Awaken the Real You
4.8 (2 ratings)
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Awaken the Real You

The key to real happiness is to identify the thing that is holding you back from living your authentic life.
4.8 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
37 students enrolled
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and adopt your own work-family-life balance.
  • Examine daily routines, tweak old habits and create new, healthier ones.
  • Develop critical thinking skills: how to interpret a situation, evaluate options, create and communicate a plan.
  • Discern between your current thinking the old baggage that is holding you back.
  • Shift your mindset and discover your own power.
  • AND bridge the gap between 'knowing and doing' for lasting change.
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  • Nothing. All you need is an openness to DISCOVER your authentic life...
  • Honesty...
  • Willingness to listen and hear (that includes listening to yourself!)
  • And a readiness to MANIFEST the REAL YOU...

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. ~ Carl Jung

I am Dr. Bernadette Anderson. Thank you for your interest in taking my class. I hope you will take a moment to read this and join me in my course, ‘Awaken the Real You.’

After losing 140 pounds and overcoming personal challenges, I have refined a process that will help you re-examine your life, identify the roadblocks to your goals, define what you want today and create a plan to live it!

This course is designed for anyone who is feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their life. I am going to help you get UNSTUCK! I use common sense (backed by science) to help you find joy and fulfillment.

Everyone processes and learns new information in different ways. There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. What does this mean? Some of us find it easier to learn by reading or with visuals, some would rather hear a lecture while others prefer doing hands-on activities. There is no right way, which is why I have tried to incorporate all three styles throughout the course to make it easy and fun to learn and embrace new concepts.

As a family practice physician in Columbus, Ohio for the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people (from all walks of life) champion their own health, healing and happiness and transform their lives and create the life they want… NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for anyone who is feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their life. I am going to help you get UNSTUCK!I use common sense (backed by science) to help you find joy, happiness, health and fulfillment.
  • Everyone processes and learns new information in different ways. There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. What does this mean? Some of us find it easier to learn by reading or with visuals, some would rather to hear a lecture while others prefer doing hands-on activities. There is no right way, which is why I have tried to incorporate all three styles throughout the course to make it easy and fun to learn and embrace new concepts.
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
Introduction to Authentic Living
7 Lectures 07:07

In this opening section, I share a little background about me and how I came to discover this technique for creating life change.

Our lives are based on the choices we make. Like many of you, I let my circumstances trap me, watching while my weight ballooned to over 300 pounds. I felt stuck and unable to live an authentic life.

I had to create an internal shift in my mindset. And once I did this, the lights turned on in my world. 'Awaken the Real You' is the process that I used to create this internal shift. I have included many of my resources in this course to help you create meaningful and lasting change in your life too!

This is not just about losing weight (though it's the best place to begin for weight loss). In this course, we will examine the obstacles that have been holding you back from achieving your goals and create real action steps to achieve life long success.

By the way, this course is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. It your opportunity to ‘Awaken The Real You.’ It offers you the chance to be open to new ideas and ways of thinking to discover what you want in life.

I will be with you every step of the way. We'll do this together.

Preview 02:31

Before delving into the course, take a few minutes to take this quiz.

When you've completed it, you'll have a better understanding of authentic living and the practice of mindfulness, how much you currently practice it, and how you can promote more of it in your life.

Authentic Living and Mindfulness has been linked to happiness, health, and psychological wellbeing.

Authentic Living Quiz
4 pages

In this video, we talk about the main goal of the course which is identifying the obstacles that are holding you back from your authentic life.

The only material you will need for the class is a notebook or journal to write down notes, thoughts and transformational prescriptions. Keeping everything in one place is very handy for quick reference.

Preview 03:07

I get asked this question all the time and the answer is simple. BE YOU––the person you are when you are alone with yourself. The person you so desperately want to share with the world, but cannot because of fear.

Part of being authentic is gathering the courage to be honest about what you believe about you.

Self-knowledge includes knowing what we believe about ourselves and how those beliefs affect our lives. In childhood, we pick up messages that become a part of our belief system. If we don't challenge these things to see if they are truly our own, we can discover that they hold us back from being who (and what) we want to be. Every time you do not live according to your heart, you are being unfaithful to yourself.

