Confidence On Camera: Make Amazing Videos, Easily.

Learn how to put YOURSELF in front of the lens to connect with your audience and build a tribe of fans.
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description


Video is one of the most powerful tools to connect with your audience. The thought of putting yourself on camera might seem intimidating at first, but when you know how to do it with ease + confidence - people notice.

And why is this so important? Because people do business (and buy courses!) from individuals they like and trust. And when they can connect with them - by seeing them on camera - they become fans (and students!) for life.

Being on camera is not about playing a role, it's about being yourself - free from inhibition and fear. It's about sharing your most authentic self, in a way that is so engaging, people feel like they know you. In this class, I cover the exact skills you need to:

  • overcome feelings of doubt and insecurity - so you can be confident on camera
  • prepare your material - so you speak naturally + offer real value
  • connect with the lens - so your audience feels like you are talking to them
  • look your best on camera - so you can impress your fans + still be yourself
  • create a mini professional studio - so you can get started RIGHT NOW

Let me take the fear out of this process. In a few short hours, I will show you how easy it is to share your BEST SELF on camera. And the videos you will create can be published EVERYWHERE - your courses, on Facebook, in webinars, on Instagram, and with clients - the possibilities are endless.

What do you have to lose? You have a 30-day money-back guarantee to put these techniques into action. Create a video - and GET MY PERSONAL FEEDBACK - and if you don't see your videos improve - you can always request a refund. It's that simple.

Your audience is waiting to meet you. Enroll NOW.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need to have a device that can capture video - a smartphone, webcam, digital recorder is fine.
  • Basic lighting equipment can improve the look of your video, but is not necessary
  • Additional sound equipment can improve sound quality, but again, is not necessary.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Overcome your fears and hesitation about being on camera by releasing habitual negative thoughts.
  • Feel confident every time you step in front of the lens so that your energy will instantly win over your audience.
  • Eliminate awkwardness by connecting with your ideal viewer on the other side of the lens.
  • Prepare your material or “script” so each video has a clear purpose and call to action.
  • Structure your talking points so you can speak in a conversational and engaging manner.
  • Express yourself naturally using dynamic body language while still being yourself on camera.
  • Exercise your voice to gain flexibility and range so you can be clearly understood.
  • Make a great first impression by looking your best through tips about hair, make-up and wardrobe.
  • Set up a great do-it-yourself studio using equipment you likely already own.
  • Create amazing videos quickly and easily because you have a proven system for success!

Who is the target audience?

  • Instructors who have built courses and are looking for new ways to engage and grow their fan base.
  • Content creators who have yet to share their themselves (not merely their products, articles and services) with their customers and clients.
  • Anyone who has longed to leverage video on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • YouTube content creators who wish to develop a new, more personal way to deliver their expertise.
  • Business owners who want to add personal videos to increase their web traffic, engage with their audience more and delight them with a new level of connection.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.



Welcome to class! Here is a glimpse at all the content we will be covering in the course so you will feel totally prepared to create your own amazing videos featuring YOU! Being comfortable and confident on camera is a process and in this course I will show you how to:

  • transform negative thoughts that have been keeping you from making videos
  • build a strategy for creating content so you'll always know what to say
  • speak with ease, so you'll be conversational and easy to relate to
  • look and feel your best with my tips on clothing, make-up and hair!
  • connect with the lens so you can engage your viewer - even when you can't see them!
  • practice in everyday situations so you feel prepared when it comes time to film
Best of all, you have the opportunity to get DIRECT FEEDBACK ON YOUR VIDEO from me! I can't wait to see your video!

Since we will be spending so much time together, I thought I would tell you a bit more about myself. Here is WHY I began teaching in the first place... It happened one day while I was filming the TV show BONES. Enjoy. In my business, I help people speak with confidence + calm just about anywhere - at board meetings, to an auditorium, on video, or even at a cocktail party full of strangers. I learned how to do this at The Yale School of Drama and on countless television shows; these days I teach CEOs, private clients, online students, and huge companies how to connect - with each other and with their own greatness.

Section 1: Welcome to Class: Let's Get Started

I'm an online student, just like you. If you want to get the most out of this course, here are my simple suggestions. Watch and see how easy it will be to watch the lessons, implement the material, stay positive along the way and achieve incredible results by the end. You've invested in yourself and you have amazing fans just waiting to meet you.

