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Fastest way to master your badminton game. Forward the video to 1:40 to see the excitement.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2 students enrolled
Created by Extreme Power
Last updated 7/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will feel more confident in playing badminton and master them.
  • Only $10. Best rate in town. For those who can't afford to pay more.
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  • As long as you are a badminton enthusiast or want to know more about the beauty of badminton.

This badminton course is for enthusiast at all levels. This include beginners, intermediate and advance players. Extremely comprehensive.

Videos are included and it takes only 1 day to complete this whole course. Students are encouraged to practice whenever possible. There are also videos of the world's best players performing great shots which you can follow or learn.

Each of the drill comes with a video to show how to execute the shots. Descriptions are also available to explain on 'why' such drills are important.

The aim of this course it to improve your game and reduce the frustrations of having doubts as to whether you are doing the correct thing. Once you learn this, you will be liberated with the full knowledge of playing badminton and enjoying it. There are cool repositories of Q and A available as well. Tips on hand power enhancement available.

You can also recommend your friends who are enthusiastic about badminton. Also good for aspiring coaches.

Who is the target audience?
  • It is intended for players of all levels. This includes beginners, intermediate or advance level. As long as you have not done these drill, it is a must to learn.
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Curriculum For This Course
30 Lectures
Badminton Training drills.
13 Lectures 43:21
Lift and Forward moving fundamentals.

      • In badminton, it is important to be in offence mode all the time. If you keep on defending, you will not win the game unless you are a very experienced player to control the game.

        Always be prepare to drive the shots back to your opponent. Most or the smashes from opponents are at shoulder or head level. This gives you good opportunity to drive it back and make an offence in the game.

        For advance players, you should drive back to counter attack if possible. If you can't, then just lift the shot cross court.

        Preparation for counter attack is very important. Be on your toe and ready to pounce whenever opportunities comes to you.

        You can do this drill with your friends. Or get them to smash you and see how the shuttle floats. Not many will be able to do good sharp smashes. For advance players, yes, they can do more accurately with better power.


      • The aim of this drill is to increase your stamina as well and getting use to hitting the shot while on the move.

        This also gives you the opportunity to make your opponent tired.

        Prepare yourself to move front and back based on the footwork you have learnt earlier in lecture 1 and 2.

        When you move to the back, try to smash starting from half pace. Then increase the power once you are more confident.

        When you move to the front, just net the shot. You will need a good coach to be able to return the shots accurately.

        Start by doing 5-10 runs. Once you are good, move to 20-30 runs non stop. Then the momentum will be gained and hitting 50 runs is easy. The record is 101 runs.

        Your stamina will increase and your opponent will get tired very fast if you can keep moving the front and back.

Front and back

      • It is important to have a good defence instead of just offence.

        Get your feet on the toe, be nimble and return the shots by driving it back to the net area.

        Do this on the forehand side first, then backhand; and then alternate between them. See the video drill. Your arm will get numb easily and this will solidify your defence like a wall. It can be addictive.

        Alternatively, take a shuttle an hit against the wall (around 5-8feet height) continuously for 50 times without dropping the shuttle. Do it continuously till your wrist gives up. No pain no gain.

        While playing, hold the racket high up near to the cone, with your thumb ready to push the shuttle. Put your hand at the front of your body with elbow slightly bent. Put some space between the racket and your body. Flick the shuttle back to the opponent when it is near. 


      • This is about control and moving with fluency. Again, once you have mastered lecture 1, 2 and 4. You should be able to do this easily.

        Start with legs on the toe and being nimble. Just return the shots back to the baseline if possible. Footwork and control is important. Persistence matters.

        Once you get better, hit the shot to one corner only. ie to the backhand side. Do 15 shots at 1 drill. THen aim another 15 shots to forehand baseline side only.

        You will know if you are in a better control situation when you do this drill.

4 coners coverage.

      • In badminton it is important to be ready with your rackets. Since speed is important, it is good to keep the racket frame at shoulder level all the time to pounce on weak shots quickly.

        In some doubles situation, the front person must be ready to tap or kill off the shots after a smash. It is a discipline which not many can master in the beginning.

        Practice is important. This drill can be numbing on the shoulder. It can also be addictive.

        You need a good coach to be able to defence the shot and return it to you. Start slow and increase the pace as you go along. Also good for reflexes.


