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Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps

Master brilliant writing and beat your competition with a research-based system designed by a professional writing coach
3.9 (147 ratings)
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10,145 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2016
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  • 13 Articles
  • 9 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
In this course, you will learn to hone your style and craft effective writing. This is the brief edition of Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery
PRACTICE effective word usage and economy
UTILIZE effective word order and sentence flow
IMPLEMENT proactive sentence structure
CREATE strong intros, conclusions, paragraph order, and variety
STRATEGIZE your purpose and unity with maximum effect
CONVINCE your reader through strong logic and presentation
UNDERSTAND what attitudes will give you an edge in your writing
PRACTICE effective habits that will help you create the writing quality you desire
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  • Internet capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Pen or word processor
  • Old writing drafts
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Basic knowledge of American cultural reference
  • Knowledge of basic writing terminology
  • An open mind

Average Student Review--5 Stars

9000+ Students and growing.

**Instructor with over 12,500 studentsfour courses on Udemy, and 250 reviews

What Udemy students say about the course:

  • by Faisal Qamar, Indeed Well structured and Updated Course...The instructor Rachel Leroy is well prepared and aware about common mistake which novice like me can easily caught in and lose the marks. Eights step are really important to gain high score in writing. She fully engage the student and prevent you from getting bore during Lectures. The course help you achieve your goals for instance in my case the course help me to point out the major and minor mistake I've done in my Final Dissertation writing. Last but not least the video and audio quality is very good. Great contents especially Recommend for Non-Native speaker...
  • by Whojr01, HIDDEN GEM of a COURSE!I can't believe this course is free! This is a great course to improve your writing as it gives you a firm understanding of how to write. It begins with a simple understanding of words, sentences and paragraphs and ends with purpose and habits you can build on. This ONE free condensed version of her other more expanded class gives you a firm understanding of how to write so people can understand your ideas. When you're through you WILL want to take the parent course based on your improvements. IT's well worth it!
  • by Francisca Roele, Great start for beginners. It's the light version of Become a professional Writer, but it covers plenty to keep the beginning writer busy for a while. I liked it so much I bought the full course.

What This Course Does

Want to learn the fundamentals of clean writing style, but short on time? This course will give you the basics without investing much time.

Want to make money writing, beat your competition, and stand out from the crowd? Learn to make your writing sizzle and pop. By taking this course and applying the lectures, you will get the results you want by standing out from the competition, because--let's face it--good writing is essential for success in every area of life:

  • sell that manuscript
  • get that job or promotion
  • win the writing competition
  • attract customers
  • increase conversions
  • make a sell
  • get the A
  • win over the lover or opponent
  • persuade anyone in a logical argument
  • build credibility in the profession
  • create personal satisfaction
  • make more money

Whether you are writing copy, building a website, making a resume or cover letter, writing a blog or proposal, selling work to magazines and publishers, self-publishing, composing a love letter, settling a dispute, writing a school paper, or earning your stripes, clean writing skills will get you there much faster.

If you apply this fundamental and professionally engineered writing system, your writing will get the attention you deserve.

Benefit from 18 lectures and 1 1/2 hours of interactive instruction, examples, and exercises immediately.

Why This Course Was Created

You asked for it--so here it is--a light version of the popular Udemy course Becoming a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up. This course, Beginner's Guide: Eight Steps to Sterling Prose is the Brief Edition, its mini-me. This course gives you the opportunity to improve your writing style at no risk to you. It gives you handy strategies to make your writing stand out right away. If you like what you see here, sign up for the full version to go more in-depth and make your prose shine.

Who Created This Course

This course is designed and taught by a university writing professor and published author with extensive training in writing. This experience includes thirteen years coaching thousands of students like you on the fundamental and habits of effective writing style with powerful results and consistently high teaching evaluations. I will coach you through the basic version of this professionally designed workshop. If you want a brief course to help you build sterling prose, you've come to the right place!

What Is Unique About This Course

Tips requires daily practice for them to accomplish results. That is why this course includes habits and attitudes in addition to style strategies. This course briefly covers the fundamentals of style, and it covers important habits and attitudes of effective writing.

In just a few days, you can also practice habits and attitudes that will help you get the most out of these tips. Daily practices will give you lasting success at beating your competition.

This course uses an academically researched and time-tested approach called "Bloom's Taxonomy," a model of learning that has years of proven results. The course design is a carefully built system of scaffolding, building skill sets in an interrelated sequence.

Also, unlike a book, this course is personalized and interactive, which produces lasting results as you follow the exercises and suggestions on a real piece of writing, and you can come back to the course at any time! You also have access to the instructor via Udemy email and questions are always welcome. I love to help, so please email me your questions!

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is designed for those who want to learn the craft, need a thorough review on writing style, or want to tighten their prose. As stated above, if you want a brief course on writing style that makes your writing pop, then sign up for this course. If you want to stop experiencing rejection slips, no conversions, slow or no sales, and professional mediocrity, sign up for this course today. Get started making your writing stand out and change your life!

