How to Begin an Integral Life Practice (ILP)

Inspire and free your soul through Jungian Psychology, Spiritual Growth, and Introspection
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English

Course Description

Many people want to have a successful and meaningful life, but they haven’t been taught how to create that in their own lives. Furthermore, they don’t understand the science behind our very own psychology. Imagine the ability to increase your capacity for intelligence, manage stress effortlessly, and generate new ideas without much thought. In this course, we will cover five of the biggest mindset shifts that uber-successful people have adopted in their own lives.

Expect to develop a revolutionary new way of thinking, based on Integral Life Practice (ILP). ILP stands out as one of the most effective frameworks to facilitate vertical development because of its focus on human psychology.

In order to create a life that you want, you must first start with the psychology of success. Imagine what it feels to have everything the way you want it. Now imagine what it might take to get there. Did you feel empowered or overwhelmed? If like most people you felt overwhelmed, this course is for you. It will help you develop inner strength and put you in the right state of mind to accomplish your biggest dreams.

When you have completed the course, you will be able to design your life and recognize your own self-limiting beliefs to success improving every aspect of your life. You will also be able to blueprint how others have achieved success you admire.

This course is taught by Adam Leonard in collaboration with David Landau. David is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong mystical researcher, and provides 1:1 coaching in spiritual development and life success planning, and Adam currently works training meditation instructors at Google.

In this course, we will discuss each mindset shift and why it contributes to a fulfilling, happy and meaningful life.

What else to expect:

  • To be mentally and psychologically challenged
  • High instructor availability to answer any questions you may have
  • New content added on a regular basis
  • Content stays up to date, based on new scientific research and studies
  • Tools and insights for personal development and authentic relationships

What are the requirements?

  • A keen interest in human behavior and personal development are the only real prerequisites for this course.
  • Open approach to challenging your own beliefs.
  • No previous knowledge required - Although, understanding some basic psychology would be a plus.
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended.
  • After each concept in the course, you will be prompted with questions about your own life. It is important you take time to think and answer them before moving on to the next lesson.
  • Maximize your learning by limiting yourself to one lesson a day to allow more effective reflection.
  • Patience is key. At different stages in the course, you will be given many non-conventional, but intriguing new perspectives. Take these moments to completely absorb what lessons and insights we are teaching you.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • A groundbreaking model of understanding human potential that will help you gain well-being, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your own life
  • Understand the mechanism of stress: Develop a self-awareness of behaviors that trigger and annoy you. From awareness of your own sources of stress, you will also see how to deal with others who are under stress.
  • Improve your self-confidence: Learn how we position ourselves towards others. Identify where you stand. Learn how to recognize behavior traits of you and those you feel closest to that impact in us in powerful ways.
  • Connect with your motivations: Find out an easy way to figure out what truly motivates you, then use that knowledge to your advantage to improve your work and life.
  • Manage your negative thoughts: We all have them, and it's no big deal. However sometimes they take over. Learn how to recognize negative self thought, the mechanism behind it, and how to keep it under control.
  • Unlock your full potential: You will be given the keys to your own human psyche. You will learn the ability to connect with and switch in just a couple of minutes the best version of yourself.
  • Develop a personal habit of continuous mental growth: We are taught from a young age that our intelligence is fixed. After the course, you will understand why this is a myth along with other widely accepted societal beliefs.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone with an interest in the mind and how it can be used to reach our dreams and desires.
  • Individuals looking for personal development.
  • Professionals who want to improve on their people skills and decision making skills.
  • This course is not for people looking for ways to “shortcut” success, developing your own psyche is a difficult part of creating your own life.
  • Self-limiting beliefs and habits are very real parts of this course. You should have a good sense of self and negative self-reinforcing behaviors.

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: How to Feel Integral Awareness
Introduction to How to feel integral awareness

In this lecture, you will learn about the 3 pronouns that point to three dimensions of reality, also known as the Big Three: “I” space, “We” space and “It” space.


In this lecture, you will learn about the concept of "I" space and how to notice and becoming aware it. Learning about "I" space will help you feel the interior world: Emotions, Thoughts and Sensetions.

Section 2: 50% off for the next 10 students!

This section will introduce you to "We" space. What happens when “I” space encounters a “you” ?

This leacture will introduce you to "It" space and its physicality. You will learn to grasp the vastness of “It” space.
This lecture will help you rececognize the Big Three perspectives. Becoming aware of these three perspectives will be a major step to feeling integral awereness.
This lecture will help you understand which of the Big Three perspectives you tend to privilege. You will learn to become recognize your biases.

Here you will learn how to hold all Big Three perspectives simultaneously.

This lecture will teach you how to avoiding getting too caught up in the words. You will learn that words exist as pointers to real dimensions that you can feel and experience.

This lecture will give you quick and easy practices to apply all three spaces by asking the right questions.

