Beginning Intuition - Finding Inner Wisdom and Self-Coaching
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Beginning Intuition - Finding Inner Wisdom and Self-Coaching

Learn how to access your inner tutor (In-tuition) - meet your unique voice that speaks through you and guides you
4.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
709 students enrolled
Created by Scott Dorrofield
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Access to this course will give you an understanding, and a working practice, for deepening your inner resources, your personal wisdom that speaks through only you.
  • You will gain sense of self-reliance and confidence in yourself because you will experience the fact that you no longer have to look outside yourself for answers - all the answers and resources you need are inside you.
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  • The primary prerequisite for this course is a positive attitude and an open mind. A willingness to experiment with mind and thought.
  • Ideally you will have a burning question or challenge you would like an answer to. If you don't know specifically what you want that's OK, this course can help with finding your passion too.
  • You will ideally have had the experience of the power of your own mind (the one that speaks through your body) and would like to more consistently tap into that resource. However, if you would like to have that experience and realization, then this course is definately for you too.

Personal growth is accelerated when start to see that everything is Mind (all possible thoughts/ideas), that you are conscious, and that your consciousness allows you to be aware of the thoughts that move through you, and can choose which thoughts to align with. This understanding allows you to finally access deep Wisdom.

What Wisdom is waiting for you, deeper than the noisy and habitual nature of surface mind? 

What ancient knowledge is awaiting you, deeper than the noise of everyday life? You have an inner resource that allows you access to oceans of intelligence - a well of Wisdom.

These waters can cleanse, nourish, nurture, grow, enrich and collectively empower. Every question you ask is like a bucket being sent down into the well of your inner universal. In this course you will learn to ask empowering, rather than disempowering questions.

So, what role does your Intuition play in this?

This introductory course to Intuition reveals concepts and practices that support deeply transformative self-coaching and contemplation. This course will train the foundational intuitive skills needed to find, translate and draw from your inner wisdom.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is only for those who would like to learn how to live a more authentic life, by living through their own inner voice.
  • Businessmen/entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, sales people, managers, leaders, parents, lovers - EVERYBODY can gain from learning to tap into the sea of information below the surface noise. EVERY area of life requires an eye and ear turned inwards to we can learn to align our needs with the needs of the world around us - this is how we better serve and contribute.
  • If you've read every self-help book on the market, and tired of all the theory, then this course is for you! Not only is this course full of new ideas you're likely to have never read before, but it is all practical. Now you can get results from your study.
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Curriculum For This Course
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3 Lectures 17:44

In order to get a clearer picture of how this course & intuition plays role in personal development, let's take a broader view personal growth. In this lesson we take a 30,000 ft. view of personal development and how learning to use and develop your intuition is fundamental to the process.

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In this lecture we take a look at each of the 9 Insights introduced in this course. Get a better idea of what content is contained withing the course and the outcomes you might expect to receive.

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How to Use This Course
The 9 Insights & Practices For Beginning Intuition
10 Lectures 02:14:06

Let's get clear on what intuition is. In this lecture I introduce intuition as "In-tuition because intuition is our own inner tutor - our wiser self that offers us tuition from the inside out.

What is Intuition

In this lesson you will be introduced to the idea that you can tune into any frequency for information, and everything is an energy frequency.

Your mind is like a radio tuner, with attention it can tune in a vast amount of data. Your body is like a radio receiver, this is where you receive information for your mind to interpret.

We are surrounded my information. The information we are interested in, in this module however is the wisdom contained within the vibration of our own body.

Body Tuning - How to set your intention to tune into your Wisdom

Everyone has a wisdom well (your inner resources), some have never looked and others have never found out how. You can learn to find and drink from your inner well, there are no dry wisdom well.

In this module you will find your inner wisdom-well. If you want to live your life with confidence you must first feel supported. By learning to go inside yourself to find answers, insights and wisdom you will finally experience how supported you are by the Universe.

Your Inner Resources - How to find your inner Wisdom/Genius

The surface mind is busy and filled with conflict, it’s also shallow in its perception – ego based & limited. Learning to access the wisdom of your inner universe means learning to drop below the surface of your mind. We achieve this by learning to center ourselves.

Learning to coach yourself from the centered core of your being is nothing short of liberating.

Center Yourself - Dropping below the surface noise of life

Like with the Body Tuning (Radio Head) module, whatever we focus on we tune into. Often when we are focused on the surface of life, on other people, we can find ourselves taking on their burdens.

We take on other’s burdens when we are focused on their stories. Replaying their mental narratives through our minds drains our energies and take sour attention and focus away from ourselves.

Getting to know your Inner Sanctuary is an invaluable skill. To be able to cut the ties of these emotional burdens restores your energy and focus – it’s healing

Inner Sanctuary - Rid yourself of all burdens

Your body has untold and ancient wisdom. The language of this ancient knowledge is translated through the body, and the body does not speak any language we can speak with the tongue.

The language spoken through the body is not English, or any other verbal language. It is the language spoke through energy, this is the language of all natural things. You can use your mind to tune into this energy field through your body and listen to natural wisdom.

Body Wisdom - The body speaks

Because intuition is a feeling based skill, in order to develop it fully, it is helpful to expand and grow your feeling literacy.

When we were children we first learned to distinguish some basic colors and shapes. Later we learned to expand our vocabulary with subtler variation. With feeling literacy you’ll learn how to start distinguishing between basic sensations within the body.

Feeling Literacy - How to identify what you sense & where to look

Intuiting involves balancing the Instinctual self with the rational/ intellectual self. So much is lost in translation between our feelings and our intellect that we must be certain when using our intuition by clarifying and not assuming. 

A key component to developing your intuition is learning to translate the subtle cues from your gut feelings and instincts. Once these sensations and feelings have been understood you can translate them into solid practical knowledge

Translation - How to practice so messages don't get lost in translation

What you see, is what you’ll become. What you’re being is what you’ll see. Identity = Perception.

If you coach yourself to grow your self-image, you will automatically balance the equation by grown your perception. If you coach yourself to new awareness and greater perception, your self-awareness and esteem will be greatly enhanced.

Perception is Projection - The practice for increasing self-esteem & Identity

A valuable use of Intuition is to coach yourself to switch perceptual positions. This skill allows you to literally see from different viewpoints.

Being able to view our challenges from multiple mental viewpoints allows us to gain new insights, by understand our situation more thoroughly.

We can also use this skill to see through other’s eyes… Because of the skills presented in this module you will now be able to tune into anyone else’s point of view and knowledge… Whether they’re alive, passed on or still to be born.

Through Other People's Eyes - Can you imagine what other people are thinking
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Scott Dorrofield
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Scott Dorrofield was born in Durban, South Africa, in 1971 to parents of British ancestry. In 1997 he moves back to the United Kingdom where he started his studies in Human Potentials and the Mind Matrix.

As a Master Life Coach, and after decades of investigating the hidden powers of mind, Scott created a cutting edge coaching system for awakening its dormant potentials. This process is called Breakthrough Conversations Coaching.

Now, as a Master Coach and New Thought Leader, Scott lives for helping Truth seekers achieve their awakening to the cause and effect relationship between mind and matter.