Learn more about authentic living from this excerpt from my book.

Preview 3 pages

Just so you know, this course is not a passive read, but involves active participation. It’s the only way to stay engaged. Sprinkled throughout the course are Transformation Rx’s and Self-Assessment Activities designed to guide you in your transformation.

Here’s your first one - take a few minutes to reflect on how you can live with more authenticity everyday.

Preview 2 pages

Knowing that the problems you struggle with are not unique, can be very comforting. The idea that my problems are similar to yours gives me a sense of release and they seem less overwhelming. Also, if we share similar problems, we can work together to find a solution because you are not just supporting someone else, you are helping yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the problems and obstacles that start the earth rumbling underneath us and begin to craft a plan to overcome them.
We All Share the Same Problems

This is a self-assessment. It will require you to spend a little extra time and write down your thoughts. In other words, you are creating your own blueprint to transform your life. Understand that this is really important. No one can write your future. It's in your own hands.

During this self-assessment, you will answer questions intended to help you define your authentic life and identify those things stopping you from achieving it.

Self Assessment #1
4 pages
Who are You?
8 Lectures 15:57

In this video, I discuss awareness of the things holding you hostage in your life and encourage you to find the light that illuminates your path to a new and positive direction.

Creating Transformation

FEAR is an obstacle which blocks authenticity in many of our lives. In this excerpt from my book, I disclose how FEAR kept me in a war with obesity. It is not until we confront the ‘REAL ISSUE’ that transformation begins and we can create a new future.

Trapped by Fear - Excerpt from Dr. Bernadette's Book
2 pages

Fear is like a weed that can take a hold and choke everything in your life. It's the single greatest obstacle to your authentic life. Today, it's time to grab that weed by the roots and pull hard...

Preview 02:04

Identify your fears and steps you can take to champion them.

Transformational Rx - Freedom from Fear

Without a plan, FEAR takes over and controls us by creating feelings of insecurity that keeps our life off balance. We start to doubt our abilities and our purpose which often leads to a downward spiral and keeps us handcuffed to our problems. Watch this video as I give you some tools to release you from your fears. 

Planning Conquers Fear

Fear creates a breeding ground for bad habits. The toxic feelings created by fear keep us confused, insecure, off balance and out of control over our own lives. It's time to reclaim our own turf...Start to figure out some of the bad habits you have that are the result of fear. 

Transformational Rx - Bad Habits
2 pages

It’s important to distinguish between true limitations and roadblocks that are within your ability to change. Sometimes we throw the towel in because we cannot see beyond the roadblock which is stopping us in our tracks. Learning how to differentiate between true limitations and roadblocks will bring clarity and direct you toward better solutions to overcome obstacles. 

Preview 03:04

Are you making excuses for not moving your life forward? When we defend our behavior rather than taking responsibility for it, our life stays on HOLD. Choose an area of your life to examine and then OWN IT - NOW you can improve it.

Self-Assessment #2
8 pages
Confronting Your 800-Pound Gorilla
8 Lectures 07:25

Why is it some people think it's bad to feel sad? Or angry? They think that if you're not happy all the time something is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with you. Your feelings are your feelings. Happy, sad, joy, sorrow. You must experience the full spectrum of color in your life not just warm colors, you need to feel the cool colors too.

The problem occurs when we get stuck in the 'blue' and can't move past it. Here's something that might help!

Find the Root of Negative Emotions

Not everyone is happy all the time. We need to take the time and the space to feel our real emotions. Take this quick check to help you sort out your emotions and create options to the circumstances.
Transformational Rx - What's In Your Way
3 pages

Avoidance. I was a perfectionist at this. Wow, when I think about it now... But avoiding things has a consequence (as all of our choices do). Most of our bad habits are the consequence of avoidance.

Ask yourself this question and fill in the blank...

  • I drink to...
  • I eat to...
  • I get angry because...

What Happens When You Don't Tackle Your Gorilla?

