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Start With C / C++ and Object Oriented Programming

Learn C++ and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - Learn by example with over 15 (and growing) code examples
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Created by Sean McCammon
Last updated 6/2015
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C/C++ has been used for many years to write some of the best applications for many of the computers out there.

  • Have you ever wanted to learn C/C++?
  • Looked at code and thought it looked graceful yet complex?

Going me and in this course I teach you how to program the fast, powerful and popular C++ programming language from scratch, only assuming you have basic computer.

Learn by example with over 15 (and growing) code examples plus lectures to explain key concepts in C++.

C++ has been favoured by the professional programmers for many years because of its power and flexibility. Many games have been written in C++. Many of the scripting languages modelled on the syntax and style.

Even today C++ is a popular language, even still amongst the indie game programmers. Its flexible enough to create a Windows UI or program a Unix TCP server.

C++ is a challenging language; but in this course I take you step by step through the basics. Building you skills and through many code examples I show you how to build a program and how to create C++ classes and objects.

So, don't delay, start learning today and you could be using these basics in your next computer program.

5th June 2015 - Course Update

Template classes are great; they provide a way of create a class to manipulate a data type even when you are not sure what that datatype will be. I've just added a new lecture that shows you an example Template Class and how they are used. Enjoy.

9th June 2015 - Course Update

3 new lectures added. One on Linked Lists, one on Enum and third on Union. Enjoy

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking to learn C/C++
  • Anyone who want to learn how to program
  • Someone who wants to be able to understand the structure of a C++ program
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What Will I Learn?
Create a C/C++ Program
Understand Variable, Loops and other fundamental C++ programming structure
To be able to create classes and know what an object is
Go further and have the understanding to continue into more complex C++ structure
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  • Basic understanding of computers
  • No prior C++ knowledge
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 44 Lectures Collapse All 44 Lectures 03:06:47
Start With The Basics
7 Lectures 25:26

There are many C++ compilers out there but in this lecture I show you one I like to use.

Preview 02:31

In most code related tutorials we always start with the Hello World example. This is my C++ course Hello World

Preview 02:19

What is a variable and how are they used in C++. In this lecture we look at this

What Is A Variable

In this lecture we examine a simple bit of C++ code that give variable definition examples

Code Example Of A Variable

Some notes on good variables and bad variables

Notes on Variables

There are a few ways of representing strings/words in C++. Here we examine the common used examples

What Are Strings

In this lecture we examine a simple bit of C++ code which has string definitions

Code Examples of Strings

What do you remember about variables
4 questions
C++ Loops and If Statement
10 Lectures 37:56

In this lecture we examine what is a for loop and why use it in C++ code

The For Loop

In this lecture we show an example of a for loop in some C++ code and how its used

Example Of A For Loop

The While Loop

In this lecture we show an example of a while loop and how its used in a C++ code example

Example Of A While Loop

The Do-While Loop

In this lecture we show a code example of a Do While loop and its use

Example of a Do While Loop

What is the if statement and how do you use it

The If Statement

Code example of an if statement

Example of an If Statement

This lecture describes what is the Break keyword and what is the Continue keyword, what they are used for and how we can use them in code

Break and Continue

This lecture gives an example code showing how break and continue are used and how they have different usages

Example Use of Break and Continue Keywords

Recap on Loops
2 questions
Reusable Code Blocks
1 Lecture 02:11

How can we easily reuse code without having to keep writing it over and over again. In this lecture we examine this issue.

What is a Reusable Code Block
7 Lectures 16:43

The main function is a requirement in any C++ application. In this lecture we take a look in more details at the main function and how its defined.

The 'main' Function

Function definitions

Function Definitions

In this lecture we discuss our first example of functions where we define them first.

Defining The Functions Before The Main

In this lecture we talk about how we declare the functions before we use them

Declare The Function Prototype Before We Us

In this lecture we show how you can define the functions in a separate file than the main function

Defining The Functions In a Separate File

In this lecture we talk about function input values

Function Inputs - How do we pass a value into a function

In this lecture we talk about return values

Returning a Value from a Function

Function Definition
2 questions
Arrays and Pointers
6 Lectures 29:44

What is an array and how do we use them


Here is some example code of arrays

Example of an Array

What is a pointer and how do we use them


Here is some example code using pointers

Example of a Pointer

In this lecture we take a look at an example of enum and how it is used

Enum Example

In this lecture we take a look at the Union data type

Union Example
Example Using What Learnt So Far
1 Lecture 07:03

This lecture shows how we can write a program to reverse an input string using loops, arrays, pointers and function calls.

Reverse A String Program
Classes and Object
8 Lectures 44:58

What is a C++ class

What is a Class

Example of a Class

Inheritance and Derived Classes Example

More on Constructors

Lets talk some more about Deconsructors in a C++ Class

More on Deconstructors

In this lecture we talk about virtual methods, pure virtual and give examples of using the virtual keyword

Virtual Methods and Pure Virtual Examples

In this lecture we talk about what is a struct and how are the used in C++

What is a Struct and an Example

What is a linked list and how is it used. In this lecture I show an example of a linked list and show you its used in a program

Preview 06:30
1 Lecture 07:11

In this lecture we introduce vectors and give some example code in using one

2 Lectures 12:30

In this lecture we take a look at a template function

Template Function

Template classes are very powerful and quite easy once you know the structure. In this lecture we examine an example template class

Template Class
Thank You For Watching
1 Lecture 02:56
Thank you for taking this course
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