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Bitcoin Investing: The Complete Buy & Hold Strategy

Become an active Bitcoin investor, and profit from the strategies I use to predict the rise & fall of Bitcoins value!
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What Will I Learn?
Become an active Bitcoin investor, understanding what moves the Bitcoin markets allowing you to profit from the volatile conditions that Bitcoin is accustomed to.
Know exactly when you should be buying Bitcoins to add to your investment portfolio, and when you should be selling Bitcoins to profit, by analyzing global Bitcoin market events.
Kickstart your Bitcoin investment fund with .001 Bitcoin which you will receive by enrolling on, and completing this course as a paying student.
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  • You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how Bitcoin works in order to become an active Bitcoin investor. As long as you know what Bitcoin is, that is enough.
  • Students must be aware we’re not going to be discussing traditional strategies i.e. drawing trend lines. Bitcoin is unique, so our investment strategies won’t be traditional.
  • I want all potential students to be aware that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, this course shows you how to become a successful Bitcoin investor over the long term.

Looking to become an active Bitcoin investor?

Having trouble predicting when Bitcoins value will rise and fall?

Maybe you want to know Bitcoins long-term value?

Whatever your motivation to become a Bitcoin investor, you’ve come to the right place.

Bitcoin Investing: The Complete Buy & Hold Strategy, is the most comprehensive Bitcoin investing course you’ll find on the internet.

It’s the one place with everything you need to start investing in Bitcoin for the long-term like a professional, and profit from the volatile markets that Bitcoin is accustomed to!

This is a fast and effective course that takes you from zero Bitcoin investing skills, to an active Bitcoin investor, with the know-how on predicting the rise & fall in Bitcoins value in order to profit.

While there are plenty of investing courses that focus on profiting from the stock, and forex markets, it’s hard to find a comprehensive Bitcoin investing course like this one, which is for complete beginners, and anyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin for the long-term and profit from its volatile markets.

Nothing is a kept secret. I reveal everything about investing in Bitcoin for the long-term, and will add new lectures to this course constantly - at no extra cost to you!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become an active Bitcoin investor, and profit from the volatility of Bitcoin. So if you’re a complete newbie, or someone who has been investing in Bitcoin but needs help, you’re in the right place.

Who is the target audience?
  • The ideal student for this course is someone who knows what Bitcoin is. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of Bitcoin, as it isn’t needed to become a Bitcoin investor.
  • Potential students should come to this course open-minded, as we’re not going to be discussing traditional investment strategies used in the stock, and forex markets.
  • As Bitcoin is a globally based currency, students can be from any country, of any age, and any ability to gain maximum value from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Let Me Explain How I’m Going To Get You Investing In Bitcoin On This Course
7 Lectures 36:31

Thank you for joining me on this course, I can guarantee, well put my Bitcoins on it, that you won’t regret enrolling on this course! In this lecture I want to give you a complete introduction to the course, so covering how the course is structured and more – this way, once we move onto the following lectures you know exactly where we’re going, and the route we’re taking to achieve the learning goal of this course. Which of course is, to get you to become an active Bitcoin investor.

So this section of the course is really about laying the foundations, and getting you looking at Bitcoin in a different light, over just a currency. As well as covering this I’ll go over how my investments in Bitcoin have grown substantially, and once again bring the course goal to your attention, which is that I’m going to get you to become a confident Bitcoin investor by the end of this very course. So pay close attention.

[Please Note: The course image icon is made by Freepik from Flaticon and are licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.]

Preview 08:01

Now I might be a bit controversial here, especially for some hardcore Bitcoin fanatics, but when we are looking at Bitcoin as an investment opportunity we need to divert our thinking. Let me explain.

As we know, Bitcoin is used as a currency. You can pay bills with Bitcoin, buy a Starbucks drink with Bitcoin, buy a plane ticket with Bitcoin, check into a hotel with Bitcoin, I mean the list goes on and on. You can practically buy anything with Bitcoin, I’m actually struggling to think of something you can’t buy with Bitcoin, because a lot of new services have come along that help make it possible to buy anything with Bitcoin.

