Be an Agent for Positive Change: Positivity Strategies

An uplifting framework to strengthen leadership: the latest in brain science, positive emotions and appreciative inquiry
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

Be an Agent for Positive Change: Positivity Strategies

This course is designed for those of you who are ready to amp up your leadership and show your passion about bringing positive changes to the world, and you're experiencing a sense of urgency to make it happen. The course provides a scientifically-based, positive change framework grounded in theories of human and organization behavior.

Elevate your fullest potential as a human being to be an agent for positive change

  • an uplifting, immediately applicable framework to design and implement change
  • the latest research and applications in brain science, positive emotions and appreciative inquiry
  • identification of your personal character strengths to put your talents and gifts to work
  • practical examples to show the relevance and applications in both personal and professional situations
  • seven guiding principles and multiple practices to support your personal or professional change agendas

A life-changing, life-centric approach that positively changes lives

Appreciative Inquiry: When you experience the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, you discover and gain clarity around what energizes you, so you become more focused on what works for you best. By identifying your “positive core", you cultivate and nurture your dreams for a better future. You become the designer of your own destiny with increased awareness of what choices to make and how to put them into action.

Positive Emotions: By learning the role of positive and negative emotions in determining responses to change, you become aware that positive emotions are more prevalent in our lives, yet go unnoticed because they are generally quieter than negative emotions. Negative emotions, on the other hand, can scream at you. The best news is positivity is a skill and you can learn it. Continuous practice rewires the brain for the better, and overtime can lead to a life of flourishing versus languishing.

Strength-based Approaches: Focusing on strengths has been documented as a massive benefit in our growth and development. Capitalizing on strengths improves creativity, productivity, engagement and satisfaction in human performance across disciplines, and is intergenerational. It's the same in play at and work. When people are performing in roles in which they play and work to their strengths, studies show they have greater chance at achieving their full potential.

Hello, I'm Robyn, your course designer!

Thanks you so much for your interest in this course! I am very excited to have this platform to offer it to the world!

  • As soon as you start this course, you will learn why the default perspective on the world is deficit-based and problem-focused. You'll understand why most mainstream media, classic education, just about all politicians, and many organizations and families adapt the deficit-based perspective. And, you'll quickly learn, it doesn't have to be that way.
  • What you have been wishing for and dreaming of is possible! I will show you how.
  • I do this work in some of the biggest organizations in the world, and coach leaders, facilitators, educators and media people to do this valuable work. One by one we are making a positive difference.
  • Please join us and together let's amp up the positive revolution!

What are the requirements?

  • Please bring your curiosity, your sense of wonder, your imagination, and possibility to this course.
  • And, a strong desire and commitment to design and deliver the positive changes that are in your heart
  • Being an agent for positive change FOR, and IN the world is important to you.
  • And, you have the energy and passion to make a difference.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Confidence to be that agent for positive change you so desire to be.
  • The 5-step Positive Change Framework, known as Appreciative Inquiry, for every time you chose to make a change or change a habit.
  • Detailed worksheets you can fill out on-line or download to use again and again in the future.
  • Identify and validate your character strengths and learn to put them into practice.
  • Apply your leadership to the things that matter for you.
  • Develop positivity practices to overcome resistance and strengthen your resilience.
  • Apply the learnings from the many stories and examples to your own personal and professional situations.
  • Go deeper into the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, positive emotions and strength-based approaches with additional resources supplementary material to download.
  • Enact your new learnings to lead others, or facilitate groups with your new knowledge and skills.
  • Understand and value yourself and the world through your words, stories and relationships.

Who is the target audience?

  • You're committed to your own development and want to grow your talents and strengths.
  • You want to be the best you can be, and it's not just for you - it's for everyone.
  • You're a student with a strong sense of collaboration and passion to make positive changes.
  • You're a successful professional or business person asking yourself "what's next?" "What's my legacy?
  • You seek to put your talents and strengths to work; you know you can go further with the right approaches, mindset, skills, people, resources and other supports.

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Section 1: Welcome to Positive Change

Welcome to this course! I have pleasure in providing a brief overview of content and approach, and a few words about my credentials in the field of human and organization change.


A check in about your current response to change – do you have a default attitude to the notion of change?

