, however, remember this is our money so we need to take our analysis of borrowers a step further than the site and do our own homework.

This Is The Exact Reason Why You Need To Vet Borrowers Before Investing

To kick-start this lecture, you need to head over to this page on BTC-Jam where all the potential investment opportunities are listed. So to get here, simply head over to the BTC-Jam website link, log-in with the credentials you created previously, and once you’ve done that, click invest at the top right here. The orange button, and that will take you to this this page I’m at right now.

So in this lecture we’re going to be working specifically on this page, well in the rest of the lectures of this section we’re going to be working in this area of the site, as it’s better to show you visually so you know how to do it when it’s your turn, over describing it on the whiteboard. So as mentioned this is where you need to be.

When We Assess Any Investment We Must First Look At The Percentage Funded

So for this lecture, and as part of the vetting process we need to once again start off on the page you see in front of you. If you are still unsure as to how to get here, simply log in-to your BTC-Jam account, and click this ‘invest’ button you see along the top. You’ll then be on the page you see in front of you. So the page you see in front of you now is where you need to be.

Now once here, do what we did in the last lecture. Make sure all lectures are ordered with the investments closest to 100% at the top, as those are the only ones we really need to be focusing on. We don’t need to concern ourselves with the others for the moment, well, not until they get closer to the 100% funded target. But as mentioned, just order them so the ones closest to 100% are at the top.

We Are Investing In People So Lets Now Find Out More About The Borrower

In this lecture I want to examine the listing we have in front of us, it’s the listing of the borrower we assessed in the last lecture. Now to get to this part all you need to do is as we did in the last lecture, so you find the opportunity listed, click on it, but don’t click the borrowers profile as we did in the last link here. Just stay on this page.

Now just to confirm we’re not going to be examining what the funds are for in this lecture, what we’re going to be doing is examining what the listing is like. So not the project, just the listing. So as I go through this lecture you’ll understand.

Lets Take A Slight Turn And Now Examine The Borrower’s Listing On This P2P Site

Once again in this lecture we’ll be focusing on the same opportunity, which as you can see is the AirBnB investment with this borrower here. Now in this lecture, and this part of the vetting process I want to ensure that you invest in what you know, so let me explain.

Now as I just mentioned, invest in what you know, have you heard of that saying before now? I’m guessing you may have. So you should be reading description as you can see here, and reading it deeply, truly understand what ever phrase, or industry specific word means. Because this way you can ensure you’re pledging your funds to something worthwhile.

Have You Heard That Saying Invest In What You Know, Lets Delve Deeper Into That

Now in the final part of the vetting process I want to now look at the return you will be getting by investing in a specific investment. Once again we’re focusing on the same AirBnB listing for this lecture.

There is a reason why I left this till last, and it’s simple. Generally, every investment on BTC-Jam comes with a very healthy return on investment, so a healthy interest rate. It’s difficult to find one that comes with a very poor interest rate. All the interest rates offered a far better than most, if any banks could actually offer us. So that’s the reason why I left this till last, because we want to ensure the investment opportunity is solid, before looking at the return, which as I mentioned is high for most.

Now What Return Are You Looking At By Investing, Is This Project Worth It

Vet #1: Organize By Percentage Funded. The first part of the vetting process is organizing by percentage funded. The reason we do this is because we want to start getting a return from our investment as soon as possible, and the only way to do this, is to invest in a project that is approaching 100% completion. So that’s vet one, organize by percentage funded.

Here Is Your Investment Checklist To Use Before Investing In A Project
1 page

Unfortunately it's impossible to tell who will pay back their investment, but the metrics on the site help us to invest in the person, or group of people who are most likely to pay back their investment.

The Truth Is You Can Guess Well But You Cannot Know In Advance Who Will Pay

Welcome to the second assignment in this course. This is where it all gets very interesting, because we are going to be analyzing potential investment opportunities that you of course yourself could be investing in by the end of this course, with the 0.01 Bitcoins I’m going to provide you.

COURSE ASSIGNMENT #2: Use The Checklist Provided To Vet Your First Potential In
1 page
Let Me Show You How To Put Your Investment To Work Without Assessing Borrowers
5 Lectures 16:56

In this section I want to show you how you can actually invest on BTC-Jam without actually vetting individual investment opportunities, so what I’m going to show you actually automates everything. All you do is fund your account with however much you feel comfortable with, it could simply be with the 0.01 Bitcoin I give you at the end of this course.

