The Essential BioDynamics: Self-Reliance Cosmos 4 Elements
4.7 (7 ratings)
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The Essential BioDynamics: Self-Reliance Cosmos 4 Elements

Simpl, Practical Ways To Partner With the Universe- The Science Behind Charting Your Course, for Life, Farm, Garden
4.7 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
184 students enrolled
Created by im Simpl
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Interpret a BD Calendar, understand what is meant by Cosmic rhythm, and the interrelationship between moon, Earth, near and outer Cosmos
  • The vital usefulness and pertinence of the Four Elements, and their impact energetically throughout history
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  • No Experience Required! only an open mind, and a willingness for adventure into novel concepts, such as Cosmos being a bonafide partner in enhancing your free Life
  • Testing

A Note For Organic Farmers:
The Essential BioDynamics provides the vital details & unique potency for Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening-so, this must be taken BEFORE the farming course.


WANT your own Command, and a better flow in your daily life? How about the most vital & alive produce from your farm or garden?

Perhaps, as most do, you believe the Cosmos is just a nice nighttime light show with no practical use........?

The Cosmos, or physical universe, is in fact the majority mechanical and energetic driver for ALL events which occur on Planet Earth. Physics sets Guidelines, Dynamics maintains Life Conditions, Entanglement connects All.

Paying attention to Cosmic rythmns which are already present is to arrive in sync with the Universe, to finally benefit from the bountiful Cosmic dance.

BioDynamically-managed gardens & farms are among the most robust & high-yielding on the planet- and the same simpl easy-to-learn approach applies directly to all living systems-
such as humans, You and I.


                                               WHAT THEY’RE SAYING:
                                   ~testimonials from Course engagers~

“This is an enlightening course on the probability theories of Biodynamics every person must know if they stand a chance to survive and flourish…We all must do our part to maintain health not just for ourselves but for our communities. Healthy, fertile soil is the basis for this, and I look forward to the years ahead implementing what I have learned in this course on Biodynamics from IM. Thank you, and on behalf of my tiny Italian garden it thanks you the most!”  - Nancy D.

“I found this course very interesting. I had never heard of this method of farming/cultivation before. There was lots of great information but also it seems like it would be simple to put into practice. I will definitely be integrating this method into my personal garden.”  - Franklin F.


In this course, you will learn HOW:

- To interpret a BD calendar, quickly see which events & energies are prevalent on any given day, and the actions best to take.

- The Moon, Sun, Earth, planets & stars actually move- or dance- together to create real & on-going, physical & energetic changes upon the Earth.

- YOU can apply daily Cosmic changes to optimize your farming or gardening efforts, and the events in your everyday life.

- The four basic elements each affect our behaviours & our farming efforts.

- In 1924, the poor chemical state of German farming brought about the science of BD: the roles of Rudolph Steiner & his Agricultural Course, Maria Thun and Peter Proctor.

- Big Agro business interests benefit from monopolizing worldwide food production, and discouraging nature-based farming.

- BD, despite the proven benefits, is not embraced socially worldwide.

In actual fact, the relatively new science or body of understood, observed phenomena that we now know as BioDynamics, is based in the most ancient of our sciences. Our first cosmic diviners became scientists by routinely observing the night sky and were the humans who first noticed how certain cosmic movements and events brought changes onto the Earth- with her soil, growing plants, and with humans themselves.

This course comes to you from
1. the SimPLife natural living school in the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, also from
2. our current winter home of South Korea, as well as from
3. Macau, China-
so this is something of a World Travel doc as well.

Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for knowing the basic effects of Cosmos upon living beings...Energy practitioners, career farmers, backyard hobbyists, community leaders, urban or rural- or just folks wanting a bit of simpl sensibility- will find this informative, creatively useful & essential!

VITAL: At any time, if something does not make sense to you, or you have a particular situation to ask about- USE this course as an info-forum! ASK ANY and EVERY QUESTION in course discussions, so others may benefit, in addition to yourself. 

