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Step by step guide to implementing mobile app marketing strategies perfected by apps with more than 5 million downloads

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About This Course

Published 7/2012 English

Course Description

Brought to you by the same guys who brought you the exclusive App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group.

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) App Marketing Course will:

●  Help you take care of your own mobile app marketing and save you thousands of dollars, be it iPhone app marketing or Android!

●  Provide you with the basics to design your own marketing strategies.

●  Share the advanced marketing strategies such as the Name Stealing Technique used by apps to get millions of downloads.

●  Give a step-by-step guide for implementing the most effective marketing strategies.

●  Teach you to conduct competitive analysis and get more downloads than your competitors.

●  Tell you about the Self Marketing Features which get you more users on an auto pilot.

Ideal for both experienced, as well as, beginner app entrepreneurs.

A beginner app marketer who can implement just the basic strategies in this course costs $1,000 per month, while an advanced app marketer charges anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. You can learn and implement all the mobile app marketing strategies in this course for just $99. Save yourself thousands.

So what are you waiting for join this course now!!

What are the requirements?

  • No Prerequisites
  • No Coding Experience Required

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Choosing an Idea That Sells
  • Basic and Advanced App Marketing Techniques
  • Understanding of Tools that Help With App Marketing
  • Monetizing Your App
  • Increasing App Downloads
  • Applying Lean Startup Principles to App Marketing

What is the target audience?

  • App Developers
  • App Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mobile Developers
  • Internet Marketers

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What you get with this course?

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Section 1: The Million Dollar App Idea
4 pages
In this lecture you will learn about choosing your million dollar app idea. You will understand how to pick the apps which are going to be sure shot app store successes.
5 pages
How do you avoid building an app which nobody wants? The answer to this question is what this lecture contains. We will take a look at the tests which can help you validate the viability of your app ideas even before you build them. So you end up saving weeks of your time and hundreds of dollars.
5 pages
Identifying your target users can mean the difference between having 1,000 users vs. having 100,000 users. A poorly targeted app always ends up wasting your time and money, while a well targeted app can see a huge growth very quickly. Take a look at this lecture if you want to learn the steps involved in identifying the target users for your app.
Section 2: Features That Help Market Your App
8 pages
Hi App Entrepreneurs! Welcome to the next lecture in this course. This course is all about making your app market itself on an auto-pilot. Just imagine, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just focus on building your app and not have to worry about marketing your app? Wouldn’t it be just perfect for the app to market itself and grow its user base on auto pilot? This lecture will teach you exactly what you need to make these wishes come true. You will learn about the kind of features which can magically increase the user base of your app business.

In-App purchases are the most preferred and effective way to monetize your app. In this app we will learn, about the secret sauce that makes in-app purchases work. We will see how to structure your app so that users are eager to make in-app purchases and in turn make you rich.

We will also learn about a simple yet extremely powerful pricing trick which can help you maximize your profits.

4 pages
Choosing the right features for your app can be a huge pain. You are always worried about adding features which will harm your app more than help it. This lecture will educate you about choosing the right features for your app, especially the growth features, which are extremely critical to the success of your app.

One of the most interesting ways to grow your app user base is by making it viral

In this video we will look at the basics of App Virality and then we will look at some of the best viral features for apps in the next App Virality lecture.


In this lecture you will learn the mechanics behind the growth of apps. You will also understand how to choose the best engine of growth for your app.

After completing this lecture you will have a clear idea about the kind of features you should focus on for the chosen growth engine.


This is the third of our first four lectures on theoretical basics (boring stuff).

After this lecture we will jump right into the actual tricks which you can use to increase downloads, make more money with your app business.