Section 2: Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Start Making Videos

It's time to tap into one of the most powerful tools on the internet - Video. Why? Because at the end of the day, we are people longing to connect with other people, not just the products and information they produce. When we create genuine connections with people, their teaching and their personality, we create fans for life. In this video I will show you exactly how powerful video can be for your business. Let's get started, shall we?


Before we begin, I invite you to write down your goals for this course. Do you want to create a single welcome video to introduce yourself to your audience? Are you considering integrating more videos into your social media strategy? Looking to add an About Me video to your website? Take a moment to WRITE DOWN your goals. There is something so powerful about committing your goals to paper. Do it now!


By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to create engaging, dynamic videos featuring YOU. Before we dive into the material, it's a good idea to step back and think strategically about all the ways you can use video to clarify your content, introduce yourself to your audience, boost student engagement and deliver your course materials. In this lecture, you will see all the types of video you can create to help build your audience.

  • Videos in social media: Facebook, LinkedIn + Instagram
  • On your personal website
  • For your courses
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facetime + Skype
  • And more!
2 pages

Now that you have watched all the lessons in this section, take a moment and review the article to see what types of videos might work for you and your business. Take your time considering all the incredible options there are to:

  • build your audience on social media
  • create videos for your YouTube channel
  • create videos for your website
  • connect with clients and customers with video
  • create online video courses
Now that you have got your creative juices flowing, go ahead and WRITE DOWN your video goals. By seeing it on paper (or even digitally!) you will keep your eye on the prize as you learn how to be confident, calm and charismatic on camera.
Section 3: Mindset: How to Overcome Fear + Build Confidence
4 pages

In this course I am teaching you how to be confident and the best way to do that is by addressing those pesky negative thoughts that have been holding you back. You see, energy is contagious and when you walk into a room with strong, positive thoughts, everyone around you feels it. The same is true on camera! In this article, you will preview the lessons we will learn in the section, including:

  • how to identify the habitual negative thoughts you have about being on camera
  • teaching you how to release them using The Temporal Tap
  • how to re-train your mind for success by finding your Anchoring Statement
It's time to share your best self with the world!

Oh, the power of positive thoughts! When you are having fun, enjoying sharing your story, feeling good and teaching with enthusiasm, people feel it. They love to watch you because you make them FEEL GOOD. They become hungry for more of that good energy and inspired teaching. They feel connected to you and inspired to KEEP WATCHING. It's win-win!

This video will teach you my secret to letting your self-consciousness disappear so you can focus on the person you are speaking to...on the other side of the lens.


Now that you have your goals in mind, let's turn the tables and talk about those sneaky negative thoughts that have been holding you back from creating videos until now. You see, when you bring those negative thoughts into the light of day, they immediately lose their power. In this video, I will teach you how to get very specific about your fears and hesitations so you can get rid of them once and for all. Now, don't get all panicky here. Believe me, it's totally normal to be a little intimidated when you start something new. Just trust that you are going to be amazing. (And YES, I will make sure you are AMAZING), but let's kick those fears and insecurities to the curb.


Before we move forward, I invite you to jump ahead to the BONUS section and watch the video "The Temporal Tap Exercise to Release Fear". Once you experience this transformational work, you can prepared to take the next step...Re-training your mind.

It's high time you had a solid foundation of confidence to build upon so every time you go to produce your videos, your energy is not drained by habitual negative thoughts. Wouldn't that be nice? In this video, I show you the power of transforming your negative thoughts into statements that make you feel confident every time you step in front of the lens. Please refer to the written examples in the article for this section for additional help. Remember, what you focus on expands, so we want to make sure your thoughts are your fuel every step of your video creation journey. It helps, trust me!

Section 4: Take Action: Get Comfortable In Two Weeks or Less

Excited by what we have covered so far? Is your mind racing with a million video ideas? Are you poised for video domination? Slow down, I say, slow down! Before you start buying fancy video equipment (you don't need to!), I want to give you advice about the critical first step… PRACTICE.