In this indirect way, you are thus also helping to teach, or direct, the course.
have fun with this!


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has ever felt a kindred relationship with any Cosmic entities, and can embrace Energetics as something real and beneficial
  • Anyone who has the courage to apply energetic concepts to their Life and to Environment, such as in farming and daily Life
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Harness the Beating Heart of the Universe!
3 Lectures 08:48

Often the thought which may come to mind when considering BioDynamics is,

is it useful? is this stuff real or just hippie fodder?

How do we benefit in REAL life by knowing Cosmos information......

Well. For all thems whom may have thoughts along these avenues - there is a pleasant surprise in store for you!

Being in sync with the Universe will net you- long term- a better life.

If not true, what good then is a Universe?

enjoy and please let me know what happens in your life & food results, after taking this course!

Preview 02:35

YOU are reading THIS. You are UNIQUE.

BioDynamics, or BD, by not being well-studied either by the science community or the public at large, is therefore not well understood by most people. more accurately, BD is quite misunderstood as a science, a real-life phenomena, or a practice.

most observers in this human world, not being well-versed in a wide range of sciences in general,

believe somehow that once a phenomena leaves earth's atmosphere
(something "cosmic", for example),

then it is no longer deserving of attention-

it is acceptably out of range of the things normally paid attention to,

and thus somehow takes on the bizarre role of belief system-

or that which must be believed as a religion is believed.

"BioDynamics? Oh, I don't really believe in all that."

are humans weird, or is it just me.....

meanwhile, astronomy & astrophysics with its rock-star classically-trained physicists on science videos,
and those darling photos from Hubble telescope and the space missions
are these days more popular than ever.

do you then, believe in astronomy?

that sounds a bit odd, doesn't it. Yet these are the same cosmic objects, moving about the far-off night sky, that BD talks about-

that we are physically entangled with.

for the vast majority of humans, BD has thus been relegated to the scrap-heap of the suspicious,
the paranormal or mythical,
or something cult-ish done by those people.

this creates a curious, at times unfathomable gulf in logic;

even celebrated heroes of the natural world such as Bill Mollison-
the co-founder of permaculture-

are known to be quite dismissive of BioDynamics,

at the same time somehow being experts in how the moon gives us tides, for example.

do you then, believe in tides?

i believe i'll just let you watch the videos.....

make no mistake, BD is engaging with the vast power and energy of All-That-Is.

not a bad thing for anyone's resume.


Preview 03:44

Navigation through the proposition of how to bring a Cosmic utility to a human understanding and application. right there, we're behind the grandest eight-ball of all, in a manner of speaking.

Why did I make this course?

The course exists in a most serious and sobering context-

that we as humans are every day edging closer to a more doubtful chance of species survival,

and all practices such as BioDynamics, which might be effective in reversing that trend have been branded as ludicrous, 'hippie' and so on, and just not regarded by the diverted planetary whole as plausible.

the problem is, we humans are a horrifyingly easy medium to program- and programmed we indeed are- to a stifling, nearly suicidal degree.

even though this harsh diatribe can threaten the popularity of this course, Truth must be told, as we no longer have the luxury of 'proper decorum' in describing our fate.

a lifetime of enviro-research and anthropological study reveals the Cosmos as an ally of ultimate potency, concurrently uncovering a ruthless control domination matrix of this human world-
while very few of my fellows have themselves tools to treat these topics fairly. such is life, enjoy and love it well.

i wish ALL the very greatest of grand fortunes and experiences, which of course are still forthcoming without hindrance to the right minds and hearts, for the time being....

and, peace

Preview 02:29
The Divine Cosmic Dance: Explaining the Rythmns
8 Lectures 50:37

BD enters into little-known aspects of earthly life, making it a practice of truly original concepts and new adventure for most of us.

being so, BD is a most-favorite subject for me to discuss and an honour to pass on.

by knowing our easily learned cosmic origins-

& how simpl to see our relation to the entire Cosmos-

ideas like entanglement & energetics can now be seen as

intimate details of us,

now we as cosmic creations, can be recognized cousins to the soil below our feet,

as well as the furthest boiling red giant, black hole or pulsar.

this recognition takes no theoretical advanced degree no calculus, no laboratory conditions.

yet we can still chart our own cosmic life on everyday earth,

we are free to launch our green-growing cousins into journeys of soil root & sky,

using the long years of observation and trial already done by others.

you are evolving, faster than you can feel. these are among your tools.

engage and reach ever further....

