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Reduce Explosive Childhood Behaviors like ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety & depression
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About This Course

Published 4/2015 English

Course Description

Do you love being a parent but hate yelling, power-struggles and fighting with your children? Has your child been diagnosed with, or threatened to be diagnosed with, ADD/ADHD, ODD or anxiety?

If you're tired of being a worn out, stressed out, beaten down mom or dad, today's the day for you to begin the transformation to change that forever! If you love your children but hate the yelling, disciplinary bad guy part of being a parent, you're in for a treat!

My husband Thomas and I are known for helping parents reduce explosive behavior with their kids. In fact, we even help children completely reverse the symptoms of ADHD and ODD, terrible twos, and teenage rebellious behavior altogether.

Astonishing New Empowering Methods to Gain Cooperation with Children and Teenagers!

If you like transcripts, if you like audio or video, whatever your learning style, we've got it a ton available for you. Thomas and I will hold your hand in this virtual journey, and walk you step-by-step through 12 modules. You'll be able to learn all of the great strategies that will transform your children and home in bite-sized pieces. There are 60 short videos, 12 study guides, 12 chapters, and three short audios for each module.

Imagine if you had your environment at home transformed to the positive pictures we've talked about. You wake up one day and you have the confidence to do the right things for your children. As you lay your head on the pillow, you look into your wife's or husband's eyes and he or she asks "How was your day?" and you say … “I did it honey. I had a peaceful, quiet, happy day with the kids - ALL DAY!"

And you lie down on the pillow and gently fall asleep, knowing that your life is never going to be the same again. When you register today, you have the ability to get started, right away!

Whether you're new to online courses or an experienced professional, we will show you exactly how to make your way easily through our system. We love systems. We love elegant simplicity. We love being able to show you how to do one thing that gets big results fast.

You'll finally be able to discover and articulate the exact words that clearly communicate your desires with your children in a way that will empower them to choose cooperation and you get to be their hero. Isn't that really what you desire deep down as a parent? You know what you want as a parent. Whether you're crystal clear with your expectations, or you're just discovering the need to have them drawn out, we're excited for you to get started right away.

If you focus on one module every week, you'll complete the course in 12 short weeks but you'll have access to all material forever, or until you don't need us anymore!

Money Back Guarantee

The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee. It is also my personal promise to you that you will get great value from the course and succeed.

What are the requirements?

  • We can help you transform your kids, if you're willing to put in some time and effort on your part. Please allow an average of three hours a week to study.
  • This is a fun and easy to follow online course. It's long because you have lots of choices based on how you learn best. Do you like to read? Do you like to listen? Do you like video? This program has it all to help you learn and anchor what you learn.
  • You have unlimited life-time access to all modules.
  • Bonnie and Thomas are willing to be there to support you until you've completed the transition with the "Learn to Speak Kid" secret Facebook group page.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Know exact words and strategies to create a win-win environment with your children.
  • Build strong, trusting relationships with your children.
  • Eliminate symptoms of disruptive behavior disorders like ADHD, ODD and anxiety.
  • Empower your kids by authentically motivating them to action - chores, homework, other.
  • Build and create harmony between yourself and your children.
  • Be confident when making tough parenting decisions.
  • Have more fun with your kids at home, on outings or even car rides.
  • Lovingly guide your child's behavior rather than apply punishment to teach them.
  • Teach your child necessary non-academic life skills like self-control, responsibility, self-discipline and focus.

Who is the target audience?

  • If you desire positive change with the behavior of your child or teenager, have an open mind to learn, and access to the internet, we'll walk you through every simple step of transforming your life right from the first module.
  • This course is for frustrated parents who are looking to reduce explosive child behavior without time-outs, yelling or medication.
  • New parents who want to avoid terrible twos -- and every other stage of child-rebellion -- would love this course.
  • You should not take this course if you're looking for a quick and easy fix. This course is simple but change is never easy, is it? You should have a strong desire for a positive parent-child transformation.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Know Your Role as a Parent

If you're anything like the rest of our clients, you're about to experience a massive perception transformation with this first module -- the foundation of the entire program. It deserves the devotion of some time and energy. You and your kids are worth it!!!