Preview 02:39

I’ve known about Bitcoin for a fair few years now, however, and I kick myself about this daily, I never really started investing in it early enough. If I did, I could’ve rode that tremendous wave which sent Bitcoins value to over $1,000 per Bitcoin. You see I was familiar with Bitcoin then, but it was still very new, so my time was always spent learning about the ins and the outs of the crypto-currency, and ensuring it wasn’t just a so called Ponzi scheme. Over actually investing in Bitcoin at the time.

Preview 03:23

The saying goes like this. As with any investment there is risk involved, Bitcoin is no different. But, as an expert in the Bitcoin field, I will be helping you to minimize that risk. So perhaps take this lecture on as a disclaimer, saying that the value of Bitcoin will rise and fall, but as I’ve mentioned and you can see in the curriculum I’ll be showing you how to ensure you remain profitable.

Now at the end of this course I will be giving you 0.01 Bitcoin to kick-start your investment funds of Bitcoin. But when you come to buying you own Bitcoins which I’ll also show you how to do in this course, only buy as much Bitcoins as you can afford to lose. Do not ever, invest an amount that you can’t afford to lose, never ever do that. It’s something I do not condone. Only ever invest an amount you can afford loose.

Preview 01:57

This Is Why Investing In Bitcoin For The Long Term Ensures You Maximize ROI
3 Lectures 15:52

This section of the course is all about why investing in Bitcoin for the long term, almost certainly ensures you maximize your initial return on investment with Bitcoin. Now in this lecture before steaming ahead with the rest, I just want to assure you why having Bitcoin apart of your investment portfolio is a wise move, and one you should certainly include within your investment.

Investing In Bitcoin Is Good For Your Investment Portfolio, Let Me Explain Why

In this lecture I really just want to explain to you how I have always turned a profit investing in Bitcoin for the long-term, I’m proud to say I’ve always rode out the wave of any drops in Bitcoins value and turned a profit. That is what I’m aiming to help you do on this course, I don’t want you to make any knee jerk reactions, because that is where losses start to occur.

Now of course it should come as no surprise I buy when Bitcoins value is on the way down, I will be going into tremendous detail later in the course about how to predict the drop, and when to buy, but 99% of the time I buy when the price is dropping, when I feel it has reached its peak lowness I buy. As mentioned I’ll show you how to do this later in the course. But very rare occasions do occur when I buy as Bitcoins price is increasing, this is due to the price re-bounding and not hitting the real low, then shooting back up. So in that scenario I would buy to ensure I can profit on the way up.

Let Me Show You How I’ve Always Turned A Profit With Long Term Bitcoin Investing

So in this lecture I just want cover the key points we covered in this section before moving onto a very important part of the course. I’ve broken down what I want to cover with you into seven logical steps. So we have covered these points before, but I just need to re-cap over them with you before steaming ahead, as essentially they are the foundations to build upon as we move forwards with this course.

We Covered A Lot In This Section, So Let Me Re-Cap Over The Key Points

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section two "This Is Why Investing In Bitcoin For The Long Term Ensures You Maximize ROI".

This Is Why Investing In Bitcoin For The Long Term Ensures You Maximize ROI
3 questions
Let Me Show You How I Assess Whether The Value Of Bitcoin Will Rise Or Fall
6 Lectures 30:56

To kick-start this section, which is going to be all about how to assess whether the value of Bitcoin will rise or fall, I want to first show you the graph I use, and suggest you use, when it comes to assessing Bitcoins value. Now this graph is free to use, so don’t worry about any hidden costs, because there aren’t. So without any further delay, I use the Coin Desk Bitcoin price chart, which can be found at this link over here. Simple as that.

I really want to go into some of the benefits of this chart, why it’s the only one I use and stick by. So let me take it from the top. First and foremost, I trust the data from Coin Desk. Trust is an integral part when it comes to charts, because remember this is our investment, our money, our livelihoods at stake, so I want to know the data I’m provided is accurate in these charts, so I can make sound investment decisions from analyzing the charts provided. So that’s the first reason why I use the Coin Desk chart over others, I personally trust the data from these guys.