Preview 07:10

This is a BD overview, or primer (I love this stuff!), intended to assist you with terminology & BD concepts. Of course, I recommend that you PRINT IT OUT & read it in full, to alleviate possible future confusion-

but I'm also a firm believer in personal prerogative........a fancy way of saying, download it, chuck it in your course folder- (DO keep a course folder or notes!), and plow forward. It will be there when you need it.

You may find this reference quite handy, towards the adventure of being a BD Practitioner & BioFarmer. Enjoy!

The BD Primer
8 pages

This covers the first four moon rythmns:
Ascending & Descending Moon
Moon Opposite Saturn &
Moon Nodes.

Admittedly, it is a bunch to take on in one sitting- you are encouraged to please, pause the video when necessary and TAKE COPIOUS NOTES, as personal tips to remember what each rythmn means out there in the field, or in your own life.

Enjoy it well, and please remember that whenever something doesn't make sense- to post discussions in the dashboard.....

Cosmic MoonDance: The First Four Rythmns

This covers the final two moon rythmns:
Moon Over Zodiac
Full Moon - New Moon

These are both major rythmns, and take a bit of explaining. Moon Over Zodiac gives us our elemental influences of Air, Water, Fire and Earth- in that order- as the moon passes in front of certain groups of stars in the zodiac. Twelve zodiac constellations, so the four elements are each repeated 3 times, before the whole rythmn repeats itself. 

A full cycle of 4 elements repeating 3 times each, is defined as a month, or moonth.

Full Moon-New Moon is the rythmn everybody knows, where we see the moon changing phases night after night, from the disappearing new moon all the way to spectacular full moon, and back again. In farming, we are mostly concerned only with the new and full moons, however, as these are extreme days which bring particular conditions upon the earth.

Enjoy it well, and please refer to the BD Primer, at the beginning of this section, for more details.

Remember that whenever something doesn't make sense- to post questions in the dashboard!

Cosmic MoonDance: Zodiac & New/Full Moon Rythmns

perspective on the crazy spin of reality.

describing, tongue-in-cheek, the mad whirl of Sun at the brutal command of the Universe, with Earth and company in tow.....

setting up our physical relationships, BioDynamical effects, life's dramas and emotions.

and the dance carries on.....

The Earth in Tow

I suppose the C word has to be used, just to break the ice.

that is to say, 'conspiracy' is apparently the Great Switch,

a program-trigger at least in the Western mind,

(not sure if Asia uses this one)

which shuts down the common citizens' critical thinking process, upon being uttered.

fascinating, captain. as Spock would say.

i utter it here and take my chances. so, now it's out of the way.

this diatribe, far from being quotable text of notable scientific literature,
is nevertheless a serious contemplation with implications as to our collective past, present and future.

a conclusion based on logic and observation that i am sharing with you,
and your thought and response is hoped for.

what then, say you here?

The Life Conspiracy

Here is a correlation between how four different traditions view the Four Elements, in a chart which i hope you can decipher. (udemy is not allowing pdf or formatting any longer). 

here you can equate different aspects of the four elements to aspects of human life & earth realtionships.......

comment on what you think!


Four Elements Across Four Traditions chart

This Human World: Chems in the Political Realm & Moon Over Zodiac

NOW, that you've been subject to BD phenom,
like the surprising occurrence of gentle, regular rythmns upon the Earth- and how we can utilize those-

let's put your BD prowess to the test.

good luck, and anyone caught cheating will get slapped on the hand by a ruler.
(i bought one at an antique store just for brutality purposes)

The Great BD Knowledge Tap: Rythmns & Events
10 questions
From Science to Practice: The BD Calendar
5 Lectures 26:54

Here is a downloadable file for much of the information used to compile this course.

the BD calendars- in particular- may be found in this doc.

you are hereby encouraged to continue your own research into any of these rich and
compelling treasures of Cosmic reality and possibility.

