Web Video Editing and Production (Camtasia, PPT, Audacity)

Discover the Tools and Processes to capture, edit, produce and sell videos and create video marketing and udemy courses
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About This Course

Published 11/2015 English

Course Description

Today videos are the most important asset if you want to make business online. Videos are an amazing viral tool in social networks and the most powerful tool when it comes to market products and services.

Moreover video products and video tutorials are the most sold items on the Internet.

If you were in the old days you needed a huge budget to setup a video recording studio or to hire a media company to do the job for you.

In this course you will learn how to design and produce your videos, how to market them and how to setup your marketing process with videos.

You will be able to produce videos for your marketing, videos as products to sell on CDs and DVDs, videos as part of eLearning products or online video tutorials, streamning videos and much more.

In details, in this course you will learn:

  • How to structure a marketing videos to promote products or services on the Internet
  • How to create video products as video courses, physical products and streaming videos
  • How to create online courses
  • How to register or capture a video
  • How to use Techsmith Camtasia to capture, edit and produce your videos
  • How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to generate animated presentations and generate videos
  • How to use Flowplayer and other services to generate video player for your websites
  • How to create web pages with videos
  • How to show videos on webpages on overlay or as background

Moreover you will have an overview of all the hardware, software and equipment that you need to have to start producing your videos and become a web video producer

What are the requirements?

  • be familiar with computers and the Internet
  • an advantage is to know some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • an advantage is to know to record a video with a camera and a video camera

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Capture videos on your desktop
  • Edit a video file with Camtasia
  • Adjust audio with Audacity
  • Prepare and record a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create and customize a video player with Flowplayer
  • Understand the video and audio formats and parameters
  • Create a marketing video message
  • Create a video course
  • Produce a video course and sell it on DVDs or CDs
  • learn video production
  • Learn video editing

Who is the target audience?

  • Who is familiar with computers and the Internet
  • familiarity with the function and basic use of the software
  • familiarity with Windows or Mac computers

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Fundamental concepts to get started

What will you learn in this course?

Why videos are important today for every business online and offline

What you need to know to start off as a video producer and video publisher


This is an overview of all the possible application for a video producer or publisher.

You will see how to decide which video application fits your case according to your skills, market and potential customers


You will see the process to follow when you design a video whatever your goal is.


If you want to record yourself while talking in front of your camera you need to setup your video recording studio.

In this lectore you will see:

  1. how to setup your video recording studio
  2. how to choose the equipment vor your video recording studio
  3. how to setup to get the best video, audio quality and light system for your video recording studio

Social video marketing is the newest trend today to maximize your profits on the Internet.

You will have an overview of the most popular social networks where to publish your videos and also some recommendations


Overview of the video services that you need to know and use to create an publish your media online

16 pages

List of criteria and choices of video cameras for your online videos

How to choose your microphone
8 pages
5 questions

You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section

Section 2: Marketing Videos
  • What Marketing Videos Are
  • What A Video Sales Letter Is And How It Is Structured
  • Evolution Of The Technologies
  • Marketing Videos Are Classified According To What Your Marketing Process Steps Are
  • You Will Be Surprise Of How Many Video Types Exist
  • Every Video Has To Be Designed According To The Classification It Belongs To!
  • How to Design High Quality Videos
  • When to Use Live Recording or Animation Videos
  • When to Use and NOT to Use Autoplay
  • When and How to Use Music And Voice
  • The Step-By-Step Copywriting Process
  • How To Apply Copywriting Rules To Video Design
  • How To Make The Viewers Of Your Videos Take Action
  • Which Web Services You Can Use
  • Own Server Or Third Parties?
  • Free Or Paid Services?
  • How To Make Your Videos Seen
  • How To Increase Traffic Using Marketing Videos
  • How To Improve Your EXPOSURE With Small Smart Tips & Tricks
  • How To Reduce The Size Of Your Videos Still Keeping The Quality
  • How To Set The Right Parameterts
  • The Sales Process With Videos
  • The VIDEO LAUNCH Formula
  • How To Implement What You Lernt In This Course In Your Sales Process
  • How To Get People Into Your Funnel
  • How To Convince New Subscribers To Buy From You
  • How To Have Your Customers Buying From You Continuously
  • How To Change Your Way To Release Reviews On The Marketplace
  • The Process To Make Money As An Affiliate Using Videos
  • The Videos Among The Promo Tools For An Affiliate Manager
5 questions