I Suggest You Use This Graph When It Comes To Analyzing Bitcoins Value

Before we jump into how to accurately judge whether the value of Bitcoin will increase, or in fact decrease, you need to be able to understand charts. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to go all stock broker trading charts on you, I just want to give you grounding necessary to be able to make the judgments you need to make, in order to profit from Bitcoin.

So of course the best place to know the current price of Bitcoin is using the Coin Desk chart I mentioned in the last lecture, that can be found at this link. Just to make you aware Bitcoin has new currency symbols, one is BTC, and the other is XBT. Different sites use different symbols, but it means the same thing. Remember, you can also look at the price of Bitcoin from the exchange you may have bought them from, I’d say the most popular at this moment in time are Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and BTC-e.

This Is How You Analyze The Price Of Bitcoin In General Using Graphs

In this lecture, and the next, you may be thinking I’m going to go deep into showing you how to spot trends in the charts, draw trend lines and so on, but you’d be wrong. Because we’re not day trading here, so we don’t need to do that, we’re investing for the long term, so instead of looking at daily or weekly charts and making trend line, we need to look at Bitcoin on a global scale, away from the screen. Because the biggest factor involved in judging Bitcoins value is external events, rulings and just general news about Bitcoin. So I’m going to give you a recent case study of how, and why Bitcoins value shot up over $300 now, and you’ll see how I predict whether the value of Bitcoin will rise.

Let Me Show You How To Predict Whether The Value Of Bitcoin Will Rise

This lecture is the exact opposite of the last, in terms of we’re now going to see how I predict the fall in Bitcoins price, which of course is prime buying time. You will notice a trend, but I’ll wait till the end, I’m sure you’ll acknowledge it, nothing to do with tedious trend lines or anything like that by the way. I’m going to incorporate another case study, well more of a real life example, because it makes everything a lot more real by giving you an example of what happened in real life and why, to of course Bitcoin.

This Is Exactly How I Predict Whether The Value Of Bitcoin Will Fall

As we’ve discussed in the past few lectures the main thing that effects the value of Bitcoin, resulting in a price rise of fall, is what goes on around Bitcoin so the news about it. So in this lecture I just want to make sure you’re focussing on five specific factors within the news field, because these are the factors that disrupt Bitcoins value the most over all others.

There Are Specific Factors That Can Effect Bitcoins Value, Let Show You Them

So we’ve covered a lot in this section, well done on getting through it successfully, it was pretty in-depth, and I’m sure, not what you expected. Now before we move onto the next section, I just want to highlight the three key points of this section, now it’s not everything we covered, it’s just a cap over the key points of this specific section.

To start with we have make use of the charts to understand where Bitcoins price currently is, and where it is heading. The chart I use is Coin Desks, which I showed earlier in this section, so do take advantage of that as it’s completely free to use. And many people, myself included, prefer looking at a chart to see how the price is progressing, whether it has gone up or down over an excel sheet with values on. So definitely bookmark that.

I Want To Give You A Re-Cap Of This Section, Simply Because We Covered A Lot

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section three "Let Me Show You How I Assess Whether The Value Of Bitcoin Will Rise Or Fall".

Let Me Show You How I Assess Whether The Value Of Bitcoin Will Rise Or Fall
3 questions
Here Are Some Solid Research Driven 2016 And Beyond Bitcoin Value Predictions
5 Lectures 19:37

In this section I really want to provide you with some solid research driven Bitcoin predictions, they’ll be both for 2016, and for beyond so 2017. All of these predictions I just want to clarify are solid, and research driven. There not just numbers that have been plucked out of the air, and provided to you.

So now comes the question, where exactly am I getting these predictions from? Well let me now explain that before we jump into this section, and explain all the predictions for 2016, and beyond.