UPDATE 26 Dec 2016- full year India BD calendar uploaded, in order to accomplish exercises in this section.

BD Course Sources and Links
5 pages

The BD Calendar is a compendium of of Universal forces, elements and influences, compiled by scientists of the Cosmos and the nether-reaches,
and mapped out onto a kind of chart, transforming the Cosmic Dance into the westernized human timeframe of Gregorian days, months and years.

BD practitioners, like yourself, navigate the cosmic seas by these charts, which tell us the energetic basis of earthly experience, now and into the ever-arriving, ever-changing present.

to focus our attentions to Universe, even by so little as a brief morning glance before dashing out to onslaught our worlds, is to acknowledge the Dance of Now, to pry open the grapples of human society and his ever-stifling human programmation-

in favor of greater truths & the indefatigable All-That-Is, and our place in it, where thoughts of our weaknesses or insignificance are irrelevant.

back here on the ground, BD is partnered as practical ally, where knowing rythmns and elements can save our fields and food, our sanity & well-being, maybe even our very survival.

wow, that's heavy, im.

well, maybe- so keep it easy and breezy, stay joyous...but please don't take it lightly.


Explaining the BD Calendar

Carrying onward, we now move to the everyday aspect of calendar use.

the intention in this, is to become day-by-day friendly with the stark white-and-blackness of symbols and time.

our neighbours the planets
of interest as well yet not mentioned in this context, is the presence of planets at the calendar bottom, and which zodiac constellation each of our neighbours sits over during this gregorian month in human time.

one example of the myriad vistas and avenues of Cosmos to explore.

although not visited specifically in this course, you may decide for yourself if engaging with planets may also be in your chosen pool of interests.....

Daily Use of the BD Calendar


in the context of a BD calendar, means looking ahead and knowing when to do your specific desired actions, whether that be your plans to live rythmnically, or to obtain optimal results in the farming.

with the forward knowledge of when the elements, within either an ascending or descending moon, and all the others rythmns- are occurring,

your eyes-open approach to life-with-Cosmos may proceed in a scheduled manner- or at least without game-breaking surprises.

Working the Rythmns: BD Strategy

Our fourth installment in BD calendaring, brings us to a further understanding of how, month by month, the various rythmns can cancel each other- or complement each other- as we chart our course of Cosmic engagement.

A SUGGESTED BD PLANNING: in your BD notebook, or in a conspicuous designated place in full view, post your monthly notes for farming and lifestyle activities,

for easy reminding of what energies are present each day, and how you have decided to engage and dance with it.

BE your own private secret agent- crack the codes of the Universe,

and enjoy the dance!

BD Rythmn Collisions


if you've survived up till now, you're nearly a walking headline;
your singular human rarity should make you front page news indeed.

it would be so nice if the world thought like I did....

The Great BD Knowledge Tap: Calendar Prowess
4 questions
The Human Factor
5 Lectures 33:39

Dr. Rudolph Steiner, innovator, liberator, originator of concept and practice, a definite force-of-nature and evolving element for his time.

an introduction here, that we might not dismiss BD as something flippant or ill-conceived....

Rudolph Steiner & Just Everything

Relating Steiner now, as practitioner of Life in a deeper sense, whereas he operated, spoke and wrote from a whole-picture view before this "practice" had a name-

and re-introduced the vast canvas of All-That-Is, to the attentions of modern, human earth.

Steiner, Holism & The Akashic

Sadly, the greatest and brightest among us are most often the target of fools....

Steiner, saddled with the arsenal of potential to liberate all humanity- were it only willing to be so free- oddly brought BD into existence without even intending the science...