You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section

Section 3: Video Products
  • Organization Of The Course
  • How To Create Video Products
  • Recommandations Before To Start
  • The Great Choice For Video Products
  • How To Identify Information To Turn Into A Product
  • How To Optimize Your Working Re-Using Existing Material
How to design a Video Course
  • The Layout Process Of Each Video In Your Product Package
  • The Important Of The Design Process To Deliver Your Message
  • How Build Your Story From The Start To The End, Provoking Emotions
  • Organize The Member's Area For Your Online Video Courses
  • How To Rationalize Your Course And Make The Life Easier To Your Subscribers
  • How To Make Money Over And Over Again Using Your Free Or Paid Video Courses

How to make your video visible on the web


The most popular tools to generate videos

Edit the video and audio files

Make the videos


The most common video hosting services

Recommendations where to upload your videos


Generate the HTML code to display the video and the video player

Change the style of your video player


Tips and tricks on how to display your videos in your web sites and web pages

Playlists and overlays

Guidelines to structure your web pages


Add reference to a video player service

Popular online video players

Adjust your HTML page to add a video player (e.g. flowplayer, jwplayer or Adobe Flash)


How to upload your customized web pages to your server

Generate and upload your package

Create folders and set the correct references to other needed files and resources


Test your website after uploading

Verify the web pages urls

Verify the styles and front end routines

Verify the settings of your videos and your video players


Tips and tricks to make your videos compelling

How to improve the layout of your videos and video playlists

Recommendations for the video formats and sizes

Recommendations about the audio


How to logically outline your course and define the disks

How to define and arrange the video files in each disk

How to burn a disk

How to manufacture a disk

How to ship a disk

How to add value to your product package

How to optimize the product structure

Learn product management

  • How to arrange video files into disks
  • How to optimize the product structure
  • Learn product management
  • How To Show Your Video Product To Your Prospects
  • How To Make The Sales
  • How To Design Your Upsells
  • Your Activity Plan As A Marketer
  • The Promo Tools That You Need To Prepare
  • The Next Steps
5 questions

You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section

Section 4: Techsmith Camtasia tutorial

The aim of this video is to provide a general description of the tool and be ready to start to capture, design and produce your videos!

  • The Environment, You Will Understand How The Tool Is organizes And How To Get What You Need The
  • Toolbar and The Functions, You Will Discover Where To Find All The Features And Tools For Your Activities
  • How To Setup The Options, The Basic Guidelines to Setup The Environment Before Capturing, Editing And Producing Your Videos

Overview of the main functions

Overview of the tabs and libraries

Overview of the design sections


Edit the video preview

Timeline and video preview

Resize your video


Add captions to your video with Camtasia

Add subtitles and copyright info with Camtasia


The clip bin tab in Camtasia

Add media files to your video project in Camtasia

Which files are allowed in a Camtasia project


How to make the cursor visible with Camtasia

How to customize the cursor on a video with Camtasia

Add special effects


Define and organize the process to turn an old low resolution video into a HD video with Camtasia

The steps to follow to turn a low resolution video into a HD / high resolution video with Camtasia


How to improve an old video using Camtasia

Take a low resolution video and make it high resolution with Camtasia


How to make a video in HD or high definition

Use Camtasia to generate HD or high resolution videos


The library tab in Camtasia

Which royalty free media and effects are available within Camtasia

How to add components from the Camtasia library to your videos


How to make/produce videos with Camtasia


Edit your recorded/captured video with Camtasia

Add media to your captured video with Camtasia

Edit your audio in a Camtasia project

Generate and save a Camtasia project


The timeline in Camtasia

Zoom the timeline

Add markers to a timeline in Camtasia

Cut, copy and paste clips in Camtasia

Move clips on the timeline in Camtasia


Add, remove and manage tracks in the timeline in Camtasia

Add special effects and clips using tracks in Camtasia


Add transitions between clips with Camtasia

Customize transitions in Camtasia


The View menu in Camtasia

The Edit menu in Camtasia

Manage the clips on the timeline in Camtasia


The Visual Properties tab in Camtasia

Add animations in a Camtasia project

Overlap clips with Camtasia

Set clip opacity with Camtasia

Rotate videos with Camtasia


How to record voice narrations with Camtasia

The audio setup wizard in Camtasia

Setup your microphone with Camtasia

Setup your webcam for video recording with Camtasia


Zoom your video in the Camtasia canvas

Manage the video size with the Zoom-n-Pan function in Camtasia

The Zoom-n-Pan tab in Camtasia


Add callouts to your video clips in Camtasia

Add objects over your videos with Camtasia

Add animated objects on your videos with camtasia

Format the callouts in Camtasia


The Audio tab in Camtasia

Adjust audio with Camtasia


The Quizzing Tab in Camtasia

Add quiz to a Camtasia project

How to add questionnaires in a video using Camtasia

14 questions
You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section
Section 5: Improve audio with Audacity