By the time you have completed the quick study guide portion of this lesson, you will have a laid out a foundation of boundaries, expectations and rewards. You'll be made aware of a few destructive parenting mistakes - almost every parent in our society is making - and you'll be free from guilt, confusion and stress with your kids. You'll experience complete empowerment as a parent.

You're going to discover that your children wish to please you and they wish to be praised for their greatness.

This lesson will get you on track to creating a stronger family unit, with happier, more confident, self-disciplined children and teenagers.


Learn the importance of taking ownership of your role as a parent. You're going to love the awareness of planning an exit strategy.


This lesson will draw out the steps to teach and empower your children with life skills.


Begin to decipher the difference between privileges and rights. Make a list and make a plan!

16 pages

Take control of your life as a parent by following the step-by-step directions to design your every day parenting plan.

Design your parenting plan:

  • Write a clear description of your daily expectations.
  • Discover what part of your job description still needs to be put into place.
  • Release any parenting guilt as you take ownership of your role.
3 questions

Take a moment to see what you know and remember so far.

12 pages

This printable guide is designed to help you create and organize your parenting plan, anchor the content you're learning and help you release habits from your parents that are not serving you or your children now.


Creating your job description and making decisions as a parent. As in any great endeavor, it's imperative to begin with the end in mind.


Making your job description list of life skills to teach your child. Learn why your kids are counting on you to create their life lesson plans. This video will also show you how to set up a perfect day with deliberate intention.


How making sure that your kids will have everything they ever wanted so they can be happy is crippling them! We're actually loving them to death - spiritual death. What do you actually owe your kids? What should your kids be working for?


Free yourself from any parenting guilt by making a list of all your child's privileges. Detach from any of your child's emotional responsibility by becoming your child's ER.

10 questions

How well do you know your role as a parent?

Section 2: Parent's Brain vs. Kid's Brain

This module introduction video will prepare your mind to release attachment to results and encourage you to focus on your actions. Keep on keeping on and you're sure to see the success you desire.


Discover what your child sees when you see a messy room. Understand what words you can use that will empower and lift your child up in this circumstance rather than get mad, punish and disempower with embrassment.


Get on the same page with your child be learning to speak his/her language. You can shave time off your explaining time by asking the right empowering questions.


Begin to put the dictational habits aside and communicate in a more positive, loving and proactive manner. Focus on what your child did that you loved today.

15 pages

If you love to read, make sure to download the chapter so you can make sure that your brain and your child's brain are working in harmony. This chapter will share how your child sees the world differently than you, how they hear literally and how they don't understand abstract thinking yet, at all!

When you begin to speak the language your child can understand you will create a new world of peace, harmony and respect for your child, from your child and for yourself. You'll see how simple the scenarios are to deal with and you will ENJOY communicating with your child now and forever.

3 questions

This is just a simple checks and balance to help you anchor what you've learned.

15 pages

The study guide is designed to print off and write in. Learning in so many ways will help you anchor what you learn so you can master the language of kid as soon as possible.


How the game of opposites can be life-changing when communicating with children. You'll be made aware that children do not think abstract yet and can't respond to many ordinary questions all great parents ask.


What does the game hide-and-go-seek have to do with parenting? Learn this answer and also how other games and play are your child's real work.


Empower your child to act on tasks immediately by practicing with the parent brain/kid brain language translator.


Chores certification is a fun way to engage with your kids while doing house-hold chores.

10 questions

How well do you understand the difference between your brain and your child's brain?

Section 3: Creating the Right Environment

How teachable and coachable are you, really? This video will open your mind to a greater teachability index to expand your growth in the program.


There is a difference between a star chart and a reward chart. Now, we're putting what you worked on in Module 1 to work for you by putting your lists to action.


How the Star Chart works to motivate your kids to step up to greater responsibility and self-discipline.


Turn your don'ts into dos with the Star Chart concept! Merge the your desire list and your child's desire list into a magical tango.

12 pages

Creating the Right Environment is the way to set yourself and your kids up for successful, peaceful and harmonious ways.