Steiner, BD & The Nazis

This summarizes the works of the three icons in BioDynamics (from a SimPLife perspective) -

Dr. Rudolph Steiner, the multifacted godsend from Austria,

Maria Thun, the farming scientist from Darmstadt, Germany, who took up where
Steiner had left off, and

Peter Proctor, the gregarious communicator from New Zealand.

Today, BioDynamics is a global scientific community of independent practitioners, and continues to grow and change, largely due to the foundations begun by these three individuals and many others along the way.

The way is open for YOU and your fellows, to further the explorations of this life-as-practice,
integration of the Cosmos as partner,
towards a life and planet in harmony...

Maria Thun & Peter Proctor

TWO major perspectives on why BD hasn't swept this modern human world like a wildfire...presented as honest and direct perspective, without apology or disclaimer.

It is hoped here, that you as bio-practitioner, as your own decision-maker and personal secret agent, will carry a private simpl note through this, which reminds one that if Life is our own grand shopping experience, then we each walk into all pertinent lifeshops, and take away the products that we CHOOSE to reflect us, guide and shape and BE us- enroute to our preferred experience on this mortal coil.

We all choose and judge something everyday. We have our preferences, thus we choose. Thus, we judge.

All the spiritualists would be up in arms to hear this- but it's true. Without judgments, we cease to be unique, quirky individuals, to be the one-off me that took Creation billions of years to achieve.

and here it is just happening again. So pray do YOU judge BD?

Your Life, Your Choice: Why Bother With BioDynamics

a check-up on the influences of BD, and the factors which come to bear in our own practices...

How Do Those Humans Factor In?
5 questions
The Four Basic Elements
6 Lectures 34:49

Your intro for the four-element integration to the human life, followed by the meaning of the first two elements, Earth & Air.

what happens when one element, in the form of expressed energy, arrives in our midst? this is answered via multiple sources- spiritual, astrological, pagan & wiccan.

some pointers as to our own being mindful while each energy is present, is also parlayed to you, to get this concept of the cosmos-as-guide rolling...

Earth & Air

Summing up the four-elements in our daily repetoire,
also detailing the relationship of one element to the other:

Fire & Water- masculine/feminine, the true elements engaging and comprising this cosmos as the eternal dance of All-That-Is

Air- masculine Breath of Life, separating all other elements, allowing for individual form and space

Earth- feminine Cycle of Life, the unifying agent of Oneness, bringing equanimity to all cosmic manifestations

what activity is best performed or started during which element-day?

this is corresponding to the nature of work:

Earth- physical labour, companioning

Air- cerebral, conceptual, design

Water- caregiving, nurturing

Fire- project birthing, artistic, general initiation of works

Fire & Water

NOT DIET ADVICE, (for those legalmongers looking for slackers
to fillet on the spit of medical and food industry cartel-protections)

rather these are suggestions, choices one might make to achieve lifebalance through intake.

NOT INTERESTED? fine. on to the next, then.

SUPERfoods, what can be thought of as power plants delivering crucial, vital boosts, are rapidly on the rise in the mindscape, lifestyle and preference of the global human.

For some cultures and those so inclined, these foods have been known since ancient times for properties above and beyond what we might consider normal sustenance & nutrition.

bon apettit!

4 Element Makeovers- SuperFood Balancing

What is a colour, then.....

science-wise, colour is decribed as being those frequencies of light which are reflected back to the viewer, upon being seen.

Energetically and BD-wise, colour may be thought of as the banner or the trumpet which heralds the existence of a present energy in our midst.

wearing colour to express energy is about PAYING ATTENTION.
simply that.
we focus our attention on today's energy presence,
are mindful of energy & those inherent properties,
and that runs thus in background.

thus, colour is a simpl & easy balancing; attention on our source energies brings us
more familiar to life's knowing.

