How To Avoid Addiction Using Social Control

Harm reduction instructions and techniques
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About This Course

Published 7/2016 English

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and drugs.

This course will allow you to use social control to avoid addiction and reduce the harm  of alcohol or any drug.

As you reduce the harm of alcohol and drugs you can actually enjoy them  more 

This course has instructions and techniques you can use in every chapter

I wrote the material for this course over 35 years ago and have successfully helped hundreds of people achieve harm reduction in their lives using these exact methods

After taking this course you will know how to use alcohol or any drug correctly

You will know how to use in a manner that produce both less harm and more enjoyment

You will be able to use alcohol or any drug as an enhancement to be kept  in a proper place in life only.

Remember, quitting is better, but if you must use; 

learn how to use correctly and reduce the harm and increase the enjoyment  

I look forward to meeting with you and answering your questions 

What are the requirements?

  • Student should know the consequences of problem alcohol or drug use

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Students will have my road map consisting of instructions and techniques that will help them achieve harm reduction in relation to the use of alcohol or any drug
  • Students will have intructions, based on the principles of social control, that will allow them to put substance use into it’s proper place and not have a desire for it at other times
  • Students will be able to understand and be able to duplicate the same activities that i wrote about and have successfully used for over thirty years. Doing this will help you avoid addiction to any substance.

What is the target audience?

  • The upwardly mobile who don't want to be derailed by substance use.
  • Those who have friends who use, who want to be social but don't wanto risk addiction or problem use
  • Those who may feel that they already use to much of a substance
  • Who the course is NOT for Those who have a firm moral conviction that drugs are bad.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Your introduction to me, my program and it's instructions


You'll discover, in this lecture, how  my insights and experience will uniquely help you

You will now be able  to focus on what you're ready to learn in the following sections

(Remember don't use without me)


I will point out  in this lecture; that If you use, you must be motivated to prevent potentially life destroying outcomes.

In this lecture I'll show you how you can have more enjoyment when, you use properly

But, to get this  you must l have problem prevention as a motive before and during use.


I'll show, like you, coming of age i was worried about the negative effects of  substance usage

  • I''ll show how i created information. and was then able to achieve 30 years of controlled use (using the information)in a city and state where substance use  was increasing rapidly
  • In this section i will introduce you to how i found the the scarce  information that would be needed 


You'll learn how all users can benefit from the information i created

  •  You'll See the papers i wrote over 30 years ago that were the results of my studies
  • You'll see that these were the same papers used for over 30 years

You'll lknow what you have to focus on to achieve controlled use

In contarst to controlled use you'll learn what you have to focus on to achieve abstince

You'll learn about misconceptions regarding  ccontrolled use


You'll learn any substance use (even if my very effective methods are used) can be dangerous

You'll learn you have to be wary of any and all substance use


You'll now know controlled use when you see it 

You'll know why you didn't recognize  it before 

You'll be motivated  and know how to achieve it


You'll  learn the importance of planning 

  • You'll plan your use ( and in this wayy) better plan your outcomes
  • By planing you'll gain more using enjoyment and control


All users will now be able to pass on and receive  using knowledge to each other. 

  • You'll include others as you search for more fun at the right times
  • You'll make building relationships with others a motivating factor for your  use.
  • You'll use the substance to build; rather than destroy relationships  as substance use usually does
  • You'll be able to create a welcoming environment for all.during use

Section 2: Have a proper place in life for use

You'll see that there is a time and  place for use only

  • Your use will be far less dangerous (use is often even deadly; it won't be any longer after following me and this program)
  • You put a lot into the substance; with me you'll see how  to get more  out of it also. by restricting use to a proper plaxe
  • The substance, when you use, will seem of better quality (at no extra cost). because you won't use all the time


You'll see Its easy to condition your use(and  you won' t then go mad from cravings at other times)

With me, you'll see, using right will come naturally

Using ONLY at a proper place will become easy 

Substance use should be a great place to visit

Your use will be become conditioned  to be turned on only at the right time 

  • Your using desire will be turned off at any  inappropriate times
  1. You'll be able to link your use to positive things

You'll  make sure you're concentrating  only on what matters when you use

  • You'll have less uncertainty,and you'll actually have much needed  assurance of what and why you are using
  • After this  lecture you won't automatically just react to everything about the substance, 

Analize the effects of the substance while feeling them
  • Get what you want out of use
  • Lessen negative outcomes
  • Heighten your anticipation for use at the correct time only(no more No less)

    Afte this lecture you know how to create  the events that are appropriate to your using events

    • This lecture will help you place your uniqueness into your use
    • You'll be able to get groups of users to strivie for the betterment of the environment during use
  • If you're going to use, this is how
  • keeps you using right at the right time

    This chapter will provide you an outline  that will help you to know 

    • What should happen every time you use
    • Why this should happen every time you use

    In this section you'll see that becuse alcohol and other substances are habit forming  they need to be put into a routine

    • you will see and know the benefits of  having a known routine
    • Having a routine  will help make your control long term
    • you'll see using the substance as part of a routine will help keep the habit  into it's proper pace

    This section will give you the guide you need to "

    • Keep the behavior of (usually hard too handle using companions) appropriate
    • Have your using environment   run smoothly without bumps in the road
    • Keep the behavior normal (whatever that may mean to you)

    You'll see in this lecture that enforcing the rules in an alcohol or substance using environment is very important

    • You'll learn explicitly how to enforce the rules in a substance using environment 

