How To Ski
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How To Ski

First Time/ Beginner To Parallel
4.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use ski equipment properly
  • Brake using several different methods
  • Ski down hills that are moderately difficult comfortably
  • Learn to ski using parallel turns.
  • Safely enjoy skiing
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  • No prior experience or knowledge is necessary
  • The student should have access to skis and ski boots to practice the movements covered in this course
  • The student should have access to a ski resort, or a snow covered hill to practice the movements covered in this course

Welcome to Beginner Ski Lessons: Learn to Ski with a Certified Instructor. Skiing is an exhilarating activity that many people enjoy all over the world! Many people want to learn how to ski, but ski lessons can be very expensive and this discourages many students.

Neil Locke has been skiing for over a dozen years and has been a certified ski instructor at various ski resorts for over 4 years. He teaches children and adults to ski on a daily basis during the winter skiing season. Neil Locke is passionate about skiing and a great instructor.

Neil Locke and myself, Bernie Sanders, have created this course to make ski instruction more accessible to students all over the world. When you become a student of this course, you will receive the same instruction that a student would receive with private lessons from Neil. Additionally, if you are having trouble understanding any of the material, you can contact either of the co-instructors for additional explanation or clarification. As needed, new videos will be added to the course to help the students learn and enjoy skiing.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who doesn't know how to ski and wants to learn- no previous experience or knowledge is necessary.
  • This course is for absolute beginners, or students with a basic skiing ability.
  • This course is not designed for advanced students.
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Curriculum For This Course
3 Lectures 03:16

This lecture is a brief introduction to the course, Bernie Sanders, and the goals of this course.

Preview 02:19

Meet Neil Locke, your Certified Ski Instructor, and learn a little bit about his background with skiing and instructing.

Preview 00:34

This video is an example of how you should be able to ski after taking this course and practicing the movements that we cover.

Preview 00:23
3 Lectures 03:49

A description of the individual parts of the ski and their functions.

Preview 01:33

How to put boots on, how to wear them, and how they should feel.

Preview 01:39

What are these sticks for? We talk about the uses of poles and when you should start using them.

Preview 00:37
11 Lectures 10:24

This lecture goes over the reasons for practicing basic movements on flat ground before we head up the mountain.

Preview 00:49

The set of 7 rules that all skiers must follow is introduced. We only cover the first rule, which is the main goal of this course.

Preview 00:56

A demonstration of how to put on and remove your skis properly.

Preview 01:06

Now that you have practiced some movement without skis, it's time to put one on and practice sliding around to get a feel for your skis.

Preview 01:21

We will first practice movements on flat ground so you can get used to the feel of skis and some of the movements you will need when you start skiing downhill.

intro to movement on flat ground

Before hitting the slopes, you should learn some basic movements on flat ground. Learning these movements will make you more comfortable and confident when you begin skiing on a slope.

moving around on flat ground and uphill

An explanation and demonstration of the basic braking movements you should know and practice.

intro to stopping: ways to stop

We practice a basic braking movement without skis so we can get used to that movement before we put skis on.

Wedge Without Skis

We practice the wedge with one ski on so that you are comfortable with that movement. Make sure to practice with both legs individually so that you can do the wedge movement with both legs.

one-footed wedge practice

Now we will practice the wedge braking movement with both skis on, but on flat ground.

Wedge on Flat Ground

Now that you have practiced the wedge without skis, with one ski, and with both skis on flat ground, we will now practice using the wedge while traveling down a very small hill.

gliding wedge and wedge stop
Turning with rotary
3 Lectures 03:53

There are three basic movements we use to make parallel turns while skiing. We will focus first on the rotary turning movement.

the three basic movements to turn your skis: rotary

An example of the wedge and rotary movement to turn. We will practice making larger and larger turns.

wedge turns with rotation

When using the wedge and rotary turning movements, eventually your turns will get big enough that you cross the entire hill or run.

wedge christie and traverse
Turning with pressure
4 Lectures 02:54

The second of the basic turning movements: pressure. Now we will focus on learning how to direct pressure to the outside or downhill ski as we turn.

the three basic movements to turn your skis: pressure

In this video we go over a technique you can use to force yourself to place your weight or pressure on the downhill ski.

thumper traverses

In this video we go over a technique which will help you practice placing pressure on the outside ski while making turns.

thumper turns

A movement that turns our wedge turn into a parallel turn, which is our eventual goal.

Step turns/ sliding the inside ski
7 Lectures 05:22

The third of the basic turning movements- edging. We have briefly touched on edging previously. Now we will learn how this movement helps us control our movement in a parallel stance.

the three basic movements to turn your skis: edging

This video and practicing the movement we cover in it will help you get a feel for how changing the angle of your ski relative to the slope can help you stop or slide.


This video will help you practice using the edges of your skis to stop or slide while also moving forward slowly.

grip and slip

This video will help you learn how to create the proper edge angle while turning from one side of the hill towards the other. We will practice sliding and then rotating into a turn and ending up facing the opposite direction.

sideslip into a turn

Now you will learn to use the edging movements we have learned and practiced to brake using the hockey stop braking technique. This technique allows you to brake with your skis parallel.

braking- hockey stop

Keep practicing these three turning movements until you can combine them all into nice, fluid, parallel turns.

rotary, pressure, edging conclusion

Great job making it this far. Now you have learned all the movements necessary to control your direction and speed as you go down the mountain. Keep practicing these movements and techniques and continue to think about them as you practice skiing! And remember to have fun!

About the Instructor
Vern Sanders
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I have spent several years learning and teaching foreign languages in the U.S and abroad. I have attended one of the top language schools in the country, taken many college courses on various languages, studied languages using language learning software, other programs, and on my own. I speak Malagasy (the official language of Madagascar), Spanish, French, and Portuguese. I have traveled to Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Madagascar, France, French Canada, Uruguay, and Brazil to learn and practice these languages.

I first joined Udemy as an instructor in early 2015 by making my first course on learning any language. I am excited to be a part of the online teaching community and to work on several language courses and courses on other topics.

My hobbies include running, camping, cooking, learning languages, learning new things, travel, video games,and reading.

Neil Locke
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I am a certified ski instructor and a big fan of skiing. I only wear green, for real. My hobbies include traveling, skiing, Pizza, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, and scuba diving. I have been a Udemy instructor since January 2016.