Autodesk Fusion 360 Full Course
4.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Autodesk Fusion 360 Full Course

Learn how to design dynamically updated 3D models for rapid prototyping, crowd-funding, or personal accomplishment.
4.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
17 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2017
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  • 10.5 hours on-demand video
  • 8 Articles
  • 8 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use Fusion 360's environments to plan out and design products that can be 3D printed, CNC milled, or otherwise produced.
  • Create photo-realistic renderings of their creations to impress friends, investors, or to use on websites.
  • Run simulations on their models, to see how those models would fare in real-world situations.
  • Use sketching, sculpting, and surface modeling to create dynamically updated 3D models.
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  • You should be comfortable using your keyboard and mouse.
  • You really should purchase a 3-button mouse (all CAD programs work better with those)
  • You should be running Windows or MacOS (no Linux)

Come join the hundreds of people who supported our Meshmixer online training Kickstarter with our next flagship course on Autodesk Fusion 360! While Meshmixer is indeed part of the 3D modeling workflow (dealing with more organic models), Autodesk Fusion 360 can be used to model the next great gadget, sculpt a beautiful artwork, and generally help you create and showcase real-world objects.

This course has over 15 hours of instruction, including a thorough reference section that gives short videos on every feature inside of Fusion 360. 

  • Get stuck on how to use the Revolve tool?...look it up in the reference sections and get back on your way! 
  • Want to learn strategies for how to approach design in Fusion 360 in the first place, we've got that too!
  • Want to create photo-realistic renderings of your objects, we have that covered as well!

Autodesk Fusion360 is a "solid modeling" tool, and offers tremendous capabilities to those who know how to use it:

  • Create models that manufacturers around the world know how to build.
  • Run simulations on your models to see how they will react to real-world stresses...before you ever go into production!
  • Create models driven by on a model for a few hours, and go "back in time" to change one variable, and your model instantly updates with your new design choice!
  • Create photo-realistic renderings and moving animations of your models to help people understand your product.

Fusion 360 can do all of this and more, and the software itself is FREE to download and use. Come join this class and take control of the physical objects in your life. If something around your house breaks, you can fix it. If you want to make your environment more beautiful, do it. Fusion360 (with 3D printing) can change your life. HoneyPoint3D training can help. Join us!

(Please note: we do NOT cover the HSM/CAM/Milling toolpath generation Fusion 360 workspace in any depth in this course. That is a more specialized topic that we are evaluating for another standalone course)

Who is the target audience?
  • This course of for prior knowledge required to learn Fusion 360.
  • This course is for people who want to learn about product design via CAD modeling
  • This course is NOT for people who want to learn about the CAM environment in Fusion 360 (which we do not cover)
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Curriculum For This Course
198 Lectures
Introduction to Fusion 360
5 Lectures 14:39

Hello, and welcome to our Autodesk Fusion 360 class from HoneyPoint3D! We are happy and proud to bring this training to you, as we see Fusion 360 changing the lives of people every day. You can now become the next great product designer with this powerful tool....or simply take control over the things that break in your own home, 3D printing your way to more self-reliance. The choice is up to you!

As with all of our courses, please give us feedback on what you desire to see in the class, and if it is not there and we see demand for it, we will add it to the course.

Even if we don't see demand for your question, we will likely address it in our next free 3D printing and 3D design monthly webinar, so please feel free to ask questions, suggest topics, and enjoy your learning.

Preview 02:32

Examples of Shapes

What Fusion 360 Can Do
How to Navigate the Course
1 Lecture 02:31

There are four types of "lessons" in this class, and it is important to know what those are to be efficient with your time:

  1. Overview: Just that...describing how and why the Fusion 360 developers made the program the way they did. These are useful to know so that you get the big picture for how the components of Fusion 360 interact with each other. These are meant for you to watch and absorb, and not really to be followed step-by-step.
  2. Workflow: Going from start to finish for a project using multiple videos to do so. This shows how to use the tools, why and when to use certain tools over other tools to accomplish a specific project. these you would follow along.
  3. Targeted: These are standalone videos that help you answer typical "How do I accomplish XYZ?" questions. These also you would follow along.
  4. Reference: A large section of short videos that show you how to use the individual tools in Fusion 360. These videos are sorted by (in this order): -Lefthand Environment (the menu that exists on the top left, like Model/Patch/Simulation, etc.) -Top Row menu (like Model Environment --> Create Menu) -Tool Selection (like Model Environment --> Create Menu --> Extrude command)
Preview 02:31
Fusion 360 Framework - Overview On How the Software is Laid Out
5 Lectures 16:21

Remember this section is an of the "Overview" can certainly follow along a bit with your own copy of Fusion 360, but this section is more about the "why Fusion works a certain way" and less about accomplishing specific steps.