You May Be Thinking Where Exactly I’m Getting These Predictions, Let Me Explain

Let’s kick start this lecture with a prediction that was made by a Bitcoin expert last year, they said that at the end of 2015 Bitcoin would be worth $420, and well, they weren’t far wrong. It was pretty accurate. Now the same Bitcoin expert is predicting Bitcoins price will average out to $650 per Bitcoin, during the second half of the year. That’s a pretty bold prediction, but one that does look likely. Now personally, I’m predicting it to be around the $540. But time will tell. Either way, it puts Bitcoin in a very strong position for 2016, and moving forwards as well.

These Are The Predictions For The Value Of Bitcoin During 2016

As Roger Ver mentioned, he’s known as the “Bitcoin Jesus”, bit pretentious I know, but anyway, he mentioned that Bitcoin is one of the most mispriced assets he has seen in his career. And I happen to agree. If you truly understand Bitcoin, you will know it’s a lot more than just a digital currency. It has a lot more value attached.

We can’t deny that Bitcoin has had a rocky past with its value, but if you look at some of the companies, industries, and individuals now adopting the currency, you can see that it’s only set to grow. It’s still in the early stages, it’s not main stream, yet. This is the reason why I’m looking beyond 2016, and into 2017, 2018 all the way to 2020 with my Bitcoin investments. Because as investors, getting in early, which you can still do, will have a tremendous effect on the value once people start running to Bitcoin the way they did, and still do with gold.

Now Let Me Go Over The Value Of Bitcoin For Beyond 2016, So Into 2017

I touched on this in the previous lecture as to why I’m looking beyond 2016 to cash in on my Bitcoin investment stash. Now I have some Bitcoins allocated specifically for when the rise I predict, and others predict will happen, and I add to it regularly, generally on a quarterly basis. But I also have another stash, which I use to buy and sell more regularly, still long-term, it’ll be monthly generally where I try to profit from the markets, and buy at the lowest point. Of course I do this for profit, but I enjoy being part of a community which is really changing the finance industry as we speak.

This Is Exactly Why I’m Thinking Beyond 2016 For My Bitcoin Investments

I just want to make sure you’re aware that is an investment, there isn’t a guaranteed return. I’ve had success with Bitcoin investing, and everything I’ve applied is in this course. But there are factors that I, and everyone involved in Bitcoin can’t control, hence I felt the need to include this lecture in the course and make sure you’re aware that Bitcoin is an investment, and as with investments they can rise, and fall due to volatility.

If there is anything that you ever feel unsure about it, please do message me beforehand via the course discussion board, and I can help you clarify this before you go ahead and invest. Remember, as with any investing, never risk more than you can afford to lose, and start small. That’s something I always mention to people.

I Want To Make Sure You’re Aware This Is An Investment, So There Is Volatility

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section four "Here Are Some Solid Research Driven 2016 And Beyond Bitcoin Value Predictions".

Here Are Some Solid Research Driven 2016 And Beyond Bitcoin Value Predictions
3 questions
I Suggest You Store Your Bitcoins In These Places To Ensure They Are Secure
3 Lectures 14:20

It you’re pretty new to the Bitcoin field, and have yet to open a Bitcoin wallet, this is something that you really need to do. You can’t become an investor, or in fact, just become a part of the Bitcoin revolution without one. Now the good thing is, there free, no costs involved, so I thought I’d get that out the way with right now before delving further into this lecture and section.

So as I mentioned you can’t become a part of the Bitcoin eco-system without one, it’s the place where all your Bitcoins will be stored. On top of that, it’s where you gain access to your public and private Bitcoin keys.

You Simply Can’t Invest In Bitcoin Without Getting Yourself A Bitcoin Wallet

So for this lecture I’m just going to give you a run through of all the Bitcoin wallets available to date, well the best ones on the market. To do this I’m enlisting the help of a colleague of mine, and his website 99 Bitcoins where he has in fact organised very clearly, the benefits and drawbacks of each wallet. In fact, Ofir the founder of 99 Bitcoins, which is this site, has co-instructed a Bitcoin course with me which is live on Udemy. It’s all about Bitcoin affiliate marketing, so check that out if you’re interested.

The Range Of Bitcoin Wallets Is Incredible, Let Me Give You A Run Through

As you would have seen in the last lecture I went through five Bitcoin wallets that I recommend for you all, I personally use them for a range of different reasons. Whether it’s for day to day transactions, storing them for investment, or for frequent trading. They all serve different purposes for me.