Do not wait until the stakes are high and you set up for the first time to create the best-promo-video-ever-to-make-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-in-sales. It will not work. It will be awkward. You will be disappointed. And stressed out. And want to give up on the whole idea.

Instead, practice, practice, and practice some more. And you will be AMAZING. I'll show you how.


Isn't technology amazing? I read that Annie Leibovitz, the famous American photographer, recommended the iPhone as her favorite everyday camera. Her phone! We are living in the golden age of recording ourselves. What devises do you already have that can record video? In this video I'll show you all the ways you are already video-ready! We'll explore devices you may already own and ways that you are currently using video in everyday life.


Are you sooooooo excited to create amazing videos? Can't wait!? Chomping at the bit?! Great! You'll need that enthusiasm to keep you motivated as you create INTENTIONAL opportunities to practice. It's not enough to just casually do a few FaceTime calls. That's not the real practice you need.

In this video I will review a few guidelines to getting the MOST out of your practice sessions.

  • Setting Your Intention
  • Planning Your Material
  • Looking at the Lens

It's a simple as one-two-three!

3 pages

Now you may think that you need lots of expensive equipment to get started filming amazing, business-building videos. Think again! In this article, I will walk you through my personal tips and tricks to get the most impressive images and sound from the devises that you likely already own, using video in situations you likely encounter! Read more for advice about:

  • recording equipment
  • ways video can be used in everyday life
Section 5: 5 Easy Tips To Engage Your Audience

Connecting to your audience doesn't need to be complicated or overwhelming. Trust me. I've distilled my best practices into 5 easy tips. These bonus videos are from my blog. Enjoy:

  • Know Your Audience: Your Ideal Student
  • How to Love the Lens
  • Keeping Your Content Short + Sweet
  • The Importance of Adding Calls to Action
  • The Power of Practice

If you are interested in more free weekly videos, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter on my website. See you in your inbox!


It's quite challenging to look into a lens and imagine a million people staring at you, or worse, no one is watching... You are just speaking into this empty abyss. The secret to being engaging on camera is to know how to identify the perfect person to speak to the moment you hit record. That's right, you are imagining this conversation and when you can do it well, every persona watching you, feels like you are talking to them. Instant connection!


Once the camera is rolling it is very easy to get distracted. Here is a very simple trick I teach ALL my students so they can remember how to:

  • engage with the person they are speaking to
  • share their warmth and enthusiasm
  • stay connected to the other person on the other side of the lens

It's pretty easy to get distracted online, right? When you are producing content, be it a video blog posts or a short about me video, I find that it's better to leave people wanting more. When you keep your content short and sweet, you challenge yourself to be concise with what you want to say, and it allows more people the ability to hear all of it, because it's less of a time commitment. When you get a video link, don't you check how long it is before you hit play? I know. Me too.


As any great marketing expert will tell you, always give your audience direction. Quite simply, tell them what to do! The same holds true for video. When you are creating your video content, take a moment to consider what action you want your viewer to take after the video is over. Chances are, you already know that answer. Now, you simply need to incorporate it into your message!


Mastering any skill takes practice. The good news is that there are so many wonderful ways to practice getting comfortable on camera. In this video I share some of my favorite suggestions. You can tap into the power of:

  • video conferencing
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facetime
The skills are the same and when you practice the techniques in low-stakes situations, you are building your on-camera confidence. No need to wait until you're making your marketing videos or your course content. Get started NOW!
Section 6: Your Material: How to Craft What You Want To Say

When it comes to video creation, planning your material is critical. Whether you are filing a short blog video or producing a more detailed video presentation of your course material, if you follow some simple guidelines your audience will be able to follow along easily. In this lesson I cover:

  • How to structure your content so you have a strong beginning, middle and end.
  • How to transform a script into powerful bullet points or "thought bubbles"
  • How to release the script so you can be more conversational while presenting
2 pages

Now that you have a sense of the general best practices for structuring your content, use this article to help you craft your message. If you prefer to write a script, great! Use that text to take it one step further by creating "thought bubbles". See for yourself how it will change the way you deliver your content. Ultimately it's up to you to find the place where you feel most comfortable.

Section 7: Unleash Your Inner Superstar + Look Like One Too!