Everyone can benefit from this course, but particularly beginning and intermediate writers in the follow fields, as well advanced writers who need a concise review of the fundamentals:

  • bloggers
  • business writers
  • people who write for profit
  • journalists
  • creative writers
  • academic writers
  • students
  • new writers
  • lifetime learners
  • copywriters

How This Course Is Designed

The course is broken down into four sections, each section containing two strategies to help you improve your writing style, approach, and habits. Each section is an abbreviated version of Becoming a Professional Writer. These strategies will help you improve clarity, flow, presentation, and results in your writing. The ultimate outcome and goal is writing that stands out and sells.

The version of the course includes the basics of each strategy.

Each strategy contains a slideshow and a synchronized video lecture that elaborates on each slideshow. Each strategy includes the following:

  1. The strategy in a nutshell.
  2. An explanation that elaborates on and clarifies each strategy and best practices.
  3. Examples to explain the strategy in practice.
  4. Exercises at the end of each strategy will test your knowledge, put the strategy into practice now, and facilitate lasting changes in your writing.

By the end of the course you will know how to do the following:

Words and Sentences

  • Build better clarity, flow, and conciseness in sentences through better word economy.
  • Improve tone and structure through activated sentences.

Structures and Paragraphs

  • Increase the effect of each sentence through optimized word order.
  • Grab your reader's attention and keep it throughout the piece.

Purpose and Presentation

  • Set clear goals and build unity in a writing piece to persuade your reader.
  • Build credibility and achieve desired results for writing that sells.

Attitudes and Habits

  • Practice effective attitudes that will maximize results and improve your efficiency. And these attitudes will make the process funner!
  • Create healthy writing habits that will increase productivity, improve results, and increase your chances of success.

Each category includes a concise skill set to help you sharpen your style and craft. Enroll in this course now to get started on writing with quality that sells. The longer course goes more in depth and includes more extensive techniques elaborated on the ones here.

If you sign up for this course today, you will write sterling prose in a few short days.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for newbies and intermediate writers looking for ways to make their writing style stronger, people who want to take control of their writing and their lives, and experienced writers who are looking to sharpen their writing style. The class will best suit those looking for a beginning class on writing style with low risk in order to see if the more in-depth course is for them.
  • This course is not for someone looking for in-depth knowledge of writing style. Become a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up is the in-depth version of this course. This course is also not for those looking for advanced instruction in writing style and process.
Students Who Viewed This Course Also Viewed
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 23 Lectures Collapse All 23 Lectures 02:06:01
Introduction--Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps
1 Lecture 06:28

This section introduces the entire course and describes the breakdown, best practices, benefits, and content of the course.

Words and Sentences
6 Lectures 14:44

This lecture introduces Strategy 1 Words: "Strip every sentence to its cleanest components." William Zinnser

This lecture also includes tips on how to streamline your writing style through words. One major tip includes using the "bracket technique," which entails going through a piece of writing, either revised or rough, and putting brackets around any words not doing useful work. Then, go back and decide of you can cut it altogether to streamline the sentences.


This exercise applies the tips you learned in the Words lecture. In this lecture, you practice Zinnser's bracket technique learned in the "Words" lecture.

Words Exercise

This lecture contains the answers from the previous lecture, Words Exercise. Please do not read this document until completing the previous lecture and doing the Words Exercise.

Words Exercise Answers

This lecture introduces Strategy 2 Sentences: Activate your sentences.

One tip includes using active voice for proactive structure and activating sentences through effective syntax (word order).


This exercise applies the tips you learned in the Sentences lecture. In this lecture, you practice activating sentence through active voice.

Sentences Exercise

This lecture contains the answers from the previous lecture, Sentences Exercise. Please do not read this document until completing the previous lecture and doing the Sentences Exercise.

Sentences Exercise Answers
Structures and Paragraphs
6 Lectures 20:19

This lecture introduces Strategy 3 Structures: Pace and order words for appropriate emphasis.

This lecture includes "tricks of the trade" for improving pace and flow such as varying sentences lengths for specific effects and starting sentences with a subject and verb to emphasize most important points first.


This exercise applies the tips you learned in the Structures lecture.

Here, you practice the following through revision of two short passages: Vary sentence lengths for appropriate pace and flow, start sentences with a subject and action verb, place words of emphasis at the end of a sentence, and allow punctuation to set the pace.

Structures Exercise

This lecture contains the answers from the previous lecture, Structures Exercise. Please do not read this document until completing the previous lecture and doing the Structures Exercise.

Structures Exercise Answers

This lecture introduces Strategy 4 Paragraphs: Organize paragraphs with clear plans and subheadings.

This lecture also includes basic tips on how to organize paragraphs through signposts, headings, subheadings, and topic sentences.


This exercise applies the tips your learned in the Paragraphs lecture.

In this lecture, you create an appropriate topic sentence for a paragraph that summarizes its main idea and identifies a connection between the paragraph and how it fits in the larger work.

Paragraphs Exercise

This lecture contains the answers from the previous lecture, Paragraphs Exercise. Please do not read this document until completing the previous lecture and doing the Paragraphs Exercise.

Paragraphs Exercise Answer
Purpose and Presentation
2 Lectures 07:00

This lecture explains Strategy 5 Presentation: Plan your work around one key idea or question.

