Converting Your Business From Aweber To Infusionsoft
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Converting Your Business From Aweber To Infusionsoft

A Step By Step Walk Through Of Switching Out Of Aweber And Into Infusionsoft
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
Created by Cindy Clemens
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will know how to move all of your emails and contacts out of Aweber and into Infusionsoft
  • You will have a specific set of steps to methodically and easily accomplish the more without missing anything.
  • You will be able to finally have all of your processes and contacts in one single place
  • You will be able to cancel your Aweber account (once you finish with all of your lists) and save the money you are spending with them for another aspect of your business.
  • Know how to create a custom double optin process, allowing you more control over your processes and systems
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  • You must be able to log in to your Infusionsoft Account
  • You must be able to log in to your Aweber Account
  • Know how to edit your current optin forms or have a web person who can do it for you

Either you have recently signed up for Infusionsoft and are still trying to get away from your old Aweber account or you are currently using Aweber and looking to switch to a different service and are considering Infusionsoft. 

Either way, this is the course for you. 

Most people are so focused on starting to use their new, cool, bright & shiny Infusionsoft system that they jump right in and then suddenly they have to also figure out how to move their people. 

Your Kickstart help person will help you export your lists and import them into Infusionsoft. However their goal is usually to help you get some people in your new Infusionsoft application and sending a broadcast or other communication. 

But what you actually need is to completely switch over so you can cancel your Aweber. And there is more involved than just exporting a list. 

This course will take you step by step, one process at a time through getting completely, 100% switched over so you can move forward, cancel your Aweber account and never look back. 

This program is not going to talk about how you might do that...

It is going to show you EXACTLY how to make it happen. Including you watching me as I actually do it. 

It also includes checklists you can use to make sure you don't miss anything. 

I can't count how many Infusionsoft users I meet who switched to Infusionsoft because it allowed them to have all of their processes and systems in one single application, but they are still paying for their old system because they have people there too. 

So now they are managing both systems, never knowing if they should email or not since they have some of the same people in both places and they don't want to email them the same thing twice. 

It quickly becomes a big mess....

Unless you have a plan and a specific set of steps to follow to completely move out of Aweber. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need your course, can't I just ask support?

Definitely, you can call up support and ask them. However they will have limited knowledge of Aweber and their advise will be to export your list and import it into Infusionsoft. 

Don't get me wrong....Infusionsoft Support it great. However they serve best if you know what questions to ask. Rather than wanting general information. 

It seems pretty simply, why can't I just figure it out myself...for free? 

Again, you are right. I am sure you are capable of figuring it out, eventually, yourself. However do you have time? Don't you have other things it would be better for you to spend your time doing? 

I am sure with enough time you can learn to do almost anything on your own. Trial and error, a few mistakes along the way, etc. will eventually get you to the result you want. you want to trial and error and hope with your list? 

Do you want to spend hours and hours and days and days "figuring it out"? 

Or do you simply want someone to show you have to do it so you can get it done and more on to something else? 

Do I need to have Infusionsoft to use this course?

Yes :) will need it in order to actually do the steps. Of course that is the point so...

If you are planning a move soon and do not have Infusionsoft quite yet, that is okay. It does not hurt to go through the course so you are familiar with the steps and screens etc once you do purchase Infusionsoft. 

If you are still deciding on purchasing please reach out to me and I will be happy to connect you with someone who can help you decide, answer any and all questions you might still have and even get your registered and ready to go. .

Do I need to be a techy person?

Nope. I will show you exactly step by step each button to push, each screen to look at and where to do what. You WILL need to be able to make decisions about how you want things to run in your business, be able to write a couple of emails and follow directions. But no techy-ness is required for this part of getting started with Infusionsoft. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Current Aweber users who are planning on switching to Infusionsoft
  • New Infusionsoft users who are still trying to switch completely out of Aweber
  • Current Infusionsoft users who are still paying for their Aweber account as well
  • Not A Fit: If you are not an Aweber User Planning On Switching To Using Infusionsoft Instead
  • Not A Fit: If you are not an Infusionsoft User and/or don't plan on becoming one soon
  • Possibly Not A Fit: If you are an advanced Infusionsoft user this course may be too basic for you, although there may be elements that you can learn from.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
2 Lectures 03:24

In this lesson I introduce myself and explain a bit about what we will cover throughout the program.

Preview 01:36

Here I go into a bit more detail on what to expect and what the other lessons will cover and our goals for the program. 

Course Overview
Getting Started
5 Lectures 22:03

This lesson goes over what exactly to expect in the specific module. 

Getting Started

Are you absolutely sure you understand what a Double Optin is? Also why you will want to use this feature whenever it makes sense? 

In this lesson I explain what a Double Optin is, how it works inside of Infusionsoft and why it is a good idea to use. 

What Is A Double Opt-in?