If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times. If you are having fun, your audience is having fun. Having a fabulous on-camera presence is about releasing your inhibitions and allowing your incredible energy to shine. It takes practice, it's true, but when you do something enough, you begin to feel more confident and free.

When you plug into what you LOVE when you are teaching, your students feel it. They appreciate it. And they come back to learn from you because they like and trust you.

It's time to unleash your inner superstar.


I don't consider myself a fashionista, but I do think it's a good idea to think about what you will wear when you are filming. The truth is, your clothes tell a story and you want to give careful consideration to what story you are sharing. In this lesson, I will show the key to connecting with your ideal viewer so that you can share your best self. You will learn how to:

  • Consider Your Audience
  • Wear Clothes that Compliment your Body
  • Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Great

Remember, every detail in your video is telling a story, and how to present yourself on camera is as important as the words you say.

As a professional actress, I have spent many hours in the "hair and make-up" chair, preparing for a role. When you are on camera, every detail helps the viewer learn something about you. When filming, you have an opportunity to share your best self by giving some additional attention to detail. In this lesson I share some of my favorite hair and make-up tricks that I use when I am creating video blog posts, course lectures or before working with a client on Skype. This is not just for the ladies!

Never underestimate the power of great lighting! Your skin magically looks better, your eyes glow and you naturally pop in front of the background. This one aspect of video production is really very critical for you to actually like the way you look on camera! In this video I share some important lighting guidelines to keep in mind so you can look polished and professional.

5 pages

I know you want to put your best self in front of the camera. Who wouldn't? Here are my best tips to polish your look. Remember, it takes about 2 seconds for someone to make a first impression, so let's make sure yours is amazing. In this section I will show you tips for looking great on-camera including wardrobe, hair and make-up suggestions. After years on set as a professional actress, I know a thing or two! Finally, I'll the secret to really looking great... LIGHTING. You can achieve great results with some basis rules of set up as well as some simple equipment you can pick up at the hardware store.

Section 8: Your Body + Voice: Express Yourself Effortlessly

Have you ever noticed that when you are speaking with someone you know and like, you are never, ever thinking about what your hands are doing? It's true. You are simply engaged in the conversation, effortlessly connecting. Now, wouldn't that be lovely if that's how you felt every time you looked into the lens? Well, you can… with practice. In this video, I discuss the power of body language as a tool to feel great and radiate confidence... at the same time.


Now that you understand the principles of confident body language, let's discuss the best practices in delivering your material. In this video I discuss Standing vs. Sitting... a critical consideration when it's time for you to deliver your message.

3 pages

In this article I review my recommendations for looking and feeling your best. Your body and voice are such incredible instruments of expression. When you bring your attention to all the ways you can move and speak, you can truly present your BEST self. Keep these suggestions handy before you film. I know it will help you shine!


Your voice is an instrument and like any instrument, the more you practice and play, the more expressive you become. So, how to you train your voice so you your audience can understand every word and actually enjoy hearing the sound of your voice? It's easy with these simple steps.

  • Do a vocal warm-up
  • Listen for vocal habits
  • Practice articulation
  • Embrace Your Accent
Section 9: Lights, Camera, Action! Best Practices for Filming

Now that you are ready to unleash your inner superstar on camera, it's time to start preparing the space where you will be filming. When you are creating a video, you must remember that EVERY DETAIL tells a story. We have addressed your content, your delivery and even your appearance. Now we will examine the setting.

In this video, I will discuss the importance of:

  • The background
  • Ease and accessibility of your filming space
  • The power of privacy

Are you one of those people who tends to bite off a bit more than you can chew? In other words, do you typically think you can accomplish more in a given period of time, than you actually can? Me too. It's fine to be overly optimistic, but it may end up frustrating you when it comes time to make your videos because inevitably making a video takes longer than you think it will. Why not set yourself up for success by keeping a few golden rules in mind as you schedule your video sessions? In this lesson, I will teach you how to:

  • Set Up Your Space in Advance
  • Limit Yourself to 3-5 Takes (And show you why that's important)
  • Plan to Film for a Limited Time

It's completely normal to be nervous before you begin filming. The key is knowing what to do to get calm and grounded before you hit the record button. In this lesson I share some of my favorite tricks to shine on camera:

  • Get in the Mood with Great Music
  • Burn Excess Energy with Exercise
  • Eat Well and Keep Hydrated
  • Breathe Deeply Before You Begin
  • Focus Your Mind by Linking Your Arms Together
5 pages

In case you were looking for a quick refresher of my favorite tips to build confidence and ease, this is the article to read! Have it handy when you are ready to get filming. A little reminder helps keep you focused and ready to share your best self. Trust me!