4 Element Makeovers- Colour Balancing

Humans NEED activity, for clarity of heart, mind & body.

the recentmost global program of inactivity, exacted upon human populations throughout the world, threatens us with a great deal of damage- mainly towards our survival as a species.


live a style which includes work projects,
volunteer in farming or building projects,
be available always to lighten the load of another.

and yes! this is perhaps the BEST way to exercise MULTIPLICITY,
as human-in-earnest:
BE of SERVICE, actively, to those in need, as a main function of
your existence.

4 Element Makeovers- Engage! With Purpose

Continuing down the road of re-balancing our daily life through activity.

what's this got to do with the four elements?

this video is one suggestion to you, of scheduling in more physical use of your body- while being of service, which is best started on the day corresponding to the nature of work:

Earth- physical labour, companioning

Air- cerebral, conceptual, design

Water- caregiving, nurturing

Fire- project birthing, artistic, general initiation of works

community service- or just helping others- perhaps above all other activities to result from this course, is the most hoped-for response which you may choose for your own re-balancing.

half of my own life,
i have been a volunteer in projects involving indigenous groups, intentional community, and various ideas that seemed good at the time.
never regretted a single one of those, even if results were not what i would choose;

ultimately i am the biggest student in the mix, every time.

4 Element Makeovers: Community Service

just a quick voyeur's-eye view to whether or not YOU are in the full light of understanding, with this most crucial stuff of life.

Four Basic Quiz Questions
4 questions
BioDynamics in Practice: LADAKH, the Likir Farm
3 Lectures 17:58

OK, time for a farming quiz on applying what you have learned about BioDynamics.

Real life, hard-hitting facts are thrown down, and your executive decision sets the whole farm process going the way YOU decide.

You are requested here to pause and consider well, prior to moving onto the next lecture...

The Background of Place: BD in Paradise

Ladakh has been my personal favorite place to be, for the last three warm seasons. Unfortunately, I haven't the strength to tough out the extreme winters there, or I would persist year-round in Ladakh and just forget about the rest of the planet......

that's real love, when we are willing to give up everything for one ideal, one person, one place...

Here, we learn how the specifics of place affect our farming, many of which may have nothing to do with farming itself- yet we must all make decisions to deal with life, no

Executive Decision Time

Responses to BD questions asked in the previous lecture.

The official SimPLife opinions are given, based on experience and highest probabilities.

However, NO wrong answer really exists- there is only your decision, setting action towards result.

Executive Answering

This is somewhat of a hodgepodge of other factors to consider in this quizzical scenario, and in farm scenarios in general.

One of the factors here is whether the SimPLife HOT Planting Mix is appropriately used here, all factors considered.

The Mix, to be applied either as early-season soil treat,
or same-day, urgent planting partner:

Animal Manure - may be cow, goat, horse, bird, human (humanure), pig, sheep.

Cellulose - dried cereal, like grain stalks, grasses, hay or straw.

Ash - fireplace or campfire ashes, from wood. make sure NO plastics are in there!

Urine - animal or human.

Executive Answering: Other Aspects
BioDynamics in Practice: NEPAL, the Fabled Shangri-La
4 Lectures 23:34

-----------------------------------SECTION INTRO------------------------------------------

Time to Apply! the BD techniques and rhythms you have learned thus
far. In the Nepal chapter, we are in Panauti Valley, NEPAL, about 36 km
outside of the capital Kathmandu, and we've got a really beautiful,
terraced hillside farm at 5 Elements Organic Bastion, with a commanding
view of the surrounds.

Perfect stage-set for showing you how the BD work proceeds to the farm, and for you to practice what you've gained out of the course.

5EOB is owned and managed by my friend Pat Kauba (local name Charlie Baba), and we're eventually converting his entire veggie farm to BD and Ladakhi Organic farming methods. Thus far, we're seeing such great results that we are on the edge of our seats waiting for harvests, as though we could push our lovely produce to bloom and flourish any quicker...

Ready to Take Part?

The first vid is about forming cells, the next two are about planting in specific BD conditions. Have fun!

------------------------------------------This Lecture-----------------------------------------------

Let's Build a Ladakhi-style Farm Cell, in Nepal, using BD strategies!