How Exactly Can You Invest Without Spending Your Time Vetting, Let Me Explain

So for this lecture where we’re going to look at the risk you’d like to take with your automatic investment portfolio, you need to be on this page you see right in front of you now. So to get to this page all you need to do is log-into your BTC-Jam, and click create plan, then you’ll be on this page.

So now that’s covered, let’s get into the nitty gritty of this lecture. Just to confirm, this is the only feature of this auto-invest that we’re going to focus on for this lecture.

What Level Risk Are You Willing To Take On, Lets Decide That Right Now

For this lecture we’re going to be working in the same place, now you should know exactly how to get here by now, if you’re still having issues do refer back to the last few lecture, but I don’t think you’ll be having issues getting to this page now.

Anyway, once here, what you want to do is scroll down and click this little link here which says ‘advanced options’. Once you’ve clicked that it’ll open up many options as you can see now, so let me go through all these options for you now.

These Are The Advanced Options That You Must Ensure Have Been Completed

I need you to be fully aware that the auto-invest feature is still in its early days for investors like us, so the algorithm isn't fully developed, they are still tweaking with it.

Remember This Feature Is Still In Its Early Days For Investors Like Us

I have to say the best thing about using auto-invest is that it does give everything, especially new investors a fair chance of earning good returns, this is why many use this feature. Let me explain further in this lecture.

I Like Auto-Invest Because It Gives Everyone A Fair Chance And Is Easy

This quiz covers three key points we discussed in this section "Let Me Show You How To Put Your Investment To Work Without Assessing Borrowers".

Let Me Show You How To Put Your Investment To Work Without Assessing Borrowers
3 questions
Here Are My Valuable Pieces Of Advice When It Comes To Investing On P2P Sites
4 Lectures 15:42

I always advise that you only invest what you can afford to lose, and I follow my own advice as well as shown in this lecture. So make sure you follow this piece of advice yourself.

I Invest What I Can Afford To Lose Completely To Start

In this lecture I just want to run through my top three tips with it comes to investing on peer to peer lending sites, which is exactly what we’re doing on BTC-Jam. So without any further waiting around, let me take it from the top with my first piece of advice.

Let Me Give You A Run Through Of My Tips When You Start Investing On P2P Sites

I don’t want anyone to think I’m promoting some sort of ‘get rich quick scheme’, I despise any sort of claims ever made by people, because if they were get rich quick schemes, surely that person would keep it a secret, or thousands would be benefitting. But there not, simple as that.

So I want you all to be aware this isn’t one of those schemes. As with any investments, as I’m sure you’re aware, the value can increase and decrease. Now everything in this course I’ve designed to ensure you only profit, and minimize the risk of downturn in your investments. But of course there are things I can’t even control or predict in the investing landscape, in fact no one can predict these events that may occur which affect your return from your investment.

Remember This Is An Investment So Your Portfolio Value Can Increase And Decrease

As mentioned at the end of the last lecture, I just want to re-cap the vetting process we went over earlier in the course. You might be thinking, well why you going over it again? Let me explain.

Over everything in this course, the vetting process is the most crucial part when it comes to becoming a peer to peer investor on BTC-Jam. Of course, all the other content is very important, but that content wouldn’t be important if the vetting process didn’t exist, everything is designed to back-up that vetting process we’re going to re-cap over now.

I Want To Give You A Run Through Of The Checklist We Covered, It Is Crucial

This quiz covers three key points we discussed in this section "Here Are My Valuable Pieces Of Advice When It Comes To Investing On P2P Sites".

Here Are My Valuable Pieces Of Advice When It Comes To Investing On P2P Sites
3 questions
You Can Have More Than One Wallet, Let Me Show You The Best For P2P Investing
4 Lectures 05:18

If you’re a student on any of my other courses, in particular my other Bitcoin investing course, you may have come across where I emphasize the fact you should keep your Bitcoin wallets separate. So basically all I mean is have different wallets for different needs. There are few reasons why you’d do this, so let me explain now, before I go into the best wallets to use for peer to peer lending on BTC-Jam.

It’s Best To Keep Your P2P Bitcoin Investing Wallets Separate To Other Wallets

Now this lecture is going to be pretty short and just to the point. There are only three Bitcoin wallets I want to show you, one or two of which you would’ve heard of before, especially if you’re enrolled in any of my other courses. However, there is one I’ve never mentioned before, until this lecture. So sit tight.

These Are The Wallets I Recommend For Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Investing

Coinbase. It’s a very reputable wallet, and one I personally use for BTC-Jam. If you’ve taken my other Bitcoin investing course, you’ll know this wallet is perhaps one the most established around, and secured enormous amount of venture capital funding. So this is something definitely looking into and setting up for your BTC-Jam account, in terms of a wallet.