In this lecture, you will learn how to hold multiple complex perspectives at the same time. In addition, you see how the Big Three come together to create Integral Awareness.
Section 3: How to Heal Your Psychological Shadow
This section of the course will introduce you to psychology and shadow work. It will help you illuminate the invisible parts of your psyche.
In this lecture, you will learn how to acknowledging you even have a shadow.
This lecture will introduce you to how and why shadows are born and the basic process of shadow work.
What are energy bank accounts? What emotions deposit to or withdraw from energy back account? This lecture will answer these questions.
This lecture will teach you to disown a quality that becomes a shadow in the basement of your unconscious mind. You will also learn how to reduce aggressive behaviors when shadow are triggered.
Here you will learn how to deepen your awareness by identifying which shadow qualities you need to integrate.
This lecture will introduce you to the concept of Golden shadows.
This lecture will introduce you to shadow practive called "The 3-2-1 Process." This practive will help you own the qualities that triggered by your shadows. You will learn to acknowledge qualities and feelings within yourself.
Here you will learn about another shadow work practice.
In this lecture you will look at shadow work as at a lifetime practice.
This lecture will teach you to own both the light and the dark sides of your self, which will eventually lead you to experiencing a new level of freedom and lightness.
Section 4: How to Develop Your Mind: A Guide for Evolutionaries

This part of the course will introduce 10 powerful practices to include within your Integral Life Practice (or ILP). These practices have been shown to transform the mind into the higher stages of human development.


In this lesson, you will learn how to commit to develop your mind by having motivation. You will also understand how to correct mindset by prioritize new practices into your already busy life.


This lecture will teach you to practice being self­-reflective. It can be accomplised by creating a journal and writing down your interior thoughts, feelings, and stories. To master self-reflection you need to be curious about what’s going on in your interior world and explore it frequently.


In this lecture, you will learn to acknowledge that your current views aren’t complete. It will make you question what you know and how you know it.


Here, you will learn the two most well known categories of transpersonal state training: meditative state and "flow" state.

This lecture teaches to seeking out points­ of­ view different from your own. You will learn to identify your personal blind spots and to open up new ways of viewing yourself.

Why intentionally seeking out and spending time with people more developed than yourself is so important do develop your mind? This lecture will teach you to pull yourself upwards through interpersonal interactions.

Here, you will learn to study theories, frameworks, and maps designed by people operating from higher stages of development. This section recommend studying three areas in particular: systems theory, integral theory and adult developmental psychology.

How becoming a traveler and explorer can help you develop your mind? In this lecture, you will learn how to put yourself in environments that will change your mind.

This lecture will teach you how to accelerate your mental development by choosing developmental practices that make you feel uncomfortably excited.
This lecture is about embracing and consciously engaging in challenging situations. You will learn to extract every drop of learning from difficult life situations and acknowledging them as your teachers.
Quiz #1. How to Develop Your Mind: A Guide for Evolutionaries
5 questions
Section 5: How to Exercise Your “Three” Bodies
Introduction to How to Exercise Your "Three" Bodies

In this lecture you will learn to identify the two other bodies aside from the physical one. You will also learn how to utilize your integral human potential.


Here, you will learn to train your body using the 3 major sub­categories of physical exercise: cardio, anabolic and stretching. This lecture will teach you how to switch focus every season.


Here, you will learn the four main steps in Focused Intensity Training (FIT).

This lecture will is about practicing subtle exercise for your subtle body.
In this lecture, you will learn how to practice microcosmic orbit to conduct subtle energies using the breath.
Here, you will learn how to recognize your Causal body. Causal actually means “very subtle.” This lecture will teach how to differentiate expereinceing dynamic and sensational feelings in the physical and subtle body.

In this lecture, you will learn an Integral Life Practice by engaging in practices that exercises all the three bodies.


This lecture will teach you a 1 minute body exercise that will touch each of the three bodies

Here, you will learn how to become aware of your major wisdom centers: the head, the heart, and the hara. You will also identify which body centers you lean toward and which you tend to ignore and strive to include them all.
In this lecture, you will understand the benefits of getting the right quality and quantity of sleep.
Quiz #2. How to Exercise Your “Three” Bodies
5 questions

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Instructor Biography

Teacher, Coach David Landau, Founder of Opti: Customized and optimized education paths.

I love optimizing personal growth, business, and every system I see in life.

In over 10 years of entrepreneurship, I've become convinced that self-mastery is a key determinant of our biggest successes and failures.

I mentor startups to help them refine their visions, business models and monetization strategy. This often leads to sales coaching, which I really enjoy and have studied extensively.

I’m obsessed with scalable approaches to dramatically enhance cognition, productivity and engagement. The prototype name for my current company was called "Engineered Self Optimization," because I think it's ridiculously unfortunate for anyone not to be their best. We constantly upgrade our technology; why not make sure our life and biology is in the absolute best state possible?

When there's time, I've been a painter, improv joke teller, transhumanist, and writer, and started zen meditation at age 13.

I started managing people at 14 and launched my first company at 19. I love studying leadership, strategy, sales, and marketing, and love building exceptional teams. Thanks to passionate coworkers, my companies have grossed $5M+, created several hundred jobs and dozens of internships.

I study patterns in society that will affect a product’s success, and try to predict where the world is heading 5, 10 and 20 years from now. AI, synthetic biology, neural interfaces, robotics, security and data science are among the most important exponential technologies we can study.

As this continues, our ability to adapt, learn and evolve will affect our success potentially more than any other factor. I wish, as kids, we were taught self-actualization, logic, heuristics, biases, rationalism, argumentation and compassion. The world would be such a better place if more people were as proficient with internal tools (psychology) as they are with external tools (technology).

I love working with people who are authentic, genuine, mindful, and have high integrity.

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