Transition smash

This is the most effective way to strengthen your hand power. Professional players also using this now.
Hand power

The smashing stroke is similar to lobbing. Just use your wrist to press it down. You need to expect shots to come back. It takes 2-3 smashes to make a successful kill.

      • In badminton it is critical to keep the shots low at all times. High shots are subjected to offensive attacks from your opponent. In order to make successfully net the shots, you must have the speed and also the ability to make full use of your wrist to trick your opponent.

        If you defence too much, it means you will most probably loose the game, given that both party is at similar standards.

        Get your legs nimble. Be prepared to lundge to the front when opportunity comes. Hands straight to the front with little wrist work and soft touches. Get ready to follow up and pounce at the front or get ready to move to the back to kill any high shots.

        This drill will also help you in your reflexes. Netting is a gentle work. Looks easy but very delicate.


      • This service drill is probably one of the most boring exercise. BUT, note that a lot of games are lost because most players do not bother to practice them. It will be very evident when you play against players who are competitive. They will pounce on you.

        So, as a starter, it is important to practice service. 1000 shots if possible at 1 time. Put a shuttle in the middle of the net. Then ensure that you hold the shuttle just below your rib cage. Then serve towards the shuttle.

        It is important to serve to the middle for 'low' shots because, the distance is further compare to service to the middle service line. It also gives your opponent 'less' angle to tap to; meaning, easier for you or your partner to anticipate the returns.

        You will get very nervy when it comes to critical points. Even professionals face this issue. So, practice practice and practice. Easy way is to use an A4 paper and place it on the wall. Try to hit the target standing about 6 feet away from the wall.

        Focus on the net tape when you serve, not your opponent. Or else, you will loose concentration.


      • It is always a good practice to return low shots when your opponent serves. The reason is to keep yourself in attacking position. The more you attack or in offensive mode, given that your standards are similar, you will tend to win. Statistics cannot go wrong.

        There may be times where your opponent can predict your shots, hence, you need to have a little flexibility to do a little trick be placing the shot cross court. Many players will try to read body language. By using your flexible wrist work, you should be able to trick them using both your body (moving 'a step' to the other side) and wrist flick to the diagonal end.

Receiving Service

Use your thumb to push the racket while hitting backhand. Need to train this regularly. Yank your right leg a bit to gain power.
Professional badminton
8 Lectures 58:37
See his fighting spirit. Once you have gone through these training sessions regularly, your fitness should be good and better than your opponents or friends.
Lee Chong Wei

Arguably the best mens singles player of all time. He has won 2 Olympic gold. Being a left handed player has that 5% advantage. See his amazing speed.
Lin Dan

Some great shots from Lee Chong Wei. Observe all the things which you have learnt above. See the likes of his footwork, netting, service, smash and front follow up, cross court net, and etc.
Lee Chong Wei again.

LCW on good form. See his footwork, anticipation and speed.
Lee Chong Wei All England finals vs Lin Dan

Taufik Hidayat is one of the most gifted player in the world. His backhand is amazing. Just watch and enjoy. He is also the first to win the World Championship, Olympics and the Asian Games title. You should emulate his backhand. Awesome.
Taufik Hidayat

One of the best western player. Similar to the great danes Morten Frost.
Peter Gade

She is from Japan and definitely got many admirers. See her beauty for yourself and enjoy it.
Reiko Shiota

These are the world best smashers. Note that for smashing, it is not that single smash that will kill it; you must follow through to get the point. Always tell yourself to move to the front to tap the shot after a smash. Don't just stand there and wait. 80-90% of the shots will be at the front. It will be wasted if you don't follow through. That is why the front and back drill is very important.
Best smashers
Tips, Questions and Answers
9 Lectures 35:40
Cool tips.

Tips on rackets.

Additional Singles Strategy

Basic rule of thumb.

Good Questions and Answers 2.

Good Questions and Answers 3.

If you want to enhance your arm strength. This is one of the way to do it. Use powerball. Longest golf driver and professional uses this. If you can reach 8000rpm, you are good. Let me know if you want to order from me. Thanks.
How to build up hand power 1

Another traditional way is using this. A pole with a string and a brick. Just grind it with hands straight  till you are numb. Sports school is using this. Most professionals are still using this. Do 3 times a day till numb. 3 minutes once.
Hand power 2
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