3 Low Cost Business Tips By America's #1 Wine Brand Founders
4.5 (20 ratings)
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3 Low Cost Business Tips By America's #1 Wine Brand Founders

Learn How Barefoot Wines Founders Leveraged Marketing, Partnerships, & Outsourcing To Build The #1 Wine Brand In The US
4.5 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
921 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Ask the right questions across your supply chain so you can gain valuable insights into your product and business
  • Use your buyers as your bankers
  • Choose the correct supplier by learning what to watch for
  • Pick the right non-profit organization to be your partner
  • Make non-profit organizations your greatest assets to reduce employee turnover
  • Build trust with your suppliers so you can negotiate extended credit terms, the payment schedule, and more
  • Leverage Worthy Cause Marketing and reduce your advertising costs
  • Outsource work efficiently and maintain quality at the same time while reducing your need for employees
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  • None! All you need is a willingness to get into business or learn about strategies that can cut your costs down. The course is to show that you don't need a ton of money to start if you are strategic with your existing assets and resources.


In this course, The co-founders of Barefoot Wines and New York Times bestselling authors, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, teach everything from how to get the word out for your startup without paid advertising to making your suppliers your bankers in this 49 lecture course with worksheets, templates, and case studies.  

Michael and Bonnie are entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and keynote speakers who know what it takes to succeed in business. They bootstrapped Barefoot Wines, grew the business into an international brand, and it was acquired by the world's largest wine company. Though renowned for Barefoot Wines, Michael and Bonnie are consultants to Fortune 500 companies and high growth startups. One of their clients made the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies and the Inc. 5000 list the third year in a row. Their New York Times bestselling book, The Barefoot Spirit, is recommended by the CEO Library in CEO Forum and now is used in more than 40 schools of entrepreneurship worldwide. This entrepreneurial track record is what makes them the ideal mentors for those who wish to launch their own companies.   

Many courses claim to teach the same thing but this course is backed by over 50 years of collective experiences of starting a business, growing it into an international brand, and getting acquired. They know what they’re talking about and you’ll want to learn from them.

The course covers the three following big strategies:

  • Worthy Cause Marketing. How to partner with non-profit organizations to get your message out to your target market without being dependent on expensive advertising. Reduce employee turnover at the same time!

  • Making Your Supply Chain Your Asset. How to build trust with your suppliers so they offer better credit terms, work with your schedule, and deliver on time. How to look for strategic allies all along the supply chain, even in unexpected places.

  • Outsourcing. How to outsource your service needs effectively without compromising quality and reduce your need for employees.

The goal of this class is to make the most out of every penny that you put into your business. These three strategies, well understood and applied, can significantly reduce your costs and improve your profitability!

You’ll also understand business tactics with in depth answers to common obstacles facing business owners around the nation. You can hear about real world challenges and the advice that Michael and Bonnie gave to overcome them.

The course contains all the information & tools you need for your success!

Here’s what others are saying about this course:

“If you are a motivated entrepreneur looking to turn a dream into reality, there is no better resource to learn proven business practices taught by the founders of a #1 internationally selling brand. This course will not make you an overnight millionaire (at least until you reach acquisition), however it will provide the necessary mindset for success and the required basis of information to build from. I highly recommend the Entrepreneur’s GPS to ANYONE who is serious about their success.” - Zachary Little, SourceClub Commerce Group

“There you have it! An MBA in an hour!” - Vegar Wiik, Executive Director, FAU College of Business

"They inspired the delegates with the story of the little winery that broke all the rules and left footprints across an industry." - Khairul Dannish, Secretary General, International Council for SME & Entrepreneurship, Malaysia

"Informative, inspiring, and entertaining." -Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

"It was a pleasure to hear you both speak at Cornell this afternoon. The Barefoot Spirit has played an integral role for me when making decisions for my new business. Young entrepreneurs like myself are fortunate to have people like you as a resource to help guide and coach us through our exciting careers." - Chris Kirby, Owner, The Ithaca Hummus Co., and student of entrepreneurship

"I loved how the course wasn't scripted and throughout the course personal examples were given of how to utilize the information that was being given to me. Facts were not watered down. They were to the point and simple to comprehend. Overall worth the investment if you’re truly serious about starting and growing a business."  - Roberto Gotay, Udemy Course Student

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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for entrepreneurs, current business owners, or people interested in working for themselves. This course will provide strategies that will help you spend less and monetize faster.
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
7 Lectures 14:15

This course will be the first of many courses to come that will teach the core Guiding Principles to Success (GPS) that will enable you to navigate the challenges in starting and launching a business.     

In the upcoming lectures, we will focus on the first GPS Principle, cash flow management, so you can reduce your need for capital. You will learn how to make suppliers and buyers your bankers, get the word out without paid advertising, and outsource efficiently. Let's get started!

Preview 02:51

Welcome to our course!

We started Barefoot Wines without prior industry experience or startup capital, but we were able to bootstrap it into one of America's fastest growing wine brands, scale it internationally, and then sell it to E&J Gallo.

