Barriers & Breakthroughs Of Real Estate Wholesaling
4.9 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Barriers & Breakthroughs Of Real Estate Wholesaling

Breaking The Barriers That Keep Real Estate Investors From Reaching Success In Their House Wholesaling Businesses
4.9 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
95 students enrolled
Created by Ben Clardy
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Overcome The Barriers Of Real Estate Wholesaling
  • Move Forward With Confidence Towards Your Business Goals
  • Smash The Barriers And Fears That Are Holding You Back
  • Gain Confidence In Your Ability To Close Profitable Wholesale Deals
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  • No Prior Real Estate Experience Required

This course is for anyone who is struggling to reach the next level in their Real Estate wholesaling business.

Over the last decade I've had the privilege to mentor and coach an increasing number of students. During this time, I've witness common barriers come up again and again that keep people from reaching their full potential or, in some cases, even be held back from making any progress at all.

This course is my way of addressing those common barriers that can be devastating to a Real Estate investors potential and growth.

Break through the barriers in your Real Estate business so that you can concentrate whole-heartedly on growth and continual improvement. I find that most people are usually just a step or 2 away from unlocking true success - but they are often held back by something... some kind of barrier - often self-created.

It's time to break down the barriers. It's time to reach the next level... and BEYOND.

What's your biggest struggle? For me, I was paralyzed by a fear of being sued. This irrational fear held me back from making any worthwhile progress for a period of 9 months early on in my career. Don't be held back any longer. Let's address your challenges, fears, shortcoming, or weakness so that you can move forward with confidence.

The course material is delivered to you via a series of high quality, easy-to-implement videos. It's just me talking to you exactly like I would be if we were in a 1-on-1 mentoring session.

Whether your barriers to success are concerning money, contracts, people, resources, or just plain old fear - you and I will get to the bottom of the issue.

Take the course - break through your barriers.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for both new and experienced Real Estate Investors who are looking for ways to break through the barriers that are keeping them from reaching the next level in their wholesaling business. It doesn't matter how long you've been in the Real Estate business - there's always a new challenge, a new obstacle, or a new problem that is standing between you and your next step. This course is for the Real Estate Investor who could benefit from the insight of a 10-year Real Estate Veteran who has broken through the common barriers of this business.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
Welcome To The Course
1 Lecture 04:00


Over my career as a Real Estate Investor, I've noticed that there are some common themes that people tend to struggle with. Some problems are easily resolved, while others can stop a person COLD until the issue is addressed.

I know from first hand how hard it can be to overcome some of the obstacles that are encountered while we are attempting to learn something as complex and diverse as Real Estate. In fact, I encountered one particular problem that I simple could not overcome. It took me several months to finally get past the issue, and if I had given up instead of finding a solution for the problem - I very likely would not be where I am today.

With this course, it's my hope that I can break through the barriers that keep people from progressing in the business of Real Estate wholesaling. I don't want people to get hung up - I want people to learn, grow, and overcome.

In the following lessons, I'll talk through the progress-killers that are commonly encountered in this business, and offer solutions that can be applied today so that you can continue growing to reach your Real Estate goals.

Preview 04:00
Money Barriers
4 Lectures 20:40

In this business of Real Estate wholesaling, you've got to realize that much of the money that you are playing with is something I like to call "Monopoly Money". I call it that because while we make the claim of being able to buy houses fast and close fast - we aren't actually writing checks for the properties in the vast majority of cases.

I want you to realize this because on more than 1 occasion, I've encountered people who simply could not get their heads around the idea of buying and selling houses without having to actually, you know, buy houses.

In this lessons, I'll explain more about this Monopoly Money concept so that we can all be very clear on how these transactions occur so that you can loosen up and move forward with confidence.

It's (mostly) Monopoly Money.

My very favorite way of closing on wholesale houses is by a method called "The Double Closing". This type of closing is also know as a "Back-To-Back Closing".

In this lesson I'm going to talk about how to close on a property via a Double Close transaction. There are several different ways to go about this - and one of the best options available depends on the quality of your Investor Friendly Closing Attorney.

Where can I get the money to double close?

To make a strong offer to a seller, you should put up a substantial amount of earnest money. A strong EM deposit shows the sellers that you are serious and will help you get your low offers accepted.

Now, one thing that people often struggle with, especially in the beginning, is wondering where they can get the money for their EM deposits.

First, let me say that you can put up any amount of money you want, including ZERO dollars, if you so choose. Typically though, the more money you can put up, the better your chances are of having the seller accept your offer.

Alright, remember how I was talking about "Monopoly Money"?, Well, EM deposits are really not much different. YES - you need to be able to have enough liquid capital to be able to send your deposit into your closing attorney's escrow account, but the thing you have to realize is that if you are using the appropriate contract language (more on that in later lessons) - your deposit is perfectly safe regardless of if you end up closing on the house or not.