    After this lecture you will now when to evaluate what is happening with your use and why

    • To make sure your version of controlled use is done properly
    This chapter will show how using unclean money is one of the greatest predictors of problem use
    • You'll accept the situation and prevent worst changes
    • Using the  advice in this chapter will help yuo prevent very serious issues with others (over their money)


      This lecture will make your  use more familiar  

      • You can use in what will become for you a straightforward known manner

      This chapter will help give your use a (often much needed) rest

      • Helps in conditioning your use to happen only at the best time

      • Increases the familiar character of your use

      Promote admirable behavior (this is actually not impossible)  and help you feel good about being a part of the environment

      • This chapter will help you feel good about yourself despite use  (most users feel terrible about themselves)
      • Feel good about others involved (many users consider their using associates the most unsavory of characters)

      Section 3: Moral Guilt: forming and keeping the best attidues

      This lecture will help you place guilt or blame on the right things

      • This section will stop you from feeling bad about the use of the substance 
      • You'll see that you should instead feel guilty about any guilt worthy things you may do

      This chapter will help lessen the uncertainity that may accompaniy use

      • Become a more skillful controlled user
      • Be in a position to be a more skillful controlled user mentor

      Make the correct judgements

      The information in this lecture  will help  you value your unique reactions to alcohol or any substance you may use 

      • You'll be able to prevent use from taking on a rebellious feel

      • You can prevent misguided assumptions from guiding your use


      You'll see how you can  have actual value to your using experiences (most users feel their use has been a waste in contrast)

      • You and those involved in the experience will become mentors and teachers to each other about how to do things better
      • If you must use you can all help spread what works about doing it better

      Labels can ,in a way, have someone prepackaged for problem use before the use even begins

      This section will help keep your use individualized (;not governed by what others say you should be doing)

      This section will help you prevent predetermined negative lifestyle outcomes that submiting to labels can help promote

      Section 4: Full enjoyment not escape use

      All participants will appreciate an look forward to what is about to happen in totality (not just be anxious to start the substance only)

      • You'll have a known stimulating environment to look forward to with your use

      Sharing helps affirm that this is an inclusive environment for the participants

      • You will be able to create a positive using environment where sharing helps define the environment
      • Everyone will feel more welcome when use  does happen at this appropriate time
      • Everyone can make positive contribution at this time, 


      I'll show it depends more on how you use than how much you use

      After this lecture you will clearly know what is and what is't responsible for negative outcomes


      You'll know to take every chance to get as much enjoyment as possible when you do use

      • You'll  see you should seek enjoyment before. during and after the actual consumption of the substamce

      This section discusses using the best things that go with your drug of choice, if you must use

      • This section will help you combine your use with things use has traditionally made more pleasurable
      • In this lecture you will learn how to use the substance to build rather than destroy relationships
      • The using situation will work much better for all
      • You' can more readily spread unique positive ideas


      Have symbol;c means to bring people closer

      You'll be able to create the appropriate symbolic bonds


      After this lecture you-will be able to lay a foundation to build your using environment

      • You'll be able to et the stage to have more fun when you do use

      In this section you'll  see how you can use  the physical setting to effect  attitudes

      • Use the physical setting to help you make what you want to happen happen

      section number 1-1
      2 questions
      1 question

      can still cause problems
      You must always be on guard when exposed to any substance use.
      Remind you that there is no actual safe use
      you can do everything right as far as controlled use and still be hurt by the substance.

      Recognize and imitate controlled use
      1 question
      A comparison of abstinence and controlled use
      1 question
      1 question
      Planning and it's adfvantages
      1 question
      1 question

      A place to visit only
      1 question
      Substance use as a unique place to visit only
      1 question
      Analogize the effects of the substance while feeling them
      1 question
      1 question

      1 question

      Attitudes beliefs and associations
      1 question
      Have the correct attitides associations and beliefs
      1 question
      1 question

      .What is not one of the goals of this section

      Have things to do when using
      1 question
      1 question

      What is not one of the goals for this section

      Have known hings to do
      1 question
      Things not to do
      1 question
      Enforce substance use rules
      1 question
      1 question


      Clean money
      1 question
      1 question
      Pick a best time quiz
      Effects of labels
      1 question
      1 question

      1 question

      What is not one of the goals for this chapter

      Using places
      1 question
      1 question
      Things to include in the using enviroment
      1 question
      The physical setting
      1 question
      Go for immediate enjoyment
      1 question
      Symbolic functions use can serve
      1 question
      1 question

      What is not one of the goals for this section

      The papers I created then used
      1 question
      Benefits of inclusion
      1 question
      Keep your using events high class
      1 question
      1 question
      Moral guilt
      1 question

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      Instructor Biography

      Calvin Edwards, Harm Reduction Instructor

      I help people reduce the harm of alcohol and drugs in their life by using social control.

      Throughout history all substances have been controlled at some time.

      The only way substances have been controlled throughout history is through social control

      I have taken the methods societies have used throughout history and formulated them into clear instructions that are easy to understand and follow

      I wrote the planned book "End and Avoid Addiction" in 1985 while in college.

      I later developed the book into clear instructions to help you learn how to use alcohol or any drug correctly without harm..

      By using and living these principles and skills you'll be able to easily imitate the success I I have helped others achieve for over 30 years

      I have made instructions free for all by embedding instructions into the curriculum page. 

      *And I will give you my personal observations in each lecture.

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