How To Use This Lesson

What is Cloud Enabled CAD?

How to Upload and Share Source Files

Converting Models Into and Out Of Fusion 360

Cloud Credits for Rendering and Advanced Simulation
Understanding the Fusion 360 Environments
11 Lectures 15:11
How to Use This Lesson

User Interface and Navigating Inside of Fusion 360

The Model Environment

The Sketch Environment

The Patch Environment

The Render Environment

The Animation Environment

The Simulation Environment

The CAM Environment

The Drawings Environment
Targeted Tasks Collection
7 Lectures 18:07
How To Use This Section

Extrude a 3D Object From a Sketch

Add Complexity to a Sculpt Object

Add or Subtract Objects From Other Objects

Insert an Existing Mesh Into My Design

Create a Joint Between Bodies to Link Them
Planning Your Design (Workflow)
11 Lectures 49:05
How To Use This Lesson

Physical Tools

Digital Tools

Inside Out or Outside In?

Outside In

Inside Out

When to Use - Sketching

When to Use - Modeling

When to Use - Sculpting

When to Use - Patch / Surface Modeling
Sculpting Something Easy - Water Decanter (Workflow)
7 Lectures 27:25
How To Use This Lesson

Finding Your Object

Choosing Your Correct Starting Sculpt Object

Sculpting the Decanter Body

Closing Off the Decanter Holes via Patching

Cutting Decanter Holes and Finishing Up
Introduction to Surface Modeling / Surfacing (Workflow)
9 Lectures 23:11
How to Use This Section

Sculpting and Splitting

Setting Up the Cutting Sketch

Extruding the Sketch Profile

Trimming Away Parts (Part 1)

Trimming Away more Unwanted Parts (Part 2)

Mirroring, Stitching, and Thickening

Smoothing the Cuts as a Full Solid Body
Introduction to Sketching - Raspberry Pi Case (Workflow)
19 Lectures 01:01:15
How To Use This Lesson

Introduction to Sketching

Set Up Your Workspace with an Attached Canvas

Adding in the Mounting Holes

Modeling the 3D Board

Creating the Bottom Frame and Walls

Sketching the Top Plate

Cutting Access Holes

Preparing for 3D Printing

Adjusting the Height of the Case

3D Printing and Checking the Case

Splitting the Case to Make It Fit

Second Test of the Case

Widening the Case with Dimensioning

Testing the New Case

Adding Tolerances Into the Sketch

Did the Tolerances Work?

Hints On How to Finish the Case On Your Own
Fusion 360 and Meshes, an Expanding World (Overview)
9 Lectures 40:20
Introduction to Meshes in Fusion 360

How to Generate and/or Download Meshes

Fusion 360's Special Relationship with Complex Meshes

Planar Mesh Awesomeness (One Click Convert to Solid)

Converting and Importing Complex Meshes

Using Snap and Pull to Shrinkwrap Meshes

The (Beta) Mesh Workspace and Autodesk Meshmixer Integration

Creating Sliced Sketches in the Mesh Workspace
13 More Sections
About the Instructor
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HoneyPoint3D is a premier 3D printing educational company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lead by Liza and Nick Kloski, HoneyPoint3D has taught over 5000 paid students about 3D printing and 3D design, and are proud to join the Udemy community.

Your main instructor will be Nick Kloski, who has been a technology professional for over 16 years, and is both a technical expert in the field of 3D printing, as well as a celebrated public speaker and instructor. Nick has taught consumers and individual inventors, and has also advised multi-million dollar technical investments in the 3D printing field.

We look forward to having you join the ever growing and changing 3D printing phenomenon.