Be a Voice Actor: Making a Living with Your Voice

Learn the tools and techniques to get started working from home (and making money!) in the world of voiceovers
  • Lectures 63
  • Video 3 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

Ever been told "you've got a great should be in cartoons!" Or listened to radio ads and thought, "I could SO do that?" Or maybe you even have a business that you'd like to create GOOD marketing videos for, and you want to learn how to narrate them?

Well, the reality is that it takes more than just a dream and some vocal cords that can imitate funny cartoon characters. But luckily, I'm here to walk you through the steps of getting started!

I'll share my favorite tips and techniques for taking your first steps into the world of voice acting, tell you about my experiences working in the entertainment industry with giants like Universal Studios and Disney, show you the tools you'll need to get a professional sound, help you build your first demos, and give you all the "dirt" for finding work that I've learned the hard way on my own journey to voiceover success.

I'll also use my many years of experience in marketing and branding to help you put your best foot forward when you're ready to take the plunge into starting your voiceover business.

What are the requirements?

  • None to take the course, but some kind of microphone and recording software will be helpful for practicing homework
  • A good imagination and the ability to read a script
  • Willingness to look and sound a little silly. :)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 63 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Discover your "money voice"
  • Learn how to market and brand yourself
  • Identify the type of equipment you need to build your studio
  • Learn good recording skills and studio ettiquette
  • Learn basic audio editing techniques for a clean sound
  • Create a demo that showcases your skills
  • Learn where and how to book your first jobs
  • Develop a bag full of characters that you can perform as

What is the target audience?

  • People looking for a fun job working from home
  • Anyone interested in learning about voiceovers
  • Actors who want to expand their opportunities
  • People who enjoy reading aloud
  • Business owners who want to narrate their marketing ads and videos

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee

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Section 1: All About VO
Meet Laci

Introductory video about the many opportunities you can find in the world of Voiceover. We'll expand on each of these in the following lessons.


Learn the types of commercials you can find voiceover jobs in.


What is a promo? Learn here!


All about animation voiceover jobs.


What kind of work can you find in video games?


Educational and informational voiceovers


VO work in the business world


Press 1 to learn about phone voiceovers...


All about audiobooks

Section 1 Quiz
7 questions
Section 2: Finding Your Voice

Can you get by in voiceovers with just a "great voice?" I'll discuss a little bit about what you REALLY need here.

Don't Be Boring ... Use Intonation!

Practice varying your pitch and intonation with this homework assignment.

The "Real Person" Read
HW: Real Person Read

Learn how to manipulate your vocal cords to create different sounds.

HW: Tone and Placement

How to find the characters hiding in your voice!


Now that you've found some characters, develop them further with your homework assignment.


What about doing voiceovers that aren't in your regular accent?


Learn all about what to do with your best celebrity impersonations

Section 2 Quiz
7 questions
Section 3: Setting Up Your Studio (Say THAT 5 times fast!)

Learn all about which microphone might fit your voice best, where to find them, and how to score a great deal.


Choosing hardware and software to support your voiceover business


Research time!!! Which is the best DAW for you?


What else do you need in your studio, besides a microphone?


Figure out which materials you need to buy

Do I Need a Sound Booth?

A video tour of Laci's home studio setup

Section 3 Quiz
7 questions
Section 4: Ready, Set, Record!
Mic Placement

Try out what you've learned about mic placement


Helpful tips for stretching out those voiceover muscles before a recording session


Try out some tricky tongue twisters to add to your warmup routine.


How to avoid clicks, pops, and unwanted "mouth noise"


Ready to record!!! Now what? Learn a few studio etiquette tips.

Section 4 Quiz
7 questions
Section 5: Basic Audio Editing for Voiceovers

A basic intro to editing your audio


A quick look at Adobe Audition’s interface, and demonstration of spectral view. I’ll also demonstrate how to remove background noise from your files.


What do you do if you made a mistake during the recording?

Removing clicks, pops, and plosives

A look at tools like EQ, DeEssing, and Compression


Best practices for saving and sending your files to clients

Section 5 Quiz
5 questions
Section 6: Making A Demo

There's a difference between hearing and listening...have you been listening to voiceovers?

HW: Hearing Vs. Listening

How to figure out what your most successful sound is

HW: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Learn how to determine what should be going on your demo


How to write your very own custom scripts

HW: Writing the Ads

A bit controversial look at making a demo

HW: Putting it All Together
Section 6 Quiz
6 questions
Section 7: Marketing Yourself

Figure out what your brand should look like, and what to do once you've decided on it


Homework for "Creating a Brand"


Is it better to use a logo or a headshot to represent your voiceovers?


We'll talk a little bit about how to set up free profiles and websites to showcase your work


What should you charge clients for your work?


Learn how to develop good organizational skills and where to go to find software that will help

HW: Business Practices
Section 7 Quiz
8 questions
Section 8: Finding Work

Where can you find voiceover jobs?


Take a closer look at Pay to Play sites, and see what it's like to use them


A closer look at the Audiobook Creation Exchange site


What is an agent, and how do you find one?


Finding jobs on your own

Section 8 Quiz
5 questions
Section 9: Closing

*sniffle* You're all done!


Some of my favorite places to learn more about voiceover! Includes links to blogs, forums, podcasts, software, and places to buy gear

Instructor Biography

Laci Morgan , Voice Actor and Professional Designer

Laci Morgan has been honing her acting skills for years, culminating in a wide variety of knowledge and abilities. Having worked for giants in the industry like Disney and Universal Studios Hollywood, she has a unique working knowledge of the entertainment industry and what it takes to survive there. She is an avid performer, active in musical theater and voiceover work. Laci has recently voiced ads and characters for companies like Nintendo, Sephora, and Nordic Naturals, as well as various video games and audiobooks.

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    • Shivanii Cordes

    This course is great if you are interested in becoming a voice actor and don't know where to start. The course is very well organized and the content is both easy to understand and well presented. Of course with a course like this, the bonus is that she is very easy to listen to because the audio quality is so good.

    • Jonathan Higgins

    Very Good

    Highly recommended, Thanks!

    • Robbin Arcega

    Engaging and super fun!

    This course, aside from being really engaging, is really fun! Laci goes into detail about all the different types of voice acting gigs one can get, as well as mics and how to keep your room relatively sound proof while recording. There's also a section on how to market yourself, which is probably going to be the hardest part of it. But at least there's some direction! The best part of this course? All the exercises. They are SERIOUSLY fun and if you have a work environment where people generally accept things like practicing for a voice acting role, it's bound to be a lot of fun. I really think the exercises alone are worth it! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to be the next Grey deLisle.

    • Stephanie Butenhof

    Learned Even More Than I Expected!

    Laci's voice is very engaging, her coursework is colorful and well-laid-out, and she provides plenty of examples and 'homework' for you to practice what you're learning. She goes over all the questions that I had very thoroughly, and if I had any questions or comments, she replied very quickly. I actually bought my new equipment through one of the companies she recommended, and discovered a whole new world of VO work I wouldn't have known where to find, otherwise. I'm very impressed, and I have already recommended it to other new VO people I know. :)

    • Dee Partridge

    Comprehensive and Entertaining

    This is a great course that's loaded with info on what it really takes to become a voice actor. The lectures are short, to the point, and fluff-free - Laci covers a lot of material that will give you a sharp advantage in a competitive field.

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