But in terms of a wallet I recommend you use to get started for its simplicity, it’s this wallet, the Blockchain one. Now you may be thinking, well why am I highlighting this site for you all, I’m not an affiliate for the company, I’m actually not. The reason I want you to be aware of this wallet is because of its ease of use.

Over All The Bitcoin Wallets, I Recommend This Wallet For Its Simplicity

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section five "I Suggest You Store Your Bitcoins In These Places To Ensure They Are Secure".

I Suggest You Store Your Bitcoins In These Places To Ensure They Are Secure
3 questions
Personally I Buy Bitcoins Online Regularly, And Recommend These Specific Sites
3 Lectures 09:48

In this lecture I want to go over the best places I personally suggest you buy Bitcoins from online. These sites are all very well-known and come with my seal of approval. By the just to confirm, these are places you buy Bitcoins from online, not face to face places.

These Are The Sites I Personally Recommend You Buy Bitcoins From Online

Now if you prefer to make your Bitcoin purchasing experience a little more real, you can actually buy Bitcoins in person with someone near to you, this site Local Bitcoins help make that experience flow and secure for all parties involved. By the way you can also buy Bitcoins online through Local Bitcoins now as well, so it has the best of both worlds.

It works very simply, if you want to find a buyer near you, you need of course sign-up and log-in, but once done you’d click “buy bitcoins”, then select where you want your buyer to be from, so your local town. Also, you can select if you want to purchase through a certain way like PayPal, Credit Card and so on. But as you can see this has automatically found me local sellers in London.

If You Prefer To Trade Bitcoins In Person, Then You Should Be Buying Here

In this lecture I’ve got three key points I want to go over with you, these are about the things you should be aware of when buying Bitcoins especially for beginners. Because unfortunately there are still people out there looking to scam potential buyers, but by staying on the right side, and following the advice in this lecture and entire course, you can be sure all your purchases are legitimate.

When Buying Bitcoins You Need To Be Aware Of A Few Things, Let Me Point Them Out

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section six "Personally I Buy Bitcoins Online Regularly, And Recommend These Specific Sites".

Personally I Buy Bitcoins Online Regularly, And Recommend These Specific Sites
3 questions
When It Comes To Cashing In On Your Investment, This Is How You Should Go About
4 Lectures 17:45

I really want you to understand that everything we’ve been through, and are going through on this course is focussed around investing in Bitcoin for the long-term and profiting, not day trading.

A lot of people I’m sure will be thinking, well what do you mean by long-term? 10 years, 20 years, 30 years – no. That’s a lifetime, that’s far too long. What I mean by long-term is, a max of one year. Now the most I ever trade with my long-term stash of Bitcoins is monthly, but on average I only ever trade Bitcoins quarterly. Hence it’s my stash of Bitcoins for the long-term, not buying and selling day in day out, I never do that with this stash, and I strongly advise against it.

You Need To Remember This Is Long Term Investing, Not Buying And Selling Daily

Welcome to this lecture where I’m going to go over how to sell Bitcons, and how to go about it, as there are different ways to do this. It’s not like just putting an ad on a eBay like site, there are three main ways in which you can sell Bitcoins online, and I’m going to go over them for you in this lecture.

Selling Bitcoins Online Is Very Different To Buying It, So Let Me Explain That

In this lecture I want to cover five sites to sell your Bitcoins on, now the sites I’m going to mention I’ve actually used myself. So as with the others sites I’ve mentioned they come with my seal of approval, there all very well recognised companies with a good reputation among the Bitcoin community.

As I mentioned in the last lecture don’t put all your Bitcoins into one site and allow them to site there, spread the risk. Only put the amount of Bitcoins to actually want to sell at that time on the site, and keep the rest safe and secure in your Bitcoin wallet.

When It Comes To Cashing In On Your Bitcoins, These Are The Sites I Suggest

To sum this section up I want to cover three key points, there takeaways from this section that you should have in your mind as a Bitcoin investor, in particular when you come to sell Bitcoins through any of the sites I’ve mentioned to you in this section.