I am pleased to share this vocal warm-up exercise from my course "Speak Up! Stand Out." by my dear friend and talented actress, Ms. Tessa Auberjonois. This 10-minute vocal warm-up will increase your range, help you build articulation, and make your voice easier to be heard. Your voice is a muscle and when you exercises it, it improves! Try it and see for yourself!


I'm pleased to share this lecture from my course, "How to Release Your Fear of Public Speaking RIGHT NOW". I am honored to co-teach this course with esteemed psychiatrist Daphna Slonim, MD. This exercise is a combination of autosuggestion combined with sensory stimulation to achieve neurological reprogramming.George Goodheart discovered that your mind is more receptive to affirmations when you tap along the sutures of the cranial bones behind the ears. Try it to release the negative thoughts you may have about putting yourself on camera. This exercise is incredibly effective!


In this video you will see a demonstration of how to find your ideal light in an office environment. By using the front facing camera, you will be able to see for yourself, which camera position gives you the best lighting. Check it out! This is a bonus lecture, from my course, "Web Video 101: Easily Make Web Videos With Your Smartphone!


How-to videos are loved far and wide (and score big viewes on YouTube!). I thought I might share a simple video I created in the comfort of my new Shasta Airflyte trailer while I was camping with my family in the Redwoods. If your into coffee (hello Aeropress!) or RVing retro style or making videos with your iPhone, then have a look.

No makeup. No lights. No microphone.

Please note: This video was edited in Final Cut Pro with license free music added. I will be posted in on my blog next week, and I am planning on creating additional videos with content edited on Animoto - a simple editing app. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Section 11: MY CRITIQUES: Watch Real Student Videos + My Feedback

There is nothing I like more than seeing people take ACTION. Richard does a lovely job in this first video. In my response I offer specific feedback on:

  • lighting suggestions
  • background adjustments
  • wardrobe
  • his style of delivery
In the resource link you can see his video in it's entirety. Watch the next video to see his adjustments!

Here you will see what a lovely job Richard does incorporating my suggestions. I offer just a few additional tips on sound quality to make his video even more professional. See for yourself!


Here you see another Udemy instructor, Errette, deliver a wonderful introductory lecture. While I think this is a terrific start, I offer additional insights into improving:

  • lighting adjustments to even out the color of his face
  • wardrobe suggestions to pop some color into the image
  • script changes to incorporate more of his expertise
  • delivery feedback to encourage Errette to complete his video in one take

Let's see what happens as a result! To see the video in it's entirety, please check the resource link.


In this second take, you see Errette does an incredible job with delivery. His mannerisms seem very natural as he works his way through quite a bit of information. With careful preparation, his message seems warm, engaging and very conversational. The adjustments to the lighting worked really well! Overall, a great improvement. To see the video in it's entirety, please check the resource link.

Section 12: Congratulations! Time to Take Action

Once you have completed this course, take all this training and put it into ACTION. Once you have filmed your test video, please send me a link and I will happily offer specific, actionable feedback. I'll record your video critique and then send you a link for review. Check the resources area in this lessons for specific instructions how to post your test video on YouTube. I can't wait to meet you!

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Alexa Fischer, Teaching the world how to ignite their light.

Alexa Fischer uses the skills she learned at The Yale School of Drama and on countless primetime television shows to help people speak with confidence and calm in any situation. Versatile and useful, her methods can be applied to boardroom pitches, public speaking, promotional videos, even cocktail small talk. Alexa is honored to have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Trader Joe’s and SONY and smaller, philanthropic organizations like the Step up Women’s Network and Dress for Success. She works with clients in group workshops, through online classes, and one-on-one, helping each person polish their speaking and presentation skills while tapping into their own greatness.

Stay connected and get free weekly video tips and inspiration at her website!

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