There are 2 types of Double Optins

What I have named the Soft Double Optin and the well known Forced Double Optin. In this lesson I will explain the difference in these 2 approaches to help you decide which type you want to use in your business. 

Soft Double Opt-In vs Forced Double Opt-in

Here we will start actually planning out our new campaign. We will go over Infusionsoft campaign structure and elements you want to be sure to include. 

Create Your Map

Here we will talk about the other prep that needs to be done before ever logging in to Infusionsoft. Doing these things ahead of time will help you avoid missing a step and help you truly know your system and what it takes to accomplish it. 

Preview 07:53
Building Your Campaign
9 Lectures 57:12

A brief overview of this module and what we will accomplish during it's lessons. 

Build the Campaign

Rather than using the Infusionsoft default double optin process in this lesson I will show you how to create a custom one that will allow you to tailor the prospect's experience how you want it to be rather than having to use an "inside the box" cookie cutter process.  

Create Double Optin LInk

This lesson show show to gather the needed merge code to use in your actual custom Double Optin email copy that turns it into a double optin email. 

Get Double Optin Merge Code

We will go through each step of creating your webform to replace your previous Aweber one. All the settings, things to consider and how to actually create it inside of an Infusionsoft Campaign. 

Create Webform

In this lesson we will briefly talk about tagging and how to set up a campaign so that then someone optin they will automatically be tagged how you want them to be. 

Set Up Tags

Here I will show you step by step how to actually create your custom Double Optin email.

Create Custom Double Optin Email

Since you will be sending a Double Optin email to everyone who opts in, it is possible for someone who opts in for multiple freebies from you will get a Double Optin email each and every time they optin. 

This can ruin a prospect's experience and make them annoyed which if the opposite of how we want them to feel. 

In this lesson I will show you how to avoid that situation. 

Set Up Skip If Prospect Is Already Double Opted In

Here I will show you the actual visual and functional difference between a Soft Double Optin process and a Forced Double Optin process and how to set up your campaign according to your preferred Double Option process. 

Set Up Soft Double Process

In this lesson we will finish up creating your campaign and moving your current follow up emails out of Aweber and into your new campaign in Infusionsoft. 

Set Up Follow Up Emails
Moving Day
6 Lectures 39:58

This lesson gives a brief overview of the steps involved in "Moving Day" and what we will be working through during this Module. 

Moving Day

I will show you how to locate the needed code within Infusionsoft in order to switch out your current Aweber webforms with your new Infusionsoft version. I will also talk about how to give that code to your web person if you are not comfortable with doing this step yourself. 

Switch Webform

This lesson will show you how to test the process not that it is live on your site and why that is so important. 

Test New Process

NOW it is time to actually go into your Aweber and get that list of people. I will show you exactly where to go and what to do once you are ready for this step. 

Export Your List From Aweber

Now we will take the list we exported in the previous lesson and import that list into Infusionsoft. You will see each exact step by step part so you know exactly what to do on your own. 

Import Your Aweber List Into Infusionsoft

In this lesson we will make sure that the new people we imported are properly tagged and situated in our Infusionsoft application and ready to move forward in their new location. 

Tag & Run Actions On New Imports
Bonus Tips & Resources
3 Lectures 20:43

A quick finish up and explanation on what to do next as well as how to contact me with any questions you might have. 

Bonus Tips & Resources

In this Bonus Lesson I will give you a tour around the Infusionsoft Campaign builder including how to move around if you run out of space, how to add new things, and how to find some simple statistics about your campaign. 

Bonus: Navigating The Campaign Builder

How things are named in Infusionsoft is one of the most important things to decide and stick to from the very beginning. In this Bonus lesson I will talk about why it is so important and what to consider when you determine your Naming Conventions with in Infusionsoft. 

Preview 10:07
About the Instructor
Cindy Clemens
5.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
7 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneur, Marketing Trainer, Infusionsoft Consultant, Author

I am the co-founder of Your Marketing University, the producer of the Driving Your Marketing Podcast, bestselling Amazon author and administrator of multiple Wordpress websites and Infusionsoft Applications.

I joined the marketing world in 2007 having had no experience at all. After attending my first ever conference (and being totally lost) I was hooked and jumped in with both feet. I even attended the most expensive "free" lunch ever where I was introduced to Infusionsoft and again my entire world changed. :) 

I am able to understand when others feel overwhelmed and like they can never learn all of this stuff, since I was there just a few short years ago. 

Today I am responsible for multiple websites, social media manager for multiple accounts, have created hundreds of training videos and articles and regularly coach clients on the ins and outs of the hands on marketing tasks busy business owners need to complete each day. As well as working in multiple Infusionsoft applications each day for my business as well as my clients.

I am proof that even if you were not born with a marketing degree or a computer in your hand you CAN learn and you CAN understand if you just jump in, get some education, have the right mindset and make the effort.