Becoming an Expert at Lucid Dreaming

Learn many techniques such as WILD, MILD, DEILD as well as a personalized technique to reach the highest success.
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About This Course

Published 3/2016 English

Course Description

Learn how to Lucid Dream using popular techniques but with a personal touch. Not all techniques work the same for everybody and this course will ensure that you are able to lucid dream if you follow the teachings. This course is upbeat and dynamic! Your progress will be followed by quizzes and especially by home (dreamwork) so you can track your progress and success.

I taught dozens of students outside Udemy and I am passing these teachings here at a very affordable price. Everybody who is interested in Lucid Dreaming will take great advantage from this course. Some of the techniques here cannot be found anywhere else!

Personalized mentorship is a key part of this course! You will be lucid dreaming and/or increasing your skills within weeks!

What are the requirements?

  • A big desire to lucid dream!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Induce Lucid Dreams at will.
  • Increase Dream Recall.
  • Enjoy very vivid dreams.
  • Be skilled at Dream Control.
  • Create an impressive dream journal.

Who is the target audience?

  • Everybody interested in Lucid Dreaming.
  • People suffering mental conditions who can't differentiate reality from fiction. Consult your psychologist before attempting to lucid dream.
  • Skilled people are also welcome to hone up their abilities, but this course stars from the basics.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: What is Lucid Dreaming.

Find out now all about this course! You are about to get yourself a flight ticket to a world of excitement and joy!


Know the definition!


Everybody! Scientifically proven.

Why religion does not get on the way?


Grab eight easy and simple exercises, plus a brief guided meditation. These will provide great improvements in your life.

6 questions

Getting those fears and doubts out of way!

Section 2: Benefits from Lucid Dreaming.

Waking up from a lucid dream feels great! Growing motivation, increase of skills and enjoying waking life even more


Recurring nightmares can be a problem, lucid dreaming will fix them for you. You will be surprised what a recurring nightmare has to tell if you are lucid and find out (while dreaming!)

10 questions

Let's make sure we are on the same boat!

Section 3: How to keep a proper Dream Journal.

First steps for a Dream Journal.


Good ol' notebook... tablets, voice recorders or... what works best for you!


Chemistry and brain changes occur during waking/dreaming. Learn how to play around them following a few ground rules when writing down dreams as well as waking.


Cars run on gas, dreams run on Serotonin! Light burns Serotonin, so be gentle to it!


A few keywords will help you to recall your dream next morning, but not next month! Especially at first! Learn how to get the best out of your dream journal!

7 questions

Is your Dream journal ready to go?


Creating your Dream Journal. Now we are in business!

*Required to Pass Homework quizz.

1 question

You must start a new dream journal and have it next to your bed every single night.

Section 4: Importance of Dream Recall.

How a one single word can make you remember an entire dream! Save on writing at 3:00 am!


Before the GPS, we used to use maps and reference points to find out way. There is no GPS in dreams, so learn how to map your dreams!


How to be more aware in waking life will help you be aware in your dreams, and voila! Turning Lucid!

7 questions

Dream Recall is very rewarding and yet a must for lucid dreaming.

1 question

In addition of using your dream journal, you should start using keywords and reference points. You will see a lot of progress in the following weeks. It will be faster to record dreams and you will remember bigger chunks and/or the entire dream faster. Do not forget to elaborate in the morning or at your earliest convenience your dreams out from your keywords and/or reference points.

Section 5: Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD)

Are you dreaming or are you awake? Prove it to me right now. Learn how to question your reality at all moments. You will get amazing how many times a reality check fails (dreaming) despite everything feeling so real!


More about reality checks. Don´t miss any. Are you dreaming?


Sometimes the small details are the keys to turn lucid. But are you even aware of those details while you are awake?


Preparing our minds for lucid dreaming. Why playing a video game aids lucid dreaming while watching TV ruins it?

12 questions

Are you ready to get a lot of DILDs?

2 questions

1- During at least a couple weeks, follow this Do-Do not list and you will witness a huge difference in your dream recall and lucid dreams.

2- Please, induce at least one DILD. Do a reality check while sleeping and turn lucid. The purpose of this exercise is to experience a lucid dream. You will pass it even if you are lucid for a few seconds and/or you wake up right away.

Section 6: Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream (MILD)

MILD will be your best friend!


Before going on vacation, you research your destination, don't you? Once you get there, you know you are there,right? Getting familiar with your dream destination will make it easier for you to turn lucid once you are there (dreaming.)


You can't run before walking, right? You neither can't beat superman in a dream without knowing how to fly! (Or how to conjure that cryptonite!)


Fail-proof mantra to increase your motivation and lucid dreaming success.

6 questions

Pass this quiz and open the door to many more lucids!

2 questions

1- Please do incubate a dream. Focus on a location, person or animal that you want to dream with. Focus on that several times a day and perform a reality check every time you see that person/animal or the location (similar or exact) Ex: Incubate a forest with cows. Every time you see a forest or a cow, perform a RC. (Choose something that appeals to you, but remember in setting reasonable goals.) You will need to dream of what you have been incubating .

2- Turn lucid during your incubated dream. Please be honest with your answer, you are only lying to yourself.

Section 7: Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. (WILD)

That twilight zone where the magic happens.


Mind chatter can be a problem... learn how to shut up the parrot!


As I child, you were told to stay still at the doctor´s table. Now I am telling you, "Stay Still!"


Amazing for many, terrifying for some. Remember why you are completely safe and how close you are to enter a lucid dream.


Two way road: Dream Realm or Astral Realm. Your pick!

7 questions

What do you know about this amazing technique. Will you lucid dream tonight?

3 questions

1- During the next several weeks, work on the Post-It exercise in order to master mind silencing.

2- During the next several weeks, work on the 61 point body relaxation (or your preferred technique, but stick with one!)

3- Successfully induce a lucid dream through WILD.

Section 8: Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream (DEILD)

Use the powerful 100% success ratio L-DEILD technique. If you can't save your lucid, start a new one within seconds.


You know what they say... Greediness breaks the bank... Easy with your chaining!

5 questions

Start applying DEILD to your lucid dreaming rapporteur and multiply your lucids!

2 questions

1- Manage to have at least one lucid dream through DEILD.

2- Use the L-DEILD technique at least once. End a lucid dream and enter a new one right away in the same chain.

3- (Optional) - Chain four or more dreams and push your dream recall. With heavy skills, larger chains can be recalled entirely, but takes a lot of practice and sacrificed recalled dreams.

Section 9: Wake back to Bed (WBTB)

Sleep time is precious, so WBTB time is twice as precious. Use it well!


Using your precious WBTB time (taught in a further lecture) to enhance recall.


Remember that serotonin of yours? it does not like abrupt awakenings neither! Do not lose a nice long and vivid dream in seconds due a wrong usage of alarms.

5 questions

Please make sure you are taking complete advantage of WBTB. Do not turn it into a dream liability.

1 question

Please, attempt WBTB during a week (or at your best convenience / sleeping schedule) Journal the difference in your recall and lucidity.

Section 10: Dream Control.

The art of flying!


Moving objects with your mind.


Go wherever you desire in a spit second!


Fire, water, air, earth... you own them all!


Do you have a fantasy with a celebrity? Do you desire to meet your favorite super hero? You can!


Who said that time travel wasn't possible?


Space flying is mind blowing!


Freedom... anything you desire, can happen in your dreams!

1 question

Please, make sure to practice one or more of these abilities. Journal your progress. Lucid Dreaming Tasks are going to be assigned soon in this course, you want to be ready!

Section 11: Dream Stabilization.

Dreams can be foggy, learn how to prevent that! Turn on your HDLD (High Definition Lucid Dream)

1 question

Please, do dream stabilization techniques to increase the quality or prolong the length of your lucid dreams.

Section 12: EILD - Electronic Induced Lucid Dream

Gadgets, gentle alarms and beats to help you reach the lucid stage.

Section 13: Creating your own Dream World.

From scratch to amazement!

Section 14: Lucid Dreaming Challenges

Learn how to set challenges for you and for your friends / colleagues and push yourselves to your limits.

1 question

Basic Tasks:

- Tell a Dream Character you are dreaming.

- Do something in public that you wouldn't do in waking life.

1 question

Advanced Tasks:

- Take a flight above town. Report your views.

- Make a car fly using telekinesis.

- Chose any dream control ability that cannot be done in waking life. What did you do?

1 question

Expert Tasks:

- Summon a meteorite and make it collide with Earth. Report what happened.

- Visit an alien planet and describe the civilization you find.

- Destroy the Death Star by any means.

1 question

Ultimate Tasks:

- Bite someone and start the Zombie Apocalypse.

- The Milky Way and Andromeda are about to collide. Describe what happens.

- Posses a dream character and become supernatural, develop super hero powers and conquer an entire galaxy.

1 question

With your hand, erase your surroundings. Erase yourself. Make yourself and your surroundings banish into non-existence. There is nothing around, you are nothing, you are consciousness, you are existance. Time ceased to exist.

WELCOME TO THE SUPER-LUCID ESTATE. This is the highest and most supreme level of lucidity.

Section 15: Conclusion
20 questions

Find where you might need a refresher :) Congratulations if you pass this one!


It has been a huge pleasure!

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Instructor Biography

Fernando Albert, Lucid Dreamer and Astral Projectionist

(English below ~ Español Siguiente)

Fernando's bedtime is a portal for adventures, insight and growth. He is a natural Lucid Dreamer and Astral Projectionist. Over the course of the years, he has developed personal techniques to achieve the lucid dreaming state (knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming) as well as Astral Projection (Out of Body experiences.)

Fernando loves to teach and to be of service to others. He also have a strong background in spirituality and assisting others at a metaphysical level. Here at Udemy, Fernando will be teaching plenty of different courses such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, channeling and tarot, so make sure you keep posted.


La hora de dormir de Fernando es un portal para las aventuras, la perspicacia y el crecimiento. Él es un soñador lúcido natural y explorador astral. En el transcurso de los años, ha desarrollado técnicas personales para archivar el estado sueños lúcidos (saber que está soñando mientras que usted está durmiendo), así como la proyección astral (experiencias fuera del cuerpo) Usted será capaz de aprender sus técnicas a través de sus clases y talleres.

Fernando disfruta mucho dando clases y ayudando a la gente. Fernando también tiene conocimiento en la espiritual y ayudando a otros a nivel metafísico. Aquí en Udemy, Fernando va a compartir sus conocimientos en muchas artes, tales como sueños lúcidos, canalización, tarot y viajes astrales, así que síguemente y estarás al día!

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