Become a Aura Reader
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Become a Aura Reader

Create Better Relationship with Yourself & Others
Best Seller
4.0 (106 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
756 students enrolled
Created by Karen Hayhurst
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Define what is the aura
  • Learn how the aura is generated
  • List and Analyze the colors of the aura
  • Develop energy sensing skills
  • Identify and specify the mental energy and life area of the 7 major chakras
  • Explore the science and psychology of the aura
  • Examine what influences the aura
  • Establish how knowledge of the aura increases conscious awareness
  • Discuss the effects of energy games on the aura
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  • Open minded in energy healing, psychology and science
  • Fluent in use of the English language

There's a field around you, the AURA. That field speaks volumes about you. In this course we are going to explore the mysteries of the Aura including:

  • Where does it come from and how is it generated
  • What is it made of
  • What information does it hold about you
  • What influences it, strengthens and weakens it
  • The psychology of the Aura including Energy Vampirism
  • The New Science (Spiritual Science) and how it relates to the Aura

I will teach you the fine art of sensing and interpreting the subtle energies of the Aura and Chakras.

This fascinating course is facilitated through video, audio and text. It is highly interactive. Included are assignments to help you perfect your Aura reading skills as well as some downloadable resources for you to keep.

In this course I am sharing with you over 20+ years of my experience as a Reiki Master and aura reading and scientific research. This course will help you understand the Aura, consciousness and self awareness. You will be able to understand yourself and others on a deeper level not to mention the effects of energy games.

If your just interested in the aura, consciousness and energy work OR if you are a seasoned Holistic Practitioner this course if a MUST for you!

Who is the target audience?
  • People who are interested in energy healing
  • People interested in energy psychology
  • People interested in aura reading
  • People interested in the spirit, body and mind connection
  • Those interested in the new science (spiritual science)
  • Practitioners of holistic healing modalities
  • Those interested in Emotional Intelligence
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
2 Lectures 10:56

I will go over the following:

  1. Broad topics covered in this course
  2. Review supplemental materials, quizzes and assignments
  3. How to post questions and comments including how I will reply
  4. Why completing this course will be beneficial to the students
  5. Future courses
Preview 06:21

I will share this about me:

  • My name, where I'm from
  • My personal and professional journey in the world of energy which includes:
    • My educational background
    • My Reiki & Aura practice
    • The research I have done
    • My presentations, teaching engagements and authorship
Preview 04:35
Aura 101
2 Lectures 10:52
The Aura is your own Electro-Magnetic Field consisting of 2 aspects:
  1. What is the Electro part?
  2. What is the Magnetic part?
What is the Aura

Silence Speaks Volumes

Multiple choice

Summary of Aura Basics
2 questions
Aura Science 101
3 Lectures 25:18

This lecture is for discussion as not only a preview to our next section but also to have you be able to think how a famous philosophical statement relates to the aura. Please see the included text in the supplemental resources.

I Think Therefore I Am.

  1. Energy, the fabric of the Universe
  2. Thoughts and emotions (electrical charge), create a cascade of reactions from electrical to chemical
  3. Body (magnetic), physical manifested thoughts and emotions (yours, others, environment)
Generating the Aura

What ways does the aura "physically" communicate it's information?

  • By color (most commonly known)
  • By Touch (hand sensing, most commonly done by energy healers i.e. Reiki Practitioners)
  • By sound
  • By Smell
These are not usually picked up by our physical senses because....
first it's unseen energy
The Aura Vibe
Energy Sensing - Interpreting the Field
3 Lectures 06:03
  • You don't have to "see" an aura - you can "feel" it - rubbing hands together excercise
  • My experiences:
    • Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there (can't see photons but they are there)
    • Danger in not knowing energy is all around you even though you can't see it.
Energy Sensing 101

  • Quieting the mind
  • Deep breathing (like meditation)
  • Be open to subtleties

***Always drink enough water. When doing energy work you will dehydrate faster than normal***

Preparation for Practicing Energy Sensing

Demonstration of hand sensing

  1. Try do practice on at least 3 people & note your energy sensing observations on the included form in the supplemental resources. Please use a separate form for each person.
  2. Ask for their permission first.
  3. Do your session preparation work (in text from last lecture)
  4. Make sure you include feelings or thoughts you had while doing the energy sensing as they may be very relevant to your subject
  5. Go over your findings with your subject as this will clarify what different sensations mean to you for future practice.
  6. Continue to practice and also include different subjects such as plants and maybe very surprised.
  7. Always thank your willing subject even if it is a plant or pet & only do willing subjects.