You are the parent and what you say goes! But it's so important to set up your days and circumstances in advance. Where can the kids fight? Where can they throw balls? What are the life skills you choose for them to learn today; tomorrow; next month?

I know that you went through much of this in Module 1 – Know Your Role as a Parent. Now, it's time to set it up. You will love the star chart! Everything will be so black and white, there won't be any thinking. “What am I going to do now?” They earn stars, stickers or signatures and you count them. At the end of the week, they either earned bare minimum, average or outstanding.

Enjoy this life-changing lesson!!!

3 questions

Isn't this fun? Here is your check point for Module 3 - Creating the Right Environment.

11 pages

This printable Quick Study Guide contains your beloved Star Chart.


Mix your desires with your child's desires to create a balanced and loving environment of empowerment.


Sometimes, in the beginning, it's not easy to get your child's desire list out of them. This video will give you some ideas to expand on the lists.


The fundamentals of how the Star Chart motivates kids to step up to their own greatness. This will prevent them from coming home as adults for you to still take care of them.


Learn how to set up the environment in advance that will allow your child the best chance to please you, achieve success or feel confident in their own actions.

10 questions

You're getting there. Find out how much you understand the environment.

Section 4: Making the Transition

Getting out of your comfort zone, changing habits and making a change.


Even though your kids might be putting you through some opposition, similar to taking a welfare recipient off of welfare, your hurting your kids when you choose to spoil them.


What to do when your child chooses to be a victim or bare minimum rewards in the beginning of this program.


Learn about setting deliberate intentions for yourself and the importance of teaching it to your children.

14 pages

Your job is teach them how the world works, period! Many children's spirits are dying to be taught life skills. When you go through this period like a steam engine, you just plough through it, you will be on your way to Creating Champions for Life.

Always remember, when you bring about change at any time, at first you will be ridiculed, then you will be violently opposed and finally you will be accepted by self-evidence. Keep on keeping on! Your children deserve to have strong leadership.

3 questions

We know...this is too easy, right? Or maybe you are a really good student.

8 pages

Print this guide off so you can anchor what you're learning.


Getting through the initial ridicule from your kids as you remove them from the internal welfare system. How to handle the "This is stupid" comments.


Learn the natural growth sequence and when to transition your child to more responsibility.


What makes children depressed and anxious is having no control over their own body and actions. Learn how to make the transition to more.


Going through the transition keynotes.

10 questions

How well are you making the transition? Remember it takes time and continuous effort.

Section 5: Guiding Behavior vs. Punishment

Sometimes you can get to place where you don't know whether to move forward or move back into your comfort zone. This video will help you keep on keeping on, especially if you want to quit.


Help your child choose the best behavior by empowering them with what's important to them.


It's important to always answer your child's questions. It's also imperative to always answer your child with a positive answer by helping your child with the first step of success - desire.


Learning the formula of goal, plan, action and perseverence.

16 pages

We're so excited for you as you begin to see more and more change take place in your home. If you're implementing what you learn as you go, you should be noticing more gratitude, cooperation and harmony. You might still be experiencing the transition of ridicule, oppositional violence, which is very common. That means you're doing everything right.

3 questions

Are you having more fun with your kids, yet?

9 pages

Print off the quick study guide and fill in all the pages to help you learn how to guide your child's behavior in advance rather than react and punish.


The foundational understanding of guiding behavior vs. punishment.


How to help your child get what's important to them without being responsible or in control of the end results. This is a game-changer!


The exact words and formulas to help your child develop new nueral pathways and become more independent.


Guiding Behavior vs. Punishment keynotes.

10 questions

Are you seeing the difference by applying guiding behavior vs. punishment? This is incredible!

Section 6: Know the Reward

Learn about your reticular activation system, otherwise known as perception, and how it affects what you see.


Discover the reason why your child procrastinates jobs and isn't learning about self-discipline. At the same time, discover what does work to authentically motivate your child into fast action!


How lotto winners ended up with broken lives and wished that they never won the lottery. The same thing happens when kids don't have to earn their own privileges.


How to incorporate their reward into the life-saving Star Chart.

13 pages

Pay close attention to the exact words Thomas teaches you in this lesson. There is a fine line between winning and losing, a fine line between bribing and knowing the reward.