This is the general idea anyway, of slamming together this lovely patch of greenhouse land- and converting it into BD planting cells using the Ladakhi Organic farming method.

Enjoy this, it was kind of a lot of work, but a labour of love, innit...

Build A Farm Planting Cell

How To Plant Root Seeds BioDynamically!

Here at 5 Elements Organic Bastion farm in Panauti, Nepal, learn how to interpret a date in the BD calendar, and to decide what action to be taken on this day. Actually, we tell you flat out what will be done BUT one may always test themselves prior.

SEE how the cell is formed, what goes into the cell planting area, how to plant the actual seeds, and the recommended watering.

This little action, of creating cells and furnishing them with luscious rich groundfeeds like cowdung-cellulose mix- prior to planting organic heirloom ladakhi (etc.) a passion onto itself.

Here, two friends actually do the deal, while I gloss lazy and bossy on the camera, explaining what they're doing. SimPL and easy as you please!

But PLEASE, use these actions as practice sessions, for determining your own plantings BioDynamically. USE the BD calendar, become familiar with how to read, interpret, and strategize with it......


Plant ROOT Crops BioDynamically


THIS is what happens here, as we negotiate what to do with leftover root crop seeds- plus a pile of flowers & herbs seeds we'd also like to plant, on a


This day is April 2, 2017, and CHECK YOUR BD CALENDAR for what the possibilities might be on this day.....

GO AHEAD and look it over now, THEN play the vid, to see how this day was strategized- see if you can agree with how the planting went......!

THIS is BD Science at its finest- scheduling our actions to best benefit, then we may best apply the beneficial energies swirling around us.


Moon Opposite Saturn Planting & Strategy


There is nothing like physical proof, when it comes to deciding if something works or not, hey. AT LEAST in this case, we can easily see our results, of utilizing the best planting day of the month (which is, what rhythm, folks??) for our best benefit.

In this example, our best benefit came in the form of planting different types of seeds at once, on April 2, 2017- and we see that the resultant plants are slightly larger than similar seeds planted the day before, on April 1.

CHECK IT OUT for yourself! and, know that you can trust in this Cosmos, at the very least for the planting of your own beautiful, natural foods in Divine Earth.

Nepal BD Plantings- One Month Results
BioDynamics in Practice: KOREA, The Urban Farmette
2 Lectures 13:24

Another scintillating BD quiz: this time for the particular conditions of the urban farmette. A few questions or conditions are posed here, for your consideration, regarding the BD calendar, local environment, and personal conditions.

The Background of Place: Itaewon, Seoul, KOREA

This particular planting is a test scenario-
to apply BD principles to see what results what potential we can achieve,
as we endure the usual pollutions, confined space, noise,
neighbourly damages and encroachments.

as a sneak peak-ahead, it became quite apparent that this little plot of

second-story ground lends quite well to greens & legumes, at least.

an ecncouraging foray into food production
in an extreme DIY-unfriendly environment & culture.

The Big Exciting Quiz

Here, opinions regarding the BD quiz, are offered, based on experience, and overall
conditions that come to bear on the farmette.

Also, a brief but essential chat on rocks. Just what you always needed.

Big Exciting Answers
Bonus Materiel
1 Lecture 01:00
Bonus Lecture: Where To From Here, St. Peter?
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im Simpl
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Environmental Engineer/Builder/Designer

Engineer, instructor, builder/designer/filmmaker/healer/actor/musician/farmer and world-wandering wordweaver, im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years.

In 1991, prior to the dawn of certification, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and consumption-fetish now gripping the general human population.

SimPLife is the practice of natural living, with the intention of supporting and preserving the purity & sanctity of sensible lifestyle: project builds and life-skills courses (permaculture & biodynamics-based), organic farming, natural building & life masterplanning.

To date, there have been SimPLife builds or courses in Ladakh, Turkey, Spain, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, Phillipines, Guyana and England.

im's professional certifications include:

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
LEED Accredited Professional
Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI
Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS