How to Launch Your New Business and Avoid Stressful Mistakes
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How to Launch Your New Business and Avoid Stressful Mistakes

Build a full set of skills for better business start-up: Learn with a highly valued entrepreneurial process coach​​
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
166 students enrolled
Created by Glenis Wade
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Prepare to overcome the major pains of creating your first business
  • Understand whether or not you are the right person to start your business
View Curriculum
  • You have just started thinking about a new business even if it's a tiny smidgen of your idea
  • You want to become aware of the common steps taken to start your business
  • You need to mentally prepare for starting your business
  • You love courses with a little bit of academic business research that might help you make your decisions
  • You prefer to learn through practical exercises too such as workbook completion and personal reflection
  • You and your folks want you to first decide whether or not going it alone is right for you


Can Entrepreneurship - Business Start-up - Freelancing be Taught?

A: Yes! It must be done well. 

I've been researching and teaching the activity for nearly 15 years in UK business schools as we found that not all humans feel they have the genes to start a business. So this course helps more people, like you, to learn from helpful insights from entrepreneurship research and the big data available from practice. This course is not a story of "how I won my start up war(s)". This program is based on the behavioural trends we see in 1000's of entrepreneurship winners as well as problems that I see causing some venture creators fail.

Question 2:

Does Starting a Business Mean It Must Hurt?

A: Not anymore! The workplace wellbeing, employee wellness and entrepreneur stress research is now providing us with useful insights that I use in my face to face practice. So business creators of today can get a much better ride with their start up endeavours through a course like this.

Content Overview

  • When you take this introduction to the activities of new venture creation you will encounter a holistic business analysis journey, with my professional coaching, if needed. 
  • You'll find it easy to view all the videos in a hour and the activities might take you between one to three months to complete. 
  • I can give you personal feedback on the results from your activities. 
  • The course will guide you practically around taking the next steps with your business idea while avoiding key stress and business failure points. 
  • It is an online start up coaching with an activity walk though course

You will learn from:

  1. recipes from research
  2. practical exercises to get you started
  3. tips to minimize your stress


The course is structured around the four key themes listed below:

  • explaining terms and research led insights
  • personal and peer assessments
  • preparation and planning
  • tips to hep you avoid the main stress points

It is about successful venture creation and uniquely turns the trusted research into helpful practical assessment tools. In building your skills for carrying out each activity the lectures fuse recommendations for healthy mindsets and workplace wellness practices. This course focuses on getting you to analyze readiness for carrying out typical business start up activities for self employment or your freelance work. It is the first in my healthy entrepreneurial behavior series.

This is the most humanistic course on entrepreneurship that you will ever find. It reflects the realities of start up and not the myths. And so you will find no "wam bam thank you mam" tough motivational talk here! This course will help you discover if business start-up/ entrepreneurship is right for you.



All spelling is UK English (where possible)

Who is the target audience?
  • For anyone wanting to be aware of the stress risks and minimise personal anxieties while starting a business
  • For those that want to understand the tasks they might be good at and the skills they need to work on first before they create their firm
  • But those happy with their existing business will only find the research and the stress reduction points useful here
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
5 Lectures 07:38

Learn more about the course and how to get the most from the lectures, downloadable resources and online discussions.

Preview 04:17

Welcome to the business start up course. This is explaining when I shall be popping up to help students with their start up activities.

Preview 00:27

  • Learn about the activities and tasks involved in the business start up and the entrepreneurial process.
  • Get introduced to the start up task progress sheet
Preview 01:03

Walking you through how to complete your to do list check.

  1. View business start up template
  2. See questions about start up tasks
  3. Hear how to complete specific questions
Preview 01:44

Explaining that I'll be popping up throughout the course to see how you're doing.

Checking In

Quiz about actions of the entrepreneurial process

The general business start up tasks
1 question
Tasks to Focus and Reduce Confusions about The Business Idea
7 Lectures 12:10

This lecture introduces the section about doing the right kind of thinking. Touches on the importance of forward planning, identity and authenticity and key stress points.

Focusing on Ideas

  • Discover why having affinity with your role is important
  • Self esteem and work performance
  • Explore the what we like to call ourselves activity
Consider your role and if it matters

  • See how to complete your entrepreneurial identity check.
  • Prepare to discuss your role with family
  • Get ready to assess your thoughts about feelings about being a business starter in the open
Your Identity: Who are you: How to define your role to pitch confidently

  • Learn about stages of business start up and the tasks that are related
  • Get introduced to the start up stage check
  • Understand where your business could take you
Start up stages, phases and aims

Walk through progress check to:

  • Assess your current stage
  • Choose strategies and tactics that you would like to use to grow the business
How to locate your start up stage to plan

Learn about different thinking styles that successful entrepreneurs do:

  • Why thinking about the business is important
  • What does thinking do
  • What goes wrong if can not think about the business
Thinking Right

Walk through how to complete the thinking styles inventory activity and discover how to assess:

  • Commitment to thinking seriously
  • Content of thoughts
  • Difficulties thinking
How to check you're thinking right

How to think right

Thinking Right?
1 question
Tasks for Business Purchasing and Handling Buying Issues?
3 Lectures 05:34

This lecture introduces the lectures in the section about the purchasing problems and how to overcome them by assessing what needs to be done.