2 pages

From a long list of words, identify whether your general disposition to change is positive, negative or neutral.

Section 2: Life is a Developmental Opportunity Not a Problem to Be Solved

A story to show that the way you start your meetings and conversations will produce very different energies and affect what comes next.


Why we need our whole brain to help us navigate our increasingly complex world.

4 questions

Analytical and Imaginative Capacity

Section 3: Three Principles to Facilitate your Growth to Be an Agent for Positive Change

A story to illustrate how deep the programming is that results in focusing on the problem side of life rather than developmental side of life.

1 page

An opportunity to review the kind of words you use, and when; and, how those words entered your vocabulary and influence your thinking and your emotions.


You'll start by paying attention to the words you use and how they affect your thinking, your emotions, your general well-being and your relationships.

2 pages

A way for you to check in to evaluate your own levels of awareness about situations and whether you're well aware already and you might want to improve.


You'll learn the four practices of choice to keep you firm and strong, standing in your own integrity.

1 page

Here's an opportunity to review the choices you make and why and how you do that.


You'll learn that enactment is all about actions and how to adapt or adjust your actions as you learn your way into new modalities, patterns, behaviors and disciplines.

1 page

This worksheet will help you get started on what changes you want to make, or what new habits you can start. When you write things down, it's good for the brain.

Section 4: Your Personal Character Strengths Are Your Differentiators

You'll learn why sometimes you feel drained at work and sometimes you feel energized.


You'll discover your top strengths and develop strategies to put them to work.

1 page

You are encouraged to take this online survey to learn your own character strengths and then self-validate that they are true for you.


You'll begin to apply your efforts and energies to where you get greatest results, and, at the same time, strengthen your relationships with others because you become a better noticer and listener.


A story to illustrate that starting with what you're best at gets you to where you want to go faster than a backward looking analysis of poor performance.

Section 5: Positivity Is Your Power

You'll learn to value both negative and positive emotions. They both serve: negative emotions protect, and positive emotions invite trust.


This theory of positive emotions postulates there is a "broadening" effect that opens you up to more positive experiences, followed by a "building" effect which is the accumulation of positivity over time, meaning you get stronger and better at it.

Impact of Positive and Negative Emotions
5 questions

You'll learn that the truly beautiful reality is that positivity can be learned. You can develop it and get better with practice. You'll build a positivity resonance in connection with others.


You will be taken to a site to do a free test of your daily positivity experiences to build your positivity muscle over time.


Since the negative bias is well entrenched, it's important to work at strengthening your positivity resonance to counteract the strong pull of your negativity bias.

1 page

This worksheet invites you to put the Principles of Awareness, Choice and Enactment into practice by becoming more aware of the amount of positivity you experience, the choices you make; and how you act on these choices.

Section 6: Exciting Developments in Positive Change

You'll learn about Appreciative Inquiry, a change methodology that is inquiry-based, as it seeks to affirm, inspire and accelerate anticipatory learning to bring out the best in each of us, propelling us to greater accomplishments, achievements at the individual and collective levels.


An e-book to download to give you more information about the positive change methodology, Appreciative Inquiry.


You'll get clear that your life is a story or narrative that you construct, shaped by so many variables and influences, many of which are unconscious to you, yet you're living them out every day of your life.


You'll learn that you have the power to change the trajectory of your life whenever you're ready. Some of your favorite public figures have done just that. As an agent for positive change, this is what you do.

Section 7: Five Step Process to Embrace Positive Change

This lecture presents an overview of the 5 steps of the Positive Change process. Download the worksheet and follow along how each step can offer you greater clarity about embracing positive change.


In this Step 1, you decide on the change you want to bring into your life. You must be able to name it to bring it to life and it must be stated in the affirmative. It's about getting clarity about your intention and the why.

1 page

Your first step in the 5-step process will get you started on the positive change you want for yourself and others.


In this Step 2, you discover through a story from your past what assets you already have that will help get you started on this new change. You've made it so far, therefore you'll determine what else can make the future even better for you.

3 pages

Investing time in Step 2 - Discover is the key to embracing and investing in positive change. It makes you so aware of who you are, what you stand for and how you've made it so far.