Here Is Your Guide To The Bitcoin Wallets Mentioned In This Section
1 page

Welcome to the third and final assignment of this course, don’t worry there are plenty more lectures, just the final assignment. So with this assignment I simply want you to create a Bitcoin wallet, that you’re specifically going to use for Bitcoin peer-to-peer investing on BTC-Jam.

COURSE ASSIGNMENT #3: You Must Now Create Your Bitcoin Wallet For P2P Investing
1 page
When It Comes To P2P Investing These Are The Places I Suggest You Buy & Exchange
3 Lectures 09:55

BTC-Jam the P2P investing site we’re using do have a list of recommend sites you buy Bitcoins from, of course there is no need to stick to this if you have a preferred site, but I’ll give you a run through the sites which is country based.

Now I know this lecture is about sites you can only buy Bitcoins from, but, with the majority of these sites you can also sell Bitcoins through them. However, I’ll also run through sites you can use to exchange your Bitcoins to your currency in the next lecture.

With The P2P Investing Site We’re Using I Suggest You Buy Bitcoins From Here

In this lecture I want to go over the best, and most trusted sites to use when it comes to exchanging your Bitcoins. These sites have been recommended by BTC-Jam. However please take this into consideration, the majority of the site I mentioned in the last lecture can also be used to sell Bitcoin, so exchange them to your currency as well. So If there isn’t a site that works for you here, you can use those sites as well, generally without any issues.

When You Come To Exchanging Your Bitcoins To Your Currency I Suggest These Sites

Bitstamp, BTC-e, Coinbase and many more sites listed where you can buy Bitcoins to invest on P2P sites, and sites where you can exchange Bitcoins back to your very own currency.

Here Is Your Guide To The Bitcoin Buying And Exchanging Websites Mentioned
2 pages

This quiz covers three key points we discussed in this section "When It Comes To P2P Investing These Are The Places I Suggest You Buy & Exchange".

When It Comes To P2P Investing These Are The Places I Suggest You Buy & Exchange
3 questions
It Is Now Time For You To Make Your Very First Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Investment
8 Lectures 18:59

Now I know on this course we’ve been focused on BTC-Jam, the site we have in front of us right now. But the reason for this is, because I truly believe it’s the best place to get started as a new player in the peer to peer Bitcoin lending arena, it’s of course where I started out as well.

There are other sites as well that work in a similar way, even though I haven’t covered them in this course with you, the principles when it comes to vetting potential investments still applies to these sites as well. So don’t think all is at waste when and if you decide to use other Bitcoin P2P sites. So let me give you a quick run through of those sites now.

There Are Other P2P Bitcoin Investing Sites As Well, So Let Me Show You Now

In this lecture I want to challenge you to make your very first investment on BTC-Jam along with me, because I want you to put everything into practice and take your education further with learning by doing.

I Challenge You To Make Your First Investment Along With Me!

In this lecture I want to show you what happened when I used auto-invest, within minutes it found me two relevant investment opportunieies and invested some of my funds into them.

Using Auto-Invest I Have Two Investments Right Away And I'm Running On Faith

This is the part you've been working towards, in this lecture I show you how to claim your 0.01 Bitcoin, which you can then use to make your first investment on BTC-Jam.

Claim Your .001 Bitcoin Here

That’s now everything for this course! You have officially completed it, and you should now be heading over to BTC-Jam with the vetting process written down eyeballing your first investment with the 0.01 Bitcoin I’ve sent you. There’s simply no excuse for you not to invest the 0.01 Bitcoin, it’s free money, it could grow to 0.02, 0.03, 0.04. and even 0.05 Bitcoin, and who knows if you keep re-investing over the year how much you could earn, all of which you’ve had to nothing for, but just follow my advice.

So as I mentioned it’s the end of this course, you’re ready as you’ll ever be to become an active Bitcoin P2P investor of BTC-Jam, so go forth an invest.

You’re As Ready As You Will Ever Be, Rest Assured I’ll Be Updating This Course

In this lecture I just want to give you a round-off to this entire course, and re-cap, briefly, over what we covered in this section. So if you need to refer back to certain lectures, you know exactly which section will help with that exact think you’re looking for.

Here Is Your Round Up Of This Entire Course Giving You The Confidence To Invest

How Much Bitcoin You Get For Completing This Course

Simply follow the links within this text lecture, and allow yourself to enrol on any of my Cryptocurrency & Blockchain related courses at a discounted rate.

Bonus Lecture: Next Steps To Take
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