Intro to Purchasing Task Section

Learn about facilities and equipment searching

  • Pros for doing it cheap
  • Against doing it cheap
  • Buying facilities, equipment and leasing
  • Intro to checking device
About finding facilties and equipment

Walk through completing the equipment search device

  • Product components check
  • Doing a cost comparison check
  • Facilities check
How to check on your searching buying and leasing equipment

Facilities and Equipment
1 question
Tasks to Generate Sales, Start Up Cash and Tackle Start-up Money Worries?
8 Lectures 10:00

Introducing the tasks that cause money wories, This section helps you to understand what is involved with each activity with activities that show you how to do it.

Preview 00:31

    Discover the different kinds of tasks surrounding money with the firm that entrepreneurs, freelancers and business starters carryout.
  • Initiating savings

  • Bootstrapping
  • Seeking funding
  • Receiving finance

Doing finance and funding allocating, seeking and recieving

Walking through how to complete the funding and finance task check device.

  • Savings
  • Sourcing external funding
  • Finances received
  • Financial challenges
How to check on your seeking finance and funding efforts

Learn about generating sales

  • Discover the skills and techniques required to generate first sales
  • Reduce selling stress
  • Discover the generating first sales task check device
  • Prepare to strengthen selling tactics
  • How to gain confidence about how to make sales
About generating sales, checking skill gaps and improving performance

  • About receiving money from sales task
  • Clarifying money worries
  • Download resources for appropriate record keeping

Handling money from sales

How important it is to do accounting and recording income from sales

Finding a professional to help with this task

Recording money from sales

Learn about receiving a positive cash flow

  • Discover what break even is
  • Complete the seasonality discovery task device
  • Start to predict own sales trends
About positive cash flow

Prompting students on the activities and invitation to chat about their start up


About the money related tasks

1 question
Tasks around administrative paperwork to reduce admin anxieties?
4 Lectures 06:48

Learn about this cluster of tasks coming up that relate to administrative activities

Introduction to admin tasks

  • About writing a business plan task
  • View a business plan template
  • Know the pros and cons of writing a business plan
  • Minimize anxieties around business planning
Preview 02:21


The administrative tasks to legitimize the business

  • The main paperwork
  • Check whether needing a patent, permits or registration for legal entities
  • How to research paperwork tasks
Doing start up admin

Learn the importance of testing the new product or service idea

  • View external info on developing a prototype
  • Download guidelines on prototype process
Developing prototypes

Questions about the admin section.

1 question
Tasks related to people to minimise conflict?
3 Lectures 04:51

This short lecture introduces the section of tasks related to the people within the business.

Preview 01:12

Learn the tasks relating to the firm's core people

  • Gathering a start up team
  • Organizing a start up team.
  • Hiring people later on in the process
  • Introduction to people task checking device
Start up team and hiring people

  • Learn how to complete the people managing task check
  • Understand own skills gaps and personal strengths with dealing with people
  • Prepare to discuss people tasks with others

How to check you can handle your start up people

1 question
About Time!
2 Lectures 00:40

On time spent on the business

Introduction to Working Full Time Section

  • Plan the devoting full time to the business task
  • Assess own schedule for devoting full time to the business

Devoting full time
5 pages

About spending time on the business

Spending Time
1 question
And Finally
1 Lecture 03:38

This section provides an overall summary and has suggestions for how you can progress for your next learning and development around business start up the healthy way.

In a nutshell: Quick Tips
About the Instructor
Glenis Wade
5.0 Average rating
3 Reviews
166 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneurial Behaviour Coach, Workplace Wellness Advisor


Since I work in the health & wellbeing arena, firstly let me clarify that I'm not a medic. My title comes from being an academic with a PhD in entrepreneurial behavior/ psychology.

Former Business School Lecturer/ Course Director

I've supported the birth of many new businesses. The kinds of businesses I've helped range from creative sector freelancers, computer games makers, fashion and graphic designers and various service professionals. I also have lead several degree level courses in the subject. Such courses as the MA in Enterprise Management for Creative Arts at London College of Communication, UAL. And I designed and ran the Creating a New Business module at Birkbeck College University of London.

Independent Consultant since 2009

And for the last six years I have been consulting, specializing in healthy workplaces and employee wellness for top private and public organizations in London. Currently I'm enjoying being part of the verifying team at the Mayor of London's Office alongside Public Health England for awarding businesses with The Healthy Workplace Charter accreditation. From previous training as an entrepreneurship researcher I am still one of the few that has looked into the personal stresses involved in business start up.

On Udemy from late Dec 2015/ Jan 2016

I'm excited to be sharing insights through Udemy because it will help more people around the world to practically benefit from the researched recipes for success that is currently emerging.