This lecture also includes basic tips on how to choose your key idea or question whether you write fiction or nonfiction.


This quiz applies the tips you learned in the Purpose lecture including how to create a key idea or question in fiction versus nonfiction.

Purpose Quiz
3 questions

This lecture introduces Strategy 6 Presentation: Clarify your rhetorical situation, plan your unities, and stick with them.

This lecture also includes specific tips on how to keep your "contract" (your forms, tone, purpose, theme, etc.) with the reader consistent throughout. Additionally, the lecture clarifies what a rhetorical situation is and what unities are, and how they impact your presentation.


This quiz applies the tips you learned in the Presentation lecture including how to plan your unities and rhetorical situation and stick with them.

Presentation Quiz
2 questions
Attitudes and Habits
3 Lectures 18:44

This lecture introduces Strategy 7 Attitudes: Set realistic expectations and trust your instincts.

This lecture gives you specific strategies for how to set realistic expectations, trust your instincts, and put these attitudes into practice.


This quiz tests your knowledge of the Attitudes lecture on how to set realistic expectations, trust your instincts, and put these into practice.

Attitudes Quiz
3 questions

This lecture introduces Strategy 8 Habits: Create healthy habits in your writing life.

This lecture introduces you to specific tips such as how to free write to generate ideas, how to prepare in advance for a writing piece, and how to learn what you need to say through the first draft.


This exercise applies the tips you learned in the Habits Exercise, specifically, how to do multiple steps of free writing, called "looping" to help you generate ideas on a topic and refine those ideas for specific writing goals once you do.

Habits Exercise
Conclusion--Beginner's Guide: Eight Steps to Sterling Prose
5 Lectures 09:49

This lecture recaps what we learned in the course, best practices for getting the most out of the course, and takeaways at the end of the class.

Conclusion--Beginner's Guide: Eight Easy Steps to Sterling Prose

This lecture gives you a free bibliography for recommended reading on improving your writing style, habits, and attitudes.

Bibliography of Recommended Readings

I wanted to share a video with you that I made on how to choose priorities carefully and make room for goals in a stressed and busy life. It uses rocks and sand in a jar as metaphors for finding the space and time for your priorities.  


Whether you're looking for time for writing, spiritual practice, or whatever, this concept shows that if you are going to transform your life, upgrade your writing, publish that novel, it requires time, energy, and effort, and there's no way around this. 

This video helps you to look at prioritizing in a new and unique way, and perhaps will help you in other areas of your life as well. 

Priorities: Rocks in a Jar

·         How do you set priorities in your life?

·         What keeps us from doing what we know is good for us?

·         Why do we resist good things and procrastinate?

·         This video gives you strategies for setting priorities whether it’s writing, a spiritual practice, or pursuing a hobby or dream. 

Bonus Videos: Choosing Priorities: Rocks in a Jar


This course is the lite version of Become a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up. If you benefited from the course, this lecture gives you a link to a deep discount coupon for the two more courses that will help you stand out in the crowd and change your life through writing!

Bonus: Deep Discount Coupons on Other Writing Courses
About the Instructor
3.9 Average rating
228 Reviews
14,651 Students
4 Courses
Team Lead, Writing Professor, and Personal Growth Consultant

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.  --Albert Einstein--


As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help them succeed in their careers, education, and lives. With thirteen years experience as an Assistant Professor in English, writing, and composition at Georgia Southern University, I have acquired experience teaching writing and composition, creative writing, critical thinking and logic, online learning, research methods, first year college experience, student-centered learning, editing, grammar, and literature.

How I Help Students to Stop Striving and Start Thriving

I know what it's like to work hard for something and overcome obstacles to your dreams. I know what it's like to not have things handed to you. I know what it's like to watch the other guy get ahead when you don't. I know what it's like to learn things when they don't come naturally to you. I know what it's like to persist on days you don't even know what you're doing or if you'll make it. I take these personal experiences and use them to relate to you with understanding and care. I have many achieved goals in spite of challenges, and I can help you do the same, because I understand what it's like to be there. I help students Stop Striving and Start Thriving.

Being Your Instructor

After finishing school, I learned to teach others to write by being thrown into a college writing classroom with little experience. With the help of other amazing teachers, I taught myself how to teach while I was doing it. In this twelve year experience, I learned to make writing fun and easy to understand for students at different levels in the writing process. Strong teaching evaluations from students backed that there was something to the techniques I was using, because students were benefiting from them. In the end, my chief goal is always to help students learn, enjoy, and love writing.


I obtained a BA in English Literature at Georgia Southern University, an MA in English Literature at Georgia Southern University, and an MFA (terminal degree) in Creative Writing (with thesis in poetry) at Sewanee School of Letters at University of the South. I am passionate about human creativity and learning, and helping students make new connections and achieve personal empowerment through their writing.

Personal Interests

I'm on a mission to help those who are hurting to cope, help those who have failed to succeed, and help those with mental illnesses to stop striving and start thriving. My focus is especially to help those that don't succeed the first time, or perhaps the tenth. You can make it if you don't give up and learn smart. As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help them succeed in their careers, education, and lives.

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