How to identify the noise level of an audio signal with Audacity

How to remove the noice to an audio signal with Audacity

How to improve the quality of the audio of a video file in a Camtasia project using Audacity


How to remove the breathing in a narration using Audacity


What you need to do to edit a video file with Audacity

Select and setup the resources and configuration to edit a video file with Audacity

2 questions

You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section

Section 6: Technical Information about videos

What is video and audio Bit Rate

What does the Bit Rate affect

What is Constant and Variable Bit Rate


What is Frame Rate?

What is Time Lapse?

What is Slow Motion?


Definition of Sample Rate

When do we need to know the Sample Rate


Definition of Key Frame

What is Video Interpolation?

Key Frames and sense of movements


What is Video Compression?

Why Video Compression is Needed?

Which recommendations are needed while recording a video?


What are the standard Video Sizes

How to choose the Video Size

Recommendation when producing a video


What is a Video Codec?

Video codescs and video compressions

The most popular video codes


What is a Video Format?

How videos are composed?

Popular video formats


What is a Video Container?

Popular Video Containers

The Process of a Video Container


The Free Software Library FFmpeg


What is Video Streaming?

Streamin vs Encoding

Streaming Video Technologies


Live Streaming


Categories of Streaming Protocols

The Streaming Process

Streaming Protocols

Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP)

Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

HTTP Live Streaming


What is an Audio Codec?

Hot to convert sounds to digital signals


Summary of the video recording and video producing process

30 questions

You will be requested to verify what you have learnt in this section

Section 7: Create wonderful video with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

The Overview of Microsoft PowerPoint

The main functions of Microsoft PowerPoint

Why Microsoft PowerPoint to produce videos?


The main formats of a PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint vs Video formats


How to define the layout of a PowerPoint presentation

How to define your Slider Master to crate your video background templates

How to choose the layout for your videos


Customize your video background templates with the Slide Master in Microsoft PowerPoint

How to add a logo to your videos using PowerPoint

How to customize the header and footer of your videos in PowerPoint

How to format the styles of your video backgrounds with the Slide Master in PowerPoint


What are the guide lines in PowerPoint

Which advantage you have using the guide lines in PowerPoint for your presentations


How to customize the background of a PowerPoint presentation

How to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out from the rest


How and where to select or define objects in Microsoft PowerPoint

Customize objects to improve your PowerPoint presentations

How to format objects in a PowerPoint presentation


Generate personalized shapes in PowerPoint

Use more objects to create a new one in PowerPoint

Combine objects in PowerPoint

Merge objects in PowerPoint


How to create new images combining images and objects in PowerPoint

How to create new images modifying existing images in PowerPoint


Remove or customize the background of images in PowerPoint

Customize and format images in PowerPoint


The relative alignment of objects in PowerPoint

The absolute alignment of objects in PowerPoint

Rotate objects in PowerPoint


How to execute a presentation in PowerPoint

How to customize the execution of a PowerPoint presentation

How a PowerPoint presentation can be turned into a video

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Instructor Biography

Daniele Protti, Project Manager and Software Architect

I have 20+ years experience in IT project management, software development and software architecture.

I have led several teams of software developers as project manager, quality manager and as team leader in different companies and different countries in sectors e.g. telecommunication, research & development, travel business, Internet marketing and Internet business, consultancy and services.

I have been responsible to collect the requirements of projects, applications and processes, design the databases and specify the final objects.

During my career I have accumulated a lot of experiences dealing with processes of any kind and the need to define the tools to manage them and collect the information.

Most of my tools have been written in VB, VBA, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Javascript using databases e.g. Informix, Postgres, Oracle and MySql.

I have organized all my experiences in courses which are not only a list of functions and methods but contain also my practical experiences and considerations about how to cope with the different situations and which solutions to suggest.

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