Over the past few years, we travelled around the nation speaking to entrepreneurs and were keynote speakers all around the world. This course is our way to compile all of our knowledge and valuable insights into one place.   

We encourage you to watch this course in chunks. Can you watch 3 lectures a day? We think you can. Every lecture was designed to dive into essential business principles that require time to reflect. Our goal is to provide you actionable strategies that you can apply to your business tomorrow.

Remember, action without knowledge is useless, and knowledge without action is futile. We have you covered on the knowledge part, it is up to you to take action and grow your business to the best it can be. 

Our first course dives into the key to cash flow management... Being resourceful.

Preview 00:57

Who are your hidden assets? 

Take out a sheet and brainstorm a few names. We encourage you to give them a call. You'll be surprised by the number of people who are willing to support you. Sometimes all you need to do is ask!

2 - People Can Be Your Hidden Assets

3 - Ask Questions: Seek Help From Others

We added a free worksheet for you to download. It will help you brainstorm all the people who touch your product and how they can help you. Enjoy!    

4 - Make Friends With Everyone

Developing the logo, building your brand, and deciding product features are just a few things on the long laundry list of things to think about.  Take that thinking off your mind by simply asking the people who touch your product or your target customer. Who can you ask tomorrow? 

Preview 02:25

What business challenges are you facing? For us, it was missed deliveries and we asked the warehouse workers what the problems were and fixed our packaging. 

A huge part of cash flow management is root cause analysis. Drill in deeper and talk to the person closest to the source. You may be surprised by what you find!

6 - Proper Communication Can Solve Many Problems
Supplier and Buyer Management
12 Lectures 20:42

Isn't this interesting? Negotiating extended credit terms can seriously help your cash flow management. Watch on as we explain a step-by-step process to build that trust with your suppliers.

7 - Introduction: Discover Strategic Allies

Remember, your business is only as strong as your relationships with people. Trust, empathy, and communication can unlock assets that you weren't even aware of.

Write down 5 ways to start building relationships with your business partners and take that first step tomorrow. It will pay off in the future.

8 - FAQ: Can you give a concrete example of using a supplier as a banker?

Partnerships are a two-way street. Watch on as we share ways to build trust by communicating the value that your business brings to theirs through quarterly meetings and more.

8 - Build Loyalty

Do you have quarterly meetings with your key allies? Do they know about your successes, revenue growth, or goals? 

Let's get that meeting scheduled so they understand that when you win, they'll win too.

FAQ: How often should you meet with your suppliers?

Inventory, size, customer service, and proximity are all great characteristics to look for in your supplier.

However, if a supplier fits that criteria, but is dishonest, disrespectful, or late, that will cost your business. Remember to look for personality traits and habits during the initial meetings.

FAQ: What qualities should you look for in your supplier?

Who is your linchpin? Pull out your expense sheets today and find out. We included a helpful worksheet to help you start brainstorming. Check out the resource attached :)

FAQ: How do you identify your key suppliers?

Remember, trust is behavior over time.

FAQ: How do you build trust with your suppliers?

Case Study: Negotiating Extended Credit and other Terms with Suppliers

Being broke can be a blessing in disguise because it forces you to be resourceful. 

Luckily, we went through the challenges before you and can share our secrets to success. Using buyers as our bankers was a huge one. 

What's the phone number of your biggest buyer? That relationship can bring in cash flow if they buy in quantity and pay you up front faster. Stay tuned for the next lecture that will teach you how to get that conversation going.

10 - Use Buyers as Bankers

Okay! Well that sums up our section on managing your buyer and supplier relationships. If you have any further questions, feel free to post a question. We are here rooting for your success and want to help you as much as possible.  

The next section breaks down how we were able to grow the Barefoot Wines brand into America's fastest growing wine brand without spending a cent on advertising... Intrigued? Watch on!

FAQ: How can you get your buyer to buy in quantity and pay in cash?
Worthy Cause Marketing
15 Lectures 30:27

Our concept of Worthy Cause Marketing has been documented in Forbes, National Cause Marketing Forum, Inc, and Fox Business. We were one of the first companies to support causes that were important to our customers  as our main way of getting the word out about our products. 

In this section, you will learn in depth how to develop the right partnerships, reduce your dependence on expensive commercial advertising, and motivate your employees through mission-driven causes.

11 - Worthy Case Marketing Introduction

12 - Big Wake Up Call

13 - The Beginning

14 - Give To Receive

We wanted you to get an even deeper understanding of how Worthy Cause Marketing works. Check out the
free guide that breaks down the partnership!   

Start brainstorming today about causes your target market supports. How can you reach them through non-profit organizations or community fundraisers?

15 - Finding the Right Partner

Worthy Cause Marketing can:

1. Help your cash flow management

2. Get the word out without paid advertising

3. Target a specific market

Watch on to hear case studies of how this was applied to businesses outside of wine and how they were equally successful, strategies on how to pick the correct non-profit organization to partner with, and the step-by-step process of building those key relationships. 

16 - Stand For More

Remember, Worthy Cause Marketing can help get the word out about your product or service. This concept can even apply across industries.