In this Step 3, you'll tap into your imaginative capacity. You will dream what you want to create, what you most desire. You need to make it real for yourself by immersing yourself in the opportunities and possibilities that are out there.

2 pages

Your future is how you dream it. This worksheet leads you through a process of dreaming in a playful, imaginative way. Your vision will start becoming real.


This Step 4 puts you in charge of designing your life. It's the how to make it happen part. It's how to bring your dream to life. This is where you realize you have moved beyond the default that you've run your life by up to this point. You are the designer of your life.

4 pages

This worksheet will guide you to design the changes for you to be an agent for positive change. It will help you make decisions about what to keep, chuck and change.


This Step 5 is your commitment to be an agent for positive change. You commit to sustain momentum to continue to develop your capacity to value your life, your work, your relationships with your ever-growing appreciative eye for how you can serve others.

1 page

You strengthen your own enactment muscle when you follow the simple recommendations in this worksheet.

Section 8: Five Foundational Principles to be an Agent for Positive Change

You'll be apply to apply this Principle that states, "change and questions are simultaneous," so choosing how you ask a question is so important – it starts the change.


You'll be able to model a question that can start a positive change. Learn how you can get a free cab ride in New York City.


You'll become aware that what you put your attention to and what you focus on will command your energy: your emotional energy, your thinking energy and your physical energy.


You'll learn that when you hold positive images and align your efforts, the chances of positive outcomes are higher than when you don't hold those positive images. Think of your favorite sports heroes, or leaders throughout history who've strongly held onto images to determine their positive futures.


You'll learn that when you feel good or appreciated, you and others around you will behave in a more positive manner, believing and trusting that you can make positive changes.


You'll become clear how you are a co-constructor of your own and our world's future through your words, your actions and your relationships.

Section 9: Reflections and Anticipations

Here's the beginning of your personal commitment to be an agent of positive change.

3 pages

This is an important worksheet. It asks you to take reflect on your inspirations, aspirations and commitments to be an agent for positive change.

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Instructor Biography

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Author, Speaker, Designer and Facilitator of Positive Change

Being the best for the world is a key driver for many, many of us who aspire to be agents for positive change with a focus on creating cultures of ownership, engagement, inclusion and collaboration.

I've worked and consulted across industry sectors designing and facilitating positive change with organizations such as BAE Systems, KPMG, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Alcoa, Estee Lauder Corporation, Starcom Media Vest Group, and Google; as well as non-profits and government.

My book: Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-based Workshops (2010) by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. San Francisco, reached #4 in Amazon “Must Read Positive Business" list

My podcast: Positivity Strategist, rose to #1 in iTunes “New and Noteworthy" self-help section

My iPad app: Embracing Change, reached #2 in iTunes “Business" section

My TEDxNavesinkTalk: Playful Inquiry: Try This Anywhere is about positivity and stories

What excites me is teaching others to remain relevant and essential in this increasingly complex, diverse and multifaceted world. So re-inventing ourselves and getting clarity about our strengths, purpose and potential legacy becomes a significant undertaking.

My academic qualifications include a BA from University of Sydney, and a Master of Organizational Behavior and Systems, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In addition, I have numerous certifications in the field of human and organization development, for example Positive Business and Society Change Program, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.


“Robyn is pure delight in sharing her point of view as you feel her passion and depth of commitment to making a difference in the world through her work. If you have an opportunity to read her book or hear her speak, take it! You will experience a shift in your thinking and feel a greater sense of appreciation in connecting with this inspiring professional colleague. She IS making a difference."

“It is unusual to sit in a convention hall and watch people shun their cell phones in order to listen and connect with one another, or to form a working group with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. It is equally unusual for people to come back to their home office and try to recreate that connection, inspiration, and need for action, but this is exactly what happened during and after the conference Robyn led. I cannot say enough about Robyn's positive style and the strategies she outlines in her book. It would be difficult for one to attend and not be moved."

“Robyn is 100% committed to achieving excellent results and to the people she works with – clients, partners and colleagues. She has tremendous capability in a variety of consulting methodologies and tools (including new technologies) and she is extremely flexible and creative in selecting what's best for the people and situation. Using her open and creative style, Robyn leads large and small groups to the heart of their goals and expertly guides them to think through and build plans to achieve the goals."

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