Big Data Analytics for Telecom
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Big Data Analytics for Telecom

How Big Data has transformed the Telecommunication Industry?
2.3 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
107 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the monetisation of Big Data in Telecom
  • Understand how Telco’s are playing with Big Data Analytics
  • Analyse the transformation of Telecom Industry by Big data
  • Guestimate the Big Data Analytics Predictions for Telecom
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  • Interest in Big Data Analytics
  • Time frame to complete the course and come up with questions
  • Terms used in Telecom Industry such as CSPs, TSP etc.

Telecommunication Industry is the significant contributor of “Big Data”. The data generated is at a very high velocity is huge in volume and wide variety. But do you know “ WHAT are the sources of Big Data generation in Telecom Industry?”   

With Big Data Analytics, Telco’s are utilising the gathered data for better business decision making. Multiple Telecommunication Service Providers have been opting multiple techniques to enhance the hidden insights of Big Data. But do you know “HOW Telco’s are using Big Data tactics to enhance their revenue?

The transformation in Telecommunication Industry by Big Data has discovered the various opportunities (such as network performance monitoring, fraud detection, customer churn detection and credit risk analysis) which help Telco’s to stay ahead in competition. But do you know “WHAT will be the roadmap on Big Data in Telecom Industry?”

The course on “Big Data in Telecom” will address all the “Do you Know”. A complete industry relevant course for graduates, BI and data scientist is fusion of Big Data Analytics facts, Telco’s use cases and experienced experts knowledge.

The content of course will be periodically updated and regular flow of assignments is ensured to students opting this programme. The lifetime access to all the material anytime anywhere and expert’s consulting for Big Data assignments is an add-on.  

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Who is the target audience?
  • Big Data Professionals looking to explore Telecom Industry
  • Anyone preparing for interview in a Telecom company
  • Big Data Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Marketers using Big Data
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Big Data Transforming Telecommunication Industry
4 Lectures 13:17

The lecture is an introduction to the "Big Data in Telecom" course:

a) Objectives, i.e., what will be the key take away of students?

b) Audience, i.e., Who should attend this course?

c) Instructor, i.e., Whose experience and hard work is behind the course? 

Preview 02:16

The second lecture is the Overview of the journey of Big Data in the Telecommunication Industry, which will take you to the tour of entire course.

The student will be able to analyse the key take away from the detailed structured course content.  


Preview 07:24

The course is going to provide information about “How telecom industry is transformed using big data analytics”? 

The lecture is the quick summarization of course content or a short precap for the student to begin with.  

Preview 01:36

To begin with the journey of "Big Data in Telecom", it is important to know "What is Telecommunication Industry"? The lecture will introduce you with the Telecommunication Industry, and will make you think how telecommunication system works?

Introduction to Telecommunication Industry
The Data Dilgue :: Internal Data
6 Lectures 10:03

Since the telecommunications industry generates and stores tremendous amount of data, this lecture is the overview of contribution of Telecom Network elements in generating Big Data.   

Network Generated Data

The lecture is the overview of how telco's customers i.e. our data is the another source of Big Data in Telecom Industry

Customer Data

The supply chain in the telecommunication industry, in particular the management of mobile handsets by operators, is one of the area that has received little attention and therefore offers the potential for significant improvement. But here in this course it is introduced because it is one of the major source of Big Data generation

Supply Chain

The telecom supply chain can be further segregated into two major process areas, i.e., demand side and supply side. 

The demand side covers the fulfilment and distribution of goods as a result of customer orders, the requirement here is to create collaborative information sharing between retailers, distributors,
and operators
.The supply side covers the distribution of goods and information as a result of TSPs/ CSPs requests.

Thus, creating huge amount of complex and unstructured data for an operator to play with

Distribution Chain Data

Why to forget us, We, ourself, are subscribers for a Telecom Operator/ Telco. We are contributor of data generation but how? This lecture will address it.  

Subscriber Usage Details

Call routes through multiple networks before it reaches destination, but How it is contributing in Big Data generation? Let's have a look. 

Interconnection Data
The Data Dilgue :: External data
3 Lectures 04:05

One more "How" is addressed, How social media is generating Big Data for Telco's? and what value they are providing for operators? The lecture is the overview of Big Data generated by "Social Media Blast". 

Social Media Blast

Since, every industry is generating data for their business? Then, 

  • How news and media is a source of big data generation?
  • What value is provided to Telco's by this data?
Contribution by News and Media

  • How our Mobile end point data is the significant contributor of Big Data generation? 
  • How it's growth is appreciated by Telecom Operators? 

The lecture will address "How".

Mobile Endpoint Data
Thanks to “Big Data” :: Facts Uncovered
5 Lectures 10:52

Big Data experiments uncovers the significant facts for Telecom Industry i.e. for operators. The lecture is the quick introduction to "Facts Uncovered" section. 

Facts Uncovered

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure of performance, which help Telecom Operators define and evaluate how successful they are? 

Big Data Analytics has helped Telecom Operators to transform their business KPIs but how? Let's get into this lecture to understand its impact. 

Key KPIs

  • How Big Data is helping Telecom Operators in the Customer Life Cycle (CLC)?
  • How Big Data has helped Telecom Operators in evaluating their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

The lecture is the role of Big Data with CLC and CLV

Customer Life Cycle & Customer Lifetime Value

How Big Data has helped Operators in establishing their creditability in market? 

What Big Data can do for a Brand?

How Big Data has enable Telecom Operators in identifying chatter and real feedback about their brand?

Differentiating between chatter and real feedback
Real Time Analytics
4 Lectures 09:53

How "Real Time Big Data Analytics" has enabled Telecom Operators to analyse Subscriber and Product profile? 

Subscriber and Product Profile

How "Real Time Big Data Analytics" has enabled Telecom Operators in serving their subscribers? 


Real time Big Data Analytics has enabled Telco's to experiment with the subscriber data to enhance their ROI. But How? The lecture will help you to understand this with the help of an example. So, be ready with your notepad and pen.   

Model Creation, Refinement and Training

Real-time Big Data Analytics has helped Telco's to prevent customer churn and detect upselling opportunities with the help of various techniques. 

So, what are the techniques and strategies adopted by Telco's

Customer Profile Buildup
Big Data :: Use Case
3 Lectures 08:35

Customers are less loyal than they have ever been, what to offer before they churn?

How Big Data Analytics is helping Telco's in enhacing Customer Experience Management (CEM)?  We will understand this in this lecture. 

Big Data to enhance Customer Experience Management

The potential of big data poses a challenge for operator, then what action is taken by telco's to tackle this challenge? 

Big Data approach towards the Telecom Industry

Big data has the potential to place communications services providers (CSPs) in a position to win customers loyalty and create new business revenue streams. So, what are the opportunities generated by Big Data for an operator? 

Telco's extracting value from Big Data
Big Data Analytics in Telecommunications
1 Lecture 03:20
  • Where Big Data Analytics can take our telecommunication Industry?
  • What more opportunities it can create for an operator?  

Well, this lecture is about the future of Telecommunication, which will be created by Big Data. 

Future of Big Data

This quiz will help you sharpen your knowledge

Test your knowledge
4 questions
Exercise to ponder with algorithms on predictive analysis
1 Lecture 00:00
Big data framework for Telecom operators
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