You Need To Be Aware Of A Lot More When Selling Bitcoins, So Let Me Explain Now

This quiz covers some of the key-points we highlighted in section seven "When It Comes To Cashing In On Your Investment, This Is How You Should Go About".

When It Comes To Cashing In On Your Investment, This Is How You Should Go About
3 questions
Now It’s Time For You To Go Forth And Become An Active Bitcoin Investor
5 Lectures 35:05

Well done on reaching the final lecture of this course, there was a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to the world of Bitcoin, let alone new to the world of investing in Bitcoin. So what I thought I’d do in this section is simply give you a run through of what we covered in each section briefly, as it helps round off the course, and ensure if you need to refer back to any part of the course, you know which part.

So let me kick it off with section one. This is where we jumped straight into this course, and I laid out the foundations of what this course is about. It was all about building your confidence, and giving you the right advice you need to actively become a long-term Bitcoin investor. I really wanted to start the course with a bang here, and explain what we were and weren’t going to be doing. So that was everything for that section of the course.

Let Me Give You A Complete Summary Of The Key Points We Covered On This Course

This Course Motivated Me To Launch A Sustainable Bitcoin Investing Plan

As you know this course as all about getting you started on your journey to becoming an active Bitcoin investor, remember, a long-term investor!  As paying student of this course you can kick-start your private Bitcoin investment fund, no strings attached by receiving 0.01 bitcoin when you finish this course!

Get Your .001 Bitcoin By Finishing 100% Of The Course And Posting A Question

As with my range of Bitcoin courses, I commit, as with this course, to update the course as the Bitcoins markets evolve, and develop in new directions. If something in the course become irrelevant due to Bitcoin moving in another direction, I will change that lecture, generally within 24 hours. I don’t like to keep my avid students waiting and unsatisfied, honestly it keeps me awake at night, seriously it does.

Now as with the updates, I will add new lectures and sections into the course that I feel will aid your journey as an active Bitcoin investor, but should there be something I don’t have in the course, that you would like to see in the course, please do feel free to request that in the course discussion board. I’ll take it on board, and then work on getting that created and published within the course for you. Remember, course updates don’t cost, as you’ve enrolled on this course as a paying student, you have no further cost, everything is now free. Which is always good!

My Commitment To The On-Going Updates Of This Course To Help You Stay Profitable

Update By Jerry Banfield: Daily Price Averaging Buying/Selling Strategy
BONUS INTERVIEW: Timothy Enneking Of The Crypto-Currency Fund
4 Lectures 45:30

[PART 1] as a little bonus I’ve included an interview I did a while back with the chairman of the crypto-currency fund, Tim Enneking. He shares some great insights into investing in Bitcoin, so that is definitely worth a listen.

[Part 1] Timothy Enneking Of The Crypto-Currency Fund

[PART 2] as a little bonus I’ve included an interview I did a while back with the chairman of the crypto-currency fund, Tim Enneking. He shares some great insights into investing in Bitcoin, so that is definitely worth a listen.

[Part 2] Timothy Enneking Of The Crypto-Currency Fund

[PART 3] as a little bonus I’ve included an interview I did a while back with the chairman of the crypto-currency fund, Tim Enneking. He shares some great insights into investing in Bitcoin, so that is definitely worth a listen.

[Part 3] Timothy Enneking Of The Crypto-Currency Fund

Thank you for enrolling on my course, and if you are multiple student, thank you again. I can only create great courses with the support of yourselves.

So as a thank you from me I want to let you know, that you can enroll on absolutely any course of mine and get 50% off. That’s right, a massive 50% off on any of my courses. There’s not one course this is not available for. So as you can see currently there are nine courses, you can enroll on any of these and get 50% off by simple entering the coupon code “50”, so five zero, I’ll show you how in just a second. And as I publish new courses, you’ll be able to use the same coupon code on them and get 50% off, so it will be available to use on all current and future courses.

BONUS - Let Me Show You How To Get A 50% Discount On Any Of My Udemy Courses
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