Let's talk about Earnest Money deposits.

What if I don't have money for Earnest deposits?

Alright, so here are your basic options concerning how to get leads coming in.

1) Buy leads

2) Get leads for free

3) Partner with someone else

Now, if you don't have any money to pay for a fancy marketing campaign, then you have to go with either option 2 or 3. Now, there's NOTHING wrong with going the cheap or free route concerning your leads. This mistake most people make is to think that they MUST buy leads in order for them to be of good enough quality to get some deals done. That's not at all the truth, though.

MOST of the deals I do nowadays, I pay ZERO dollars for the leads. That's because I work a lot with birddogs, get leads from Criagslist, or partner with other heavy-hitters in one way or another.

Let's talk about this stuff in detail.

What if I don't have money for a marketing campaign?
Distance Barriers
1 Lecture 04:55

Many people, including myself, want to wholesale houses in remote markets.

There's no problem with this at all, but you have to get "boots on the ground" so to speak, in order to effectively get things done. You see, you can certainly wholesale houses in other markets, but you have to team up with a few key people that are actually local to your investment area in oder to be effective.

I'll tell you about the people you need on your team, how to find them, and how to pay them.

How can I handle local house tasks, remotely?
Resources Barriers
3 Lectures 14:36

An Investor Friendly Closing Attorney is you're #1 secret weapon, resource, and asset to anyone who wants to make a ton of money wholesaling houses.

You might want to read that last sentence one more time... it's the unequivocal truth.

If that's the case though, how the heck do you go about finding such an incredible asset??

Well, GOOD NEWS! It's actually very simple, and I'm going to tell you exactly how to do so.

But wait, there's BAD NEWS too... you're going to have to work for it a bit.

With the internet and a cell phone, you can track down a top notch, ROCKSTAR, Investor-Friendly Closing Attorney in a matter of a few hours. It's going to take some phone calls, you're going to have to ask a few strategic questions, but if you can commit to a simple process of a bit of research coupled with some phone calls - you're going to be just fine.

I'll explain.

How do I find an "Investor Friendly" closing attorney?

In my opinion, aside from having a KILLER Closing Attorney, having an awesome set of Real Estate contracts that have been purpose built for wholesaling houses is your 2nd most important resource.

The thing is, you can't just go online and find something like this without paying thousands of dollars.

Oh wait, you can actually, and I'll tell you exactly where you can get them.

Preview 02:45

Now this is another thing that really eluded me in the beginning. I knew that I had to make a TON of offers in order to dig up the great deals AND I also know that I had to follow-up on all the offers I made. This is the magic 1-2 punch, you see.

Trouble is that I didn't have a system that would let me know when to followup, what offer I previously made, and all the rest of the pertinent details about each house.

Eventually, you have to obtain a way to track all of your offers, leads, and follow-ups. I'll tell you about what I am using to do just that, and also give some other options that are completely free.

How do I keep track of all my offers and leads?
Fear Barriers
3 Lectures 14:06

Here's another one that I was TERRIFIED of when I was just getting my start. Want to know how I got over my fear? Well, I paid an super-overpriced "Guru" over $20,000 to work with me and basically tell me that I had nothing to worry about.

Sort of an underwhelming answer, right? Well, that's the truth. The fact of the matter is that if you have a good set of contracts, and conduct yourself in a half-way professional manner, you're golden.

In this lesson, I'm going to talk more about how to conduct yourself so that you can be sure that you never have to worry about getting attacked with a lawsuit by an insane home seller.

What if I can't close and the Seller sues me?

Here's the short answer -

I hope they ARE insulted by your offer.

What the heck, Ben? Why would you say something so ridiculous!?

Well, the truth of the matter is that if you want to make money in this business, you have to put aside your fear of insulting sellers. MOST of them are not going to accept the offers that will put you in the green - so to speak. But, if you want to find the ones that are truly motivated to sell, you simply can't be scared to fire off the real zingers.

Let me explain in greater detail.

Preview 05:28

I'm not going to pull any punches here - this can happen. You can put your dollars out there in hopes of finding a great deal, and nothing turns up. The thing is though, if you are doing everything else right - making offers, following up, etc - the chances are greatly in your favor that you will find a KILLER deals somewhere in all those leads that you generate.

The other thing though, is when do you actually say that  a campaign didn't produce a deal? When you generate leads, it takes a LONG time to rule them out. I mean, I still have leads in my database from 10 years ago that are still in a process of follow-up.

Really, the only way you can spend money on leads and have them NOT produce a deal is if you stop following up with them. Eventually, everyone sells - you just have to be the one that they call when you're ready.