Have you witnessed the impact of not addressing the Pink Elephant (it sounds much prettier than the 800-Pound Gorilla, but don’t be fooled whatever you name it, it’s just as stifling) in your life?

It’s time to begin. Take a deep breath.

Section 3 Lecture 19 Transformational Rx - Consquences

I cannot ask you to dig deeper in your life without revealing my truth.

Here you will learn my story. As a physician, I consulted with patients on their health daily, but became so chocked with fear to avoid my own thoughts and feelings that I developed habits that ultimately sent me to over 300 pounds.

My 800 Pound Gorilla - Excerpt from Dr. Bernadette's Book
3 pages

Research suggests that self-acceptance is a major key to health, happiness and greater satisfaction with life. And yet it's the one habit that is least practiced by all of us. Let's take a moment for a little practice...

Transformational Rx - It All Starts With You
3 pages

I was the good girl that got good grades and did what seemed to make everyone else happy. Everyone but me.

Are you tired of playing second fiddle in your own life? Is it finally your turn?

Now It's Your Turn...

You have named your obstacle. Now it's time to open the windows and take a look at what lays at the bottom of the darkness, frustration and pain. Let it flow.

This section is the most detailed. You will want to do this in a place of quiet and safety.

Self-Assessment #3
17 pages
Moving On & Creating Change
9 Lectures 14:10

When people find out that I’ve lost 140 pounds, they are anxious to find out how. Did I starve, exercise, find a guru? The answer is that I had done all of those but after I chased the next hot idea I would just put the weight back on.

The change for me began with exhaling. I really needed to just breathe out. To stop holding all the negative energy in and let go. Let me share that story…

Preview 04:55

I railed against my troubles and only found that it led to more of the same. Once I found mindfulness and acceptance, I was able to move past all the chasing perfection and name calling toward healing and a new life.

Transformational Rx - Mindfullness
5 pages

Have you ever finished the day and when asked you were unable to recall it? Me too!

Being present means living on the moment. I am not talking about some carefree, without thought existence, I am talking about being actively present in your life.

Once I stopped fretting about the future and rehashing the past, I discovered a joy and happiness I had never known and that only can be experienced by living in the present moment.

Living in the Present

I am admitting to you right now, that I had no idea I could change the way I felt at any given moment with my breath. When someone would tell me to breathe, I would take a breath and move on without thinking. You might be saying to yourself, “What does she mean; of course I am breathing or I wouldn’t be alive.”

Our breath acts as our reset button. Realizing the incredible power in my breath, helped me to turn the corner and come to terms with my weight and its ties to my emotion.

Unlock the Amazing Power of Your Breath - Excerpt from Dr. Bernadette's Book
2 pages

Take a few moments to read the attached breathing exercise. I borrow it with the greatest respect from Dr. Andrew Weil. His technique has saved me on countless occasions to just take a moment and breathe...

Transformational Rx - Breathing
4 pages

Once I mastered how to use my breath to refocus and to return to the present moment, I learned how to release stress in order to embrace peace.

Forgiveness is the catalyst to change your life. Yes, it is challenging to let go when you are being stifled by unforgiveness. And, it becomes nearly impossible to truly exhale.

Forgiveness is often not the first choice we make; but, it is definitely the most important one. It is the only way to have REAL liberation.


Practice Forgiveness. It offers you unparalleled freedom to become unstuck in your life and move toward your purpose. Who do you need to forgive to unblock your full potential?

Transformational Rx - Acceptance
2 pages

Unforgiveness keeps you stuck.

Forgiveness sets you free. It’s time to set your 800 Pound Gorilla free!


When I tell my patients to start journaling, sometimes they give me the 'look.'

Here's the bottom line, research has shown that journaling helps you understand yourself, has a positive effective on your health, reduces stress and helps with conflict resolution.

Bottom line: Keep-up your journal!

Self-Assessment #4
5 pages
Awaken Your Authentic Self
6 Lectures 10:08

The truth is, until I decided to make myself a priority in my own life, very little changed for me. When we settle for being optional in our own lives, why should we matter to anyone else?

Are you on your own A-list?