The world spends so much energy working to motivate kids with external forces, like fear, authority and punishment. But just like you and me, your kids would love to have a goal to work towards. You get to be your child's super hero, as you help them learn life skills that will help them achieve what's important to them.

3 questions

Can you see how important it is to allow your child to desire things on their own?

11 pages

This quick start guide contains the final Star Chart. Also, please note the language translator.


Kids are lazy when their fuel tank is empty. Learn how to fill it up!


Learn how your child may be feeling pressure to please you. How to create a vision board with inspiring goals and pictures for motivation.


Incorporating bare minimum, average and outstanding privileges into the Star Chart.


Know the Reward Keynotes.

10 questions

You're almost half way there now...only 10 more questions!

Section 7: Parents Make Decisions; Children Make Choices

The razor's edge difference between winning and losing.


Why kids can't physically make decisions, yet.


How to make decisions that stick - even if it's to hear only one "Mom" during a 30-minute car ride.


All children respond to structured playgrounds better than unstructured playgrounds.

14 pages

This lesson teaches you the words to use and the mindset to have, upon entering into any situation with your kids. You always have the ability to make parent approved decisions, while they are empowered to make choices.

Toddlers, teenagers and even spouses can understand the language in this lesson!

This is the time to stick and stay and make this program pay! We know that it's not easy to change your habits but you're doing it!!!

3 questions

Now, you're onto something!

11 pages

It is so important to print these guides off and fill in the blanks. It means that you're internalizing what you're learning.


Did you know that kids can't think abstract until they're nearly the age of an adult? Learn the language that they will respond to every time, positively.


You can't control your children but you can get them to choose a vegetable.


Overcoming obstacles and pre-paving or pre-framing events.


How Bonnie was able to take a peaceful camping trip with four school aged kids and a baby! And, keynotes.

10 questions

Great job! You're an awesome parent! Keep going!

Section 8: Asking Questions vs. Dictating

Knowing your "why" is more important than mastering the "how" at this stage in time.


Do you remember the magic question of "why" from when you were little. Discover why it is imperative to ask answer your child's questions when they ask.


Why we need to become thinkers when it comes to parenting and not just follow what our elders used to do. How to begin the process of dropping the dictation and replacing it with great, empowering questions.


Why it's okay to show your child that you have faults too.

12 pages

Have you ever loved being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it when you do it? No? Me either!

Learn how to get everything you want and need from your children by learning how to ask the right questions.

3 questions

How much more now do you see that this will motivate your kids better than yelling?

10 pages

Another quick study guide for you to print off and engage with. You're into the heart of the language translation now, so the guides are more important than ever.


Answering your child's why. Ending the frustration of dictating.

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Instructor Biography

Bonnie & Thomas Liotta, Behavior Disorder Specialists

Bonnie Liotta is an inspirational speaker, success coach and award winning entrepreneur. She has helped thousands of people expand their thinking and achieve their goals in life. She has led many teams to the trophy at the finish line, and has been published in several national magazines – Your Business from Home, and Success Magazine.

During her business building years, Bonnie was raising four children as a single mom. She followed all traditional parenting advice like using time-outs, removal of privileges and yelling. Like many, many parents today Bonnie ended up raising children diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), and oppositional defiant disorder.

When Bonnie met Thomas, she realized that he had the answer to help parents all over the world who are dealing with ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, autism, Aspergers syndrome, or simply unruly and lazy kids.

Bonnie has dedicated her life to helping parents like you achieve more happiness, success and peace, while helping children become more confident, successful and healthy.

Thomas Liotta is a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has studied in North America and Korea. Thomas recognized a need for change. All through his life as a child, baseball coach and a martial student, the teaching of children was always punishment oriented and negative.

Thomas made a decision that when he trained students attending his own school, he would always say yes to them; he would do the opposite of whatever punishment was. He didn't know what that meant at the time, but over 15 years and nearly 18,000 hours working hands on with thousands of kids and hundreds of families, he perfected the empowering language of kid. He “Learned to Speak Kid!"

He can teach you how to apply what he learned, so you can speak the same language as your children and create more happiness, harmony and cooperation.

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