The first step is to put yourself in your customers' shoes and find out what causes they support.  

Case Study: Worthy Cause Marketing with a Firearms Safety Business

Worthy Cause Marketing helped us reduce costs, avoid a money war with our competition, and increase employee morale back then.

Imagine the additional benefits this can add to your business today. There is just so much noise, content, and platforms right now that it is increasingly difficult to stand out and reach your end customers. Aligning your brand with the causes that are close to their hearts is a powerful and cost-effective way to get attention for your product or service and get the word out. 

Case Study: Weighing Traditional Advertising against Worthy Cause Marketing

Case Study: Nursing and Worthy Cause Marketing

18 - Worthy Cause Marketing is Target Marketing

Key takeaway:   Worthy Cause Marketing is more than a donation of products and services.

Have additional questions? Post your questions in the forum or message us on our Facebook Page - The Barefoot Spirit.

Case Study: Make sure that your product is not a commodity

Make sense so far? The next two videos do some more deep dives. 

Remember, don't hesitate to ask us questions! We want you to be successful in your endeavors.

Preview 02:07

FAQ: How to make non-profit organizations your strategic allies

Well, that sums up our section on Worthy Cause Marketing!

This was a lot of information so we encourage you to fill out the worksheet and begin brainstorming the non-profit organizations that you can partner with. How can you support their organization and how can they help you reach your end customer? 

Take action - Give them a call, attend an event, or compensate your team members to volunteer as a bonding activity. This can be the start of a great alliance and the start of a reduced advertising budget. :)

Stay tuned for our next section where we get into outsourcing. We know that you're passionate about your business and want to grow it to the best it can be. We will teach you some important principles to craft an effective outsourcing agreement, maintain quality, and work effectively with your outsourced workers so your business can thrive and scale.     

Case Study: Additional benefits of Worthy Cause Marketing
15 Lectures 30:13

Remember, you can't outsource: 

1. Quality

2. Sales

3. Accounting

This section will focus on how to work effectively with your contracted services, enable them to produce high-quality work, and resolve conflict before it even breaks out.

19 - Outsource

So, how do you maintain quality with your outsourced services?

1. Assign members of your own staff to oversee each contracted service provider

2. Create a contract that clearly outlines requirements, metrics, quality, payment schedule, and payment method

In our next video, we will go into depth about the contract itself... the key to getting both parties on the same page!

FAQ: How do you maintain quality with your outsourced services?

FAQ: How do you write a good contract with your outsourced services?

FAQ: How do you outsource if you have a large infrastructure?

Sales Justifies Production

This is a crucial switch in mindset. From our conversations with entrepreneurs all around the world, we found that many became hyper focused on creating their product without finding out first if people would buy it or not. If you have that great idea, we urge you to put on your sales hat and go out there to test demand.

No Brick and Mortar

While it is tempting to open up a brick and mortar facility, all the fixed costs associated with physical buildings can really eat into your costs. It is important to keep this in mind!

20 - Sales Justifies Production

Case Study: Reducing costs during the early stages of our business

FAQ: How do you get your employees to reduce costs?

21 - Start Small

Case Study: Starting Small with an E-commerce Business

22 - Make Your Mistakes in a Small Region

23 - Aim Don't Blame

24 - Get Your Act Together

25 - Delegate

Case Study: Inspect What You Expect

We hope that you enjoyed this course and that these principles brought your business to a new level. Our goal is to provide the building blocks to your success. It is now up to you to put them to use.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the Q&A forum. We are here for you! 

26 - Summary
About the Instructor
Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey
4.5 Average rating
20 Reviews
921 Students
1 Course
Barefoot Wines Co-Founders & Authors of NYT's Bestseller

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey co-authored the New York Times bestselling business book, The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand. The book, chosen as recommended reading for the CEO Library in CEO Forum, chronicles their start in a laundry room in 1986 and creating a nationwide bestselling wine label. With virtually no money and no wine industry experience, they employed innovative ideas and strategic alliances to overcome obstacles and create new markets. They pioneered “Worthy Cause Marketing” and performance-based compensation with a comprehensive view of customer service.

In 2005, they successfully sold their brand to the world's largest wine company. Since then, Michael & Bonnie share their experience and innovative approach to business as authors, keynote speakers, corporate trainers and consultants with Fortune 500s. One of their clients made the Inc. 500 list and is on the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row. They are sought-after workplace culture experts in both print and broadcast media with hundreds of interviews and articles in professional and national publications that include Bloomberg, Fox Business, USA Today, and Forbes.  

They are the recipients of the 2014 Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker Award from the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bradley University; and keynote speakers for 2014 SOCAP Symposium (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business, 2014 World Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICSB) in Dublin, Ireland, and C-Suite Conference. Michael & Bonnie speak throughout the country and internationally to corporations, conferences, universities and symposiums.

Business leaders and professors of entrepreneurship highly recommend them as inspirational speakers and entrepreneurial thought leaders. Their new book The Entrepreneurial Culture, 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People was featured in Jeff Hayzlett’s C-Suite TV Network launch and C-Suite Book Club.