Become a Priority in Your Own Life

It’s time to do a litmus test and recheck your priority list. Let’s see what really matters to you now…

Before you move forward, before you read one more word…YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE WORTH IT! If not, nothing that I have talked about and written will be of any help to you.

If you have decided that you are ready to create the life you desire and have made the decision that YOU are worth it, the NEXT step is COMMITMENT. 

Transformational Rx - The Priority List
5 pages

Many of us struggle with expressing self-love or self-care. Why?

In your quest for confirmation and love from others, consider being the love that you are seeking. Instead of convincing someone to love you, be an example of the unconditional love that you deserve. When you act lovingly toward yourself, it demonstrates to others how you expect to be treated––it sets the standard. 

F.L.Y. First Love Yourself

Now that you have decided to take action to make your dreams your reality, the first step is to cultivate a positive mindset AND that can only be achieved by deliberate intentions. 

Sorry, it just doesn’t happen––I wish it did. 

Instead, it is an unremitting effort to quiet negative background noise to hear your life’s melody. However, a positive mindset is the catalyst to live the life you were created to live. You can do it––if you choose to!

Positive Self-Talk - Excerpt from Dr. Bernadette's Book
2 pages

Your time here is not meant to be burdensome or to feel like a task, but rather a gentle nudge to help you change gears from dreaming to doing. You decide how to include this journey of self-discovery into your life. If you need to go back and take more time in certain areas, take it. Most important is to use the journal process you have started often and be engaged in the process. If you do so, it will be a powerful navigator to your dreams.

Take a deep breath, relax and get your vision in front of you. 

There is no need to be anxious. 

You will receive clear instructions as you go along. 

BE FOCUSED, GIVE THOUGHT, STAY THE COURSE AND BE WILLING TO TAKE ACTION. It’s your season to go for it––start living your sensational life, today!

Last Thoughts

It’s time to turn all of our thoughts into action. We need to make sure that our goals are measurable in order to keep ourselves accountable as we move forward.

Go for it––nurture a positive mindset and receive the windfall of benefits that accompanies it! Will you detour from the positive realm, absolutely - no worries. Take some ‘me-time,’ refocus and get back on course. The more you welcome positive energy, the easier it will become to regroup during challenging times in your life. A positive mindset is the impetus to the remarkable YOU!

What’s next the chapter in your life? A word of caution: do not to allow your past to be the sole premise for your future––learn from it, don’t be trapped by it. 

Okay, do it––press the reset button and reimagine your life!

Self-Assessment #5
5 pages
About the Instructor
Bernadette Anderson, M.D., M.P.H.
4.8 Average rating
2 Reviews
37 Students
1 Course
Physician and Teacher

No one can be expected to create health in the 30-60 minutes spent a year with a physician, which is why Dr. Bernadette has devoted the past 20 years to developing, teaching and educating others on the principals of health and lifestyle transformation. Inspired by her own journey overcoming obesity, she is nationally recognized for her integrative and holistic approach to health that encourages patient participation by empowering them with essential strategies to create their own personal wellness.

Dr. Bernadette, is a family medicine physician and co-owner of Faith Family Health, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, where she integrates traditional and integrative approaches to medicine along with fitness and nutrition to promote total wellness. She takes a holistic approach to optimal health treating the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms of disease. In her medical practice, she recommends lifestyle modifications her patients to manage medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

A Saginaw, Michigan native, Dr. Bernadette is a graduate of Arthur Hill High School. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and received her Master's Degree in Public Health, at the University of California, Berkley. She then went on to receive her Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Ohio and continued her clinical studies at the Mount Carmel Family Medicine Residency Program in Columbus, Ohio.

Other credentials Include:

  • Founder, Managing Editor, DrBernadetteMD – innovative health and wellness site with guided programs to health and healing.
  • National Medical Director, Diet Free Life, LLC – America's #1 nutrition and weight loss system, founded by Robert Ferguson. Contributor, Sharecare - a health and wellness social media network created by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold.

"People must be empowered with the knowledge that moves them from wishing for a cure to being champions of their own health and happiness." Dr. Bernadette

4.8 Average rating
2 Reviews
37 Students
1 Course