Section 3: App Development - No Tech Experience Required
5 pages
I have absolutely no idea how to develop and app. This is also true for thousands of app marketers out there. Every app I have released so far was developed by the developers I hired and in this lecture I will share with you the exact job posting I used to hire great developers. I will also tell you the steps involved in identifying the best developer for the job.
2 pages
The biggest fear of many app entrepreneurs is somebody stealing their app ideas. You know the story of Facebook, how Mark Zuckerberg is accused of stealing the idea from the Winkelvoss twins? That is exactly what most app entrepreneurs are scared of. This fear increases even more when dealing with freelancers who you have not met in person, but are relying on to build the app, which will help you earn your millions. This is a very valid fear and in this lecture we will look at the precautions you can take to prevent yourself from being a victim of such idea theft.
3 pages
By this time you must already have an idea finalized and should have also chosen a developer you would like to work with. You should have also looked at the features you want to include in your app, which can help your app grow quickly. Now the next step in the process is putting your idea down on paper and adding the details to your idea so that your developer can work on your app. In this lecture we will take a look at the process of capturing requirements so that the developer creates the kind of app which you want.
Section 4: App Marketing Strategies
5 pages
Hi and welcome to yet another lecture on App Marketing. The focus of this lecture is on learning to spy on your competition and beating them at their own game. We will learn everything, right from identifying the websites and review sites which help your competitors get more downloads, the marketing message which works best for apps which are similar to your app, the design of ads your competitors use, and the places where your competitors advertise.
3 pages
When you search for something on Google, the ranking of the results which you see are based on some algorithms which Google has in place. A website which ranks in the top gets a huge amount of traffic, while the ones which are lower down in the search ranking lose out on a lot of traffic. This same thing is true for the app stores as well. When an app ranks high for a popular keyword, the number of downloads it receives is going to be huge. So it is extremely important that we understand what it takes to rank high in the app store for your target keywords.

This is one of those secret techniques which nobody will tell you about. Once you apply this technique you will be able to rely on your competitors marketing efforts to increase your downloads.

This is also one of the techniques which guarantees results quickly and the results last for a really long time.

4 pages
One of the easiest ways to get exposure for your app and to get people to download your app is by having bloggers and other reviewers write about your app. If your app is mentioned by a popular blogger then you can easily see your daily downloads spike for a brief while. In this lecture we will take a look at an action plan which will help your app get covered in different blogs.
3 pages
Creating an App is an achievement worth announcing. Apart from the pleasure of telling the world about the hard work you have put in, this kind of announcement also helps you get downloads for your app. The most effective way to announce to the world about your app is to send out a press release. In this lecture we will look at some of the best practices for writing and distributing a press release.
YouTube is the world's second largest search engine - more people search for videos on YouTube than search for anything on Yahoo or Bing.  If you can master the tactics for marketing your app on YouTube you can be rest assured that you are going to have millions of users for your app. In this lectur…
4 pages
Your app is ready and now you want to submit it to the app store. But before you do that, just go through this lecture. This lecture focuses on the most important aspect of your app marketing – the appearance of your app in an app store. When we talk about appearance in an app store, we are referring to the app icon, the screenshots and optionally the video for your app. David Ogilvy, the genius of advertising said that “You will lose 90% of the people you advertise to, if you get the first impression wrong.” This couldn’t be any truer in an app store.
Section 5: Attachments
Sample NDA
36.4 kB

Instructor Biography

Naresh Veesamshetty, Co-Founder, MobTok

Naresh has extensive experience working for the top technology companies in Silicon Valley. He is passionate about building successful mobile apps and sharing his learnings with other app developers.

He Co-Founded MobTok, an App Marketing consultancy to help other app developers achieve the same kind of success he has achieved at the various technology companies he has worked at.

Instructor Biography

Puneet Yamparala, Co-Founder, MobTok

Hi! My name is Puneet. I was born in India and I have been living in US since 2008. After I came to US, I started working on app marketing and have helped successfully market a number of apps.

A couple of my most successful apps have more than 9 million downloads. A few of my recent successes are:

Slots Royale

Roulette Royale

Basket Ball Games 3D

One of the biggest road blocks I faced in becoming a successful app marketer, was the lack of quality knowledge on app marketing. To prevent future app entrepreneurs from having to face the same hurdles, I am working towards creating multiple resources for providing easy access to app marketing knowledge.

A few resources which I have created so far:

An Exclusive Facebook Group for App Entrepreneurs

MobTok - A blog on App Marketing

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