***See the additional resource to demonstrate how do actually do the energy sensing by hand.***

Practice Hand Sensing Energy
1 page
Aura Science 201
1 Lecture 05:18
  1. Light is Energy; Energy is LIGHT
  2. Light gives:
    1. Energy
    2. Information
  3. Photons are, invisible to the naked eye, packets of white light
  4. Biophotons are, ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems (living things), are weak electromagnetic waves, in the optical range of the specturm - LIGHT. Can be measured by special equipment. (Marco Bischof's Biophotons - The Light in Our Cells)
  5. Biophoton in Greek means Bio = Life Photon= Light


Multiple choice and short answer

The Light Quiz
4 questions
Reading Auras
4 Lectures 18:33
  1. White light to colors of the visible spectrum
  2. Quality of the aura color i.e. what does it mean if it is hazy or dark undertones
  3. Dr. Hans Selye's study on the 3 stages of stress and it's relationship to the aura
  4. Overview of the aura color chart in the next lecture

The Aura Colors - Life's a Rainbow

Chart of aura colors and meanings

Aura Colors
1 page

I will demonstrate a simple aura reading

Aura Reading Demonstration

Assignment: Post (or email me) a general aura reading on the this aura picture

Also consult the visible color spectrum chart in the added resources from lecture 13.


Assignment 1: Aura Reading
1 page
The Chakras - Wheels of Life
3 Lectures 13:45

Brief outline of the chakras & review of the information on the chakra chart in the next lecture

Chakra 101

  1. Chart of Major Chakras & Nerve Plexus

Chakra Chart
1 page

Charkra Sensing Demonstration

I recommend you try this on someone as well...ask their permission

Remember you don't have to physically touch your client

You can use the form in the resources to mark your findings if you wish.

Chakra Sensing
Summary of Aura and Chakras
2 Lectures 03:40

Doing a aura reading without technology, just by hand sensing of energy of the aura subject.

  • Interpreting energy subtleties from hand sensing without being able to physically see aura colors
  • Importance of building your own energy sensation dictionary or guide
Putting it All Together (Without Technology)


Choose a person (someone you have not choosen before) & ask them if they are willing to let you do a full aura and chakra reading - get permission.

Do your preliminary session preparation (from the energy sensing session)

It is best if your client is lying down for this session but they can stand or sit.


When completed please go over your findings with them & thank them.

By going over the session with them you will gain valuable insights into what you were picking up from them.

The appropriate form is in your supplemental resources.

Assignment: Aura and Chakra Reading Session
1 page
Influences on the Aura
1 Lecture 07:32
We will take a look at the follow & outline how they affect one's aura
  • Other auras
  • Planetary family
  • cell phones and other technology
  • our food
Natural and Unnatural

Multiple Choice

Influences on the Aura
2 questions
Energy Vampirism and the Games We Play
1 Lecture 17:23
We will be discussing the following
  • Control Dramas
  • Energy Competition
  • psychic warfare
  • Emotional Intelligence - Mirror Neurons
Energy Games
2 More Sections
About the Instructor
Karen Hayhurst
4.0 Average rating
106 Reviews
756 Students
1 Course
Energy & Consciousness Instructor

Hi! I'm Karen. My life's purpose is to teach about the LIGHT which is about consciousness, energy and how we interact with it, how it promotes healing and also the new science regarding it. I have spent over 20 years researching and working with my patients to develop the wisdom in my courses. Plus I have done over a thousand aura readings and am a Reiki Master during those many years. In addition I have a deep interest in philosophy, neuroscience and psychology including Emotional Intelligence. I have also been surrounded by Electricians all my life so I have been immersed in how that physical knowledge works with living beings such as me and you.

In addition I have earned a Degree in Education to ensure I get the message out loud and clear to all who are interested. Also, I have had the honor of doing many speaking engagements on the subject of light and energy not to mention authoring several research papers and a book on the Aura.

I very much look forward to serving, sharing and teaching with Udemy to all of you.