What if I spend money on marketing and can't close a deal?
Technical Barriers
2 Lectures 07:25

This is a simple matter of preference in most cases. Still, the method you choose, could greatly effect the outcome of your closing, so you do have to be strategic in your choice.

Let me talk to you about some of the factors you want to consider when you choose with closing method to employ.

When should I assign or double close a property?

Diversify. Think outside the box. Network. Market.

Those are the answers that come to mind immediately as I type this.

I hear people talk about how they need more income leads all the time.

While there is often some truth in this, I find that usually people just aren't doing a good job at working the leads that they already have right in front of them.

Let talk about that issue, and also discuss some simple ways to get thousands of leads coming into your business on a monthly basis - for FREE.

How can I get more incoming house leads?
Excuses & Procrastination Barriers
3 Lectures 14:35

Frankly - if this is your excuse, you should just give up now.

Wow Ben, that's pretty harsh words. What's up with that?

Well, let me tell you. I've worked with people who were in horrible financial situations. People who were already working 3 jobs and were driven to make a better life for themselves and their family. I've worked with people who were bed-ridden, people who were blind, people who even had learning disorders.

There are no excuses.

Here's the truth of the matter: If you REALLY want this - then you'll find the time. If you still think that you "don't have time to work on your business", do yourself a favor and get a refund on this course today because the rest of this material is just wasted on anyone whose priorities are that far out of whack.

I know those are tough words, but people who make that excuse need to hear the truth.

If you really want to chance your life, step #1 is to stop making dumb excuses.

If you REALLY want to chance your life, you can't NOT afford to make the time - whatever time it takes.

You can probably tell that I'm pretty fired up about this barrier that people face, and it's because I've heard this one so many times, and it just saddens me that people can see the potential that this business unlocks, but they just can't find the motivation to break out of their "cage of monotony".

Let's talk about it.

Preview 05:34

Here's the bottom line on this -

You don't have to be good at talking to sellers - you just have to be good at making an offer and following up.

That's it.

People tend to stress about this one. I know, trust me, I did to. Eventually though I reached a point where I just had to get offers out there or all of my marketing money was going right down the drain. What did I do? I made the dang offers!

I'm not a super slick negotiator. I just talk to people like I'm talking to a friend. I learn about their needs, I learn about their house, then I fire off a number.

It's not rocket science. Let's talk.

I'm not any good at negotiating with Sellers.

This is usually a sign that you're on the RIGHT track, believe it or now.

If they are not being accepted, it means your offers are LOW - right where you want them to be.

The next step from here is to be sure you are following up on your offers regularly.

Keep the leads coming in, the offers going out, and the followup going... deals with start popping.

None of my offers are getting accepted.
The Biggest Barrier = You
1 Lecture 07:21

Alright, let's wrap this thing up. First though, let's talk a bit about not only growing your Real Estate business, but also being sure that you are setting yourself up for continued personal growth by keeping your mind in the right place.

This business is tough - especially at first, but you'll find that things get easier and easier as you push through the daily challenges that are  part of this business. Before long, you'll be thinking less about the little details that go into a single closing, and more about how you can take your business to the next level by bringing in strategic people, outsourcing, partnerships - or maybe even starting up a coaching & mentorship program.

The shy is the limit in this business and there's no blueprint for building a Real Estate wholesaling business. You can set things up in a way that will let you live the life you want.

Let dig deeper into this final lesson.

Motivation & Momentun
About the Instructor
Ben Clardy
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Coach & Teacher For Entrepreneurship & Real Estate

Hi there!

My name is Ben Clardy. I'm a Real Estate Entrepreneur, but I'm a teacher at heart.

I'm highly passionate about helping other people overcome their fears, challenges, and obstacles as they progress towards their goals.

I enjoy helping people succeed. I suppose I'm that way because I know how real the struggle can be - and the struggle is different for every person. Still, despite what you own personal challenges are, success can be yours - and it's my commitment to do whatever I can to help others achieve the success they desire.

Personally, I have a great deal of knowledge about Real Estate, so that's where I have chosen to focus my efforts.

I've been in business for myself for nearly 2 decades, and I have no intent of ever going back to a 9-5 job - or working for someone else for that matter. Once you've had a taste of the freedom that Real Estate can provide, I'm sure you'll feel the same way!

So, currently I'm a full-time Real Estate Investor. When I'm not closing a Real Estate deal, I'm usually teaching other people how they can do the same!

Lastly, I think it's helpful to know that I create my courses around specific needs that my student-base requests. I'll send out messages and polls, asking my students what they would like me to teach. Then I craft courses that address that particular need. That's my process!

Alright, that's enough about me. Check out my courses, and let me know what I can do to help you achieve success!

I'm happy to help.  ;)